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Former senior staff Senate Env. & Public Works Com. - Books: Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate & Green Fraud & The Great Reset
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Jul 17 6 tweets 2 min read
Yeah. Just what the GOP needs!

Flashback: Arnold Schwarzenegger on global warming ‘deniers’: ‘Strap some conservative-thinking people to a tailpipe for an hour and then they will agree it’s a pollutant!’…
‘The Terminator wants to terminate climate skeptics’…
Jun 15 9 tweets 4 min read
The World Economic Forum & Corporations Are Coming for Your Cars – WEF & VISA ‘briefing paper’ seeks 75% reduction in cars globally by 2050 | Climate Depot… Image World Economic Forum's May 2023 Global New Mobility Coalition 'briefing paper' "in collaboration with Visa" - The forward was co-written by Douglas Sabo, the Chief Sustainability Officer with Visa and the WEF's Jeff Merritt who is the "Head of Urban Transformation" at WEF. Image
Jun 14 4 tweets 1 min read
Naomi Klein in UK Guardian: ‘Beware: we ignore Robert F Kennedy Jr’s candidacy at our peril’ – ‘GOP-aide-turned-disinformation-dealer Marc Morano says RFK Jr. is ‘undergoing a genuine transformation over his views on the climate agenda’ | Climate Depot… Excerpt: RFK Jr.: “In my campaign I’m not going to be talking a lot about climate. Why is that? Because climate has become a crisis like Covid that the Davos groups and other totalitarian elements in our society have used as a pretext for clamping down totalitarian controls.”
Jun 14 4 tweets 1 min read
‘How Climate Alarmism Killed Real Environmentalism’ – ‘Unites most powerful special interests in the world behind an agenda that will further centralize power’ | Climate Depot… Ed Ring: "Many of the environmental problems confronting the planet have nothing to do with CO2 emissions and, in many cases, are worsened by misguided steps being taken to curb CO2 emissions."
Jun 13 6 tweets 3 min read
Automaker Group Urges US EPA to 'Ease Up' on Vehicle Emissions Rules because they will benefit China (Reuters) | NADA… China will gain "a stronger foothold in America’s electric vehicle battery supply chain and eventually our automotive market."
Jun 12 7 tweets 2 min read
German Gov’t Prepares To End Meat Consumption in 222-page report – Rations Of 2 burgers a month! Moves to roll out a ‘vegan surveillance state’ | Climate Depot… The government is advised to implement these radical nutritional measures as stealthily as possible. In the SRU document: “If it’s communicated in the future that cafeterias are required to follow the quality standards of the German Association of Nutrition
May 16 15 tweets 6 min read
We're saved!

Bloomberg News: ‘South Africa Beats Climate Goal as Blackouts Slash Emissions’ –

‘Unintentional…power plant breakdowns are reducing industrial activity’ | Climate Depot… Image Bloomberg: South Africa is ahead of its target for cutting emissions of greenhouse gases. ... Regular breakdowns of the coal-fired power plants that supply more than 80% of South Africa’s electricity mean that less carbon dioxide is being pumped into the atmosphere
May 16 6 tweets 2 min read
We’re Saved! Utah GOP Rep. John Curtis is making conservative case for ‘climate action’ – Rejects ‘climate denial’ – Wants GOP to join ‘the club of credibility’ | Climate Depot… Morano responds: Desert News: Morano is one of the country’s best-known climate skeptics. Author of five books, including “Green Fraud” and “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change,” he’s also published the website since 2009...
May 16 4 tweets 2 min read
Watch: Morano on Newsmax TV: ‘We need Republican leadership to say, ‘Hell, no,’ to end this whole Net Zero climate scam once & for all’ | Climate Depot… Image Morano: "This is a movement to literally crush human freedom. And they’re collapsing energy, agriculture, and transportation and they’re doing at all rapidly at once, all by bypassing democracy. None of this is being voted on in Congress." Image
May 15 12 tweets 2 min read
BBC: ‘What would a flying-free world look like?’ ‘Fresh fruits & veggies…would disappear from supermarkets in winter’ – ‘Huge adjustments’ in ‘supply chains’ –

‘It’s about when — not if’ | Climate Depot… Image BBC Future: “Posing this hypothetical question opens up the door to what we could be doing far more of to reduce aviation’s heavy impact on the climate. … How would this new world without airplanes affect people around the globe? Image
May 5 5 tweets 2 min read
Lord Monckton on King Charles: ‘The greatest threat to the world…is the Communism that the Climate King so disastrously espouses’ | Climate Depot… Image Christopher Monckton: "I seem to have been omitted from the list of those attending the Coronation. Can’t think why." Image
May 5 6 tweets 2 min read
Climate Activists Vandalizing Fine Art Are Being Funded by Leftists in Hollywood | Climate Depot… “Climate Emergency Fund has quickly become the ATM that radical environmental activists turn to fund their latest disruptions,” Caitlin Sutherland, executive director of the conservative watchdog Americans for Public Trust.
May 4 5 tweets 2 min read

UN Scientists Who Have Turned on the UN IPCC & Man-Made Climate Fears — A Climate Depot Flashback Report | Climate Depot… Warming fears are the “worst scientific scandal in the history…When people come to know what the truth is, they will feel deceived by science and scientists.” – UN IPCC Japanese Scientist Dr. Kiminori Itoh, an award-winning PhD environmental physical chemist.
May 4 7 tweets 2 min read
Bloomberg News: ‘No More Cheap Flights Is the New Reality for Air Travel’ – ‘As Climate Compliance Laws Get Stricter’ | Climate Depot… Image Bloomberg News: Airlines must have enough emissions allowances to cover every metric ton of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere on flights starting and ending in the European Economic Area, the UK and Switzerland.
May 3 6 tweets 2 min read
Switzerland Wants Children to Eat Insects – Taste tests targeted to middle school kids who ate ‘spiced mealworms, crickets dusted with paprika’ | Climate Depot… WSJ: "The industry is recruiting consumers whose tastes are still in the larval state. Timothée Olivier, who works for Swiss Insects, an association of companies that sell bugs for human consumption, organized the tasting at the middle school."
May 2 9 tweets 2 min read
USA Today Is Coming for Your ‘Pollution’-Spewing Lawn Mower – Claims ‘a commercial gas leaf blower’ produces emissions ‘equal to driving from Denver to Los Angeles’ | Climate Depot… Image USA Today: Advocates say using a commercial gas leaf blower for an hour produces emissions equal to driving from Denver to Los Angeles.
Feb 6 5 tweets 1 min read
‘It’s like heroin, if you do it once, you’ll never stop’ – Bill Maher admits he loves using private jets, calls out ‘hypocrite’ environmentalists like John Kerry, celebs | Climate Depot… Maher went on to call out the Biden administration's climate czar John Kerry for his infamous use of private jets, saying "it's like if the Secretary of Homeland Security smuggled drugs in his butt."
Feb 6 4 tweets 1 min read
Do You Believe in Climate Models?! Miami should begin ‘preparing for evacuation’ due to climate change, Berkeley professor argues | Climate Depot… Cohen, a UC Berkeley sociology professor, offered the main argument in support of evacuating the major Florida city to both help Floridians and “force municipalities across the United States to get serious about hosting climate migrants in egalitarian ways.”
Feb 4 5 tweets 1 min read
Biden admin closes off mining in Minnesota — But authorizes mining in the Congo | Climate Depot… Team Biden placed about 225,000 acres (about 350 square miles) in northern Minnesota off-limits to mining and mineral development.
Feb 4 11 tweets 4 min read
Harvard Medical School Will ‘Integrate Climate Change’ Into M.D. Curriculum | Climate Depot… The Harvard Crimson: A Harvard Medical School committee voted to embed climate change into school’s curriculum. In a meeting, the HMS Educational Policy & Curriculum Committee voted unanimously to officially add climate change & health as a theme in the HMS M.D. curriculum.
Feb 3 6 tweets 2 min read
You Will Go Nowhere & Be Happy!

Biden Admin Floats New Strategy To ‘Address the Climate Crisis’: Don’t Leave Your House – Reduce CO2 emissions with more ‘remote work & virtual interactions’ | Climate Depot… Flashback: The Great Travel Reset: Bloomberg: ‘Air Travel a Luxury for Many’ – “Flying has moved upmarket’ – ‘Reduced social mobility’ | Climate Depot…