Radha Rani - The Pranatma Of Shree Krishna


Shree Krishna Says, “I am never separated from Radha. Isolation is my favorite because of the privacy I get, during which I can be with Radha. She is always with me even when I am alone. In challenging times, she reinforces me, Image
in frightful conditions, she holds me back from crippling. She is my life force, always re-fueling energy in me. How can I be alone, when in all circumstances she walks with me, holding my hand?”

Beautiful Radha Rani-
Krishna Says - “My Radha Stands Beside me with her Image
radiant, fair face just like a luminous full moon in the clear night sky. Her glance—a combination of dark iris and eyelash, marked with sharp lines of lampblack, and mascara and her long arched eyebrows—are capable of piercing one’s heart more effectively than hundreds of Image
Cupid’s darts. Her nose, shaped like an eagle’s beak, bore a nose ring encrusted with a shining pearl. Her earrings shone like the bright sun of mid-summer. Her beautiful sets of teeth shone like pearls, and her unhurried mild smile was pleasing like soft fresh rose bud. Image
Even a golden crown, full of diamonds, pearls, and gems would be worthless compared to her forehead, adorned with a red mark of fragrant vermillion between her eyebrows and her coiffure decorated with a garland of rangoon creepers, malti flowers, and jasmine flowers. Image
Her necklaces, studded and set with precious gems and stones, were sufficient to conceal her neck and bosom together. Her midriff, embellished with a sculpted girdle and a well-adorned deep navel together held splendid beauty. Image
The sound of her bracelet, conch-shell bangles and armlet, in harmony with the notes of the jeweled anklets on her feet, painted red with lac-dye, spread melodious vibrations. Rosy crimson-colored nails, flashing more than pearls, glorified her fingers, along with the Image
variegated signet ring. Despite the messy surroundings in the raging weather, her soft dark blue apparel was bright, pure, and spotless like fire. With lotus and speculum, decorated by diamonds and gems, in her hand, my Radha radiated and glorified all directions, as if Image
thousands of moons landed on the Earth at once.”

Love Of Radha-Krishna -
#Krishna Says - O my dearie #Radhe, you are the light of my life. The way whiteness is affixed to milk, the way heat is appended to fire, so am I attached to u. I may be a god, omnipotent, all energetic Image
,but you are the only source of my divine energy. Without you, I am worthless. You are the reason for my existence. Without you, I am mindless, without you, I am lifeless. Yes, #Radha, without you, I am just a cattleman with a dark complexion, but when you stand beside me Image
people worship me, and I become #Shyamsundar.

I become Shri Krishna. Even though you are my better half, consort, even though you are inseparable from me, many people consider and count us as separate entities. The people—who think we are detached and divided—are ignorant, Image
unlettered, and caught in the meshes of illusion. Hope you have not forgotten all of this too.”

#GajananSays #radhastami #radhastami2020 #jaijaisriradhe #jayjaysriradhe #sriradhe #gajananastrology #Radhastami2020 #radhashthami

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