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Ancient Hindu Ships

Bharat is surrounded on three sides by the sea. The ancient Bhartiya first built the boat to travel across the sea. Image of general public of the Vedic era is that of sailors, which coincides with the historical relics of the Saraswati Valley civilization.
The English word Navigation originates from the Sanskrit word Navagati. The word navy is also derived from the Sanskrit word nou (नौ). A detailed description of boat construction is mentioned in the Sanskrit text युक्तिकल्पतरू.
Describing the decoration of the नौका beautifully, states that the forward shape of the boat is described as making सिंह, महिष, सर्प, गज, विग्रह etc. on the basis of various shapes.
Ships are to be built with metals such as iron, copper, silver or with wood, etc. and by the use of heat and light fire, producing. These substances when properly used allow men to go from country to country with ease and comfort.
In ships that carry men on their outward and return journeys the sea should be strong and able to remain stable (on the waters). State officers and traders should travel by means of ships whenever business requirements might require.
Sea travel has been prevalent in Bharat since ancient times. Maharishi Agastya was a great sage who traveled to the 'sea islands'.The ships are mentioned in the ancient वाङ्मय Vedas, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Purana etc.
Let's see:
In Hindu texts, Varun Dev is considered the Dev of the sea. Acc to the Rigveda, Varuna Dev is the knower of all the paths of the ocean. There r many references to crossing the sea by boat in the Rigveda. There's also a mention of a large ship being carried by one hundred sailors.
यद॑श्विना ऊ॒हथु॑र्भु॒ज्युमस्तं॑ श॒तारि॑त्रां॒ नाव॑मातस्थि॒वांस॑म् ॥ Rigveda 1/116/5

O king and scientist, it is the heroic deed of yours in the ocean which is unfathomable and supportless, that you carry the people sailing in the ship of hundred oars to their home.
अ॒रित्रं॑ वां दि॒वस्पृ॒थु ती॒र्थे सिन्धू॑नां॒ रथः॑ ।
धि॒या यु॑युज्र॒ इन्द॑वः ॥ Rigveda 1/46/8

O king and scientist! You both have your enormously heavy ships on the shores of the seas and all the means and knowledge visit you.
यास्ते॑ पूष॒न्नावो॑ अ॒न्तः स॑मु॒द्रे हि॑र॒ण्ययी॑र॒न्तरि॑क्षे॒ चर॑न्ति। Rigveda 6/58/3

O protector of the subjects, by those attractive shining ships which are plied in the sea n in the air you accede to the sphere of the sun. Oh, u desiring wealth are eulogized by the subjects.
In the Ayodhya Kand of Valmiki Ramayana, there is mention of such large boats, in which hundreds of warriors were aboard–

नावां शतानां पञ्चानां
कैवर्तानां शतं शतम।
सन्नद्धानां तथा यूनान्तिष्ठक्त्वत्यभ्यचोदयत्‌॥
There is a boat केवट प्रसंग in Ramayana. When Ram was exiled, he first reached the Tamsa River, He then crossed the Gomti river and reached Shringverpur, which was the kingdom of Nishadraj Guh. It was here on the banks of the Ganga that he asked the केवट to cross the Ganga.
In The Mahabharata the accounts of the Rajasuya Yajna and the Digvijaya of Arjuna and Nakula mention various countries outside Bharat with which he had intercourse. There is a passage in its Sabha Parva which states how Sahadeva, went to the several islands in the sea.
In 'कौटिल्य अर्थशास्त्र', information about the entire management of boats is provided by the state. Shipbuilding is highlighted in the Varahamihira Brihata Samhita, which took place in the fifth century, and in the eleventh century Raja Bhoj Kriti Yakya Kalpataru.
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