"Trump isn't hard to understand. We know he's sadistic, we know he sees all relationships as transactional and all human beings as disposable. What's harder to understand are those who could have stopped his crimes but refuse to do so." -- @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/good-ger…
"These people are the 'good Germans' of the US. You find them in big tech, the media, the military industrial complex, big business, in the GOP and in the Vichy Democrats who refuse to use the powers of the House to contain him." -- @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/good-ger…
"The phrase 'good Germans' refers to the Germans who enabled Hitler and his nazi regime, yet remained in denial that they were doing so. Or alternatively, they did know, but they put on a show of respectability." -- @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/good-ger…
"Trump famously claimed he could shoot someone on 5th Ave and not lose supporters. So ask: who gave him the gun? Who loads the gun? Who refuses to arrest him and whitewashes the murder? THAT'S why he can shoot anyone and get away with it." -- @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/good-ger…
"Holocaust survivor and writer Primo Levi said: 'Monsters exist, but they are too few to be truly dangerous. Ordinary men are more dangerous." -- @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/good-ger…
"We are not reading tea leaves; we're reading history. The authoritarian playbook doesn't change. Authoritarians depend on 'good Germans' in order to come to power, consolidate power, and stay in power." -- @AndreaChalupa on @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/good-ger…

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9 Sep
"You may remember the delusional mantra 'the generals will save us' and the praise for Mattis, McMaster and Kelly as 'the adults in the room'. But there were never adults in the room. There were only accomplices." -- @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/good-ger…
"The Atlantic article on John Kelly and the military just adds new anecdotes to information long in the public domain. Trump spent his life denigrating veterans and fallen troops and insulting their families -- Khan, McCain, Johnson, etc." -- @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/good-ger…
"There's nothing controversial about the Atlantic piece; it's completely in keeping with Trump's public behavior. There is no reason to doubt its veracity, despite it being written by Iraq War cheerleader Jeffrey Goldberg." -- @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/good-ger…
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9 Sep
"Something people say a lot when they see the media refusing to call out obvious lies and crimes and authoritarian moves is 'All they care about is money and ratings.' I wish that were true. I wish it were that simple." -- @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/good-ger…
"The thing is, you get ratings and money for reporting about crimes just like you do when you cover them up. With Trump, you have the mafia, spies, sex crimes, treason -- money-making tabloid fare. Yet the media avoids really covering it."
-- @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/good-ger…
"The media flutters around these topics or reveals information only after it's too late to be useful. If they know -- as we long claimed -- that the Mueller is running a deeply flawed placeholder probe, they will wait until the damage is done to admit it." patreon.com/posts/good-ger…
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4 Sep
Experts who warned of three great crises of our time -- climate change, covid-19, and authoritarianism -- emphasized that these crises must be tackled with urgency. We never had time.

Yet in every case, pols and media refused to acknowledge the crisis until the damage was done.
Everyone who covered these crises, or worked on them in government, had a choice. They could tell the truth. They could fight back assertively and with transparency. They chose instead mass death. Everyone who denied the threat of the Trump crime cult is an accomplice to murder.
The crises of covid-19, climate change, and authoritarianism are intertwined. Of the three, authoritarianism is the easiest to fight and reverse. Humanity isn't doomed to it. Avoiding consolidated autocracy makes it less likely people will die en masse from the other two crises.
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2 Sep
This is why Pompeo, who was just in Israel, is targeting ICC officials. Expect even more horrific crimes against Palestinians as Kushner and Netanyahu's plan unfolds.
The dangerous alliance between the criminal Kushner and Netanyahu families goes back decades. An excerpt from HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT: hidinginplainsightbook.com
February 2020: "Netanyahu optimistic about sabotaging ICC probe into alleged Israeli war crimes".

Fatou Bensouda, who Pompeo sanctioned after his trip to Israel, was Netanyahu's main target.

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2 Sep
"The mantra 'no vote tallies were changed' is misleading. They weren't in a position to know. They didn't really monitor county election systems. If you wanted to alter a vote outcome, you'd do it at the county level." -- @jennycohn1 on @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/how-to-h…
"The Kremlin changed Ukraine's presidential election results in 2014. Ukraine, being used to Kremlin aggression, caught it quickly and changed it back. But the US was a sitting duck in 2016." -- @AndreaChalupa on @gaslitnation
"The truth is, we don't know if vote tallies were changed in 2016. We can suspect one way or the other, but we don't know. It is misinformation to say definitively that they weren't." -- @jennycohn1 on @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/how-to-h…
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2 Sep
"In 2016, Senator Harry Reid wrote to James Comey warning that not only did the Russian government have the ability to interfere in the November election, they intended to falsify the election results. Comey did nothing about it." -- @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/how-to-h…
"Harry Reid was a hero in trying to warn the public. But there was a concerted effort to massage his message and say that 'falsify election results' only had to do with voter registration data and not changing vote tallies." -- @jennycohn1 on @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/how-to-h…
"Journalist David Shimer interviewed four senior Obama admin officials who told him that Russia was very much in a position to alter vote tallies in the 2016 election and that this was the talk of the town." -- @jennycohn1 on @gaslitnation patreon.com/posts/how-to-h…
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