Really enjoyed "Scale" by Geoffrey West, @TheRealNeilS will be releasing a Made You Think episode on it soon.

In the meantime, here are a few of my favorite ideas from it 👇
We somewhat naively assume that all aspects of complex systems scale linearly, but there's usually a "scaling exponent."

As the size of something changes, other parts of the system change in a non-linear way.
"if the size of a mammal is doubled, its heart rate decreases by about 25 percent"

"with each doubling of population size, a city needs only about 85 percent more gas stations-and not twice as many"

"like organisms and cities, companies also scale as simple power laws"
Each of these things has a "scaling exponent" that's remarkably consistent across all sizes:

"The scaling exponent for companies is around 0.9, to be compared with 0.85 for the infrastructure of cities and 0.75 for organisms."
But cities also have superlinear scaling for their socioeconomic factors:

"Socioeconomic quantities such as wages, wealth, patents, AIDS cases, crime, and educational institutions... also scale with population size but with a superlinear exponent of approximately 1.15"
Another strange observation:

"we tend to spend about an hour each day traveling, whoever and wherever we are. Roughly speaking, the average commute time from home to work is about half an hour each way independent of the city or means of transportation."
This has historical consequences for city size:

"Because walking speed is about 5 kilometers an hour, the typical extent of a 'walking city' is about 5 kilometers across... There are no city walls of large, ancient cities... which have a diameter greater than 5km."
Another surprising observation on company age:

"the % of five-year-old companies that die before they reach six years old is the same as the % of fifty-year-old companies that die before they reach fifty-one... the risk of a company's dying does not depend on its age or size."
Finally, our exponential societal growth may hit a disastrous wall at some point:

"unbounded growth cannot be sustained without having either infinite resources or inducing major paradigm shifts that "reset" the clock before potential collapse occurs."
"A major innovation that might have taken hundreds of years to evolve a thousand or more years ago may now take only thirty years. Soon it will have to take twenty-five, then twenty, then seventeen, and so on, and like Sisyphus we are destined to go on doing it..."
Until it all collapses:

"The resulting sequence of singularities, each of which threatens stagnation and collapse, will continue to pile up, leading to what mathematicians call an essential singularity-a sort of mother of all singularities."
Anyway, really interesting book, and you can see all my highlights here:

• • •

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4 Dec
Alright I've been working on this for the last couple weeks, and I'm really excited to announce a new Membership for my blog!

Here's everything it includes 👇 Image
First, I want anyone curious to have the opportunity to check it out, so you can use the code "FREEMONTH" at checkout to get the first month free.

Sign up link is at:

Alright, on to what it includes:
Monthly Members Hangouts!

Each month I'm going to do a private zoom with members to answer any questions, discuss recent articles or medleys, share any new tools I'm enjoying, and more.
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3 Dec
If you're worried about COVID, ask yourself:

How many hours of sunlight do you get?

How much alcohol do you drink?

How clean is your diet?

How much intense exercise are you doing?

How much excess body fat do you have?

This is a great time to get your health in order.
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30 Nov
I was having this conversation with @rdeliason yesterday and it's an interesting thought experiment so I figured I'd share my thoughts on:

Given COVID, should you travel to see family for this Christmas?

There are huge costs to just blindly following stay at home orders that aren't getting talked about enough:

Just because we're being told to stay home doesn't necessarily mean we should.
There are a few angles we need to think about:

- Risk to you
- Risk to family (or who you're visiting)
- Risk to society
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25 Nov
If Jordan Peterson is writing another book it should be about overcoming the Benzos addiction he was hiding while writing the last book about getting your life in order.

Huge opportunity for him to honestly share his challenges with others suffering similar struggles.
Writing another book giving life advice without addressing that comes off as hypocritical
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29 Oct
My mind has been completely blown.

THC is secretly legal in Texas, and you can buy it OTC in Austin.

Read on to learn about this incredible, brilliant loophole.
It turns out that THC is not one "thing." It has a bunch of different compounds, and only one of them is illegal.

Delta-9 THC is the THC you're most familiar with. But there's a very close cousin, Delta-8, that's not actually illegal.
When you buy normal weed, it has Delta-9 THC, Delta-8 THC, CBD, etc.

Some people figured out how to extract CBD and make pure CBD supplements, which we all know about.

But now some companies have found a way to extract the Delta-8 THC, while removing the illegal Delta-9
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25 Oct
About a month and a half ago, I decided to get into YouTube.

I'd seen how many sales a couple extremely half-assed videos were sending for Effortless Output, and figured it'd be worth trying to grow that channel...
For the first month, I was doing all of it myself.

Shooting, editing, optimizing, lighting, etc. I tried to figure it out on my own.

@AliAbdaal made the process so, so much easier. His videos, courses, and generous help rapidly accelerated my learning.
That's why I'm SUPER excited that he's launching his "part time YouTuber academy."

Ali is going to make over $1,000,000 from his YouTube channel this year.

And now he wants to help more creators do the same.

You should 100% check it out:
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