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4 Dec
Alright I've been working on this for the last couple weeks, and I'm really excited to announce a new Membership for my blog!

Here's everything it includes πŸ‘‡ Image
First, I want anyone curious to have the opportunity to check it out, so you can use the code "FREEMONTH" at checkout to get the first month free.

Sign up link is at:

Alright, on to what it includes:
Monthly Members Hangouts!

Each month I'm going to do a private zoom with members to answer any questions, discuss recent articles or medleys, share any new tools I'm enjoying, and more.
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3 Dec
If you're worried about COVID, ask yourself:

How many hours of sunlight do you get?

How much alcohol do you drink?

How clean is your diet?

How much intense exercise are you doing?

How much excess body fat do you have?

This is a great time to get your health in order.
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30 Nov
I was having this conversation with @rdeliason yesterday and it's an interesting thought experiment so I figured I'd share my thoughts on:

Given COVID, should you travel to see family for this Christmas?

There are huge costs to just blindly following stay at home orders that aren't getting talked about enough:

Just because we're being told to stay home doesn't necessarily mean we should.
There are a few angles we need to think about:

- Risk to you
- Risk to family (or who you're visiting)
- Risk to society
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25 Nov
If Jordan Peterson is writing another book it should be about overcoming the Benzos addiction he was hiding while writing the last book about getting your life in order.

Huge opportunity for him to honestly share his challenges with others suffering similar struggles.
Writing another book giving life advice without addressing that comes off as hypocritical
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29 Oct
My mind has been completely blown.

THC is secretly legal in Texas, and you can buy it OTC in Austin.

Read on to learn about this incredible, brilliant loophole.
It turns out that THC is not one "thing." It has a bunch of different compounds, and only one of them is illegal.

Delta-9 THC is the THC you're most familiar with. But there's a very close cousin, Delta-8, that's not actually illegal.
When you buy normal weed, it has Delta-9 THC, Delta-8 THC, CBD, etc.

Some people figured out how to extract CBD and make pure CBD supplements, which we all know about.

But now some companies have found a way to extract the Delta-8 THC, while removing the illegal Delta-9
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25 Oct
About a month and a half ago, I decided to get into YouTube.

I'd seen how many sales a couple extremely half-assed videos were sending for Effortless Output, and figured it'd be worth trying to grow that channel...
For the first month, I was doing all of it myself.

Shooting, editing, optimizing, lighting, etc. I tried to figure it out on my own.

@AliAbdaal made the process so, so much easier. His videos, courses, and generous help rapidly accelerated my learning.
That's why I'm SUPER excited that he's launching his "part time YouTuber academy."

Ali is going to make over $1,000,000 from his YouTube channel this year.

And now he wants to help more creators do the same.

You should 100% check it out:
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16 Oct
If you're young and ambitious, you shouldn't over-invest in retirement funds.

Yes, even though they're tax free and have a crazy ROI compared to other investments.

Here's why πŸ‘‡
When I was 23, I got fired from the only real job I've had.

Instead of looking for a new role, I spent the next year traveling, learning, and focusing on growing my site.

I was making maybe $1-2k a month passively, but I didn't need to make much.
Why? Because I had a lot of cash.

I'd saved aggressively while at that job, and some of my previous side projects (like this one) had given me a bunch of extra cash to sit on.…
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14 Oct
πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Announcement! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

I'm joining @danshipper @nbashaw @adam_keesling @fortelabs and @ljin18 in The Everything Bundle to launch my new publication, Almanack.

It's a semi-weekly deep dive into getting healthy, wealthy, and wise.

More details & how to get it πŸ‘‡ Image
First off, if you wanna join the Everything bundle and read my new post:

"The Mental Model Behind Every High-Performer I Know"

We're doing 25% off for 24 hours to celebrate the launch!

You can get access here:…

So why am I joining Everything?
If you're not familiar with Everything, it is the future of online publications.

They identify the best writers online discussing work, productivity, and finance, and add them to their list of publications that you get access to for one monthly fee.
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24 Sep
My $4,505 in Bedroom Tech 😱

I've been obsessed with improving my sleep quality for 9 years since I first realized how insanely important it was.

I've tinkered with tons of products, and now have over $4,505 worth of tools helping me sleep.

Here are my favorites πŸ‘‡
The @eightsleep Mattress πŸ›Œ


I've tried most of the "cold bed" solutions and this is the only bed I've slept in where I don't regularly wakeup in a pool of sweat (yuck)

It gets COLD, is super comfy, and I miss it dearly when I'm away from home.
The @ouraring πŸ’


The best tool I've found for monitoring sleep quality and recovery.

Extremely useful for seeing how lifestyle changes are affecting my sleep and for giving me rapid feedback on what's aiding or hurting my physical recovery.
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16 Sep
One common thread among all the really successful and productive people I know is they have a "systems mindset."
As soon as they do the same thing more than a few times, and that thing is not $1,000 per hour work, they start to think about ways to automate or systematize or delegate it so they can focus on something else.
Sometimes this manifests in small ways: I type in my email all the time, so I set up a hotkey in TextExpander to type my email in 3 characters instead of 20.
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10 Sep
Really enjoyed "Scale" by Geoffrey West, @TheRealNeilS will be releasing a Made You Think episode on it soon.

In the meantime, here are a few of my favorite ideas from it πŸ‘‡
We somewhat naively assume that all aspects of complex systems scale linearly, but there's usually a "scaling exponent."

As the size of something changes, other parts of the system change in a non-linear way.
"if the size of a mammal is doubled, its heart rate decreases by about 25 percent"

"with each doubling of population size, a city needs only about 85 percent more gas stations-and not twice as many"

"like organisms and cities, companies also scale as simple power laws"
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8 Sep
If you pay $3-5 a day for a bit of caffeine to help you be more productive why would you spend anything less than $100+ per month on your key productivity tools
It blows my mind when people complain about having to pay $15/mo for @RoamResearch.

If you make $20 an hour and it lets you be one hour per month more productive you've got a good ROI.
Free software like GDocs just messed with people's heads around paying for software.

But now that we know free = data mining, privacy violations, and mental hijacking via ads, go paid whenever possible
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26 Aug
"there is a very small fee to cover production costs" Image
Can't help myself Image
LOL Image
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25 Aug
I've been feeling super unmotivated to work out recently.

The race I was training for got cancelled, and I've been doing typical heavy lifting (squats, deadlift, bench, etc.) for so long that it's getting old...
Normally in the past I would have probably just quit for a while, but having a coach has been super helpful.

We talked for a while yesterday and he mentioned we could just work on something completely different: gymnastic strength training type exercises.
It's not something I've ever trained before, but the idea of learning to do a freestanding handstand pushup sounds pretty cool, and it immediately brought that motivation back.

I feel like this can be generalized to a lot of good habits we get bored of.
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24 Aug
I trust the info in Sacred Cow a lot more considering they went out of their way to show there was very little evidence for any (health) benefit of grass fed meat over grain fed.

Super surprising stat that makes the rest of the book more credible. Didn't know it before reading.
A few other interesting tidbits:

The whole "sixty harvests left in our soil" number that's been quoted a bunch is completely made up, there's no evidence for it
Vegetarian mothers are 23% less likely to give birth to a boy
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13 Aug
Surely the government can afford a better copywriter
I really want whatever they're smoking πŸ˜‚ h/t @heatherleithal
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5 Aug
This is wild, is there a good counter to this piece?

If not then the whole anti-Trump media machine is *literally* killing people.…
Reminder that in February COVID was just the flu and in March masks didn't work, so yeah, I'm inclined to be skeptical about people being so critical of hydroxychloroquine, especially since politics are involved
Alright this looks like a pretty good takedown (disclaimer: still reading)
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27 Jul
I think many people think about whether a food is healthy or not the wrong way.

As a starting point: consider that there's very little compelling evidence to suggest small amounts of alcohol during pregnancy is bad for your future child.

But do you want to roll those dice?
When I say something like "canola oil is bad for you," what I'm saying is akin to saying "drinking during pregnancy is bad for your future child."
Is it possible that canola oil is fine?

Yes, of course.

But considering there's quite a bit of evidence that it might not be fine, and you could cut it out of your diet without much issue, why would you roll those dice?
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25 Jul
I'm very regularly surprised by the number of people who:

1) Don't realize how toxic popular plant-based vegetable oils (canola, corn, soy, etc) are.

2) Don't realize how inexplicably unavoidable they are unless you cook everything at home.
Check the label for anything you buy from a grocery store, and if it comes in any kind of packaging there is an exceptionally high chance it has vegetable oil in it.
Go to a restaurant and ask them how they cook their food. 99/100 times they'll tell you they use canola oil or a canola/olive oil blend.
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23 Jul
Oatly is plant based kinda like ethanol is plant based
"plant based" is such a brilliant marketing term.

It makes artificial foods sound healthy, but it means nothing.

Here are some other wonderful plant based things you can put in your body:

- Heroin
- Cocaine
- Alcohol
- Arsenic
- Tobacco
- Sugar
- Sawdust
- Petroleum
- Paper
The Original Heroinly!

Heroin milk, Barista edition.

No dairy. No nuts. No gluten.

100% vegan.

Obviously oats aren't as bad as heroin, but you get the point. Their branding is really brilliant bullshit.
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21 Jul
Is there any evidence for benefits of coffee enemas?

@bengreenfield has a giant article on it... but no sources. His only evidence is that it was in the Merck manual 40 years ago as a treatment for constipation.
Healthline has no evidence to support any benefits:…
Wikipedia doesn't have any evidence to back it up either:…
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