When Rees-Mogg (who is in all our hearts) was asked what EU regs he would abolish first, he said the Working Time Regs. These give employees & workers the right to paid holidays & limit their working week to 48 hours.

OK, say we do that & start putting ..
.. people on 70 hour weeks with no holidays. That will reduce costs & make our goods more competitive. Great! We can now show up in Europe with our cheaper goods & put them out of business. It can’t fail!

The only flaw I can see is if the EU sees through our cunning ..
.. plan & slaps a tariff on our widgets. Those bastards will stop at nothing to keep their corrupt show on the road. Or, ahead of this predictable scenario, they might insist on a level playing field, which means we don’t abolish the working time regs.

But that means we ..
.. have to obey EU law! The bastards again!! And very probably, if there’s an argument about what some pettifogging rule means, the ECJ will have to decide it. Otherwise, we’ll end up with conflicting case law & 2 sets of regs!

They thought of everything! They are clearly ..
.. dealing IN BAD FAITH & it must be stopped!

We might also want to bung a few quid to Nissan to stop them buggering off. Whose business is that but ours? If it makes their cars more competitive well, capitalism is a tough sport & the EU will have to suck on it. Except ..
.. they probably won’t, slapping on tariffs again with characteristic perfidy.

The bad faith of the EU should be obvious to all from this tweet alone. As cokehead himself says, not just Labour but all of us are OBLIGED to support the govt. Anything else is treason.

Finally, ..
.. we want to continue laundering money & allowing offshore holdings & tax free jurisdictions to proliferate. Once more, wrecking our public finances, infusing society with corruption & magnifying social injustice is OUR BUSINESS!! but I bet the frogs & krauts are already ..
.. scheming to butt their noses in, just like with everything else.

What are we to do? We must have our country back! Two fingers to the EU!!

• • •

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7 Sep
I want to talk about the revised Withdrawal Agreement (‘the WA’) & the supposed liability it imposes on the UK to cough up £160B, a figure which caused IDS to hitch up his skirts & scream. And, word of warning, this is a thread. So turn to something else if your ..
.. attention-span is limited.

For this purpose, I have skimmed the political declaration & the WA, both of which can be found online here:

A few things:

• nowhere in the WA are any particular sums of money mentioned
• OTOH Part 5, which begins on p.205 & runs on for 58 pages concerns ‘financial provisions’.
• the entire WA is 541 pages long, thus the financial provisions comprise more than a tenth of the ..
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28 Aug
Rees-Mogg is so full of shit. I saw him recently talking in that lofty manner of his about climate change. The gist was: it’s too late to do anything about it, the IPCC report says what we do now will take thousands of years to take effect & we must adapt like the Dutch to ..
.. rising sea levels. Bullshit.

Here’s a summary of the report & some quotes:

‘Warming from anthropogenic emissions from the pre-industrial period to the present will persist for centuries to millennia and will continue to cause further long-term changes in the climate system, such as sea level rise, with associated impacts ... but these emissions ..
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7 Aug
There comes a time when corruption is so rife there is no point not being bent yourself. You don’t want to pay CGT on your buy to let properties? Transfer title into one or more offshore companies. Everybody is doing it after all, even Tory MPs & their cronies.

And since it ..
.. turns out the peasants do not revolt when you beggar them further but, on the contrary, read right wing rags & vote Tory, satisfied with a diet of nationalism, why bother improving their lives? There are vast sums to be made even from the poor, in gambling, money lending ..
.. & alcohol. And selling off state assets acquired & built up over decades is another huge opportunity. Ask any Russian oligarch.

Speaking of whom, who are your friends going to be? Your indigent countrymen or the obscenely rich? It’s a no-brainer. You don’t get ..
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10 Jul
Why can’t we parley moments like this into real change? It’s probably because the legacy of slavery is poverty. While many black people have advanced to the middle classes within white society, virtually none have penetrated the elites & most remain in a reviled ..
.. underclass.

Poverty creates unattractive people: needy, uneducated, more likely to be involved in crime & to suffer poor mental & physical health. If you locate a disproportionate number of black people within this class the rest of us too easily associate blackness with ..
.. the resulting anti-social phenomena, whereas the real motor is deprivation.

So our prejudice persists, surviving occasional moments such as that offered by Michael Holding. There are probably other elements deriving from our collective memory of the relationship between ..
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9 Jul
Of all the things said about Johnson (liar, charlatan, clown, conman, idler etc.) perhaps the one that should stand out most is: his incompetence. Many have described him thus. It comes from a supreme indifference to detail & a deep belief that the workings of ..
.. complicated things (medicine, engineering, the economy etc) are for little people. They are beneath his giant intellect (as he sees it).

He reminds me of the toff who airily surveys his stately home & claims credit for things with which he had nothing to do. ‘Father built ..
.. the West wing [no he bloody did not] & I put the folly beside the lake [you had nothing to do with it].’

The incompetence is acute & was on display at the beginning of the pandemic when he was dodging COBRA meetings & shaking hands with everyone. It’s the same with ..
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24 Jun
An insomniac’s thread on civil litigation.

Can’t sleep so I have decided to launch a vicious attack on barristers & the judiciary 🙂

What is ‘civil litigation’? It’s court disputes about contracts, accidents, trespass etc. It is vastly bigger than criminal litigation. I don’t .
.. know how much bigger but my guess would be about 10 - 1 in terms of nos. engaged in it & much more in terms of fees.

To begin, most judges started out as barristers. Pretty much all circuit judges, High Court judges, appeal & Supreme Court judges were barristers. This ..
.. means they know plenty of law but next to nothing about the real needs of court users (a proposition I will defend against all comers). In particular, they do not understand AT ALL the need for predictability, consistency or affordability. Instead they wallow in ..
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