My kids staged a *protest* this morning.
My wife announced a new rule: On Saturdays, while she's making breakfast, the kids have to tidy their playroom to clean up all the remote school detritus and turn it back into a *playroom* for the weekend.
But, the boys didn't see the inherent logic of that. After various complaints about "unfairness," which we ignored of course, the 7yo retreated upstairs. We assumed he was following the new instructions, BUT HE WAS NOT.
Instead, he was making *signs* for him and his brother. After they were ready, they started MARCHING through the house CHANTING "No tidying on Saturdays, IT'S NOT FAIR" over and over, while holding up their signs.
Completely unprepared for this level of *resistance* my wife folded like a cheap table. (tidying will now happen, after school on Fridays).
Gotta say, I'm EXTREMELY proud. And glad I didn't have TV this morning. If they had PRESS, we wouldn't have gotten the Friday compromise.
Here’s on of their signs

• • •

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25 Oct
I'm watching @60Minutes because fuck @realDonaldTrump. Ratings that, asshole.
That said, jesus christ, the lies.
"This is 60 Minutes, and we can't put on things we can't verify." -- Leslie Stahl on tape as 60 Minutes puts on Trump claims it can't verify.
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23 Oct
One of the key takeaways I'm left with from this debate is that we fully can't even talk to each other anymore. That was the president of the united states, 11 days out from a general election, speaking in a way that reasonably informed people outside his niche COULDN'T FOLLOW.
It's really, it's gotta be like walking into a mass, knowing nothing about Catholicism, and sitting there and hearing "this is flesh now and you MUST EAT IT TO BE SAVED."

I know there've been ENDLESS articles about how Fox creates its own self-fulfilling cultural ecosystem. I've WRITTEN some of those articles. I get the *general problem* here.

But, just, DAMN. When I was 10 I had a better grasp on what Bush/Dukakis were REFERENCING than Trump.
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22 Oct
I finally got around to reading the Rod Dreher dreck and, wow. Wow. What passes for intellectualism among Republicans these days is just, wow.
Consider, at one point the author quotes favorably the hysterical warnings of societal collapse's from a 1947 author worried about family "moral decay."

Then our guy says: "He wrote this in 1947. Zimmerman missed the Baby Boom coming, but otherwise, he was right on target."
How you gonna quote a guy warning about declining birth rates, and then just wave away "HE MISSED THE BABY BOOM." Talk about: Other than that, how was the play Mrs. Lincoln.
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22 Oct
My ranking of Game of Thrones seasons BY SOUNDTRACK:
Season 3
Season 6
Season 8
Season 1
Season 2
Season 4
Season 5
Season 7
Season 3 is giving you: the best instrumental version of Castomere, the full Chaos is a Ladder theme, the Ironborn theme, the song they actually play during the red wedding, and the mournful aftermath, AND Mhysa AND... FREAKING.. DRACARYS
Season 6 has the best song in the whole show (Light of the Seven) which is so good you can pretty much *SEE* what is happening. Season 8 the music is better than Season 8 the television show, as all its *musical* themes pay off big time, plus the Night King song.
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22 Oct
So, here's the thing about the votes @SenSchumer just explained. Both @SenSusanCollins and @lisamurkowski *said* that we shouldn't proceed with a nominee before the election. It was meaningless & cost them nothing.
NOW, if McConnell tries to accept the nomination, they could ACT.
If Lindsey Graham pushes through the nomination without a quorum, Dems will ask the full Senate to reject that nomination. At that point, McConnell needs 51 votes (or 50, not sure if Pence gets to break the tie) to ignore regular rules.
If Collins and Murkowski keep their word, they only need one (or two) more Republican to vote in favor of *regular order*, like John McCain, as opposed to the illegitimate process to rush through a lifetime Supreme Court nominee.
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21 Oct
Well... that was new.
Is the FBI arguing that Iran made it look like the Proud Boys were intimidating voters to *help* Donald Trump.

That's... the story... I'm supposed to believe from these people?
I trust Christopher Wray, more or less. Not to investigate his alleged attempted rapist buddy Brett Kavanaugh, but on other things.

It was Trump fluffer John Ratcliffe who said that it was being done to "help Trump" and that I don't believe at all.…
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