Watched STATE'S ATTORNEY (1932) based on the recommendation of @NitrateDiva and LORD ALMIGHTY JOHN BARRYMORE IS WILDING

Bachelor mob lawyer Barrymore defends hooker Helen Twelvetrees, shacks up with her, then switches to prosecutor and goes straight but keeps Twelvetrees

Barrymore's political ambitions put him in circles with society gal Lilian Ulrich, who tells him she had a serious relationship at nineteen, and when he asks how serious her response is to *whisper*

to which he replies, "That makes things much easier!"

cut to: a parked car
headlights pass as they sit up and she talks a drunk Barrymore into going to find a judge or the mayor and get married

which they do

Barrymore then goes to tell Twelvetrees and then elects to sleep it off at a bachelor hotel
a frustrated Ulrich can't get him out of the bachelor hotel so goes home...

...where she hooks up with his until-then competitor Raul Rollen, whose character is a celebrated Spanish tenor!
The tenor shows up at the hotel to announce he is here for his honor, and that he has been walking all night in the park

BARRYMORE. "...for your honor?"

that would be a 1932 joke about gay cruising
The tenor confesses that he loves Barrymore's wife and Barrymore agrees to an annulment -- he doesn't like divorce but annulment is fine! -- and he promises the tenor the wife is untouched

which, I guess is TECHNICALLY true

*as a wife* she is

but it is WILD what pre-code movies could get away with

Barrymore *absolutely* banged this gal, but it was BEFORE they got married (by like twenty minutes), so it doesn't count and annulling the marriage is a-okay and still within 1932 standards
DIRECTOR. "Sure audiences will be okay with that?"
SCREENWRITER. "It'll be fine! Sure, the bluenoses'll kick, but what can they do?"

• • •

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9 Sep
This will in no way be controversial
What’s interesting, if you read it, is that the first is the most radical because it affects casting and subject matter of films... that’ll take all the heat...

...but the later provisions are hilariously undercutting, because they give wiggle room in hilarious ways!
So: to be eligible for Best Picture (this doesn't affect any other Oscar nominations; wait a few years for that), a movie must meet TWO out of FOUR standards for inclusion.
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27 Aug
It’s been one of those days and folks could use a break from it all

So how about a story of absolute badassery that has something for everyone

It is from one of my favorite books to keep in a place one occasionally sits with time to spare

Kirchner, an associate of the late Col. Jeff Cooper (he provided illustrations for some of Cooper’s books), tells many stories of deadly people — not all of them men — from a variety of backgrounds, from Jim Bowie to Mgobozi to La Maupin.

I will share the story of Jean-Louis.
Jean-Louis was a mixed-race Haitian, and in 1795 (with Haiti and indeed the whole island of Hispaniola in just *a wee bit of turmoil*) the eleven-year-old orphan took advantage of an opportunity to get the hell out & head to France, which he did by enlisting in the 32d Regiment.
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19 Aug
This is a good thread full of very fair points.

I am fairly one of the anxiety-inducers, but in my defense a few years back I made a whole essay about manageable things people can do (for folks who haven’t seen it, check my pinned tweet).

Nobody wants to do it, bc it’s boring.
Like the man says: "Everybody wanna be a bodybuilder, but don't nobody wanna lift those heavy-ass weights"

Organizing is like anything else: you have to decide what you want, and then work backwards.
Example: what would an effective organized right that actually responds to the desires of the Righty base look like? What could it do?

No, no, not like this

Ask yourself: what is something SPECIFIC it could do
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3 Aug
Depending on what is in CIA records or NSA intercepts, if I’m remembering the law correctly this could potentially pose serious problems for these guys. Back when I was doing war zone work, I learned something interesting about Americans fighting in non-US militaries...
Namely, you can *do* it, but you gotta watch the Ps and Qs.

Like, say you’re a dual citizen somewhere with a military service obligation. Or you long for adventure in the French Foreign Legion.

You can, as an American, serve in a foreign military doing military stuff!
The catch: it has to be a *nation-state’s* military.

Because it is not exactly illegal to serve in a foreign militia, but if it’s not the actual gummint army, there are suddenly a lot more technicalities.

Involving the use of explosives.
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19 Jul
Say the magic words, everybody: “diversity of tactics”
It occurs to me that some folks may not know what I mean by "diversity of tactics;" briefly it is the phrase used by Hard Lefties to describe the way that they deal with the fact that different people and groups have different opinions, methods, and willingness to do things.
For example:

-- fervent young anarchists want to break shit and set things on fire

-- disruptive protestors want to shock the system and feel powerful but don't want to do serious criminal shit

-- normies want to go out and do a nice march and feel connected to the community
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2 Jul
I like and respect Mollie and Ben but I strongly disagree on this: Republican voters *thirst* for policy.

The words every Republican officeholder needs to engrave on their office wall in letters that are four feet high and also *on fire,* is “ACTUAL MATERIAL LOSS.”
Hard Lefties understand that if you want someone to change their behavior, you have to be able to inflict *actual material loss* on them.

Not arguments.

Not status.

Actual. Material. Loss.

For politicians, this means votes. For others, this usually means money.
For example: the reason you don’t see pro-life protestors peacefully occupying abortion clinics is the FACE Act, which made using that tactic against abortion clinics a federal felony.

That’s actual material loss!
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