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22 Jul
everybody is talking about the Buzzfeed News story about FBI informant involvement in the plot to kidnap the governor of Michigan

lots of focus on how many FBI informants were involved

less-remarked: the story on *when* the feds got involved has evolved
Here is the story in the FBI’s affidavit. Note:

a) the impetus for the investigation is sedition on social media.
b) the investigation starts with a guy named Adam Fox, who, following a meeting in Ohio, reaches out to a militia that has already been infiltrated by the FBI.
According to the Buzzfeed article, the affidavit is backwards.

Buzzfeed’s story starts w/ the militia, called the Wolverine Watchmen. Dan, a veteran, joins it blindly and is alarmed: his new buddies aren’t just interested in fun gun stuff but in potentially killing cops.
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21 Jul
Watched CARNIVAL OF SOULS (1962) on @Shudder and dug it — simple story, atmospheric filmmaking, great sense of rising dread.

Also, it made me realize an interesting edge for filmmakers in flyover country (like industrial filmmaker Herk Harvey, who directed): novel locations.
CARNIVAL OF SOULS was shot in studios and on location in Lawrence, Kansas, on location in Salt Lake City, Utah, and at the wildly atmospheric, unforgettable, but never seen on film Saltair Amusement Park in Magna, Utah.

Never seen on film because *it’s in freakin’ Magna, Utah!*
Just shooting in Utah means CARNIVAL OF SOULS offers a great, eerie, memorable location that you’ve never seen!

Think about all the times you’ve seen, say, the Bradbury Building in LA — OUTER LIMITS, BLADE RUNNER, WOLF, you name it. Now imagine you’d *never* seen it.
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21 Jul
Very interesting thread (as is Parson's stuff on the early Klan in general), though I disagree w/ her on the elaborateness of the Klan's costumes showing deliberate strategy, any more than (say) drag queens' do. The early Klan did a lot of stuff they just thought was fun & funny.
As Parsons notes in her fascinating book KU-KLUX, the Ku Klux Klan started out as a freakin' band (like, a *literal actual band,* as in *a garage band with musical instruments*) from Tennessee who amused themselves by shitposting in their newspaperman friend's comment sections!
The first Klansman (mostly well-off dudes disenfranchised by Reconstruction) were exactly the sort to figure that if something funny was worth doing, it was worth overdoing.
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10 Jun
They’re doing a WALTONS remake over at the CW and the cast looks exactly like what you’d expect the cast of a WALTON’s remake at the CW to look like
Deadline ran a side-by-side picture of the guys playing John Walton, Sr. in 1971 and 2021 and uh holy crap that says something about the two eras, huh
So check this out: THE WALTONS was based on a TV movie with a different cast, meaning John Walton Sr. has three actors. Here they are:

Andrew Duggan (1971, aged 48)
Ralph Waite (1972 series, aged 44)
Ben Lawson (2021 series, aged 41)
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10 Jun
The most interesting thing about the Mike Lindell stuff is how it keeps demonstrating the limits of throwing money at one’s problems
A lot of Righties (fringe and mainstream alike) are convinced of that money is the problem, that they could rise up and beat the establishment and the Lefties if only the money were there.

don’t get me wrong, money *helps*

but it won’t magically make you know what you’re doing
Mike Lindell is willing to set hundreds of millions of dollars on fire for his cause when he would have done better to just sit back and quietly fund stuff

but pugnacious Righties gotta pugnace
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8 Jun
The Moose-feeding movie of the last few days: THUNDERHEART (1992), with Val Kilmer as a quarter-Sioux FBI agent sent to be diversity on an Indian reservation murder case despite the fact that he has run as far from his heritage as he can get. With Sam Shepard and Graham Greene!
For most of its length THUNDERHEART is a quiet little mystery drama, but in the last act it goes *off the chain* with a terrific action sequence involving Val Kilmer and Graham Greene in a car chase/shootout with corrupt feds, tribal government thugs, and goons in a technical!
The movie is so heavily inspired by (and enraptured by) American Indian Movement stuff in the seventies that it’s honestly kind of wild that it wound up getting made.
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25 Apr
SPONTANEOUS (2020) is on Prime and everybody was right: it is terrific, the HEATHERS of the 2020s in that it’s a bantery movie about teenagers dying horrible deaths, but it’s also not the HEATHERS of the 2020s because it’s not about high school at all.
SPONTANEOUS is a movie that’s about what it’s like to get old. It’s just that it stars young people.

At first one of your contemporaries dies, and it’s a shock.

Then you lose a couple more. You try to stem the tide.

Then people start going in waves.
By telling a story where young people experience the loss of their compatriots in a way that mimics the effect on old people of losing their friends to old age, SPONTANEOUS puts fresh eyes on what that process feels like. It’s a novel way to purify the problem.
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31 Mar
If this entire story is true, a) the NYT hit is indeed egregious and b) MATT GAETZ IS THE STUPIDEST MOTHERFUCKER ALIVE, HOLY SHIT
24 hours from getting the instructions for payment in an extortion scheme as part of an FBI investigation and you blow the whole thing about your dad secretly cooperating with the feds BECAUSE YOU GET MAD OVER A NEWS HIT IN THE NYT?!?!?!?!?!

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29 Mar
The Moose-feeding movie of Saturday night/Sunday morning (he woke up late night and was fussy) was LET'S SCARE JULIE (2018) on @Shudder, a well-meant but muddled ultra-low budget horror flick that falls short for a whole lot of reasons.
Premise: teen girls at a slumber party decide to scare the new girl across the street, who is home alone; this is a bad idea.

Gimmick: it's shot as one long take! Sort of!

Problem: The gimmick adds nothing to the movie, and is not competently executed.
Real talk: any attempt to shoot a feature film in one take inevitably bumps into real-world limitations imposed by the medium: hard drive space, or battery power, or (in the case of Hitchcock's ROPE (1948)) the size of a can of film.

There will be cuts. You have to hide them.
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28 Feb
Today’s Moose-feeding movie is HIGH MOON (2019), wherein an Old West cowboy kills a werewolf outlaw gang before being dispatched by his interdimensional ninja mentor only to be resurrected in the present day where the also-resurrected werewolves have become a *motorcycle* gang.
JOE BOB BRIGGS VOICE. “Sure we’ve seen it before, but have we seen it *like this?!*”
Writer/director Josh Ridgway serves up a bit of a mixed bag: the premise is lunacy, the gore makeup is good, the werewolf makeup is terrible, the fights are decent, the cinematography is dull, all the scenes are too long.
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27 Feb
The interesting part about Gosar and King attending AFPAC is the part afterwards where we’re gonna be finding out how much they’re really into it vs. how much they didn’t realize what they were in for by going.

Didn’t watch the speeches, but watched the reactions of people.
(For those who don’t know, AFPAC is the white nationalist event run by Nick Fuentes that piggybacks on CPAC to draw the clandestine and the curious — they got Steve King and sitting Congressman Paul Gosar to show up this year)
The white nationalists were either a) very excited to be validated or b) bristling, bc King’s speech twice used the term “Judeo-Christian” and Gosar has posted a ton of pro-Israel stuff, and Fuentes is of the branch of white nationalism that dislikes Jews more than black people.
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13 Feb
For those few of you who missed the days of actualfa news, the current happening is a rerun of that favorite white nationalist sport

that’s right

specifically Nick Fuentes and Patrick Casey are now on the outs, and as Fuentes is of late the bigger figure that means Casey is on the outs with the Fuentes crew and allies, from Jaden McNeil to Michelle Malkin
tl;dr: people were asking Patrick Casey if he was going to Nick Fuentes’s AFPAC event and if not why not

so he cut a stream about how he wasn’t going because Nick Fuentes had had his bank accounts frozen and is under surveillance due to being investigated by the FBI
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30 Jan
thread on the stuff you need to be a new parent

the only reason I'm doing this thread now is 'cause you may know somebody soon to be in a similar situation

or you may be soon to be in a similar situation

and if you're in a situation like that there's only one thing you can do
sing "you can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant" and walk out

...wait, no, shit

okay seriously though I am a newish parent and I have not been at this long but I can tell you the stuff I wish I knew before Moose came along

so here it is
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27 Jan
Guessing somebody (e.g., admin figure, DOJ careerist, SPLC) put this case together out of existing info and pitched it as something Biden admin could use to make an early splash.

The question isn't the case; the question is: once they start shaking Ricky Vaughn, what falls out?
i.e., they could well decide to let Ricky Vaughn go with a warning, after investigating him to learn as much as possible about people he knew.
Read the complaint against Ricky Vaughn (justice.gov/opa/press-rele…) and some interesting things pop up:

* the investigation evidently got started with a re-interview of Paul Nehlen on October 5, 2020
* four co-conspirators are listed by twitter id number, but not account name
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17 Jan
So everybody’s talking about the sudden popularity of sea shanties and I have a theory about something that’s been overlooked

namely, a couple of viral antecedents
One is from a video game: the insanely catchy “Keep Your Rifle By Your Side,” from FAR CRY 5.
The other is from a TV show: HBO’s THE RIGHTEOUS GEMSTONES earworm “Misbehavin’.”
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17 Jan
ME. “And you’ll never guess what the Boogaloo Bois did next!”
EVERYBODY WHO READS MY TWITTER, dully and in unison. “They kept using Discord”
“well, there’s the official proof the Boogaloo is a right-wing movement”

“the content of their Discord, huh”

RADICAL RIGHTIES. “The entire platform of Discord is compromised!Let’s go elsewhere”
ME. “Gonna make one big chatroom?”
RR. “Uh, yeah”
ME. “Gonna advertise it via general publicity in public forums?”
RR. “Of course”
ME. “Gonna let anybody join?”
RR. “Absolutely”
ME. “...carry on”
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16 Jan
Find somebody who loves you the way CHiPs loved Mulholland Drive

swear to God half the episodes are shot either on Mulholland Drive or on a street in Chatsworth that’s masquerading as Mulholland Drive

lately for afternoon feedings, Moose and I have been watching CHiPs

I do not recommend this
CHiPs was my favorite show when I was maybe five or six years old

that is exactly the level of audience mental acuity that was targeted by the showrunners of CHiPS
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23 Dec 20
Very interesting after-action report from the Hard Lefty side of December 12 in DC. Quite unlike Hard Righties’ comments in similar circumstances: Hard Lefties are very tactically minded and are also willing to admit failure when they fail.
itsgoingdown.org/d12-report-bac… ImageImageImageImage
Hard Lefties also think socially, in terms of making friends. ImageImageImage
Lots of frank thought about successes and failures, with ideological shoring-up after having had to rely on police protection. ImageImageImageImage
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3 Nov 20
Watching Dario Argento’s PHENOMENA (1985) with Jennifer Connelly (!!) as a movie star’s daughter who sleepwalks and has a psychic link with insects

and Donald Pleasence (!!!) as the entomologist who enlists her talents to catch a psycho killer

and, for some reason, a chimpanzee
PHENOMENA is clunky, but the gimmick is interesting, and the Swiss locations are gorgeous and unusual.

The scene chemistry between Pleasence and Connelly is interesting. It’s not avuncular, and it’s not creepy; it’s a little distant but respectful.
Jennifer Connelly is bullied by her boarding school classmates and amasses a goddamn enormous horde of flies to unnerve them and this movie was a formative inspiration for the webnovel WORM, wasn’t it?
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31 Oct 20
Today’s background movie is ELECTRA GLIDE IN BLUE (1973) with Robert Blake as a tough but sensitive motorcycle cop who wants to move up to homicide. Really good so far!

Nothing much happens in the first half hour but establishing Blake as a gentle weirdo — but that’s adorable.
ELECTRA GUIDE IN BLUE has one of those scenes where a cop’s instincts about a case are ignored — except instead of the usual tough cop being ignored by wussy superiors, he’s a sensitive cop whose instincts are ignored by the tough guys!
It’s a dynamic you’ve see a million times, but swapping the personalities on either side makes it fresh and compelling.
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