I’m really uncomfortable with the notion that basically anything is permissible for the sake of art, as long as the message is one we can get behind. Not only is it a lazy mindset, art with no boundaries or rules or restraints is often lacking, but it also opens the door for
people turn a blind eye to immorality if it furthers art and furthers the message. When you are pushing the limits of what is acceptable, trying to be shocking, trying to make people uncomfortable, by using tactics that are questionable at best, instead of giving yourself
restraints of decency, you don’t learn how to create a poignant piece using creative subtly, suggestion, imagery, and symbolism, but instead by simply showing all, you often end up engaging in the same or in the least encouraging the same behaviour you claim to condemn.
I do not think we should stray away from depicting the ugliness of the world in our art and storytelling, but I think people have lost the ability to know how to do that in delicate yet powerful ways. You either get those weak Christian films that almost parody sin and evil or
we just... show it all as it is. And like shock comedy, using sex, violence, nudity, etc. for shock soon becomes obvious and predictable as it becomes more commonplace, so you have to continually push those boundaries if you want to really shock anyone anymore. So where do you
stop? Have people lost the ability to know where to draw the line? I believe a lot of people have. And it makes me sad because I think they have become blinded and desensitised to the point where they really can’t distinguish right from wrong.

• • •

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19 Apr
Good morning guys, it’s time to talk about homeschooling. I was homeschooled through all the way through my 12 years of school and have observed the way many other families homeschool. I’m not an “expert” of any sort, I just have my experience and observations to go off of.
Okay, let’s start with the suggested cons I have heard over the years:
- It’s isolating for kids, especially an only child
- Homeschooled kids don’t learn how to work with others
- They are socially awkward
- It’s possible they aren’t getting a proper education
- How can parents properly teach their children if they’re not teachers
- It’s easier to cover up abusive parenting
- Kids won’t know how to learn in a classroom setting
- They could be taught unpopular or bad worldveiws and they don’t have the school to help “correct” them
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23 Mar
At this point it seems everyone has felt the negative effects of the virus or the response to it. People are scared. People are separated from loved ones, people are grieving, people are sick, people are losing work and money, people are depressed, lonely, anxious, missing out on
education, missing out on opportunities, having to cancel weddings, can’t be with friends. This is a time when we need to be there for each other, if not physically, through other means of support and encouragement. This is a time where we are all meant to be on the same side
against something that has the potential to hurt us all. This is a time where we need to listen to each other, give up things for each other, be strong for each other. This is not the time to score political points or bicker about who cares about human lives most. I will try to
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17 Jan
*sigh* time for another thread on the ignorance of people trying to insert negative real world allegorical messaging into The Lord of the Rings.
I’m going to start by saying that any suggestion that orcs are meant to be a stand in for black people sounds incredibly racist. There are human beings in Middle-earth. We mostly see the white ones because they are in the part that would geographically be Europe. but black humans
exist in Tolkien’s world because his world is meant to be this world in some mythological past. Orcs are completely fictional characters who are not “working class”, they are slaves of Sauron. Sauron doesn’t pay people. Orcs have been twisted and changed to the point where little
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