Many liberals are committed to the idea that progressivism will fail bc WWC voters are too racist to ever vote for populist economic policies, & will reject ‘what’s good for them’ if it helps POC too. Meanwhile, they say corporate Dems CAN stitch together a coalition. How?
Presumably by ... not helping POC? And/or by pandering to conservative whites who don’t want police reform or high taxes or ... anything Dems are supposed to me for other than “civility.” #lawandorderBiden

Is this the bargain that’s going to yield results for the POC/WC base?
If “Bernie” style politics is supposed to be so offensive to “racist whites” that it will never work, what does it say about Biden’s approach that racists (hypothetically) will like him — even though he offers very little in terms of material uplift?
Bernie’s plan: Attract all WC, including WWC, by offering material uplift.

Biden’s plan: offer WWC....the “Sistah Soulja moment?” folks have been clamoring for?

Or kill the wealth tax etc to attract suburban whites?

Both hurt POC.

What’s the plan?

• • •

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1 Sep
The left is never going to be able to force establishment Dems to the left if they vote Dem *unconditionally.*

Leverage comes from expressing a willingness to vote for Biden if he meets a certain standard.

The establishment response to this argument has been “its privileged.”
Establishment Dems have been more than willing to meet the standards of a tiny group of “moderate Republicans” who are being targeted at the expense of a great number of voters who comprise the Dem Party base, and whose policy goals overlap with most Dems AND independents.
Legalizing marijuana, stressing an end to endless wars, cutting the military budget, backing single-payer health insurance, committing to recurring monthly COVID relief payments, emphasizing getting money out of policies— all these would create bi-partisan enthusiasm.
Read 4 tweets
30 Aug

1) Dismissing advice about how to persuade voters—even though the stakes are so high.

2) The smug belief that people on the fence ‘just don’t get the risk.’ Rather, they understand too well the longterm risks of maintaining a status quo that, for them, was a crisis.
Many voters are balancing the real risks Trump presents against the fact that harm reduction voting is exactly what enabled the rightward drift that brought us Trump. What they’re looking for is some assurance that the Dem Pty has a floor. That 4 years from now will be different.
Many of these people aren’t accelerationists— precisely bc they appreciate the risks of a Trump win. But they’re also deeply resentful of having to sublimate the real harms they endure under the status quo to ward off endless new threads enabled by the two corporate parties.
Read 7 tweets
29 Aug
Just stop. This is embarrassing.

I don’t know who told you that growing up poor means that you get to dictate to Black people how we should think. But privilege discourse isn’t supposed to be about using a hierarchy of oppression to silence valid perspectives.
You have white privilege. You have the privilege of having multiple generations of family in this country given human rights. I don’t. My grandmother was a 16 year old parent who did her best & managed to raise a first gen college grad. I am grateful for my mom.
She also spent the last 20 years as a single parent bc a white American driver hit my dad on a roadside and Kenya and left him there to die bc he thought he was Kenyan and therefore his life didn’t matter.…
Read 4 tweets
29 Aug
My ancestors were brought to this country as slaves. My mother was born without voting rights.

Black people have lived as 2nd class citizens used as political fodder by 2 corporate ptys for generations, but white women on the timeline are lecturing me abt privilege.
If you leverage Trump-created crises to get votes but ignored the crises that have been going on for centuries in the Black community YOU are privileged.

It is absolutely craven to keep asking vulnerable groups to sacrifice indefinitely w/o any end in sight.
Those who would have us sacrifice Black liberation for other just causes—pitting BLM against the horror of “kids in cages” are evil. That’s what “vote blue no matter who” does. We must celebrate libratory possibility of fighting for all these causes in tandem.
Read 4 tweets
15 Aug
How little respect do you have to have for people to make this argument?

You convince no one, move nowhere closer to your goal, and achieve nothing but a veneer of arrogant ignorance that already leads millions to believe there’s no point in throwing their lot in with you.
People know Trump is horrible. What some of you don’t seem to understand is that for millions, it was so bad before Trump that they’re willing to risk a repeat if it doesn’t mean 50 more years of the status quo enabled by lesser of two evilism.…
Whether or not you agree, try to imagine if your family were stuck in its 20th generation in the bottom tranche of an exploitative racist economic system. Try to empathize with those who’ve lost loved ones bc liberals put corporate fundraising before free insulin.
Read 5 tweets
9 Aug
The thing about Star Trek is that the utopia isn't a gag. There's no "gotcha! They're eating people!" or some other Aldous Huxley reveal about how utopia comes at great cost.

Star Trek argues that a better world IS possible. Ppl need to understand that before getting involved.
The conflict in Star Trek comes from people outside of the utopia, who for some reason -- usually greed -- don't want to participate. The Federation doesn't force folks to participate & it doesn't colonize. It offers up its science/tech freely & has weapons only for defense.
The best ships in Star Trek aren't battle vessels, they're for scientific exploration. The captain of the most elite ship in Starfleet isn't ex-navy or a distinguished pilot or combat veteran. He's an archeologist. His vices are a hot lady archeologist named Vash & good tea.
Read 4 tweets

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