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12 Jan
Please watch this video to get a good sense of what @JoeBiden could do if he cared to do it.

It answers all the questions.

Some takeaways:

80% of all student debt is held by those making less than $127k a year.

Families making less than 60k a year took out 280% MORE student loan debt than families making over 100k.
Women hold 2/3rds of student loan debt.

And Black women hold more than anyone else. 

12 years after starting school the median Black student loan borrower owed more debt than they originally took out. And 21% have defaulted on their loans.
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12 Jan
I know I'm late to this but . . . Why is Nicole Kidman in Prom?

The casting is so weird. Like, why?
Also, Keegan Michael Key as Meryl Streep's love interest? Was Stanley Tucci busy?

(Meryl is excellent btw).
But Meryl's character is supposed to be from small down PA, yet she still doesn't know how to pronounce Applebees? What's with coastal elites and midrange dining chains?
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5 Jan
Is the *left's* position that the only way to change hearts & minds is to knock millions of doors & have 30 min conversations with each person abt Medicare for All? Or might high profile events that draw attention to the failure of our healthcare system in this moment be helpful?
Organizing is important. But Biden didn't knock doors or even have field offices in many key states until late in the game. What he did have was the total support of the corporate media, & a solid narrative for them to push: "I am the only one who can beat Trump."
Biden also had the support of every corporate interest group in the country.

It's hard to compete with that. But it given how much bipartisan distain for this type of behavior there is, you can endeavor to make taking this money politically toxic.
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5 Jan
Where have I said that number equals “a powerful base in itself.” I don’t even know what that’s supposed to mean.

You can push a poll to build support and make people confident about leaning into a policy solution. Or you can argue people *actually* like their healthcare.
When Bernie polled #1 with Black voters in February, we should’ve screamed it from the rooftops! You push positive polls to break through bad narratives. That’s common sense.

Medicare for all is a good policy that saves lives and money. AND it’s polling well. ADVERTISE THAT.
Why on EARTH would you adopt right wing taking points about how support changes when the question changes. THATS TRUE OF EVERY ISSUE ON EARTH.

Even despite BILLION spent on anti-M4All adds and misleading polls were still winning the polling war!
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5 Jan
No. As I have explained, the goal of #forcethevote is to bridge the gap between enormous support for #medicareforall (88% among Democratic voters) and the tepid support among elected Democrats (barely half of house dems).

My opinion is that a key driver of this gap is the corporate media.

The media refuses to air how popular the policies are, so most ppl think M4All is a losing political issue & forgive Dems for not backing it. Ultimately, they prioritize Dem victories.
In fact, the media actively parrots right wing talking points -- convincing voters that Medicare for all is too expensive, too unpopular, and too impractical to vote in favor of.

The goal of a floor vote is to wrest control from the corporate media & tell the truth.
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29 Dec 20
I'm an hour 20 min into watching the 2019 Ways and Means committee hearing on universal healthcare and there hasn't been a single question aimed at exposing how much money anti-M4All witnesses or congress members have taken from the private healthcare industry.
This is @RepKevinBrady from TX-8.

He received the 2nd highest amount in contributions from the healthcare industry in 2016: $202,751.

Might have something to do with the dishonest anti-Medicare for All screed he spouted.

He's been in congress 30 years. #primarytime
This is @VernBuchanan from FL-16.

He took $110k from a healthcare PAC. Might have something to do with his choice to lie about the cost of Medicare for All, which a conservative study found offers enormous cost savings by cutting out the middle man that's lining Vern's pockets.
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23 Dec 20
88% of Dems support M4All. Barely half of Democratic Representatives do.

Progressives arguing against a vote on M4all "bc it will fail" *should* be asking why Dem Reps don't represent their constituents -- not haranguing leftists for trying to highlight that gap. #ForceTheVote
The question #ForceTheVote detractors have to answer is how they plan to resolve the accountability gap that enables Dem Representatives to get away w/ rejecting Medicare for All. HOW will they get past the complicit corporate media, & WHEN is a better time than a pandemic?
Calls for organizing and mass protest are well founded. I made those same calls as an integral part of my original case. But it is also true that activism is often spurred by events that signal a crisis point. For example, this summer's protests.
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19 Dec 20
This article misstates Dore’s position and raises strategic questions that have been asked and answered.

About to record for Monday’s @BadFaithPod. Will discuss on the pod.
For starters, this simply isn't true. Dore has agreed that Sirota's suggestions should be part of the demand.
Next, Burgis continues to ignore the crux of my argument -- perhaps because he has no response to it.

The *reason why* public officials don't suffer at the polls for their failure to endorse Medicare for All is because the media/pro M4All dems don't hold them accountable.
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19 Dec 20
"I lived 10 years w/o healthcare. I can go as long as we gotta go." - Ben Dixon on why we should hold up Medicare for All until we get Reparations.

I support Reparations. Pitting these issues against each other is extremely regressive. And it's cruel in the middle of a pandemic.
This "either or" strategy is exactly what liberals have used to shoot down universal programs that inure disproportionately to the benefit of poor black/brown people. I wrote an article about it.…
That quote is from the same stream on which he accused me of being an uncle tom (It's near the end).

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19 Dec 20
BTW, some folks, including AOC, have argued that the problem with #ForceTheVote is that we should ask for other things. But the floor vote is specifically something within Pelosi's purview. She can unilaterally do it. The same isn't true of a $15 min wage, reparations, etc.
I'm all for getting her on the record about other priorities. And I'm VERY supportive of Sirota's suggestions. But to be clear, part of my argument is that if you ask Pelosi for what SHE can do, she can't use Biden's reluctance as cover.…
We saw how Biden stonewalled half a dozen civil rights leaders on that leaked tape. We can *demand* Pelosi do XYZ, but it's possible that Biden would rather have Hakeem Jefferies as speaker than concede on his policy agenda.
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17 Dec 20
They absolutely could oust Pelosi. AOC didn't even argue against that. Her response is that Pelosi would leave a void and someone worse could fill it.

It's not clear to me who that would be or what that would look like. A "worse" person would also be less powerful than Pelosi.
Regardless of whether they force a floor vote, a handful of progressives could decide against voting for Pelosi under any condition.

It wouldn't make McCarthy R-CA speaker. Dems would hold another vote w/ a different candidate.
3/4 of Americans think Pelosi needs to step down. Her favorables are worse than Trumps. Anti-Pelosi ads likely hurt down ballot candidates as much as or more than "defund" ads. But some of you think it would be "bad optics" to oppose her.
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27 Nov 20
Lots to say about the first 15 min of Hillbilly Elegy but I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that he just “joked” that Whitney Houston sounds better with the volume turned down.

I have very little sympathy left for this character.
Also, he’s at a law school function at THE BEST LAW SCHOOL IN AMERICA, and the *tension* in the scene is that he might not get a summer job AT THE BEST FIRM IN AMERICA, because he can’t pick btwn Chardonnay and Cabernet blanc.

God forbid he go to the 2nd best one firm.
The movie pretends his ability to pay for school hinges on getting a summer job at this particular firm, but all the top firms pay the same, so not sure it matters if he knows which plate is his bread plate & what’s a fish fork.

(Also nearly everyone struggles with that stuff!)
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26 Nov 20
Turkey is a third rate bird. I won the argument.

But I’m grateful for Virgil anyway.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Proof that I know good turkey: me and mom with the beast Thanksgiving 2018. (Still opted for the roast).
People be like: if you brine the turkey for days to change the texture and fill/cover it with stuff to obscure the flavor, it’s tasty. Stop making excuses for big turkey! Break up with him already! 😂
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21 Oct 20
Me: Black people are suffering by dozens of measurable metrics there's a link between the party's indifference to our grievances and the fact that our votes are captured.

ChomskyLuvr1996: "Why are you shoehorning idpol into everything?"
Solidarity for me but not for thee I guess.

I'm sincerely committed to a multiracial coalition that includes white working class voters. But I'm getting tired of the eye-rolling that emerges from some segment of the left whenever black grievances are up at bat.
This includes leftists who beat their chests saying "just vote" and then "do the work of activism" while scoffing at the idea that a precarious person might reasonably resent being told that climate change is more important than whether they survive the year.
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8 Oct 20
Ok, just getting into the West Wing and at the top of episode 3 the president is giving a speech under a banner that says "practical idealism."

This is peak hate-watching.
Elizabeth Moss!
Bradley Whitford’s character just asked the Black guy from Psych to grab a beer in Georgetown after work and the Black guy was all “what kind of bar is this?” and boy oh boy I do NOT miss the “no homo” nineties.
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24 Sep 20
“Vibrant.” ImageImage
Bernie Bro stories were like “she called me a heartless neoliberal for not caring that 68,000 people die a year from lack of health insurance.” And credulous reporters would characterize that as “harassment.” Meanwhile: ImageImage
Bernie repeatedly and forcefully disavowed any random acts of online bullying and was held accountable for it anyway. Meanwhile: ImageImage
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22 Sep 20
Anat Shenker-Osorio gives excellent advice here. She points out that “law and order” is a trap set by Trump that serves to keep the base at home. (Also, leaning into right wing framing is immoral).…
She also argues that emphasizing Trump is an authoritarian helps him. Instead, he should be described as weak, bumbling and ineffectual. (Interestingly, that is Trump’s approach to Biden).

Prior to the interview, the hosts argue, correctly, that Dems should emphasize policy.
Notably, this is what the left has been saying this whole time.

Stop panicking. Stop blaming the left. Stop using right wing framing.

Start emphasizing policy. Start phone banking.

And the better the policy is the more electable Biden will be.
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21 Sep 20
It was entirely predictable that ppl targeted by the Crime Bill & the "law & order" messaging exploited by Biden/Harris would object to this pair come the general election.

Instead of picking a safer candidate, the Dem establishment pretended records don't matter. Image
By forging ahead with this ticket, the party calculated that they didn't need these votes; a version of 'for every Blue collar voter we lose in Pennsylvania, we will pick up two moderate Republicans in the suburbs in Philadelphia.'

But for Black/young/progressive voters.
To many voters, it feels like the party wants to have it both ways. Some folks will cave to the pressure of defeating Trump. Others will abstain out of frustration that their substantive needs -- needs as exigent as 'kids in cages' -- were ignored to advance corporate interests.
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14 Sep 20
Every day on this site Black people appropriately ask that non-Black people not use “POC” when you just mean Black people.

Apparently, a bunch of non-Black people decided it was racist for me to demand the same specificity when talking about voting trends.

Very woke of you.
Team “trust Black women” has logged on. ImageImageImage
The beautiful thing about actually being Black is I don’t rely on a Twitter consensus to judge how I should feel about Blackness.

Knowing who I am and what I believe in feels great. I want that for all of you.
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13 Sep 20
Just starting Twin Peaks for the first time. Highly engaging. A young Trey!

But what is this music!?
Not to step on Cuties discourse, but there are a lot of high school girls in sexual situations with older men in this.

Like, why is the FBI agent making out with Laura Palmer in this dream?
“The Bookhouse Boys”!?
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13 Sep 20
Many liberals are committed to the idea that progressivism will fail bc WWC voters are too racist to ever vote for populist economic policies, & will reject ‘what’s good for them’ if it helps POC too. Meanwhile, they say corporate Dems CAN stitch together a coalition. How?
Presumably by ... not helping POC? And/or by pandering to conservative whites who don’t want police reform or high taxes or ... anything Dems are supposed to me for other than “civility.” #lawandorderBiden

Is this the bargain that’s going to yield results for the POC/WC base?
If “Bernie” style politics is supposed to be so offensive to “racist whites” that it will never work, what does it say about Biden’s approach that racists (hypothetically) will like him — even though he offers very little in terms of material uplift?
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