America has been a frontier. It's been a colony. It's been an empire. What it has never been is a "nation-state," in the way that Sweden, Poland, and Finland have been and are.
I say this because so much of middle-class politics—whether it be quasi-socialist "liberalism" or "America First!" civic nationalism—is based on nostalgia for something that has never been.
America has never "looked out for its own people" or "stayed out of foreign conflicts." It's been a platform for territorial and economic expansion; it's been a refuge for the world's malcontents and religious fanatics; it's been a economic and military global hegemon.
To demand that America give up its overseas dominions and financial domination so that we can take care of everyday Americans is a thoroughly decent sentiment, but a naïve one.
The American middle class as it's currently constituted is dependent on America's imperial footprint; it is employed, in effect, in the administration of the empire's bureaucracy.
Becoming a regular nation-state, as the liberals and America First-ers like to demand, would be all but unprecedented and would create a power vacuum and result in chaos. Such a unilateral abandonment of power would also entail the destruction of the middle-class lifestyle.

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18 Sep
The right *is* willing to be hardass, though. I see some of that desperate ruthlessness on display in their defending Trump right now and accusing the Deep State of a “color revolution,” etc.
The point is that it’s a “war to nowhere.” Even if the Right openly suspended the Constitution to keep Trump in office, what would they do with all that power?
The Right is good at freaking out at advancing leftists who “hate America” or “Western values” or some such—at understanding every election as a “Flight 93” crisis.
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17 Sep
This gem of a video is a full expression of the *backwards* way of thinking that infects all philosophy derived from Plato, including "rational Christians" (like William Lane Craig), who give life to the maxim that Christianity is "Plato for the people."

No, don't worry, I'm not going to engage in one of those "atheist" debates, in which I "own Christians with facts and logic." Those debates amount to two liberals arguing with each other over who's more liberal. To the contrary, it is logic that needs to be owned!
According to Craig, we should be in awe of the fact that "pure mathematics"—which, apparently, originated and exists in the netherworld of forms—just so happens to align with the real world. This must be God's work!
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12 Sep
A civil war is a battle for control over the centralized authority by competing parties. In this way, no real civil war takes place "in the streets." A civil war takes place at the highest levels of military, bureaucratic, and symbolic power.
What we're seeing today in the streets of Portland etc. is quite nasty, and might last a long time, even after the election. But the nature of social media leads us to, falsely, believe that the whole country is descending into violence and chaos. It's not.
More important, both the central and local governments are allowing the chaos to occur, for their own reasons. Both entities could snuff out Antifa, the Proud Boys, OathKeepers, et al. at a moment's notice, if they wanted to. But again, they clearly do not.
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31 Aug
The Fox News meme goes something like this, "You might like Joe Biden—but don't be fooled! He's a frontman for The Squad, Antifa, and the radical Left." The Alt-Right has picked up on this: "Does anyone seriously believe Biden will be the one running the show if he gets elected?"
It's worth pointing out that Fox rarely claimed Hillary would be a "frontwoman" for radicals. This has something to do with Biden's mental challenges, but mostly to do with the fact that everyone already hated Hillary. There was no need to associate her with anything else.
Of course, no president has ever completely "run the show." There are always forces above, below, and lateral to him that pushback, undermine, go awry, etc. And not every president even has the ability to "set the tone" and channel these auxiliary forces.
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28 Aug
Trump's RNC acceptance speech was actually pretty good. Nothing revelatory or genuinely surprising, or anything that might be labelled "dark" by liberal critics, as in 2016. The convention will likely help him. At the very least, he did no harm.
But Trump's speech was "pretty good" in the sense that it was Republican boilerplate. With a few lines rephrased here and there, I could imagine Mitt Romney delivering it.
I don't think we'll see much in the way of "red meat," that is, the kind of sub-racial dog whistling and retweeting of Mussolini aphorisms that defined so much of his previous campaigning. Instead, we'll get the proud but empty optimism of "our best days are ahead."
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27 Aug
The state has a monopoly on violence within its territory. If you try to do its job for it, it will crack down on your harder than any common criminal.
I've done cursory research on Kyle Rittenhouse, watched the interview before the event. He certainly doesn't strike me as a "terrorist" or however he's being depicted on the more shrill segments of social media. He might very well be acquitted on the basis of self-defense.
He's likely "guilty" of the non-crime of being an aggressive, but naive teenage boy—someone who wanted to throw himself into harm's way but thought it'd all be like a video game.
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