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Inside: The problem with economic models; and more!

Archived at:…

#Pluralistic 1/ A Tron-like plane of glowing grid-squares. Two spherical cow
I'm kickstarting the #audiobook for my next novel, an anti-finance finance thriller about #SiliconValley scams called *Red Team Blues*. #Amazon's #Audible refuses to carry my audiobooks because they're #DRM free, but crowdfunding makes them possible: 2/
The problem with economic models: Ideology disguised as math.

3/  Image: bert knottenbeld (modified)
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1/15 #AlexJones is one of the Kremlin's best assets in the United States.
Here is my late night rant on this dangerous anti-American Russian intelligence asset and other somewhat connected thoughts before I pass out.
2/15 He supports a multiple polar world order and gave someone who was/is under U.S. Treasury sanctions at the time a huge platform to spread his Russian propaganda and profit from book sales. Aleksandr #Dugin. Is that even legal?
3/15 Dugin is not a good guy. In fact #AlexJones was promoting someone that taught high level Russian officers to destabilize the United States and that they would geopolitically destroy us with a new empire. This is traitorous activity to give #Dugin a platform.
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#WEF | World Economic Forum officially began to advertise the Marburg virus, the PCR test and the vaccine against it🤔…

#WEFpuppets #Vaccine #Virus #ClownWorld #BillGates
#Marburg the Next #Pandemic | #WEF already launching #propaganda campaign for the next "#Catastrophic Contagion", the next #Plandemic | #MarburgVirus 🙆‍♂️
20-year-old clip from #AlexJones and Dr #RimaLaibow telling us about all that has been happening all these years

#WHO is already getting ready for the next planned "pandemic" ... they have already started introducing the global population to the existence of the next coming planned "pandemic" now!! -> Marburg Virus.

#WEFpuppets #Vaccine #Virus #ClownWorld #BillGates #ClimateScam
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28 januari 2023

🧵 Lijst van deelnemende organisaties en hun directeuren aan de klimaatdemonstratie in #DenHaag

#Klimaatactivisten #demonstratie

Bron ⬇️…
🧵 Lijst van deelnemende organisaties en hun directeuren aan de klimaatdemonstratie in #DenHaag

#klimaatactivisten #demonstratie
🧵 Lijst van deelnemende organisaties en hun directeuren aan de klimaatdemonstratie in #DenHaag

#klimaatactivisten #demonstratie
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Here so go again… #KanyeWest appeared on #GavinMcinnes. A lot of it is trying to find out how they’ll handle the “Jew problem.”

They talk about porn a lot, which is the fault of “the Jews.” I mentioned it before, but Kanye was my client & I’ve seen his hundreds of porn DVDs. 😂
This is actually a lot more informative. #NickFuentes presents a rationalized antisemitic ideology which he believes is logical & isn’t per se discriminatory.

#Kanye, conversely, just hates Jews & he thinks that’s the point of this ideology. Find reasons to hate us.

Now #NickFuentes repeatedly concedes that “cultural” or “liberal” Jews whom aren’t religious, are the problem.

Conversely, Kanye will concede that his success is largely BECAUSE of those Jews, yet his downfall is them punishing him for wrong think.
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Alex Jones is my ex, and the unconstitutional efforts to silence me and Color of Law orders enjoining my free speech (that are hidden under a void seal) have been

This thread is about your Trump readmission poll & contemplation & National Security.
@elonmusk 2/I have been outspoken about what I know and understand to be true.

I met Alex Jones in 1998, married him in 2002, and our divorce was final in 2005.

This thread is about the Alex Jones/Infowars Russian connection & contains new revelations.

3/First off, I would like to say that America is a Nation, not a game and that the contemplation of readmission of a man under Federal Investigation for #Insurrection with dictator dreams, undermined our free press & has Russian ties transcends irresponsibility into endangerment.
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@elonmusk @BillyM2k You sir are also a darling of the alt-right. I guess maybe since you haven't contacted me in your 5 alarm ongoing #Twittershutdown fire you don't plan on hiring me as an advisor. so I will give all tips out for free.

Don't be a darling of the alt-right. #ElonTips
@elonmusk @BillyM2k and not that i promote the idea but you just kicked sand in the face of the remaining supporters you got the alt-right saying #alexjones can't come back. They hate you too now #Elontips
@elonmusk @BillyM2k BTW. I am not the only one who can tweet to #ElonTips if anyone else has any suggestions for #DearLeader please submit it into the proper shadowbanned hash. #TwitterWar #FreeTwitter #Twittershutdown #TwitterMigration #twitteroff @threadreaderapp -unroll
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🔴Alex Jones ordered to pay $965m to Sandy Hook victims’ families

(🧵 thread)…
#AlexJones has been ordered to pay $965m to the families of victims of the Sandy Hook massacre who have suffered almost a decade of abuse and harassment because of the right-wing extremist’s lies about their murdered loved ones.… Image
Jurors in Connecticut reached the verdict on Wednesday afternoon after deliberating for more than three days in the Infowars host’s second of three defamation trials over his targeted attacks on families torn apart by the 2012 mass shooting.…
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Le complotiste US d'extrême droite, Alex Jones, est condamné dans le Connecticut à verser au moins 800 millions de $ de dommages et intérêts aux familles de 8 victimes de la tuerie de masse de #SandyHook, qu'il prétendit être 1 coup monté…
2. C'est le 2nd procès perdu en diffamation- puisque
pendant 7 ans Alex Jones a prétendu sur son site Infowars que la tuerie de Sandy Hook était montée contre les pro-armes, déclenchant le harcèlement des familles de victimes. Mais ici la condamnation est bien plus lourde... contrairement au Texas, où fut rendu le 1er jugement contre Alex Jones, la loi du Connecticut s'appliquant ici ne plafonne pas les dommages et intérêts (qui s'élèvent finalement à presque 1 milliard- d'où mon au moins initial, le jugement était en cours de lecture😉)
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- #Alex Jones
- Trial has reached jury
- #AlexJones
- After more than three days of deliberations, the jury has reached a verdict.
- #AlexJones
- Judge Barbara Bellis returns to courtroom
- Judge Bellis says the jury have reached a unanimous verdict.
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1/ THREAD: Body Language and Behavior Analysis No. 4661: Alex' Jones's Attorney gets slapped down by the Judge when he tries to make Hillary Clinton part of his defense.
#BodyLanguage #BehaviorAnalysis #BarbaraBellis #EmotionalIntelligence #AlexJones
2/ Two (of many) things you never want to see your attorney do in court is shrug their shoulders or talk with their hands in their pockets. Alex Jones attorney, Norm Pattis, did both — simultaneously.
3/ In the video above, Mr. Pattis displayed an extended shrug (Turtling) whilst he superimposed several additional higher shrugs as he was talking with his hands in his pockets.
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I feel like @HillaryClinton should drop an album tonight. 💫
🎶 One, two, three to the fō… no-knock warrant the @FBI is at da dō. 🎶

-@HillaryClinton said in her @SnoopDogg voice
When he heard the commotion downstairs Trump said, 🎶holllld up, wait a minute” in his #DJSmurf voice.

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#AlexJones dug his own grave. He can’t whine about the 1A when he actively ignored and defaulted in the trial where that was very much at stake.
A plausible, if not necessarily winning, defense could have been attempted based on the *Snyder v. Phelps* decision, in which SCOTUS upheld the Westboro Baptist Church’s right to demean the memory of fallen soldiers at their own funerals (!)—provided it was political speech.
Jones could have plausibly said that he was not engaged in harassment of individuals; he engaged in political speech against “the globalists” or some such; he got the facts wrong but not maliciously so. (I don’t say this as an admirer of Jones; I say it to be fair.)
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Covering the #AlexJones defamation trial in Austin TX. I'm inside the courtroom. Jury is deliberating but judge and both attorney's are inside hearing a motion to return all the documents mistakenly given to the plaintiffs.
Defense is attaching a request for a mistrial to this request as well.
This is #textmessagegate by the way. I can't imagine you missed it yesterday but just in case:…
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On a très peu entendu parler de cette affaire judiciaire en 🇫🇷, et pourtant le procès #AlexJones est un fabuleux cas d’école : un complotiste qui s’effondre au tribunal et qui est obligé de reconnaître qu’il avait tout inventé .

Et il y a du lourd ⬇️⬇️…
Qui est ce charmant monsieur ?
Propriétaire du site « d’information » #infowar, il était devenu spécialiste en théories débiles , avec une spécialisation sur le harcèlement de victimes .
Son plus haut fait d’armes: affirmer que la tuerie de #SandyHook n’avait jamais eu lieu , et que c’était un complot des opposants aux armes à feu
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1/ THREAD: Body Language and Statement Analysis No. 4657: Alex Jones' Expression when he realizes his texts have been sent to Sandy Hook Families' Attorney. #BodyLanguageExpert #BodyLanguage #AlexJones #SandyHook #EmotionalIntelligence #BehaviorAnalysis
2/ This is Alex Jones' facial expression as he realizes his attorney sent the past two years worth of his texts to Sandy Hook families' Attorney.
3/ What should jump out anyone who sees this is the degree to which Jones' upper eyelids are opened.
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I’ve worked for over 20 years consulting w lawyers as a statistical data analysis expert, and this Alex Jones thing doesn’t surprise me at all. It’s not some complex strategy for a mistrial. #AlexJones Here’s the deal: 1/
Lawyers generally don’t know anything about data, statistics, or technology. But they’re under pressure from firm partners to take some of that sweet consulting money away from the experts. #AlexJones 2/
So they bring a few data and tech people in-house and cut out the consultants. Then they brag to their clients about how much $$ they’ve saved them. But their in-house people have 1% of the experience and expertise. 3/
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1. IMO the filing of #AlexJones’ media company bankruptcy stays the jury trial until and order modifying the stay enters. Here’s the emergency motion filed by the Free Speech Systems, LLC in SDTX Bankruptcy court.…
2 The motion seeks entry before 8:00 am Monday. Typically a hearing will be set early next week for what are termed "opening day motions." These motions seek orders to keep the debtor running and address issues like paying employees, using bank accounts, paying insurance
3. contracts and taxes. I don't know the local rules well enough to say what the local practice is and whether the opening day motion should be noticed, but I don't see it on the docket. This could be a ruse to delay the trial by
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Judge is NOT happy! - After the jury left, the judge confronted Owen Shroyer about being on the air with #AlexJones on Tues. He confirmed they talked about the trial. Judge asked him if defense informed him about the rule of witness sequestration. WATCH:
Judge reads "the rule" to Shroyer:To anyone listed as a potential have been placed under the are not to talk with each other or with any other person including the parties about the case.You are not read, comment on testimony.. #AlexJones
Judge then turns to #AlexJones attorney and gives him an earful: "Mr. Reynal, on Tuesday when YOU invoked the rule.." She asked Reynal if he followed her instruction to notify the witnesses of the rule. He said, "Clearly, not the way your honor intended."
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Wie kann man so krass abstürzen? Ken Jepsen ca. 2011Ken Jepsen ca. 2022
Ich glaub' den muss ich mir archivieren...…
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1/I'm #AlexJones' ex-wife. I lost my kids for speaking out against infowars.

Alex is trying to keep white supremacy out of the #SandyHook trial.

Travis Co Judges & Dist Clerk have hidden Alex's fake Free Speech stance, which he used to fund #Insurrection & his SH defense.
3/I'm Alex Jones' ex-wife, yes, I have contacted the .@TheJusticeDept .@fbi & #January6thCommittee many times. I lost my kids for opposing infowars & have been under unconstitutional injunctions for yrs

I will post the footage Alex posted January 1,later today: explosions, maps
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Thread: Pls pray for #SandyHook parents Neil Heslin & Scarlett Lewis, parents of 1st Grader Jesse Lewis, may he rest in peace.

They will be facing a lot of stress & sorrow during the 3-hr pretrial hearing today in the 459th District Court of Travis County, Texas.. & Alex Jones
2/ Their child was murdered and defamed These #SandyHook parents were were heckled, shamed, harassed. They had to move due to the threats & harassment.

This is from 2013. 5 years prior to when Mr. Heslin filed: it took them that long to find a law firm that cared. (MSNBC Photo)
3/I speak out because I believe that the #SandyHook plaintiffs were denied information by improper protective Court Seal that would have provided them an expedited avenue to their relief long ago. Travis Co.'s lawless protections for #AlexJones endanger/hurt them & the public.
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I'm #AlexJones' ex-wife, & I lost my kids for speaking out against infowars.

I have insider info I believe relevant to the #January6thCommitteeHearings. Pls share

Who is this man telling Alex, "it's time to storm the Capitol?" (00:23) Who is communicating w him via headphones?
Original and slowed down clip of security guard speaking to Alex Jones: It sounds like he could be saying, "It's time to storm the Capitol... They need us backstage." Any audio engineers out there who can learn this up?
*Clean this up - are the videos working for you all?
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