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(2) How many of you openly admit that at one time, you listened to Paul Joseph Watson? I never did. I barely listened to Alex Jones. There is no shame in once listening to him. Everyone makes mistakes. As I wrote in my first book...
(3) "As for the well-intentioned, misinformed people who peddle nonsense, I have more sympathy for them. Very early on, I promoted a lot of information from different authors and independent journalists that I shouldn't have. Much of that information was discrediting...
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I need anyone who believes in vaccine injury to share this in mass until we get least a million views on this video.This is long. I'm sorry. But very important.
🧵I'm a former RN and after watching this podcast I will never trust modern medicine again.
He explains how the rats bred in a perfect environment and used in medical studies are genetically mutated. They are 100% unreliable. He explains how this DNA mutation resulted in them developing extremely long telomeres. Due to these telomeres the rats are able to survive
large amounts of toxic substances without it hurting them on a cellular level. Meaning they can ward off death, injury and resist cancer for a lot longer then regularly bred animals and even humans. He goes on to explain how pharma companies use this information from these animal
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#AlexJones Tx S. D Bankruptcy Court hearing live at this

Audio is separate:
Dial-in Telephone No: 832-917-1510
Conference Code: 590153

Multiple motions to dismiss separate parties. Live tweeting now stay w thread.
2/Alex's family attnys are around $600/hr. How many thousands of dollars are being spent today defending Motions to Dismiss?

Lawyer on-screen suggests fast-tracking Mx. to Dismiss...

"Bankruptcy for the honest but unfortunate debtor... doesn't look like an honest debtor (sic)"
3/"Unworthy, abusive purpose... one of my clients held his son with a bullet hole in his head, &Alex Jones called him a liar..." (sic).. "delaying their day in court.."(Sandy Hook Plaintiffs' counsel)

Judge Lopez offers to hear public comments via meeting link
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Some #InfoWars and #AlexJones bankruptcy thoughts:

(1) Doesn't seem that all of the #InfoWars debtors are even defendants in the various suits. Motion for litigation trust is really cagey about this ("certain debtors"). If so, where's financial distress? 1/
Why isn't the creation of a litigation trust (even pursuant to court order) a fraudulent transfer? Jones, while threatened with ruinous litigation, is contributing assets that are being made available only to a subset of his creditors. 2/
"Given the limited cash on hand available to the Debtors, Jones, & FSS, there is a
substantial likelihood that efforts to collect on a judgment of the Texas actions would result in
leaving nothing left for the Connecticut Sandy Hook Plaintiffs or other creditors." Do we know so?3
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As 1st reported by ⁦⁦@emptywheel⁩, Proud Boy leader Joe Biggs breached the west side of the building, then exited & breached it again on the east side where his former employer Alex Jones had allegedly led a mob of people under false pretenses. 1/
Biggs appears to be more important to the events of January 6 than is widely known. I examine his ties to Alex Jones and Roger Stone here, as well as the ties between Stone/Jones and the Proud Boys overall. I hope to publish part 2 soon. 2/
3/ Here is @emptywheel’s important piece. I paraphrased part of it in my own piece and in post 1.…
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1/No one believed my then 12 yr old daughter when she told CPS Alex’s wife had assaulted her.

Alex knew/allowed this & both have mistreated my kids horribly

Alex Jones is my ex & was verbally abusive to my daughter yesterday, his own kid. Christmas Eve.…
2/People who have followed me for a long time know that I won a jury but lost my kids in an unjust court that has refused to protect my kids according to the best interest standards.

Alex & his wife have been neglectful and abusive to my kids for years, his wife hit my child…
3/ Alex put this woman before our kids.

She testified to believing in corporal punishment when my youngest was in grade school & to drinking while pregnant.

Alex bullied my youngest about her illness & disability… made fun of a kid sick & in pain

The court allowed this
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Roger Stone and Alex Jones, key planners of the January 6 Stop the Steal rally and illegal march that led to the deadly storming of the US Capitol, have been subpoenaed by the US Congressional committee investigating the attack.…
At the heart of the #AlexJones subpoena is the Infowars broadcast in which a guest host told Jones’ audience to go to Washington and “if necessary, storming right into the Capitol..If you have enough people, you can push down any kind of fence or wall.”…
The #Jan6Committee seeks details on Alex Jones' astonishing statement that the White House itself asked him and Ali Alexander to lead a march to the Capitol from the Ellipse where President Trump spoke to a rally of supporters.…
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Any other dad in Travis county whose employee plead guilty to #january6 charges, who was posted on the Internet in this pose, who promoted drugs & alcohol on broadcasts would be under supervised visitation & ordered to substance and/or alcohol abuse treatment. Not #AlexJones.
*pled. Also, any Dad whose wife facing 2nd DUI charge, this time BAC <.15, any Dad facing Federal charges, any Dad regularly talking about being killed or arrested, any Dad not paying child support, any dad doing this OTHER THAN #AlexJones would’ve been stopped by a court of law
& any dad found liable for defaming the memory of murdered school kids, whose settled other defamation cases is impeached, as is his perjury a crime. Course of conduct matters towards character. #SandyHook cases will likely be further delayed by more frivolous/vexatious appeals
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@January6thCmte i watched what would grow to be the horror of a #January6thInsurrection attempt grow on social media all of these screenshots (i have more) show clear manipulation Americans.I'm angry, each of these when clicked show a time stamp. I want accountability. A thread
The @GOP and Roger Stone and Steve Bannon and Mike Flynn and even elected Republicans owe me the truth. Every day I took screenshots and everyday I worried more.
@January6thCmte you look at see what I saw....a coordinated attack on our elections not by foreigners but Americans I'm angry.
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People saying the terrorist today was a #FalseFlag because of his accent and idioms and the shit he was saying.

I can go 5 miles in any direction here in Tennessee and find you people even more out there than this guy. Same applies to my former homes in Georgia and Alabama.
In fact, every one of the people saying it is a false flag - guess what - you’re as far gone as he is.

Go do the same thing he did, and within minutes your ‘brothers in arms’ are going to be calling you an FBI shill.

Hell, carry your ar15 up Pennsylvania Avenue and find out.
You’re as much a part of the snake eating its own tail as anyone else. Sowing doubt and discord is part and parcel for the people who want you to die so they can get richer off your name and actions.

Left or Right. You’re all pawns.
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The Real Start for me ...
The Biggest Story The Great Awakening Never Heard... US Marines Rescue 2100 Children by Timothy Charles Holmseth… Image
Who is Timothy Charles Holmseth??? The answer is so vast ... Some say American Outlaw, I say A Great American Hero, Patriot & Warrior for Children Worldwide. It will take many years to figure out why. I suggest you get started 🧐 TCH story is mind blowing Image
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United States' "most prolific conspiracy theorist" #AlexJones has made very shocking revelations regarding #COVID19.

NIAID, a major health agency of US, then President #Obama and #BillGates funded the formulation of the most deadly virus in #WuhanLab.
@TuckerCarlson @FoxNews

Who opened the Pandora's box in #WuhanLab?

"In 2015, Anthony Fauci, the director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) & chief medical advisor to then president #BarackObama paved way to make #COVID19", alleges #AlexJones


As per Alex from @newswarz, Dr. Peter Daszak, the President of "Eco Health Alliance", an NGO from UK directed projects in #WuhanLab He weaponized five viruses whose combination led to #COVID19

Famous law professor Francis Boyles exposes the origins of this "bio-weapon"


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MARCH 20, 2017
FBI’s Russian-influence probe includes a look at #Breitbart, #InfoWars news sites…
2/Breitbart partially owned by Robert Mercer, exec of a NY hedge fund & a co-owner of #CambridgeAnalytica, a firm credited w/giving Trump a significant advantage in gauging voter priorities last year by providing his campaign w/5,000 data points on each of 220mil Americans.
3/Additional Russian tool was the news from its prime propaganda machine, Russia Today, w/a global TV & digital media operation & US arm, RT America.

2016 #Breitbart announced that its website traffic had set a record the previous 31 days w/300mil views, driven by social media.
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1/Out of power, #RogerStone feebly tries to troll Biden family, promises big comeback

Stone hints he may try to disrupt Hunter Biden speech at Tulane, threatens to "draft" #MichaelFlynn in 2024
By @ZTPetrizzo @Salon…
2/Notorious Republican operative #RogerStone wants payback.

He's now attempting to make President Joe Biden's life as difficult as possible living hell by turning to what Stone knows best: half-baked evil schemes.
3/In the past 2 weeks, the avowed "dirty trickster" has suggested that he plans to show up for Hunter Biden's speech to a government class at Tulane University while also launching a campaign ordering his fans to send the White House adult diapers.
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1/ When will spreading disinformation like this be criminal!?
People are literally killing their children because of this bullshit!
Enough is enough!
This is a CRIME! #AlexJones is a CRIMINAL!
2/ Back to Hillary Clinton disinformation.
Trafficking, shipping containers, andrenochrome LIES.
This is a CRIME! #AlexJones is a CRIMINAL!
3/ End of the World because of the "globalists". #RussianPropaganda #AlexJones is a Russian Proxy Agent. He needs to be prosecuted!

Selling BODY ARMOR. They have children sizes too. When is this going to be handled by @TheJusticeDept @FBI @POTUS @VP
This is criminal!
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#BrooksBrothersRiot 2.0
Stone also said federal authorities should seize all Nevada ballots, federal agents & GOP state officials should “physically” block voting, that Trump should nationalize police forces, and that Trump should order widespread arrests…
InfoWars chat #AlexJones? What were the #Insurrectionists thinking? What YOU told them to!
"Using the Insurrection Act, Stone suggested that Trump arrest the Clintons, former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Mark Zuckerberg & Tim Cook, among others."…
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Some new faces. Cabby hat with flaps is in here and signals someone. #SeditionHunters ImageImageImageImage
None of these have hashtags, as far as I know. The bald guy have very distinctive scars on his head. ImageImageImageImage
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From TG

From a Marine at #CIA headquarters

The #US Marines raided the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Langley, Virginia this past weekend. The Marines retrieved a lot of evidence implicating well-known politicians of embezzlement, election rigging, identity fraud.....
......assassination plots, murders, domestic terrorism, and pedophilia. I’ve listed the following 23 ITEMS to pique your interest and summarize what’s happening:
ITEM 1: CIA headquarters has been raided, the #FBI has been neutralized, and $35 trillion of U.S. Treasury embezzled funds have been recovered. About $100 trillion has been embezzled by the Bushs and the Clintons.
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1/ #CapitolRiots fueled by #AlexJones’ propaganda.

Alex Jones paid $500K organize the event, admits he was directed by #Trump to lead the crowd to the Capitol.

.@FBI Pls Investigate Free Speech System’s & Trump’s communications, donors & pre-election funding of infowars.
2/ .@FBI please investigate. My kids were taken away for countermanding defamation & because I spoke out against infowars, which I used to own. Pls investigate due process violations in D-1-FM-15-005030 & official oppression to silence anti-Trump speech.
3/.@FBI investigate why Alex Jones’ DUI charge was dismissed w out trial and all Travis Co rulings to protect him, investigations not pursued by DA and (indicted) AG for racketeering, perjury. Investigate $6500 donation to judge prior to order entry...
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1/ #Infiltration is when Democrats like @SidneyPowell1 @LLinWood @PatrickByrne @GenFlynn package phrases like #kracken or #StopTheSteaI and use frauds like @Millie__Weaver, registered Democrat Tore to push disinformation designed to embarrass Trump supporters. Here is the proof..
2/ @LLinWood setup a $$$ rally to tell Georgians not to be "fooled twice" and to not vote. Turns out @WashPo exposed @SidneyPowell1's #Kracken secret weapon as fraudster Tore, also featured in @Millie__Weaver's #ShadowGate garbage, designed to embarrass.👇
3/ Remember, Sidney in 2014 praised Judge Emmet Sullivan! Nothing ever came from Obama & Hillary supporter @PatrickByrne who worked the Maria Butina angles to no avail. Now he wants to "help" get Trump re-elected working with Democrat @GenFlynn & the rest of the infiltrators.
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.@POTUS @realDonaldTrump
#thread Dear Mr. President, I want to start this series of tweets by saying I am neither Republican or Democrat. I'm not excited about a Biden Presidency because the cynical nature in me says no matter what party is in power, it's business as usual.
I believe power truly comes from the people, and it is a population's responsibility to be educated in the process of government, understand the differences between a democracy and republic, how the legislative system works on all three levels, and have a basic... (cont.)
...understanding of civics from the most local of levels to the highest in the land. You have spent a large amount of time on this platform and I thought this might be the best way to get this message to you. I believe in America, its people and the process. (cont.)
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#RogerStone's #BrooksBrothersRiot stopped FL recount. W won. In 04, OH's GOP engaged in multiple forms of voter suppression. Significant discrepancies in #vote totals couldn't be resolved b/c GOP officials told people NOT to use paper ballots. W won. 1/…
In 2018, #Georgia's GOP Attn'y Gen refused to give up control of the Gov's race even tho he was the GOP candidate. Multiple forms of voter suppression happened in the open. Qs about the count remain. #Republican won the race; @staceyabrams lost. 2/
10/23/19 #Republican members of Congress staged a #BrooksBrothersRiot to stop the Defense Dept from testifying to Congress that Trump broke the Impoundment Control Act of '74 which set off his #impeachment. 3/…
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