1/ @VictoriaPeckham thank you for this. If childhood still means anything at all, we cannot allow the gender ideology led LGBT+ movement to dismantle the boundaries between adults and children in the way that it is doing.
2/ We know that gender ideology was born from Queer Theory, which from its inception sought to minimise & dismiss the horror of child sexual abuse. Its greatest proponents argued in favour of the possibility of consensual adult-child sexual relationships & still do.
3/ It has nothing to do with being LGB or T. Child sex offenders come in every shape & size & most are heterosexual men. However, Gay Rights have been repeatedly targeted by paedophiles & each & every time it has been lesbians & women who have beat them back & we will again.
4/ If trans rights activists meet every concern about child safeguarding with well rehearsed & co-ordinated abuse, without engaging with concerns & being accountable by normal safeguarding standards, they will inadvertently have welcomed child sex offenders into their ranks.
5/ I fear that adults who want access to vulnerable children are likely to conclude that the LGBT+ movement is a good bet precisely because protecting LGBT+ reputations seems more important to these organisations & individuals than addressing legitimate safeguarding concerns.
6/ It’s as if we have forgotten the most important rule of child safeguarding: no organisation, institution or individual is above scrutiny & accountability. Those that when challenged scream abuse, hurl insults & engage in bigoteering, should receive more scrutiny, not less.
7/ My greatest fear is that we are witnessing an attempt to remove the age of consent by stealth.

It’s now down to ordinary right-thinking people to stand up & oppose the blurring of child / adult sexual & gender identities because LGBT+ orgs seem incapable of doing so.


• • •

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26 Sep
1/ @Guardian acknowledge that @SafeSchools_UK &
@Transgendertrd are the gold standard in teaching children about transgender issues.

Those LGBT+ orgs that offered nothing but ideology & cod science have no place in the classroom & nowhere to hide.

2/ ‘Schools have been discouraged from working with organisations that produce materials suggesting “non-conformity to gender stereotypes should be seen as synonymous with having a different gender identity”’.

Reverse ferret all you like — we have the receipts.
3/ Strip away the sexist stereotypes & 1950s gender roles & the emperor is stark bloody naked.

We knew it but now it’s official.
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8 Sep
1/ I’ve found that if you scratch the surface of organisations keen to label 12 year old children LGB or T what you invariably find is that what they are most interested in & excited about is labelling 12 year old children trans.
2/ Why have we allowed the LGBT label to act as cover for organisations to advance a child trans narrative?

Few of these organisations appear concerned about advocating for girls who may be same-sex attracted, lesbian, unless it is to tell them that they are really boys.
3/ The conflation of sex & gender is worrying when it concerns adults but it’s hugely irresponsible & dangerous when it concerns children.

A 12 year old that is affirmed as gay is not the same as a 12 year old affirmed as trans.
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3 Sep
1/ This has been one of the most depressing 24 hours I’ve ever had on Gender Critical Twitter.

To be clear: every woman & girl must know that their sex-based rights will disappear if they do not pay attention & join this struggle.
2/ This is so regardless of their skin colour, age, economic status, politics, education etc. Whether they are non-racist, racist, homosexual or homophobic.

That doesn’t mean I condone racist or homophobic behaviour, I abhor it.
3/ That doesn’t mean I have to ally myself with racists or homophobes or that I will not call out such behaviour, just that I recognise that all women need to know that the struggle for women’s rights is their struggle too.
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31 Aug
1/ I’m a survivor of child sexual abuse & I’m also a barrister, practising in the criminal law for 20 years. Before that I worked at a busy solicitor’s offices, regularly dealing with men accused of the most serious sexual offences against children.

2/ I‘ve worked helping to support women & their children, fighting to pick up the pieces of lives shattered by child sexual abuse. I’ve seen the cutting, suicide attempts & enduring, numbing trauma & devastation of complex PTSD & worse caused by sexual violation in childhood.
3/ Good quality, ethical & careful sex education can equip children with the tools to recognise that they are being sexually abused or groomed. Poor sex education can leave children without the guidance & support they need or worse, it can render them more vulnerable.
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28 Aug
1/ This is shocking & disgraceful. @Mermaids_Gender accusing @jk_rowling of causing child suicide attempts. This is a red alarm, child safeguarding emergency. Mental ill-health leads to children experiencing suicidal ideation.

2/ adult concerns about trans activism cannot conceivably be a risk to children‘s mental health, such as to cause suicidal feelings, unless they are being manipulated by the adults around them, planting & then reinforcing that message.
3/ @Mermaids_Gender in an attempt to defend itself, appears to be using children‘s vulnerability for it’s own political purposes, with scant regard for either their welfare or the welfare of an adult woman who has done nothing to deserve such a truly wicked & manipulative charge
Read 4 tweets
28 Aug
1/ @trussliz @BorisJohnson Scrapping plans to ease the legal “hassle” of gender transition would *NOT be a “new Section 28 moment.” Do not allow the shame of section 28 to lead you into doing something even more historically shameful.

2/ 30 years on, homophobia & misogyny are now dressed in the Rainbow flag & increasingly meaningless LGBT acronyms. What your MPs label “hassle” is in fact concern for the rights & safety of women, lesbians & children.
3/ Section 28 was about stigmatising a generation of LGB young people; preventing access to resources, support & community. There is no shortage of such resources for trans people. In fact, the pendulum has swung the other way: there is a dearth of support for young lesbians.
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