@AWeissmann_ Hey barbarian.

Spying on a political opponent is not mormal.

Doing so largely based on an unverified political document from the political opponent is not normal.

Misrepresenting this fraud to FISA is not normal.

Wiping 31 phones to obstruct an investigation is not normal.
@AWeissmann_ Continuing the collusion investigation despite 6 months of spying showing ZERO is not normal.

Tricking a Nat Sec Adviser into an interview about his legal transition work is not normal.

Forcing him to plead guilty on a maybe, immaterial lie about a legal thing is not normal.
@AWeissmann_ .@AWeissmann_

POTUS Obama, Biden, NatAec Adviser @AmbassadorRice, @Comey and @JohnBrennan plotting in the Oval Office how to take out the incoming Nat Security Advisor due to his legal transition work by bringing up the clown Logan Act is not normal.

cc @JoeNBC @LeeSmithDC
@AWeissmann_ @AmbassadorRice @Comey @JohnBrennan @JoeNBC @LeeSmithDC The fact that NO ONE in the “career” part of the Intel Community and no one in the Obama-political appointee part put the breaks on any of the months-long, anti-Trump efforts (which the IG said was filled with abuses), is not normal except in Putin’s Russia.

cc @MZHemingway
@AWeissmann_ @AmbassadorRice @Comey @JohnBrennan @JoeNBC @LeeSmithDC @MZHemingway Appointing a Special Counsel to investigate soemthing that after a year turned up nothing is not normal.

The scope memo by @RodRosenstein which unleashed a SC on 6 people each for unreated and alleged violations (Manafort/Ukraine; Papado/Israel etc), is not normal.

CC @seanmdav
@AWeissmann_ @AmbassadorRice @Comey @JohnBrennan @JoeNBC @LeeSmithDC @MZHemingway @RodRosenstein @seanmdav Your project got Manafort’s assistant’s attorney (Van Der Zwan) into prison for lying about a legal thing regarding Ukraine pre-dating the Trump campaign. That’s SEVEN degrees of separation from potential Manafort Collusion. THIS is not normal!

cc @DonaldJTrumpJr @dbongino
@AWeissmann_ @AmbassadorRice @Comey @JohnBrennan @JoeNBC @LeeSmithDC @MZHemingway @RodRosenstein @seanmdav @DonaldJTrumpJr @dbongino All presidents from Carter on, had Special Counsels on their administration — all except Obama. That’s not normal; except with Putin. He too is scandal free and lerhals more than Obama because Putin has ZERO indictments in 20 years; Obama was only 8.

cc @SallyQYates
@AWeissmann_ @AmbassadorRice @Comey @JohnBrennan @JoeNBC @LeeSmithDC @MZHemingway @RodRosenstein @seanmdav @DonaldJTrumpJr @dbongino @SallyQYates IRS abusing political opponents; deleting emails; wiping servers clean and physically breaking them is not normal.

For the FBI/DOJ not to bring any charges on the abuses despite EMAILS showing the corrupt targeting of people and ignoring the obstruction of justice is not normal.
@AWeissmann_ @AmbassadorRice @Comey @JohnBrennan @JoeNBC @LeeSmithDC @MZHemingway @RodRosenstein @seanmdav @DonaldJTrumpJr @dbongino @SallyQYates The fact that staff from news media outlets served as a vehicle for the Mueller Project to leak and to intimidate is not supposed to be normal.

(You guys leaked to NBC that you may prosecute Flynn’s son and within weeks he pled guilty on a maybe lie about a legal thing.
@AWeissmann_ @AmbassadorRice @Comey @JohnBrennan @JoeNBC @LeeSmithDC @MZHemingway @RodRosenstein @seanmdav @DonaldJTrumpJr @dbongino @SallyQYates .@AWeissmann_ The subjects of a federal investigation (Clinton emails) conspired to delete emails and wipe servers clean. No one was prosecuted for Obstruction or for process crimes; immunity was handed out to all top players. None of this is normal. cc @GreggJarrett
@AWeissmann_ @AmbassadorRice @Comey @JohnBrennan @JoeNBC @LeeSmithDC @MZHemingway @RodRosenstein @seanmdav @DonaldJTrumpJr @dbongino @SallyQYates @GreggJarrett Top admin/intel officials in Sep 2012 went along with a politized version of the Benghazi attack; @EricHolder’s DOJ even arrested the film maker to juice the narrative. None of this is normal. (CIA Petraeus didn’t go along. Was charged with a crime by Nov timesofisrael.com/petraeus-email…)
@AWeissmann_ @AmbassadorRice @Comey @JohnBrennan @JoeNBC @LeeSmithDC @MZHemingway @RodRosenstein @seanmdav @DonaldJTrumpJr @dbongino @SallyQYates @GreggJarrett @EricHolder “State Department objected to including the terror warnings [that were sent to embassies], and CIA deputy director Morell took them out. But Petraeus's staff sent a worried email saying Petraeus needed to know ‘what is going to the Hill in his name.’” theatlantic.com/politics/archi…
@AWeissmann_ @AmbassadorRice @Comey @JohnBrennan @JoeNBC @LeeSmithDC @MZHemingway @RodRosenstein @seanmdav @DonaldJTrumpJr @dbongino @SallyQYates @GreggJarrett @EricHolder Weissmann ran the Enron Task Force for a while:

1) SCOUTS 9-0 overturned the conviction against accounting firm Arthur Anderson.

2) 5th Circuit overturned convictions on 4 Merrill Lynch Exeutives.

3) Mistrial in the Enron Braodband case.

Not normal that he had a DOJ again.
@AWeissmann_ @AmbassadorRice @Comey @JohnBrennan @JoeNBC @LeeSmithDC @MZHemingway @RodRosenstein @seanmdav @DonaldJTrumpJr @dbongino @SallyQYates @GreggJarrett @EricHolder Enron inflated its books by BILLIONS. Desperate for convictions, @AWeissmann_ prosecuted 4 Merrill Lynch executives over a $12 million sale to Enron claiming it was part of the scam.

Really? $12 million when BILLIONS were cooked?

Anyway, they were found guilty and Weissmann
@AWeissmann_ @AmbassadorRice @Comey @JohnBrennan @JoeNBC @LeeSmithDC @MZHemingway @RodRosenstein @seanmdav @DonaldJTrumpJr @dbongino @SallyQYates @GreggJarrett @EricHolder insisted that those four sit pending appeal despite the thin nature of the case.

After a year behind bars, Appeals freed them and later overturned the convictions saying the prosecution was “flawed.” Only a barbarian insists on prison pre-appeal for such an offense. Not normal!
@AWeissmann_ @AmbassadorRice @Comey @JohnBrennan @JoeNBC @LeeSmithDC @MZHemingway @RodRosenstein @seanmdav @DonaldJTrumpJr @dbongino @SallyQYates @GreggJarrett @EricHolder Weissmann dumped 164 charges on 5 executives of Enron Broadband, a division of Enron. The Jury acquitted 3 of the 5 on many charges and the jury was hung on the rest. A judge declared a mistrial. It was another abusive prosecution by Barbarian Weissmanm which blew up on him.
@AWeissmann_ @AmbassadorRice @Comey @JohnBrennan @JoeNBC @LeeSmithDC @MZHemingway @RodRosenstein @seanmdav @DonaldJTrumpJr @dbongino @SallyQYates @GreggJarrett @EricHolder After leaving the Task Force, FBI Director Mueller gave him a special position. He left after a year. Mueller appointed him General Counsel of the FBI 2011-2013 (the time the FBI ignored the IRS abuses). Neither of those assignments are normal for such a barbarian and failure.
@AWeissmann_ @AmbassadorRice @Comey @JohnBrennan @JoeNBC @LeeSmithDC @MZHemingway @RodRosenstein @seanmdav @DonaldJTrumpJr @dbongino @SallyQYates @GreggJarrett @EricHolder It’s not normal what Weissmamm did in the Enron case.

Not normal that Mueller gave him more power after those flops.

Not normal how Weissmann prosecuted people in the Russia thing.

Not normal that alleged Journos prop him up; instead of calling out his flops and barbarism.
Once you know more of @AWeissmann_’s flops in Enron, you get why he backed down when Jerome Corsi refused to plead guilty on a process crime and when Trump Attorneys said they will fight in court any subpoenas. AW is a weak barbarian yet propped up by complicit “journalists.”
@AWeissmann_ Obama colluded with Russia’s Medvedev - caught on a hot mic - regarding nuclear policy in 2012 so it does not harm his election chances. Not normal in its own right and not normal that Obama did not get the Trump Treatment. (Weissmanm was at FBI then.)

@AWeissmann_ Obama’s first AG @EricHolder called himself “Obama’s wingman,” and later said “I’m still enjoying what I’m doing, there’s still work to be done.  I’m still the President’s wing-man, so I’m there with my boy.”

This is not normal.

Imagine Barr said it regarding Trump. OMG!
@AWeissmann_ @EricHolder Video: Obama said that Eric Holder and his wife “have been great friends... for years.”

Not normal that an AG and spouse are “great friends” of a POTUS because it undercuts the ability to be “independent.”

BTW, LOL on how he pronounces OBGYN. Remember Dan Quayle’s Potatoe?
It’s not normal that anti-Obama film maker @DineshDSouza was prosecuted for allegedly reimbursing 2 people for donating to a NY Senate GOP candidate in 2012.

What are the odds for the Feds to find such a violation without targeting in a multi-billion dollar campaign year?

• • •

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18 Sep
The July Unemployment Rate by State and total deaths per million with Covid:

12.5% NY (1,705 Deaths Per Mill)

12.8% CT (1,259)

11.3% MA (1,343)

10.9% NJ (1,822)

10.3% PA (624)

7.4% FL (609)

6.8% TX (516)

5.6% GA (610) ImageImage
Basically, in Unemployment and in Deaths-Per-Million with Coronavirus, @NYGovCuomo’s New York is the second worst among the 50 states. Yet, in NY and nationally he is paraded around as someone who has done a great job this year.
Some people think that if not for coronavirus Trump would certainly win reelection.

Um, if not for coronavirus then other items would’ve been packaged as bad.

NY is a mess yet its leader is covered as great.

It’s not the incident (Covid-19) that matters; coverage matters more.
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26 Aug
Can’t reliably confirm cases to a school (or to any one location):

You test everyone with 100% reliable tests. Wait for results. Then only those with negative results are permitted into the school.



😃 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
Without students/staff living quarantined in a bunker before/after school, you don’t know if students/staff infection happened on the way to school or at a store after school. Besides, If you have reliable testing at school, how/why does a positive person gain entry?

If schools are causing cases to spread, then how does someone arrive to school the first day already positive for corona? I thought these things happen only at schools and not in the rest activity of life? Oh they do happen elsewhere. So why blame schools?
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24 Aug
Quite amazing what a Dem AG and a Dem DA are doing to a POTUS; of the other political party and close to the election (triple no no’s), while any move by Barr is preemptively decried as “Banana Republic.”

Barr/Durham do not have the guts to unleash hell on the 2016 abusers.
If Barr had more integrity, the DOJ public corruption unit would raid the NY AG and the Manhattan DA for records which would possibly - if not likely - show political intent with the investigations against the Trump Org which operated decades without any prosecutions.
Again, if the Trump Org - run now by @EricTrump and @DonaldJTrumpJr - had a long record of prosecutions again it, then it does not deserve to be protected just because @realdonaldtrump is POTUS. But they flew clean for decades yet suddenly 2 elected Dems attack it? Please.
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23 Aug
1/ THREAD: If people did not have an election to win against Trump; TV views/website hits to generate and a vaccine to sell, so much about Covid-19 coverage and action would be different.

- Fauci would be hammered as to why his NIAID pulled a study on early use benefits of HCQ.

- Fauci would be known as clueless: He said late Feb that we don’t need to change lifestyle; for saying March 9 that healthy people can go cruising; for saying mid-March that we do not need to slow travel to/from infected states, and for saying 2-3 week lockdowns are enough.

When @JoeBiden offers up lockdowns and masks as a fix for Covid-19, he would be LOLed for offering things that were tried in many places yet they have worse deaths-per-million than the US, tanked their economy more and they still have serious issues with Coronavirus.
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23 Aug
1/6 From My Inbox:

Mr. Gestetner. My 91 year old mother had a stroke June 20th.  After recovery time in the hospital and at home we moved her into an assisted living facility in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina. Due to COVID she could have no visitors except a porch
2/6 visitor twice a week as long as they wore a mask and got no closer than 10 feet. Not surprisingly, her health declined and even during the visits she was mostly non-responsive.
On Tuesday August 11th we were called and informed that she was near death and because she was
3/6 passing, family would be allowed to see her.  So her children came to her bedside to say good-bye. Within a few hours of everyone being there she started to talk. Then she was sitting up in bed. A while later she got up and sat in a chair talking. It became obvious to us the
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10 Aug
There are 43,106,877 people in the US age 15 through 24.

That’s 43.1 MILLION!

225 of this age group died with Coronavirus over a six month period.

This is 1.23 people per day.

Stop destroying 43 million people over this! You are causing damage!


There R 104 MILLION people in the US under the age of 25.

29,486 in this age group died from Feb through July.

270 of those deaths are Coronavirus.

We don’t stop life for 104 MILLION people due to 29,486 deaths. Don’t stop it for 270. It creates death via abuse, ODs, suicides.
Mid March to mid July, there were FIFTY THOUSAND non-Covid deaths in the US above usual levels!


You tell me!

Healthcare spending in the US April-June was 24.3% lower than April-June 2019 despite Covid spending.

Context: Economy overall was down 9.54%

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