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Jan 19
@amber_athey The study has jokes.

For example: The median days since vaccination in Cali is 138-150 while previous infection is 262-277 days earlier.

Why isn’t the headline finding of the same amount of days among both groups?

Why test vaccines 138-150 days out vs. infection more days out? Image @amber_athey @brithume @RanIsraeli @HotlineJosh @DanCrenshawTX @MichaelPSenger @kerpen @Peoples_Pundit @libbyemmons @MartyMakary @DrewHolden360 Now look at the finding: Percent of people within a population pool who landed up in the hospital with COVID (far right of chart):

11.5% No Vax/No Previous Infection.

0.7% Yes Vax/No Previous Infection.

0.3% Previous Infection Regardless of Vaxx.

HELLO on the last. WOW! Image
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Jan 19
Mr. President, the US lost more people to COVID under your watch with a vaccine than under Trump without a vaccine. How/why? And a follow up: If new variants caused it, then what’s the plan if deadlier or more contagious variants will hit?

cc @jonkarl @kaitlancollins @pdoocy More tests and more masks; Biden’s presser —- because all this worked so great until now.

That and 75% adults vaccinated, yet more people died of COVID-19 under Biden than Trump (when COVID was new and panic ruled the day).

Nobody’s home in the GOP, Con Inc or in WH Press.
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Jan 9
From 8/25/21 through 1/5/22, Vermont’s COVID deaths rose from 273 to 482. This is 209 deaths.

In the same time, the state had 116 breakthrough (vaccinated) COVID deaths.

= 55.5% of COVID deaths in those 4+ months were among the vaccinated. One retort to the above data is “look how few COVID deaths VT has.” True, but that was the case even before C19 vaccination. What’s more, 43.2% of all COVID deaths in the state since the start, happened in the last 4+ months and more than half of those are among the vaccinated.
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Jan 9
Hi @Bob_Wachter. You shouldn’t feel guilty about someone getting COVID when more than 146 mill in the US already had it according to the CDC.

Maybe feel guilty for spreading the illusion that people can prevent COVID’s spread (while living a sane life).

cdc.gov/coronavirus/20… A lead doctor went on a 25-tweet sad thread about his 28 year old triple vaccinated son getting COVID and having mild symptoms.

There are 846 COVID deaths in that age group among 800K+ COVID deaths.

Also, 14,065 in that age died of all causes in the same time.
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Jan 7
Um, 1.03% of children deaths in the US the last two years are with COVID-19, and children make up under a tenth of a percent of COVID deaths in the US.

Justices and those arguing cases in court R clueless of some basic facts surrounding COVID-19.

No wonder the garbage rulings. Image Her clown assumption is that everyone spews COVID; that being vaccinated means not spewing, and that a virus with a survival rate in the 99% range is the same as sparks which can ignite fires in most cases. She would run if sparks spewed in Court; not if someone there has COVID. Image
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Jan 6
In the summer of 2020, the life of a POTUS was endangered by lefty rioters so much so that he and family were rushed to the bunker.

If not for the Secret Service there (60 agents were wounded), it could have been a successful insurrection.

It was treated as a big joke. The point above is that a mass trespassing event inflamed by trigger-happy cops doesn’t deserve any attention beyond understanding why PD was this brutal and why civil rights of political dissidents are getting crushed with impunity since then.

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Jan 5
The minute you call it a “violent terrorist attack on the capitol,” you lose most of your standing when complaining about the DOJ, Dems and Media because they have diff views than you how to handle a “violent terrorist attack on the capitol.”

cc @ColumbiaBugle @KurtSchlichter That is @tedcruz.

Cruz, the “fighter.”

He called now Jan 6th “a violent terrorist attack on the capitol.”


GOP - Group of Putzes.

It’s not @LeaderMcConnell or @GOPLeader. It’s the fabric of the party.

cc @Cernovich @julie_kelly2
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Dec 29, 2021
1/ Crazies told me 14 day lockdowns are insane. Current rule: 5 days are cool.

Crazies told me that asymptomatic people are not the main factor of spread. Current rule: Infected asymptomatic people can rock and roll 2/ Crazies told me there are false/immaterial positives with COVID-19. Current rule: No need for a negative test at the end of isolation because positives can show up as long as 12 weeks after infection.
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Dec 28, 2021

🔥 🔥 🔥

CDC data.

From Feb 2020 through Sept 2021 in the US among all ages there were 44,650 COVID cases per 100,000 people in the population and 280.7 deaths among those cases.

This is a death rate of 0.62% and is 6 times worse than the flu’s usual 0.1% fatality rate. 2/ COVID’s death rate is on an illness where people were told to wait it out at home except if they needed the hospital.

Do this for the flu and I doubt that its death rate will remain at 0.1% of cases.

Absent such COVID rules, who knows how lower COVID’s rate may have been.
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Dec 27, 2021
Reminder that Pfizer’s COVID—19 vaccine “has been authorized for emergency use to prevent COVID-19 in ages 16+.”

That’s Pfizer’s own tweet from 7 months ago.

Again: “to prevent COVID-19.”

Will anyone at @CNBC ask Pfizer Boarf Member @ScottGottliebMD about this? “Now we know that the vaccines work well enough that the virus STOPS with every vaccinated person.” - @maddow in late March of this year. (Source of this show is @NBCNews @MSNBC or whoever will try to get this shaming tweet down for “copyright.” It isn’t. I am giving due credit.)
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Dec 27, 2021
1/ Thread. I know I am talking here mostly to the 4 walls, but as an exercise I’ll tweet these thoughts and if you are one of the few to read it, thank you.

We are often told to “trust the science,” but the science of trust is to earn it; you can’t force people to trust you. 2. In recent years, however, little has been done to earn the public’s trust. For starters, there is no THE science as science is a developing thing. What’s more, to claim “the science is settled” is strange as science as a topic is about constant study.

How can it be settled?
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Dec 27, 2021
Fauci, @@ScottGottliebMD and others keep saying that past infection gives some immunity but it’s better to also have the C19 shots.

Why can’t we have running data on natural immunity? Not half-baked, misrepresented studies. Raw, steady data.

cc @drsanjaygupta @andrewrsorkin There is data on ICU and COVID-19 deaths based on vaccination status. Why not another column on whether the person already had COVID per a PCR (and how long ago 6, 9, 12, 15 months)? Why the blackout on such critical data especially that the vaccines don’t hold like Polio, MMR?
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Dec 22, 2021
Biden finally gave Trump credit for the C19 vaccines because in recent weeks with Omicron amok more people became aware that the vaccines are not living up to its promise from a year ago.

“95% effective.”

“Dead-end for spread.”

Sucker, the Trump that he is, ate it up. Image Biden credited Trump for the vaccine on the day that Israel authorized a SECOND BOOSTER for age 60 and above.

The two shot series that was “95% effective” against severe outcome and a “dead-end” for the spread, is at its 4th shot, and masks are still needed.

Yet Trump is happy. Image
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Dec 22, 2021
“There will be positive cases in every office, even here in the WH among the vaccinated, but these cases are highly unlikely to lead to serious illness.” - Biden today despite 24% COVID deaths in MI in recent months and 50% in VT in the same time being among the fully vaccinated. When Trump said in Sep 2020 that children are at a low risk of severe COVID, a wave of fact checking ensured on how it’s false.

For context, MI alone this year alone had more VACCINATED Covid deaths than all children COVID deaths in all of the US for all of the outbreak! ImageImage
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Dec 16, 2021
@DeanObeidallah “waged a coup”

“Jan 6 terrorist attack.”

“GOP must be DESTROYED.”

“save our democracy.”

All in 1 tweet.

And from people who mocked POTUS Trump for being forced into the bunker due to political violence outside the WH.

cc @LarryOConnor @AdamBaldwin

@DeanObeidallah @LarryOConnor @AdamBaldwin The insurrection at the WH forced the USSS to rush POTUS Trump to the bunker. It was their decision; not Trump’s and 60+ agents were wounded during that attack.

@DeanObeidallah, Dems mocked it. Those mockers claim that mass trespassing inflamed by a brutal crackdown is terror.
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Dec 14, 2021
Funny how Fox hosts and Trump kids thought that @MarkMeadows didn’t know that the mass trespassing incident (against which there was a violent crackdown and led to more chaos) looked bad on TV.

Funnier: They thought the few percent violent ones will stop if Trump said anything. Meadows & Co were watching many of the same TV channels and SM feeds as the Foxers and Trump family members who kept texting Meadows as if he had much sway on Trump.

What did the texters think they were adding to conversation/decision process? cc @DonaldJTrumpJr @IngrahamAngle
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Dec 12, 2021
Almost 70% of Germany is fully vaccinated against C19 and a fifth of the population is boosted. Yet, their recent new daily Coronavirus case count is much higher than it has ever been. ImageImage How does such a small portion of the population generate so many cases?

Answer: They indeed don’t. Cases are also spreading heavily among the C19 vaccinated as - finally - reported by many in the partisan media. ImageImageImage
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Dec 6, 2021
Haha. @Milbank thinks that a government that forces mandates on employers; arrests 700 mostly peaceful trespassers; raids adversarial journalists and prosecutes operatives that don’t go along with a partisan inquisition is the side of democracy.

@RyanLizza, don’t waste time. The hackery of @Milbank’s premise is that he claims Biden is good and Trump is bad and then wonders how can anyone be “balanced” between the two.

Hey. Revamp your premise and you will have less questions. Your baseline is clownish. No idea why anyone sane took you serious on it.
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Dec 5, 2021
As GOP Senate leader since ‘85, Bob Dole helped convince Reagan that for good of country/party, the GOP should accept an amnesty bill in 1986 giving legal status for 2.7 million people. GOP won California in 1988 for the sixth time in a row but lost it in every POTUS vote since. The GOP lost 8 Senate Seats in 1986 midterms and with it control of the Senate with Dole as leader. Pushing amnesty votes in House/Senate in Sep-Oct for good of country angered GOP voters who figured there is no need to have the GOP in the majority if they behave like Dems.
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Dec 5, 2021
The lesson from @andrewcuomo’s and @ChrisCuomo’s rapid downfalls is not to abuse your power. Andrew from the Governor’s office and Chris from his seat at CNN, targeted whomever they wanted and however they wanted with few-to-none in politics or in national/NY media pushing back. Sure, it worked well for them for a long while but the moment the sharks did breakthrough the fense everyone else scattered. No one was there to defend them because their professional relationships were rooted in fear (from Andrew) or need for TV time (from Chris).
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Dec 2, 2021

Dems can change Senate rules with 50+VP if need be and Dems have the House/WH too.

Why does @LeaderMcConnell accept culpability re gov funds?

Why does he give up before a battle starts?

Why does he give Fake Moderates Manchin/Sinema a way out by adding GOP votes? .@toddstarnes Losers are Republicans.

@RMConservative electing more of them in 2022 just means more losers with Rs next to their name giving Biden some of the things he wants.

Dems obstructed Trump; they had wins in 2018/2020, and they plow ahead as if they are kings.
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