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Job: Data-Driven Strategist. Side Job: Commentator on US Politics/Economics. Gig: MC & Speeches. Created: #EconomicStressIndex.
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Oct 4 6 tweets 1 min read

Tunisia's Opposition leader Abir Moussi arrested.

The main opposition leader in Seychelles has been charged with witchcraft.

South Korean opposition leader indicted for alleged corruption.

Azerbaijani arrested prominent opposition leader Gubad Ibadoghlu. #NoOneIsAboveTheLaw:

India Probe Agency Arrests Opposition Lawmaker (3rd Senior Person of Opposition Party to be Arrested) - 10/4/23

Pakistan’s arrested an opposition leader who is a close aide of convicted former PM Imran Khan - 8/20/23
Sep 18 7 tweets 2 min read
- Within a year of the 1995 shutdowns, the @HouseGOP Majority was reelected for the first time since the 1920's; Senate GOP picked up two seats.

- A year after the 2013 shutdowns, the GOP picked up 13 seats in the House; won control of the Senate.

Stop buying WSJ/NRO defeatism! In 2016, Trump ran on prosecuting HRC; he won.

House Dems impeached Trump and won the WH/Senate within the year.

Biden raided Trump in August 2022 and softened Dem losses by November.

Shoring up your own side by being bold works better than trying to win "independents."
Aug 31 5 tweets 2 min read
@julie_kelly2 @Cernovich @brithume @JudgeJeanine @greg_price11 @KurtSchlichter @BasedMikeLee @tedcruz @baseballcrank @RichLowry Americans repeatedly mock how regimes have seats on Rights commissions at the UN, but around the globe the masses are bewildered how the US claims the mantle of Rights, Freedom & Democracy when it steamrolls countries abroad (with a deep cost on civilians) and opponents at home. @julie_kelly2 @Cernovich @brithume @JudgeJeanine @greg_price11 @KurtSchlichter @BasedMikeLee @tedcruz @baseballcrank @RichLowry The prosecutor said today people popping off on J6 was with the same purpose as using bombs.

Um, well, ya. Not using bombs, guns or even fire (which was used during the late May 2020 insurrection at the WH) is what makes a mass casualty terror act different than this.

Aug 24 9 tweets 2 min read
Cons who YELL that impeachment hearings will help Biden (the target of such action) also YELL that the prosecution of Trump will damage Trump (the target of such action).


Oh, Dems won the WH 10 months after impeaching Trump!


cc @brithume @RichLowry @EWErickson Cons who claim that the Trump Indictments are Self-Inflicted are the same who opposed and/or didn't advocate for prosecutions of HRC and the Bidens by the Trump DOJ under the Self Inflicted Rule. It was Banana Republic stuff to even talk about it.

cc @LeeSmithDC @seanmdav
Aug 9 4 tweets 1 min read
Among Independents in a You Gov/CBS poll following the J6 indictment:

A bigger concern...

41% J6 Charges are political.

38% Trump wanted to overturn election


50% (yes 50%) say Trump's post-elex steps were legal and/or no a plan to stay in office.

cc @hughhewitt @brithume Independents in a You Gov/CBS poll following J6 indictment:

The indictments...

48% do NOT uphold rule of law (52% say it does).

53% do NOT defend democracy (47% it does).

63% (yes 63%) an attempt to stop Trump's campaign!

cc @Peoples_Pundit @MZHemingway @RichardGrenell
Aug 1 16 tweets 3 min read
What do Jack Smith and Andrew Weissman have in common?

They both lost at SCOTUS in 9-0 rulings highly publicized cases, and/but both those reversal were years after the publicity/political damage was done.

Which is why SC Muller retained AW and Garland retained Smith. SC Mueller and AG Garland know that Weissman and Smith had flops on Appeal/SCOTUS but those came years after it mattered. At the time it was relevant, these power abusing ruthless barbarians destroyed people with 1,000 paper-cuts which is what Mueller/Garland needed/need.
Jul 30 8 tweets 3 min read

Latest by Me: Anti-Trump Conservatives are the Mark and They Don't Know It


cc @baseballcrank @brithume @RichLowry @AriFleischer @EWErickson @benshapiro @RyanGirdusky @davereaboi @DanHenninger @FreemanWSJ @JERonFNC @gerardtbaker @ByronDonaldsgestetner.substack.com/p/anti-trump-c… None of the Cons who claim the prosecutions of Trump are self inflicted, can see a world where the Bush Admin went after Gore for trying to overturn the FL election or to raid/arrest Obama whose admin corruptly weaponized the most powerful arms of gov against a political rival.
Jul 16 10 tweets 4 min read
I didn't advise @RonDeSantis to run for #GOP2024. But it's absurd that he "needs" to shake things up simply because he didn't change the polling landscape in 6 weeks of a 6-8 month operation and he is a candidate that raised more money per day in Q2 than front runner Trump. Trump won WH once; his midterm was better than Clinton/Obama; 2020 was lost by 22K votes across 3 states combined, he left the GOP with more seats after 6 years than any recent POTUS. Yet the easily-propagandized wing of GOP was sold that Trump bad for '24.

This wing backs RDS.
Jun 8 28 tweets 8 min read
The prison guards are putting people into the SHU indiscriminately, yet the inmates are fighting about AI photos as if it matters.

Sad. None of Hillary's underlinings who railroaded investigators regarding classified docs were indicted on the docs or obstruction yet her fans really think the Feds were unfair to her tether than acknowledging the pass.

Meanwhile, the Biden DOJ clips a former POTUS over documents.
May 28 4 tweets 4 min read
Total House seats lost during midterm elections combined:

49 Clinton

76 Obama

32 Trump (counting '22 as "his").


Senate seats:

8 Clinton

15 (15!) Obama

GAINED 1 Trump

cc @EWErickson @brithume @benshapiro @bonchieredstate @Peggynoonannyc @barnes_law Net House seat losses from the last election before a POTUS was on the ticket through second midterm:

56 Clinton

21 Bush (post-9/11 boost)

45 Obama

25 Trump


11 Clinton

6 Bush

5 Obama

5 Trump

cc @GovChristie @LarryHogan @larryelder @ChrisSununu @NikkiHaley
May 16 7 tweets 4 min read
The "chance encounter" being of chance where Papado would just so meet a ranking diplomat and just so spill beans and said diplomat would just so be worried to "report" it, and Feds would just be so worried, never made sense.

That Papado encounter in the was part of the sting! Your hot take on Russia Collusion 3-6 years after it mattered most politically is totally useless if and since you fold on the current-current thing and you will fold on the next-current thing when it will pop up. Ref: @benshapiro, @brithume et al.
Mar 19 19 tweets 5 min read
@CommishSmith EXACTLY. In FACT, had Trump spent this money from his campaign the accusation would be that he is using campaign funds for personal/business concerns. Candidates can't pay for hairdos with campaign funds despite it being "triggered" by the campaign. Same thing here. @CommishSmith CREW filed a complaint against the RNC for spending $150K on clothing for Palin. The FEC ruled it did not violate personal use ban because that provision applies only to candidate committees; not party committees. It would be against rules for Trump to use campaign money here!
Mar 19 7 tweets 3 min read
It's funny if not sad how the likes of @emeriticus @bonchieredstate et al think this this is about one person rather than just a progression of abuses of Stats power. A decade ago it was the IRS harassing Tea Party groups and a video producer arrested to save Obama in 2012. It was the opinion of @benshapiro @RyanGirdusky that the GOP should not hammer the #BidenRaidOnTrump in the lead up to the midterms because this means talking about Trump -- As if Dems and their media need GOP help to talk about Trump and as if ignoring an abusive raid is cool.
Mar 17 6 tweets 3 min read
6 day summary by @firstrepublic:

Friday 3-10-23: We are doing great!

Sunday 12th: We gained access to more Fed money which means we are doin' great!

Thursday 16th: Banks will deposit by us $30 billion because - say it along - we are doing great. This week in 2008 would be another 1929:

The 2nd and 3d largest bank collapse in US history happened in the same 48 and another collapse which would in size replace one of the first collapses, has been stopped by emergency Fed measures and unprecedented deposits by fellow banks!
Mar 15 15 tweets 5 min read
Libs try to win elections by all means possible.

When they fail, they unleash the judicial and administrative state to get their way on policy and crush their political opponents.

When they lose there, they take to the streets to get their way.

Meanwhile, the other side folds. Cons write tweets and articles how this/that isn't fair and why their side needs to fold on topics that a mere 10 years earlier was mainstream on the other side.

Meanwhile, libs unleash anarchy and chaos to get their way while claiming that it's merely a defense of democracy.
Mar 14 4 tweets 2 min read

A month ago, the catalytic converter of my leased vehicle was stolen and @mitsucars does not have a new one avail potentially until August. The car is of limited use.

Yet... - The insurer covers only the converter replacement and a vehicle for a few weeks; not 6 months.

- The dealership that leased me the vehicle said take it up with the bank.

- The bank says if I want to turn in the lease early, Ill need to pay all outstanding months on the lease.
Mar 12 10 tweets 3 min read
Understand the rules.

Job gains under Biden are his credit from his 10th day in office (Feb 2021),

Russia's invasion of Ukraine (month 13); OH train derailment (month 25), and the second largest bank collapse in US history (month 26), are all Trump's fault. Now (as in 36 hours after the collapse of SVB), you need to scroll through 37 items on CNN's home page to reach the bank collapse news.

Soon enough it will rise but only after they have an anti-Trump hook in there.

First don't report. Second, blame Trump when you do.
Mar 8 6 tweets 4 min read
🚨 🚨🚨

This is a SHOCKING and SICKENING story and echos what a business associate reported to me a few weeks ago as observed by his parents also at JFK. @SenSchumer, @SenGillibrand, AG @TishJames and @CivilRights need to get onto this ASAP!

Thank you @LizMair for speaking up! Too many visibly Jewish people suffered in silence from this in recent weeks and months (while reading in the Times that they are NY's biggest problem). People just want to be on their way and not make a scene which may cause them to be detained too.
Mar 5 6 tweets 4 min read
When @NikkiHaley says that the GOP lost 7 of the 8 last POTUS elections she is admitting that the GOPs problems pre-dates Trump who at least won the WH in one of those 8 elections; a win which gave her a UN Post that she uses now as a reason to run. Same goes for @mikepompeo.

🤡 The same goes for @Mike_Pence: They all use their Trump-given public posts as a stepping stone for 2024 while simultaneously claiming that Trump (who gave the GOP 1 of its 3 WH wins the last 30 years), can't win POTUS elections.

cc @bonchieredstate @KurtSchlichter @RichLowry
Feb 22 5 tweets 2 min read
This apparently deranged person led a jury that recommended charges against political opponents of the Ruling Party.

This is the Best Justice System in the World, folks.

Democracy and all. This apparently deranged Jury Foreperson whom you wouldn't trust to drive your rented vehicle and whom you wouldn't lend $100 that you stole, is a brazen anti-Trump partisan hack on a power trip.

So much democracying in the US.
Feb 20 11 tweets 4 min read
The air raid siren "went off" just in time to produce video for Biden.

Nice touch by the same regime whose leader gives parliamentary speeches around the globe dressed in green as if he just walked off the field had no time to change into a suit.

We are being had. Idiots are Republicans; Suckers are Conservatives. Image