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11 Aug
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I am back. FIVE months ago, OH claimed that it had gotten 100K Covid cases in a matter of weeks.

If true, they should have had by now MILLIONS of cases.

Well, were are the corresponding 1% - 3.4% deaths for those cases?

Two options what could have happened:
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Coronavirus is not as contagious as fears as to go from 0 to 100K cases in weeks.


It’s not so deadly as 1% - 3.4% of cases.

I gave you this math FVE MONTHS AGO before the lockdowns! It was out in the open you DUMB CLOWNS!

Scroll up, MORONS (Fauci et al).
See the engagement on The Hill’s tweet with Ohio’s claim March 12 that it has 100K cases. The news was spread everywhere. I was the only clown to yell that if Ohio’s claim is true, then Covid is not as deadly as feared.

People were too panicked to hear me out.

Not my problem. Image
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10 Aug
There are 43,106,877 people in the US age 15 through 24.

That’s 43.1 MILLION!

225 of this age group died with Coronavirus over a six month period.

This is 1.23 people per day.

Stop destroying 43 million people over this! You are causing damage!


There R 104 MILLION people in the US under the age of 25.

29,486 in this age group died from Feb through July.

270 of those deaths are Coronavirus.

We don’t stop life for 104 MILLION people due to 29,486 deaths. Don’t stop it for 270. It creates death via abuse, ODs, suicides. Image
Mid March to mid July, there were FIFTY THOUSAND non-Covid deaths in the US above usual levels!


You tell me!

Healthcare spending in the US April-June was 24.3% lower than April-June 2019 despite Covid spending.

Context: Economy overall was down 9.54%

#LetThemPlay Image
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9 Aug
🚨 This is BIG: Trump’s campaign manager @BillStepien was until a few years ago a board member of a company funded in large part by Putin-connected companies, and Bill’s brother is a lobbyist for subsidiaries of Russia-gov companies trying to stop US sanctions.

More to come!
Of course I am not talking about @BillStepien. Talkimg about Hillary’s 2016 manager John Podesta who in 2011-2013 was 1 of 10 board members at Joule. 3 were Russians connected to banks later sanctioned by the US. Tony’s brother was a lobbyist for those banks to well into 2016.

- Hillary’s campaign manager was a board member at a Russia-funded company (that went bust after Hilalry lost).

- Manager’s brother was a lobbyist against US sanctions on Russian banks.

- A campaign hire colludes with Russians to claim that Trump is Russia-connected.
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2 Aug
@CNN @ChrisCuomo Hi @CNNPR The US economy shrank 9.5% in the second quarter while Germany sank 10.1%

The headline number of the US dropping 32.9% is on an annualized basis. Germany’s annualized basis is 34.6%

This is an embarrassing misread of the ABC of GDP reports by @ChrisCuomo and staff.
@CNN @ChrisCuomo @CNNPR In the Second Quarter of 2020, this is by how much economies were lower from Q1:

9.5% US

10.1% Germany

12.4% Italy

13.8% France

18.5% Spain


On an annnual rate:

32.9% US

34.6% Germany

42.1% Italy

47.3% France

55.8% Spain

No one at @ChrisCuomo’s show gets this!
@CNN @ChrisCuomo @CNNPR @CuomoPrimeTime @mdornic @emkuhn @blaircofield @HLaurenBrown @nat3lia @jaketapper @brianstelter @jolshan @jbartash This is not some marginal mistake. @ChrisCuomo lined up the raw GDP plunge of Germany alongside the ANNUALIZED RATE of the US and suggested to his viewers that the US is 3 times as bad.

Not one Cuomo writer noticed it? Not one CNN Exec watching the show noticed this? My God!
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29 Jul
Netherlands opened schools in April. Split classes in half; distancing for ages above 12.

By June: No distancing at school; no split classes for primary grades.

The country’s 7-day average of death was 0-3 all of July; depending the day.


Finland had clsoed schools for a few months but they opened Grades 1-9 by mid-May with tight rules such as eating lunch in the classroom and no physical contact.

They opened more grades since then.

Their 7-day average of Covid deaths in July was 0-1.

cc @annagronewold
France opened lower grades until high school level in mid-May on a voluntary basis when the country’s 7 day average of deaths was above 200.

By June 22, it became mandatory to attend school.

On June 22, France’s 7 day average of Covid deaths was 32.

It is now at 8.
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28 Jul
This is HUGE: Fauci’s NIH pulled a study of HCQ in mid June because they were unable to find more than TWETNY people who will take it in the early stagedls of being hit with Covid.

Maybe if he did less interviews and did his job instead, he would find more than 20 people.
Furthermore, if Big Tech did not choke off doctors who say that it DOES work especially when given early, Fauci may have found 2,000 people for his study. Instead, he pulled the study by June 20 and did more self-serving interviews instead. What a failure.
H 🚨 E 🚨 L 🚨 L 🚨 O 🚨 O 🚨 !

Fauci runs the NIAID since 1984. It could not get its act together and find more than 20 people for a study to see if HCQ works for patients who take it early enough.

Did Fauci push for candidates in interviews?


NIAID just pulled the study!
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28 Jul
@tomselliott @ValerieJarrett @MariaBartiromo Tell it to Mueller and @AWeissmann_ who went after Manafort for things of 3-4 years earlier, hack. Besides, the fake Russia Collusion was also 4 years ago yet Dems can’t stop talking about it as if there was a there therr.
@tomselliott @ValerieJarrett @MariaBartiromo @AWeissmann_ What Jarrett said is EXACTLY why the Obama/Biden IC like Comey and McCabe tried keeping Trump in a chokehold: To delay accountability on the illegal, corrupt, HRC/DNC-funded spying so when we finally donget around to it they can say “this? Come on. Old news.”
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27 Jul
It’s a real interview. I am looking at it now at CBS from another device. Most shocking is that he says people will need two shots and elderly may even need more. Sheesh. He says that first generation will have only a 50% effectiveness.
.@Cernovich Gates says that the first round/generation of vaccines for Covid-19 will work only half the time which, I guess, is why he says that people will need 2-3 shots. Listen, first the doctors, nurses and elected/gov officials need to get it. They are essential.
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26 Jul
Hi @TwitterSafety (or shall I call you Gaslighting Hacks).

The tweet by Amy Siskind threatens violence; at a minmum it organizes targeted harassment.

This is not some Twitter joke. This is a clear cut threat against the families of Federal agents. Will FBI Wray move on it?
Gaslighting Hacks becasue they enforce Twitter rules with a clear-cut anti-Trump bias while saying in statements and to Congress that we are not seeing what we are actually seeing. 26 hours later and the tweet is still live!!!

Let me remind you that the Gaslighting Hacks at Twitter have locked out @Team_Mitch under “glorifying violence” rules a few years back for posting a video of how Libs are threatening @senatemajldr with violance!

Rememebr that? foxnews.com/politics/twitt…
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23 Jul
@opinion_joe 1/3 You write “it’s clear that DeSantis — as well as govs in TX, AZ, CA and a lot of other states — reopened too early because they too were swayed by their low death rates and were eager to get their economies back on track.” Those states opened quite in line with NY/NJ if you
@opinion_joe 2/3 look at Apple Data Mobility. What may have led to the surge is A) many northerners vacationing there in May due to the lockdowns here. @CDCDirector noted this. Secondly, Mexico is in hell since late May but there is no full border shutdown. Also, the push to reopen is not
@opinion_joe @CDCDirector 3/3 an economic one. The push is because lockdowns lead to ODs, suicides, abuses, street violance and damage to children too. Finally, many countries in Europe who had draconian lockdowns such (Spain, Italy and Belgium) have of the highest deaths-per-million in Europe.
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19 Jul
Thread: @realDonaldTrump @jaredkushner @IvankaTrump @MarkMeadows and/or whoever else is making decisions, are time and again doing so on the terms created by their opponents. It’s very likley that this is a result of being in the storm rather than observing from the outside but
They keep doing it. For example, Trump gave daily pressers. His polls averaged about -6 or so right before ue stopped. But Corporate Media who hardly has Trump’s best interests at heart, kept pushing a narrative that those pressers harm POTUS so he stopped. His polls sank to -13!
Trump gave up on political rallies altogether to placate the same people who welcomed BLM rallies.

“Well, BLM rallies are to sway policy for justice.”

Ok. So are political rallies that drive election turnout which then leads to policy changes. Trump gave up this key thing!
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16 Jul
Fauci GREAT.

Cuomo GREAT.

Trump who followed every Fauci order for many weeks and gave Cuomo all he asked for BAD.

And then Nolte, Hume, Shapiro think Trump Tweets cause Trump Polls, amd Trump/Kushner think @parscale is the problem.

No. It’s info brainwashing of the masses!
Dr. Fauci was not a fan of travel restrictions almost a month after Trump slowed down travel from China, and Fauci favored cruising for healthy people as late as March 9th.

For context, the 7 day average of Coronavirus deaths in the US was 487 by March 30th.

487 deaths daily! ImageImage
Fauci 2/29/20: “Right now at this moment there is no need to change anything you are doing on a day by day basis... Right now the risk is still low... This could be a major outbreak, I hope not, or this can be something that is reasonably well controlled.”

He didn’t know much!
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12 Jul
Thia time four years ago, the FBI/CIA/NSA of a Dem Admin were enlisted to spy on the POTUS candidate of the opposing political party largely due to a dossier that was funded by the same political party doing the spying. @MittRomney any comment?
The claim is that the spying opened because Australia’s top diplomat in England was SO lucky to bump into a Trump Campaign staffer at a club who was SO drunk and he repeating a internet rumor that Russia may have Hillary’s emails. This got the diplomat SO concerned that he
informed his bosses in Australia who were SO concerned that they informed the State Depot which was SO concerned that they alerted DOJ which was SO concerned that the whole Intel Community started to spy by the end of July 2016 on Page, Manafort, Flynn and Papdo. You buy this?
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12 Jul
I wish there were ways to thwart your own abuses. For example, you had nothing on @GenFlynn, but your team leaked to MSNBC (where you have a gig today, corrupt) that you may go after his son, and within weeks he pled guilty on what Feds knew was not a lie about a legal act. Thug!
.@AWeissmann_ What’s this garbage with @RodRosenstein’s scope memo? He gave you a pass to investigate people rather than just an incident (collusion), and to invetigate those people on things unrelated to each other or to Collusion: Manafort/loans; Flynn/Turkey; Papado/Israel.
.@AWeissmann_ The memo gave you the authority to investigate all those people (plus Carter Page) on Russia collusion despite a year of FISAs, human sources and a very broad investigation not proving collusion. You took the hoax and tormented people because you are a barbarian!
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9 Jul
I read the articles by @splcenter about @JackPosobiec. They try to sandbag him over

A) getting 2 stories wrong

B) a stunt

C) Speaking at an event attended by a then-@DailyCaller writer.

D) Having a falshood in his bio a few years back.

They did find a clear cut bad tweet.
It’s despicable for Jewish Community organizations to abuse their status for political gain. Scroll through tweets by OJPAC (an org I co-founded) and you will notice that we call out issues on both sides equally and most of our tweets avoids the pilitical arena to begin with.
There are plenty of active bigots with huge platforms that need to be called out and shunned. To go after @JackPosobiec with third-degree-of-separation items or items that are not anti-Semitic or items that are not recent, cheapens the cause of fighting anti-Semtisim.
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3 Jul
Twitter, You Tube etc often remove content that disagrees with accepted science of the moment. Issue is that this shuts-down the needed review/audits that those studies need. Also, why did @TheLancet publish it before an audit? Group of Trump-hating hacks.
“YouTube reinstated a video it has previously censored in which several medical doctors suggested that the drug hydroxychloroquine might be useful in treating coronavirus, with the company reportedly claiming at the time of censorship that the presentation was ‘dangerous.’”
“The video report, presented by @SharylAttkisson at Full Measure News, examined the possible benefits of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19 and the possible financial interest some parties have in downplaying the drug.” - 5/20/20 justthenews.com/nation/free-sp…
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1 Jul
Federal gov data shows that overdoses deaths in the US was 11.4% higher in the first four months of 2020 than the same four months im 2019. #LockdownGovernors, this is on you and it is also on news producers who hype every possible bad Covid data to fuel lockdowns.
As of a few weeks ago, 95,235 deaths in the US were attributed to Covid but the US has this year 122,300 more deaths than the same time last year. Narrative is thar Covid deaths are undercounted by 27K.

No. It means that LOCKDOWNS caused neglect/delay in care and then deaths! Image
This is on you Panic Spreaders.

This is on you lockdown crowd.

This is on you #LockdownGovernors.

This is on you Obama Alumni who package hackery to take Trump out as honest medical analysis. I am looking at you Andy Slavitt and Scott Gottleib.

washingtonpost.com/health/2020/07… Image
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28 Jun
Leading voices in @HouseGOP - from @DanCrenshawTX to @Liz_Cheney - are piling onto the Trump Admin regarding an extraordinary claim made by the NYT. Yet Trump Fans and Never Trumpers think that if only Trump tweeted diff, his polling would be great.
This is @RepDanCrenshaw’s only tweet on this topic; a pile onto the Administration. He did not, for example, RT @ODNIgov’s tweets on this. Then Dan will whine about MEDIA. If you accept a media narrative without at a minimum also showng the other side, stop whining about MEDIA.
Remember @DanCrenshawTX’s “great” take down of @billmaher? Ya. All that is garbage if you demand answers from the Admin when the NYT, peddlers of the Russia Hoax, reports something extraordinary, and you do so without showcasing the, um, well, ANSWERS that the Admin gave for now!
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21 Jun
88/ Anyone can think this. Everyone can make this up. Such an obvious grift. Image
This by @maggieNYT adds nothing to the conversation. Common sense says that this or a veriation possibly took place. Maggie just reports this safe-bet-that-it-happened in name of sources. I can do the same if this was my grift. No proof that she has sources for this. Image
90/ Anyone can make up the story here in the name of sources. Note that Alex’s earlier tweet subtweeted Swan who is a master at these intangible sourced stories. We are being had by many “WH Reporters.” Haberman. Acosta. Sherman. Collins (CNN). Now Alex got in on it. Image
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21 Jun
I saw a few headlines today that total US cases reached recently the highest level since early May.

What I did not see in those reports is that the 7-day average of daily testing in the US has skyrocketed since May and is now more than DOUBLE (493,893) than early May (233,672).
🚨 In early May, one out of every 8 tests generated a Covid case. Last week, it took 22 tests to get one case. Basically, at this point Covid is so rare relative to early May that you need to test almost 3 X the amount of people to find a case. Dunno the future. But this is now.
I don’t know what the future holds for FL the next few weeks. However, the 7-day average of Covid deaths in FL from April 10th through May 26 (5.5 weeks), was higher than what it was the last few days. If it jumps 50% from the current level, it will still be lower than May 8th.
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19 Jun
@JesseRodriguez 6 largest EU countries (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland and Romania) have 313 million people. The US has 330.

Those 6 countries had 18,036,305 tests; US 27,048,516.

One test per every 17.3 people for the EU6.

One test per every 12.2 people in the US.

cc @Harry_Stevens
@JesseRodriguez @Harry_Stevens The US has already tested 1 of every 12.2 people (8.1%) of the population while the EU6 tested only 1 of every 17.3 people (5.7%) of the population.

A chart that shows the US versus Europe without testing data is misleading.

cc @NolteNC @AlexBerenson @kerpen @brithume
@JesseRodriguez @Harry_Stevens @NolteNC @AlexBerenson @kerpen @brithume Here is the 7-day average of testing levels in the US versus that of the EU6. Also note (third attachment) that the infection rate in the US is much closer to the EU6 countries than what @Harry_Stevens’s chart suggests. ImageImageImage
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