Biden has a large steady lead. Trump is self destructing. Only way we can lose this is if we waste these final 50 days fretting and panicking and letting pundits scare us into staying glued to our screens, instead of going out and putting in the real-world work required to win.
The pundits will use every trick in the book to try to scare you into believing that you're going to lose, and that the only way you can avoid losing is if you keep staring at the screen and panicking. It's how they get their ratings. Don't let them play you.
Even though Biden's lead in the polling averages has been remarkably steady all year and will likely remain so, you're going to hear the pundits start constantly using the word "tightening." They'll always point to one new poll out of context, while ignoring the polling averages.
In fact a number of pundits have spent the past month obsessively using the word "tightening" to try to get you to stay tuned in – and yet over the past month the polling averages have remained EXACTLY the same.
You'll hear pundits (on the left and right) insist that Biden is going to lose unless he makes some specific change to what he's doing. That's hilarious, considering he's already winning. But when cable news gets your adrenaline flowing, the silliness makes sense in the moment.
Pundits will insist that unless you join them in the panicked fatalism that they're using to keep you tuned in, you're not being "vigilant" enough. But that's ridiculous. No one is being "vigilant" by staring at a TV all day, or a Twitter pundit's feed.
If you want to waste these final 50 days fretting, I can't stop you. But please keep it to yourself. When you run around yelling "We're gonna lose no matter what," you're telling people on your own side not to bother making the effort to vote, because there's no point.
Mike Bloomberg said all along he'd spend big for the Democratic nominee. Now he's spending $100 million for Joe Biden, as promised, at a time when it'll have the most impact. Some pundits are spinning this as Biden suddenly being in trouble. Yeah right. What a joke.
Remember when the pundits insisted Trump would magically win because of Kanye, or Tara Reade, or Portland? Every few weeks they have a new doomsday narrative to scare you into staying tuned in – and it nearly always turns out to have zero impact on the election.
The pundits have turned us into codependents where we need to be told we're going to lose, we crave being told we're going to lose, we're comforted by the thought that we're going to lose. It's perverse. It does real harm. And they do it to us just to get TV ratings and such.
We didn't lose in 2016 because of overconfidence or complacency. We lost because of the Comey letter. Idly fretting and "vigilantly" staring at the TV couldn't have stopped that. You know what could have overcome the Comey letter? Voter registration, phone banking, volunteering.
If you want to win: go volunteer for Biden!

If you don't care whether you win: waste your time staring at the TV and nervously fretting over ratings-driven doomsday narratives.

If you're trying to lose: go tell everyone who will listen that we're going to lose no matter what.

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What's it like being an honest political pundit, in a sea of pundits who are just trying to hype anything they can for ratings and attention? Let me tell you a story.
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24 Sep
One of the most important things you do can right now is turn off MSNBC, and leave it off for the rest of the election. If I had a dollar for every activist I've seen paralyzed into inaction by the scary ratings-driven bullshit on that network... just turn it off and get to work.
Yes, turn off CNN too. Cable news is not an efficient way to learn the news; you can read the news much more quickly. Cable news is sometimes a place for analysis – but even that far too often takes a backseat to scare tactics aimed at simply keeping you tuned in.
As we get closer to election day, the doomsday hysteria on MSNBC and CNN will only get more out of control. Even Maddow, normally the most insightful person on TV, embarrassed herself tonight with a 'we're going to lose no matter what' narrative. Why watch that kind of shit?
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At times like this, if you find yourself yelling "why doesn't somebody do something," you're that somebody. Elections bring change. Elections are won through voter registration and volunteering. Get to work!
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I warned you all along that once Trump realized he couldn't win, he'd threaten to just stay in office, to test if you're gullible enough to believe he can somehow magically do that. Today begins the test. Your job is to laugh at the dipshit, and go vote him out in record numbers.
If you all collectively decide you're gullible enough to believe that Trump can indeed somehow magically remain in office after he loses, then you'll be handing Trump leverage. He'll be able to trade leaving peacefully in exchange for some kind of criminal leniency.
Trump can only get something in return for leaving office peacefully, if you're all dumb enough to believe that he somehow has the option of not leaving. Please, don't be that dumb. You're not kindergartners. Don't fall for the "I stole your nose" trick.
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