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15 Jun
Stop blaming the Democrats in office. Most of them are tough as nails. Start blaming yourselves. Most liberal activists are soft as porcelain, whiny crybabies, always looking for an excuse to cave. Either grow up and fight alongside the Democrats, or admit you don’t want to win.
If you’re only here to whine about the Democrats so you can feel superior to both sides, then you’re absolutely worthless. You’re only looking to blow smoke up your own, ass while the rest of us are fighting to save county from fascists. You’re beneath contempt.
“But I think both sides should be held accountable!”

Bullshit. You just want to feel superior to your own party’s leaders. You’re just a narcissist. You couldn’t care less about winning anything or making anything better. Stop pretending.
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15 Jun
Mitch McConnell always talks like he’s going to win, whether he is or not. It’s his strategy to bait you into believing he’ll win no matter what, so you’ll stop fighting him, and you’ll whine about the Democrats instead. Please don’t be so gullible as to be McConnell’s puppet.
All you have to do is look at the 2020 election – where McConnell kept talking like he had it in the bad but lost – for proof of this.

If you choose to keep falling for McConnell’s games, you’re as gullible as any Trump supporter – and you’re doing extreme harm to your own side.
Remember when McConnell bet big on repealing Obamacare and lost? He insisted all along that he had the votes, but he clearly never did.

Remember when McConnell tried and failed to stop the 2021 stimulus package?
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13 Jun
1) For unknown reasons, Amy Siskind has decided to declare war on me tonight. She’s posted numerous false claims about me on Facebook, calling me a conspiracy theorist and worse. She’s also falsely claiming I’ve been committing “character assassination” against her (I have not).
2) For the record, I’ve had a grand total of ONE interaction with her, months ago, about Schumer’s strategy (she then immediately blocked me). But she’s insisting that I’ve been running some kind of ongoing smear campaign against her, which you all know is false if you follow me.
3) When people have asked me about her, I’ve tried to be diplomatic, preferring not to get into a conflict with her. Yet now she’s claiming that I’ve been targeting her, which is stunningly false. It’s also unclear how she could claim to know this, since she has me blocked.
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12 Jun
Why hasn’t Alex Jones been arrested yet? No jury would convict him at this stage of the process. The Feds have to flip his associates who physically participated in the Capitol attack, which they’re surely trying to do. Then Jones can be charged with conspiracy and convicted.
I know that’s not what any of you want to hear, but it’s how the legal system works. If Jones were arrested tomorrow he’d end up acquitted. Then he’d be even more emboldened. Is that the outcome you really want?

Stop demanding instantaneous magic wand solutions. They never work.
Again, this all comes back to you letting the worst of he doomsday pundits talk you into believing that all hope will be lost by this tomorrow unless somebody DOES something.

Until you realize that’s not true, you’ll always be desperately chasing magic wand solutions.
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12 Jun
You can be an optimist, pessimist, glass half full, or glass half empty, so long as your stance is compatible with the facts and reality.

But these DEFEATISTS look at half a glass and they pretend it’s empty. They make shit up. They’re sick in the head, and they do real harm.
I call out defeatists and their doomsday fiction because it’s FALSE and harmful.

I also call out naive optimists and their magic wand ideas because that’s also false and harmful.

I do facts, logic, and evidence.

Don’t you dare try to label me an “optimist.”
These defeatists are the worst thing ever. Every day it’s a battle to keep them from demotivating those on our side who are fighting and winning. Every god damn day starts with shouting down the defeatists on our side, before we can even fight the other side. It’s exhausting.
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12 Jun
Bill Barr killed the DOJ investigation into Rudy Giuliani. Then Merrick Garland came in, and now the DOJ is aggressively targeting Rudy again – including for the Trump-Ukraine scandal. Stop saying Garland is refusing to prosecute Trump’s people. We already have proof it’s untrue.
Garland’s DOJ is also criminally targeting Trump lawyer Victoria Toensing over the Trump-Ukraine scandal.

And although it’s apparently unrelated to Trump’s crimes, Garland’s DOJ is criminally targeting infamous Trump lackey Matt Gaetz.
Garland’s DOJ has brought conspiracy charges against multiple Roger Stone underlings for the Capitol attack, making for at least the possibility that Stone will also be charged with conspiracy for the Capitol attack.
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12 Jun
1) Senate Democrats are handling theBarr and Sessions testimony exactly like they should. In fact they’re handling it in the only way that has a chance of succeeding; any of the more “aggressive” approaches being pushed by pundits would result in guaranteed failure.
2) Democrats can’t “just subpoena” Barr and Sessions now. Why? They’d almost certainly respond by fighting it in court, which would take a year or two, which would get them off the hook even if they end up losing. Often, the most “aggressive” move is a way to guarantee failure.
3) Nor can the Senate just have the Sergeant at Arms haul in Barr and Sessions, and throw them in the congressional jail cell if they refuse to testify. Nice visual, but any judge would immediately free them – and then of course they’d never end up testifying.
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11 Jun
The media keeps pretending we’re all gonna die if voter suppression laws aren’t undone by this time tomorrow. But in reality it’s a long game. Now that AG Merrick Garland has laid out the DOJ’s voting rights long game, we’ll see if the media keeps pretending the sky is falling.
The media also spent the week pushing the narrative that “Merrick Garland is bad and a shadowy figure,” based on nothing more than few poorly understood procedural court filings. Now that he’s come out swinging, what will the media do with that?
These decisions are based almost entirely on what they think will give them the highest ratings on any given day. It’s why the media will often do a sudden complete 180 on an story and hope that no one notices…
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11 Jun
Donald Trump's day so far:

- Trump DOJ spying scandal worse than Watergate
- Deputy Attorney General initiates DOJ probe into scandal
- Senate Judiciary Committee targets Bill Barr and Jeff Sessions
- This all leads back to Trump
- Trump is going to prison
- It's still only 2pm
Biden-appointed Deputy Attorney General tells DOJ Inspector General to investigate Trump DOJ spying scandal…
Michael Cohen rips the Trump DOJ to pieces…
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11 Jun
Can't believe I have to say this, but stop calling for Merrick Garland to be fired. This is madness. You haven't even had an opportunity to see anything out of him yet, beyond some procedural court filings. Be smarter than this. Pressure him, yes. Fire him? You're fucking nuts.
Also, how have you already decided that Biden is an idiot who can’t be trusted to pick an Attorney General?

Why do liberals always instantly turn against their own leaders, the minute the media baits them into it?

We’re fucking idiots – and it’s why we lose.
Just a few days ago, y’all were demanding that Chuck Schumer be ousted. Now you’re calling for Garland’s head. This isn’t anything close to a winning strategy. It’s just you trying to make yourself feel superior to your own party’s leaders and officials. It’s embarrassing.
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9 Jun
Sam Darnold needs to be suspended from the NFL without pay until he gets vaccinated for COVID. Simple as that. This isn't some "personal choice" that only impacts him. We're all trying to keep a deadly pandemic from making a comeback and killing more Americans.
People have a right to not get vaccinated. But if they make that choice, they don't have an inherent right to go anywhere, do anything, or participate in anything. They sure as hell don't belong in contact sport played in front of a crowd. That's reckless endangerment.
Now I get to block some crazy stupid dickheads who will appear out of nowhere to troll me, because I dared to tweet about a sports figure 😆
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9 Jun
None of us know why the DOJ has made these recent procedural filings, all of which have added up to nothing so far. The media and the pundits are pushing absurd conspiracy theories about Merrick Garland to drum up ratings. But we should all simmer down until real answers emerge.
Flying off the handle and yelling angry stupid shit, before you even have the facts understand what’s going on, is no way to go through life. Truth is, when it comes to Garland, you’re very probably panicking and raging over what will turn out to be nothing.
If it turns out the DOJ legally had to retain these Trump era positions, knowing the judge would toss them anyway, many of you are going to feel awfully foolish by the time the smoke clears. You’ll have wasted your time over nothing, when you could have focused on real battles.
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9 Jun
So now the mouth foamers are trying to destroy Kirsten Gillibrand because she missed a vote, even though it was something that wasn’t going to pass at this time anyway, and she surely had a valid reason for her absence. These types aren’t activists, they’re just rage addicts.
These mouth foamers, who DO NOT CARE about progress or winning, are the worst enemy the rest of us have. They’re destructive maniacs who just want to rage and destroy things, and they’re happy to destroy their own side. The rest of us must defeat and silence these mental patients
Because while we’ve already shown we can defeat the right wing mouth foamers, it’s a hell of a lot harder to defeat the liberal mouth foamers who are living under our own tent. They’re trying to sabotage us from within. And they’ll pull it off, unless we take a stand against them
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9 Jun
McConnell had full control for two years, and he really only managed to pass one major piece of partisan legislation (tax bill).

Democrats have only had four months. They've already passed the relief bill. Working on two more major bills. Way ahead of McConnell's snail pace.
You have to get past the fictional narrative that Trump and McConnell were magically and instantly doing everything they wanted. That just flat out never happened. They got very, very little of their own stated agenda accomplished. It's just how it goes – even with full control.
Also, Biden is on pace to confirm far more judges, far more quickly, than McConnell did. You may not know that, since the media is giving zero coverage to the onslaught of judge confirmations the the Senate has scheduled for this month. But it's true.
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9 Jun
You all MUST get over the fictional doomsday narrative that voting rights legislation has to pass right this second or we're all dead. That's nonsense. Back in the real world, voting rights doesn't have to pass any time soon. It just has to pass before the midterms – and it will.
I could get ten times as many likes, retweets, followers, and page views if I were willing to push the doomsday hyperbole that voting rights legislation must happen right this second or ALL HOPE IS LOST. But I refuse to push that crap, because it's false. And counter productive.
Most liberal pundits only exist to sell you this doomsday hyperbole, so you'll give them likes and retweets, and so you'll believe they're smarter and fiercer than the Democratic Party leadership. Your job is to not fall for this sky is falling nonsense. It'll paralyze you.
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7 Jun
The biggest piece of fiction in all of politics is that Mitch McConnell had some kind of magic wand control over his caucus. He did not. He spent forever wrestling with Collins, Murkowski, etc, on every bill. It was an ugly, slow, tortured process. Always that way on both sides.
The problem is that the media spent four years pretending McConnell was instantly getting everything he wanted without any difficulty. Even though your eyes kept showing you that this was never remotely true, the media has convinced you to believe it anyway.
So now that you believe a fictional previous four years where McConnell magically got everything in an instant, you’re outraged that Schumer isn’t able to pull off the same magic. Except in reality McConnell was constantly plagued by exactly what Schumer is plagued with.
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7 Jun
1) Those of you calling for Chuck Schumer to step down as Majority Leader are being really stupid. We don't know what's currently going on behind the scenes, which is where 95% of politics takes place. We don't know what results Schumer will get on a voting rights bill.
2) We do know that by calling for Schumer's head in the middle of a legislative battle, YOU'RE giving up on the voting rights bill, while Schumer and the Democrats are still fighting to win. That makes YOU the problem. YOU are sabotaging your own side, just to fulfill your rage.
3) Do you really think Chuck Schumer is just refusing to wave a magic wand, and that some other Democratic Senator would step in as Majority Leader right now and wave that magic wand? Is that really your childlike simplistic perception of how politics works?
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7 Jun
I've said all along that Trump would lose the election (which he did) and then he'd go to prison (he's currently being indicted). So I was right all along.

Now these trolls are pretending that I was always saying Trump would go to prison THAT SAME DAY. Bunch of silly clowns 🤡
Yeah that's it, I was really predicting that Trump would going to be dragged out of the White House and arrested the same day as my tweet 😆 No one is stupid enough to believe that's what I meant, right? Please tell me no one has a negative IQ like that 🤪 The stupid just burns.
Why was I saying all along that Trump would end up in prison? Because the Manhattan DA has been in the process of criminally indicting for financial crimes him since late 2019 (widely documented). So it was always a given that if he lost the election, New York would arrest him.
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7 Jun
1) Manchin and Murkowski both need voting rights legislation to pass in order to get reelected in their red states (Murkowski will be primaried from the right). It’s why voting rights legislation will ultimately pass. But neither wants to be seen as rigging their own reelection.
2) What I mean by that is they’ll each face a far right reelection opponent who will accuse them of having “rigged” their own reelection by supporting voting rights legislation. And a lot of red state voters will fall for this line of crap.
3) So yeah, Manchin is doing everything he can to give the appearance that he’s against voting rights legislation, because that helps him in his reelection bid. But he’ll have to pass voting rights legislation, because that also helps him in his reelection bid.
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7 Jun
95% of politics takes place behind closed doors.

When politicians (of either party) speak publicly, it’s just posturing.

You can’t take what they say as fact.

Political pundits never acknowledge this.

So most people have a fictional understanding of the political process.
The Democrats really are fighting to the death for you. The republicans really are fighting to the death for themselves. No, the two parties are not conspiring with each other. Don’t misunderstand my tweet. But almost NONE of politics takes place in public. Doesn’t work that way.
Accordingly, political battles are basically never won by stomping your feet, speaking in absolutes, or immediately making the “boldest” move you can think of. That stuff is actually how you lose a political battle.
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6 Jun
The internet: something is wrong with Trump’s pants, can’t figure out what.

Snopes: “The internet says Trump’s pants were on backward, we rate this as False.”

The internet: “That’s not even what we said…”

People who still believe Snopes: “Shh, the mighty Snopes has spoken.”
The internet floated numerous potential theories: he had a diaper on underneath. They were special pants to accommodate a diaper. He has no one to iron his pants anymore. He gained weight and stretched his pants out. They were on backward.
Snopes took the one theory that could be proven false, acted like it was the only theory presented, and ignored all the others. Which is an ugly way of bending the truth for a site that’s supposed to determine the truth. Yet snopes pulls this all the time, usually worse.
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