1. About the "we hope they die" hashtag

IF there was a deliberate decision by a social movement to carry out the intended murder of two cops and IF there was an organized crowd chanting "we hope they die", some things would be true.
2. First, we would be immersed in an actual (not an euphemistic or "quasi") civil war. Horrible things happen in wars and the term collateral damage doesn't even apply: one group may be determined to eliminate the other.
3. This is not true. While there is a lot of tension in the country, there is no actual civil war.

Second, it would mean extremely well-organized, hierarchical structures commanding the group that no longer recognizes the government being challenged.
4. This is also not true.

I will share some things from the perspective of someone who has been a member of anti-government organizations in Latin America. More specifically, what Americans would call "hard left".
5. First, the murder of two cops simply doesn't make sense. There is no political gain, only loss. It hurts legitimacy. And one thing the leadership is responsible to defend and protect is the cause's legitimacy. It is fairly safe to say the offender (they guy who shot the cops)
=> is not a member of any movement. If he is, it is fairly safe to assume that he is an infiltrated right wing asset. "Oh but he's black". So is Candace Owens. Being black (or latino, or Indigenous) doesn't mean that the INDIVIDUAL cannot be a right wing asset.
7. On the contrary, it means he or she is a very expensive and treasured asset for the right wing.

=> (the offender) did NOT act following the orders of the higher ranking members of the organization or movement.
8. Therefore, he and his act have NOTHING to do with BLM, antifa or whatever the right wing boogey man/scapegoat is at the moment.

Anyone who believes this is a leftist act is either stupid, naive, dishonest or another right wing asset, one
9. responsible for amplifying provocations, an extremely effective strategy to discredit, criminalize and persecute oppressed people's movements.
10. the video from the ER entrance claiming that "protesters" were "blocking" it and "chanting" "we hope they die" shows nothing of the sort. It is a bad quality and low resolution video showing 4 individuals who couldn't even repeat words together.
11. That is not a "chant". A chant is when everybody says or sings something together, in synchronized (therefore, organized) manner.
12. There is a concept in leftist organizations that goes back to the original bolshevik movement called "democratic centralism". For cultural reasons, it doesn't seem to work in the US.
13. Some variation of it will be used in critical decisions, though. That means critical acts are not only premeditated, but were decided and must be agreed upon by ALL members of the organization. That is obviously not the case.
14. There is a whole literature about stages of social tension in which we may or may not expect bursts of disorganized destructive action such as looting. Usually, research shows, they are initiated by infiltrated assets from the oppressor group.
15. Concluding remarks:
- the murder attempts are unrelated to police brutality protests in the US. It may be related to police itself or generic "powers that be", the only ones with something to gain from it.
- there was not "crowd" "blocking the ER entrance". There were four random assholes crying stuff like "oinc, oinc", "die die" and other stupidity.
17. Any attempt to construe this as related to BLM, antifa or any other targeted movement by the right wing constitutes STOCHASTIC TERRORISM: it is the deliberate radicalization of the pro-fascist base to commit acts of terrorism against black people.

• • •

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I would like to take this opportunity to remember the horrific events of the al-Qaeda attacks on 9/11 in NY and say that
1. terrorism is never acceptable. Terrorism is usually defined as ideology-based violent attacks on civilian targets, ...
whether perpetrated by foreign or domestic offenders.

2. counter-terrorism that involves ideology(nationalism)-based violent attacks that result on civilian deaths ARE TERRORISM. They are not acceptable regardless of what allegedly motivated them.
3. That no terrorist attack justifies stigmatizing a social group because the terrorists identified as such. It would be analogous to killing white evangelicals or Oklahomans because of the OK 1995 terrorist attack and recent white supremacist terrorism.
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1. Good article of special interest to independent scholars @RoninInstitute @IGDOREinstitute but applicable to all of us. The non-academic reader might be frustrated, though. "Why do they do that?" The answer is "it's what we do". @AcademicChatter

2. It does beg an answer and as is the case with over 90% of published research, we have no causal relation, just associations. It seems the variables most strongly associated with this "impulse" are, first, the urgency (personal, institutional, political) to produce the desired
3. result and, second, the relationship or sensibility of the researcher to local and grassroots movements needs. Many researchers simply respond to these demands without questioning why. "It's what we do".
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1. A text made of headlines:

Trump suggests delaying presidential election as dire economic data released
Donald Trump suggests delay to 2020 US presidential election
Trump Floats Whether to ‘Delay the Election,’ Something He Cannot Legally Do
No, Trump can’t delay the election
2. (this has been going on for over a month, let's face it)

Trump suggests delaying presidential election as dire economic data released
3. "Floating the idea" (and isn't that how he keeps us entertained while real stuff is going on?)

Trump Floats Delaying The Election. It Would Require A Change In Law

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24 Jul
1. It's baffling how the RW whines about being victimized by the left. Last week we had the bitter tears of @bariweiss ' self-expulsion (?). No matter how you look at it, none of them have any reason to complain.
2. Before that we had the "perfomatics" like @jordanbpeterson and @CHSommers : they would accept invitations to speak at places where the local students promised to meet their reactionary speech with protest.
3. Instead of acting like professors (and I am one so I know), reaching out to the students and trying to negotiate a productive conversation, they decided to confront the students. Meanwhile, they whined on the Internet about how oppressed they were by the left.
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1. The American necropolitical system and the death of a thousand cuts.

I am halfway through writing a book on #suicide and training focused on understanding suicide.

2. The medicalized version of #suicide, according to which suicide is a manifestation of mental illness and, therefore, tautologically, suicides are predominantly caused by mental illness is logically and empirically false and I am providing evidence for my argument.
3. The current increase in self-destructive deaths which include deaths that don't end up as suicides in public statistics is a result of the intensification of American #necropolitics.

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