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23 Oct
1. I'm originally from Brazil. Brazil is one of the countries with the highest unsafe abortion mortality rates. It has always been. When I was 16, a girl from our anti-fascist organization died from sepsis 2 days after her abortion. After that there were several. Image
2. Higher middle-class and rich women had safe and humane abortions. According to my mother (94 yrs old), in her days, middle-class women still had a chance of safer abortions but they were punished by not being given anesthesia.
3. That's the most perverse aspect of the authoritarian anti-abortion policy: deaths and long-term effects of complications.…. Image
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22 Oct
1. The democratic/anti-fascist coalition depends on accepting allies we can march with only up to page three. The Left was bashed for being intolerant. This "#resister" blocked me just for sharing resources on the Left. He's unimportant but his actions are a symptom. ImageImage
2. At this point in history, everybody is lumped into two groups: one very heterogeneous (ours) and one much more homogeneous (the trump side). I support the Biden-Harris ticket, I support other center or center-right candidates and projects. Up to page three,
3. ... but we are very far from page three. Until then, the whole point of a coalition is the march with circumstantial allies with a common objective: to defeat trump and stop the growth of fascism. I never confront centrist "resisters" for this reason.
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22 Oct
1. MY DREAM/WISH LIST, not necessarily in this order. Add yours if you want.

* See Barrett excommunicated from the Catholic Church for her role in the infliction of torture or some other of the many horrendous and immoral acts she engaged in;
* See Barrett disbarred;
* See Kavanaugh disbarred;
* See Kavanaugh and Barrett impeached and removed from the SCOTUS;
* See Trump arrested and delivered to the International Court at the Hague to answer for Crimes against Humanity;
* See McConnell arrested, indicted and arraigned without bail;
* See all his horrendous crimes come out and rub them on his fascist supporters' face for the rest of their miserable existence;
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21 Oct
1. @duty2warn , a frequently asked question is how to make sense of the predominance of psychopathic behavior among so many members of authoritarian governments.

At this point we have no doubt that trump and bolsonaro are classic psychopaths, both malignant narcissists and...
2. ... both manifesting sexual sadism, bolsonaro having a proven record of participation in torture sessions during the dictatorship "for fun".

Trump has exhibited sadistic pleasure innumerable times as well.
3. It is also agreed that both are somewhat "accidental" to their office. They are both borderline functional and they were the right psychopaths for this specific fascist script. Otherwise, they would be unremarkable.
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21 Oct
1. Any social scientist worth their salt knows that electoral strategy is hardball play. Some can't stomach that. However, there are hard lines that non-psychopathic strategist won't cross.…
2. This is one: proritizing the approval of a global menace (#Theocrat Barrett) over urgent action against a lethal social-economic catastrophe.
3. We talk too much about trump's evident psychopathic symptoms and not enough about McConnell and others. Yes, these are times where the DSM-V categories are being questioned but unleashing genocide in a so-called traditional democracy qualifies as psychopathic.
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20 Oct
1. "Muslim leaders in France also condemned the attack. "A civilisation does not kill an innocent person, barbarism does," Tareq Oubrou, imam of a mosque in Bordeaux, told France Inter."…
2. "The Strasbourg-based Assembly of Chechens in Europe said in a statement: "Like all French people, our community is horrified by this incident.""…
3. The result: strengthening of the far-right in France. It was exactly what the right needed:…
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17 Oct
1. The "mask thing"

I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir to my readers here. It might be worth a try, though.
2. This is my collection of sports masks to wear at the collective gym (as opposed to my home gym, where I have my lifting equipment). The valves allow the exhaled air to flow down instead of all over the edges after accumulating in the breathing pocket.
3. Should masks and vaccines be choices? Absolutely NOT. Any act or behavior associated with a significant chance of harming an unwilling third party are not optional: =>
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17 Oct
1. The US higher education crisis doesn't get the attention proportionate to its impact because there are other short term US crises such as the housing crisis, the mass incarceration crisis and now, the police brutality crisis.
2. All these crises have been decades in the making, some even from the "original sin" of the constitutional fetishism. Police brutality has always existed but large scale public rejection of police as an institution has reached ungovernability levels.
3. What does this have to do with the higher education crisis? Everything: the US has become almost indigent in delivering high-quality professionals in essential fields like medicine or economics. The quality erosion combined with the huge student debt was bound to explode.
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8 Oct
1 / Who won the debate? Nobody: there was no debate. Kamala Harris would have won a debate if there was one. She is a trained litigator and masters the art of argumentation.

Why wasn't there any debate? Not between presidential candidates or VPs?
2 / Who knows. I suppose if one of the campaign managers insisted on rules the GOP side wouldn't have agreed and would proceed into yet another bout of conspiratory whining. Since it's all about perception and the perception of the average American is informed by...
3 / ... the intellectual capacity of a housefly, I assume this is what you get.

However, as someone who presided over more round-tables and presentations than I can count, let me tell you how it is done.
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7 Oct
1 / Some well meaning journalists are confused with the term "steroid" and with the nature of the @Regeneron REGN-COV2 "cocktail".

Please read: some serious claims and even jokes are being made on wrong assumptions.…
2 / Let's start with the word "steroid". We avoid the use of this term because it creates confusion. There are thousands of bioactive molecules based on the steroidal skeleton. They are modified from the much feared cholesterol molecule:
3 / The corticoids used in treatment to control hyper-immune response and allergies are usually hydrocortisone (the thing you use for insect bites), prednisone and dexametasone.
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7 Oct
1 / The American Coup - day minus 27

There were two options at first:

1. Trump was never sick with COVID19 and he "pulled a fast Bolsonaro" (expression that designates the false allegation of being sick with COVID, ...=>…
2 / ... profusely share how good one feels and then use and I-told-you-so argument to "prove" covid is just a mild cold).

2. Trump not only was, but is pretty sick:
- IF the leaked information about his symptoms are true .... =>
3 / (very low oxygen saturation, fever, difficulty swallowing and breathing);
- IF he actually got monoclonal antibody treatment (not approved yet!)
- he might be displaying the slight improvement that precedes either ARDS or some other equally serious covid19 syndrome
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3 Oct
1. Educação em tempo integral

Na campanha do @zysmanneiman , não sou eu a responsável por produzir material de propaganda eleitoral para o eleitor nas faixas de renda e educação menos privilegiadas, o segmento que tem a experiência completa da exclusão social.
2. Se fosse, o argumento em favor de uma educação integral de qualidade seria mais pragmática e mais fácil.
1. A mãe trabalhadora e o cuidado da criança

O número de mulheres em idade fértil no mercado de trabalho segundo o IBGE está em torno de 70%. Parte do mercado informal e precarizado é mais difícil de captar.
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2 Oct
1. Psychopathy and bonding - an unsolved puzzle

By now, it is almost consensual that the trumpet is a psychopath. Psychopathy is a complex category and it relates to several classes of disorders codified in the DSM-V. Melania shows psychopathic features as well. @duty2warn
2. If psychopathy is characterized by the (neurological, inherited or acquired) inability to experience empathy, sometimes accompanied by the sexual arousal by the control of the "other" (by manipulation, torture, conning or murder), how can two or more psychopaths bond?
3. Is it possible that psychopaths can not only bond, but associate, organize around their common psychopathic desires? Nobody knows.

From a reputable mental health professional who worked with hospitalized criminal psychopaths for years, I've learned that they can. @duty2warn
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2 Oct
1. A pro-white supremacy @GOPSenate :

H.R. 5602, Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2020, a bill containing measures to prevent white supremacy terrorism, was rejected by the GOP-controlled Senate yesterday.… Image
2. Democratic Senators like Dick Durbin protested.…
3. Social movements and legislators have been fighting for this bill for a while.…
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29 Sep
1. Mercado de trabalho, precariedade, sustentabilidade e exclusão: problemas interligados

O mundo mudou e o Brasil mudou. O trabalho informal no mundo cresceu e no Brasil, antes da pandemia, as estimativas de 2019 e 2020 variavam entre...

@REDE_18 @zysmanneiman
2. ... 40-50% da força de trabalho. A precariedade é a característica dominante.

Precariedade combina com insegurança alimentar, com impossibilidade de manutenção de padrões de moradia, com dificuldade de deslocamento urbano e com todos os demais indicadores que caracterizam..
3. ....a exclusão social. Tudo isso combina com a vitimização por problemas ambientais urbanos.

O grupo social mais violentamente vitimizado são as pessoas em situação de rua, aquelas que perderam o último lastro identitário, o do espaço pessoal, privado e íntimo.
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29 Sep
1. Amigos,

Estou apoiando e pretendo ajudar na campanha do meu amigo e colega Zysman Neiman.

Agora, aos 58 anos, ele resolveu aceitar o desafio de botar a mão na massa da política legislativa.

@REDE_18 Image
2. Meu apoio a Zysman não é pela nossa amizade, embora o convívio de mais de 30 anos me permita conhecer essa pessoa para além do texto de plataforma. Um bom texto de plataforma pode ser facilmente encomendado de um cientista político.
3. O caráter e compromisso do indivíduo que se propõe a implementar a plataforma só podem ser conhecidos no convívio.
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20 Sep
1. The right is making a big fuss about @actblue donors that they claim to be identified as unemployed, then they re-word it and say they do not have an employer. I donated before but didn't remember if this information was collected. It isn't. I'm self-employed. ImageImage
2. About the Soros family and @OpenSociety , the right is once again confirming that the resentful dumb and uneducated gravitate towards them. The Foundations are focused on COVID-19 projects and obtaining funding for a project from them is an honor.
3. @OpenSociety doesn't just pour money on things that look cool. They are a highly reputable funding agency and applying for grants, fellowships or scholarships requires a high quality project matched with an equally high-level c.v.
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13 Sep
1. About the "we hope they die" hashtag

IF there was a deliberate decision by a social movement to carry out the intended murder of two cops and IF there was an organized crowd chanting "we hope they die", some things would be true.
2. First, we would be immersed in an actual (not an euphemistic or "quasi") civil war. Horrible things happen in wars and the term collateral damage doesn't even apply: one group may be determined to eliminate the other.
3. This is not true. While there is a lot of tension in the country, there is no actual civil war.

Second, it would mean extremely well-organized, hierarchical structures commanding the group that no longer recognizes the government being challenged.
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11 Sep
I would like to take this opportunity to remember the horrific events of the al-Qaeda attacks on 9/11 in NY and say that
1. terrorism is never acceptable. Terrorism is usually defined as ideology-based violent attacks on civilian targets, ...
whether perpetrated by foreign or domestic offenders.

2. counter-terrorism that involves ideology(nationalism)-based violent attacks that result on civilian deaths ARE TERRORISM. They are not acceptable regardless of what allegedly motivated them.
3. That no terrorist attack justifies stigmatizing a social group because the terrorists identified as such. It would be analogous to killing white evangelicals or Oklahomans because of the OK 1995 terrorist attack and recent white supremacist terrorism.
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30 Aug
1. About polls. Folks that say that polls "don't mean anything" are wrong and ignorant. Folks that think *today's* polls indicate the election's result are also wrong. Image
2. Polls are like a picture of something happening (as opposed to a video). This something is somewhat predictable but it can change fast depending on unpredictable factors.
3. Of course they mean something and they mean a lot. There's a whole field of research on public opinion dynamic and analysis.

But public opinion reflects how a heterogenous population is reacting to a changing scenario.
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29 Aug
1. TEOCRACIA DIFUSA e o risco totalitário do fundamentalismo cristão

Como tem sido a regra esse ano, a clareza da crítica social tem vindo de forma mais eficiente de fora dos ambientes tradicionais de debate político. @GregNewsHBO

2. O Greg News essa semana conseguiu, em 20 minutos expor com uma clareza aterrorizante o projeto teocrático evangélico. @GregNewsHBO
3. Como diz o Greg, o projeto foi muito bem construído, possui uma máquina de propaganda equiparável aos mais eficientes regimes totalitários e, pior, está implantado. @GregNewsHBO
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