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*THREAD* Do THIS with your voice

To put people under a spell, granting your wishes

(please use responsibility & not for manipulation) 👇🏼
📜 “for by your words you are justified

& by your words you are condemned”

Forget the actual literal words for a moment

🗣 Speaking is vibration

Unconsciously our subconscious interprets incoming vibrations

Which then get decoded into a feeling aka a vibe
🧪 It has been scientifically tested numerous times

For example - when the voice goes up at the end + higher pitched voices in general

People would disagree with them more often

Unconsciously the subconscious gave the feeling that the person speaking had less power over them just felt more natural to disagree

The ‘power’ over someone is not conscious awareness then a logical decision to disagree

^ what we are doing is articulating emotions rn

But here’s where it gets crazy....
Again unconsciously, based on our PERCEPTION of the power dynamic

Our voice NATURALLY adjusts its tone in a very subtle way

It blew my mind when I became aware of this...

When talking to the gas station cashier id have a smooth deep rich voice
When talking to what I PERCEIVED to be a very high value powerful guy

I noticed the pitch naturally would shift a bit

It’s not blatantly obvious

Sometimes it’s so subtle only the subconscious can pick up the vibration
Like those apps that play a high pitch sound

You raise the pitch & after a certain point you stop being able to hear it

The sound is still being played

The subconscious picks up on all the subtle vibrations

🔑 Essentially what you BELIEVE is being transferred over to them
📜 “As you believe so shall be done onto you”

🤯 Heres where we implement the cheat code...

Just like how in the scientific study it felt natural to disagree with someone

✅ We can project a vibration in which their mind FEELS & automatically WANTS to agree
This was REMOVED out of the Bible

📜 “Ask & you shall receive” is the edited version

The unedited verse is 👇🏼

📜”Ask without hidden motive & be surrounded by your answer

Be enveloped by your desire that your gladness be full”
🔹 Hidden motive = Beliefs that you’re not worthy of asking

Beliefs they won’t agree, etc

🔹 “Surrounded by your answer” & “your gladness be full”

= the FEELING of already having received. KNOWING vs HOPING
🔑 The feeling is often not a high stimulation euphoria

It’s a smooth gratitude

If she’s been with you for a year

You ask her to hang this week

You’re fully expecting a yes. She’s already your gf

When she does say yes the feeling is “aight sweet” not “OMG YES FINALLY”
🔑 When you feel this feeling TRULY within yourself the vibration in your speech communicates what you BELIEVE

Just like we mentioned earlier

When we feel someone is ‘higher value’ then us we unconsciously shift our tone

Language consists of SPELLing 💫

Negative language is not bad words but bad vibes, beliefs, intentions which is known as CURSING ⚡️

BroadCASTING 📺- broad casting of spells

...well more like curses, but that’s another thread lol

(e)motion - energy in motion
🔑 This is how I built a LOYAL YouTube following of 70,000 subscribers in under a year

The most common compliment/feedback was

“You’re the only one I can trust”
“You’re the most real”
“Something about you is so genuine”

There is a unconscious habit I adopted to achieve this...
🔑 Speaking in a tone of ASSUMED FAMILIARITY

❌ The tone most speak in during interviews & when on camera

Is they shift into a weird more formal ‘infomercial voice’

Or go way hyper salesman fake high energy

In my head I’m speaking to my best friend I’ve known for many years
I genuinely BELIEVE I am sharing the most valuable thing I possibly have to offer in that moment

In my head I BELIEVE truly this is mind blowing & profound

In my head I BELIEVE they love it & love my content

🔑 These BELIEFS are transferred to the listener vibrationally
🔑 The cheat code, literally hack the matrix & cast spells is to do this

If you’re asking her out

FEEL THE FEELING of you’ve already been together a year, you’re chilling in sweats, asking her to do something this week

& BELIEVING genuinely she really wants you to ask her out

You literally can shift your conversion rate STILL SAYING THE EXACT SAME WORDS

& I’ve seen it, it’s MINDBLOWING

Without - $1 in ads $2.5 in sales
WITH IT - $1 in ads $8 in sales
💵 This gives me confidence to profit in ANY industry

What gets people to take out their wallet is do they BELIEVE your offer specifically

Will solve their problem. Give them what they seek

The skill of transferring beliefs gives you UNLIMITED MANEUVERABILITY & OPTIONS
This takes practice

Eventually like most things repeated it becomes automatic habit

📜 “Ask & you shall receive”
📜 “As you believe so shall be done onto you”

✅ Show some love with a like or RT

& let me know if you want Part 2 on how to practice this

🥂 Cheers,
- Yous
Added Notes 📝

🧠 The collective network of your beliefs is known as your frame

🗣 Vocal tonality sends a vibration.

The subconscious interprets it. Then based on the information received

🔑 Their subconscious either enters your frame or it does not
🖼 While in your frame they are almost involuntary REACTIVE to you

Ever notice when dudes laugh at everything a girl or guy they wanna impress says


Because they’re in THEIR FRAME

🗝 Hooks & Anchors

When someone is reactive to you & enters your frame EARLY from when they first meet you

The brain rationalizes it

Wiring a habit default of being in your presence = they automatically enter your frame even if you say & do nothing
🔑 If you’ve known someone for a while & that habit is not established

Luckily life works in your favor

Because we have a natural tendency to orient toward the RECENT & PRESENT

Like wiring a new habit

Gradually instances of using your new vocal tonality shift the default

• • •

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📜 *Thread* - Divine Inheritance

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*THREAD* - Secret Shadow Voids Formula to ALWAYS get what you want

By DELETING the problem, before the problem
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We free ourselves from the prison of unconscious shadow voids driving our desires

Do this & you unlock your full potential
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*Thread* Posture - the greatest analogy of life

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Applies everywhere

♥️ If you enjoy being you, living your life, you have game

You don’t need to tense up, control, to ‘hold everything together’ on a date

You can let go

In the moment, free of worry, fully allowed to enjoy the moment

Your default is ‘held together’
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