1) "Expert proves live: CO2 values under masks harmful to health" 9.9.20 Original article title, "Sachverständiger beweist live: CO2-Werte unter Masken gesundheitsschädlich" A few article quotes in a thread wochenblick.at/sachverstaendi…
2) "The court-sworn expert [engineer] Dr. Helmut Traindl measured the CO2 values in front of a running camera under one homemade & two commercial corona protection masks. It turned out that the maximum permissible values for workplaces were exceeded by a multiple."[auto transltn]
3) "This does not only mean that the citizens were prescribed an unlawful condition, according to all medical knowledge such breathing air is also considered acutely anaesthetic and hazardous to health."
The insights gained in the study are presented exclusively by Edith..." ...
4) ..."Brötzner from the initiative "Austria is free" and the Wochenblick.
There have been repeatedly subdued media reports but also statements in social media that the air we breathe, which accumulates under corona protective masks, could be hazardous to our health." ...
5) "So-called fact-checkers, who however often turn out to be tendentious vicarious agents of governments and are anything but independently financed, have so far lodged sharp protests and denounced such statements as "fake news".
4a. "Austria is Free" embedded link in article: oesterreichistfrei.info #ÖSTERREICHistFREI
6) "Massive exceedance of the legally permitted limit values

Engineer Dr. Traindl, court-sworn expert, engineer for technical environmental protection, technical chemistry and earth sciences not only carries out measurements in this video but also explains in detail..." ...
7) ..."the legal basis in Austria and Germany. If the permitted limit values at a workplace were to be exceeded, even for a short period of time, to the extent that it occurs under corona masks, serious consequences would have to be expected until the plant was closed down."
8) "In Austria, for example, a maximum value of 0.5 percent with short exceedances in the direction of 1 percent is permitted under the Limit Value Ordinance 2018. These limit values have been prescribed for working hours of 8 hours per day and 40 hours per week." ...
8a. "Limit Value Ordinance 2018" embedded link in article ris.bka.gv.at/GeltendeFassun…
9) "This results in an excess of 10 to 20 times the permitted values.

Germany: "unacceptable" from 2 per mil CO2

The corresponding guidelines and studies from Germany are also freely available on the Internet. For example, the Federal Environment Agency states in a..." ...
10) ..."comprehensive paper from 2008 that concentrations below 1,000 ppm are harmless. The limit value for living spaces in Germany is 1,500 ppm. Values above 2,000 ppm, however, are considered "unacceptable"." ...
11) "Ppm stands for "parts per million", meaning that one percent is 10,000 ppm. The 50,000 ppm measured live therefore exceed the "unacceptable" value twenty-five times."
9a) "Federal Environment Agency" embedded link in the article: umweltbundesamt.de/sites/default/…
12) "The video also explains the serious consequences of excessive CO2 values for people, whereby the guide values always apply to healthy people. People with impaired health can encounter initial problems even at lower values. CO2 is actually non-toxic for humans..." ...
13) ..."but in too high concentrations it prevents the absorption of oxygen. The following applies: a concentration of eight or more percent CO2 in the air we breathe over a period of 30 to 60 minutes can lead to death. Before that, headaches, lack of concentration..." ...
14) ..."and unconsciousness occur. A physical problem is that CO2 is a heavy gas and tends to sink and collect in suitable sinks."

The video is embedded in the article.

Tweets 1-14 are a few quotes from wochenblick.at/sachverstaendi…

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