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Bio: Born in Mombasa, grew up in Nairobi & Cumbria. Improviser, composer, performer, workshop leader, adventurer. Tweets about things that interest & concern.
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Apr 27 4 tweets 1 min read
1 Quoting Eric Coppolino, 'But Kennedy answered a different question than the one I asked. I did not present him with an argument, or ask him whether he thought viruses were real. He admits that he uses a kind of mob rule to make up his mind over critical scientific issues ..' .. 2. ..'when he says, “And other people on the list server, and these are all very brilliant people, ridicule them and dismiss them, and have them produce a lot of evidence.”
Apr 27 12 tweets 2 min read
1) Quote, "The model for the new virology was and is from the bacteriologist John Franklin Enders - the discovery of tiny structures called phages that are only visible using the electron microscope, .." .. 2) "into which highly inbred, i.e. incestuous, bacteria transform when their metabolism breaks down. This transformation is not an act of destruction but a metamorphosis,similar to when bacteria gradually lose their conditions for living & form their permanent forms, the spores."
Apr 26 5 tweets 1 min read
Quote, "This Russian proverb, which appears at the beginning of Dr. Harold Hillman’s last ever book, sums up the current state of our scientific establishment. Whether medicine, physics, or archaeology, all facets of scientific research rest on certain dogmas." "In essence, what this proverb is saying, is that it’s easier to carry on perpetuating falsities than it is to admit you were wrong, drop everything and start again from scratch."
Apr 4 5 tweets 2 min read
Aired on Uk's tv Channel 4 a few days ago, someone saved it on youtube, 'Edward VIII: Britain's Traitor King'
1. “As Channel 4’s documentary on the Nazi King should remind us, there are certain royal closets which can no longer contain the voluminous skeletons that certain powerful forces have wished be stuffed forever out of sight.”
Apr 1 4 tweets 1 min read
1/4 "It might be supposed that after enjoying these articles in the heat of composition, Mark would awake to reason, and with it to disgust, when reading through the finished product. Unfortunately the process had been almost the reverse." 2/4 "He had become more and more reconciled to the job the longer he worked at it.
The complete reconciliation came when he fair-copied both articles."
Mar 31 9 tweets 2 min read
1. Quoting from 'That Hideous Strength' by C S Lewis (1945): "Mark gathered that for the Fairy, the police side of the Institute [National Institute of Co-ordinated Experiments] was the really important side." 2. "It existed to relieve the ordinary executive of what might be called all sanitary cases — a category which ranged from vaccination to charges of unnatural vice — from which, as she pointed out, it was only a step to bringing in all cases of blackmail."
Mar 29 8 tweets 2 min read
1/8 Quote, “When the PCR tests appeared, the catalogue of symptoms of COVID-19 was rapidly expanded. The clinical picture was augmented with a ‘non-specific spectrum of symptoms’ as the RKI writes in their Epidemiological Fact Sheet.” 2/8 “This means that COVID-19 can now be anything or nothing at all, according to individual medical whims.”
Mar 27 4 tweets 2 min read
1/4 GP Dr Malcolm Kendrick with a highly pertinent quote from a US doctor called Clifton Meador (in Kendrick's first blog entry in 2012) 2/4 "Nothing has changed so much in the health-care system over the past twenty-five years as the public’s perception of its own health. The change amounts to a loss of confidence in the human form."
Mar 25 221 tweets 35 min read
1) "US-American biolabs in Ukraine: Politically explosive – scientifically irrelevant" Mar 24, 2022
'Since the first public reports on this topic, we have once more received a number of letters asking us to comment on it.' 2) 'At first, we saw no need in raising the issue of biological weapons again, as we had actually already published a video explaining all the essential scientific and medical aspects.'
Mar 18 4 tweets 1 min read
1/4 Quote, "Concerns over vaccine safety, effectiveness, and governmental infringement on personal liberty and freedom through compulsory vaccination stoked the fires of the antivaccination movement. People began to resist the government and chose to pay fines." 2/4 "Some even accepted imprisonment rather than allowing vaccination for themselves or their children. The public backlash culminated in the Great Demonstration in Leicester, England, in 1885."
Mar 17 6 tweets 2 min read
1/6 Quote, "The virologists who maintain the existence of disease-causing viruses refer to a single publication [translator’s note:…] to justify their actions and pass them off as science, this is easily recognisable as mind-bogglingly unscientific." 2/6 "The papers published on the 1st June 1954 explicitly describe the authors’ observations as speculations and that these speculations would need verification in the future."
Mar 11 7 tweets 2 min read
1/7 Ivan Illich, "When Plato or when Plinius speak about tools or devices, they call them organon. They call the hand an organon and the hammering hand an organon. The tool is an extension of the human body. In the twelfth century, partly under Arabic influence, .." .. 2/7 .."an increasing awareness appears that certain material objects can incorporate, can be given human intentions. The intent to perform, to do something, can pass from the hand into the hammer."
Mar 11 4 tweets 1 min read
1/4 David Cayley, '...when we sat down together, I found that he wasn't particularly interested in reciting what he had written in the past or re- hashing the proposals for social renewal he made during the ‘70s in books like De-schooling Society and Medical Nemesis.' 2/4 'Things had changed, he said, since he wrote those books. "Sometime during the mid-‘80s" — I'm now quoting his exact words — “there was a change in the mental space in which people live.'
Mar 10 21 tweets 3 min read
1. No so-called coronavirus has ever been isolated or purified and proven to infect anyone, yet it's still a concern for so many people that gunk labelled as such is found in a bio laboratory. 2. The whole thing is a game, an illusion propped up as a terror tactic and funded with billions of tax payers money.
Mar 10 7 tweets 2 min read
1/7 Ivan Illich, “All traditional doctors believed in people, their patients telling them about their nature. Nature was experienced, was felt, was smelled, was tasted by people and the physician, as if he were participating in a Greek tragedy through mimesis, ..” .. 2/7 ..”sympathy which becomes feeling the other, was trained like the spectator in the Greek theatre to feel the actor, to feel this tragic instance of an individual sitting in front of him who had been caught in his human condition in some mess, ..” ..
Feb 18 7 tweets 2 min read
1/7 “It is that hubris and arrogance which also ensures a religious-like inflexibility to bend to a higher truth when it is demonstrably presented in the systems they wish to control.” 2/7 “Instead, this parasitical oligarchical culture will always be guaranteed to use the qualitatively same methods and modus operandi decade after decade without any capacity to self-criticize their own fundamental operating system despite its flawed and disprovable axioms.”
Feb 18 6 tweets 2 min read
1/6 “Throughout the 20th century, the Fabian Society would penetrate branches of government, military, academia, media and private corporate boards around the world.” 2/6 “From below, plebs and laborers would be attracted by “buzz words” promoted by Fabians, like equality, social justice, and re-distribution of wealth that were ultimately hollow as these powerful networks had no intention of manifesting what those words actually mean.”
Feb 18 6 tweets 2 min read
‘The Fabian Society […] was established in 1884 by a coterie of British eugenicists & Malthusians in order to promote a new social order designed to mold society into a new,mechanised order run by a managerial elite of “social scientists” from the top down.’ ‘The choice of the title “Fabian” was derived from the Roman general Quintus Fabius Maximus Verrucosus who was renowned for his strategy of defeating his enemies through superhuman patience and slow attrition.’
Feb 17 7 tweets 1 min read
1/7 Quoting, ‘The one thing that will still be a very difficult, and for some people stressful chapter in coming to terms with the whole ‘Corona crisis,’ is the question: how many people ultimately needlessly died in the last two years?’ 2/7 ‘How many people would still be alive if only they had been thoroughly examined instead of just being given a PCR test?’
Feb 11 5 tweets 2 min read
1/5 “think that the timing of the publication of this book on the elements is providential. We are witnessing the collapse of systems that have been used to control society.” 2/5 “Our appointed surgeon leaders only have Band-Aids in their first-aid kits as they rush their bleeding victim into theatre for major surgery.”
Feb 7 5 tweets 1 min read
1/5 “Grand Jury Proceeding by the Peoples ́ Court of Public Opinion
Empowering Public Conscience through Natural Law
‘Injustice to One is an Injustice to All’” 2/5 “We, a group of international lawyers and a judge, hereby announce that we will conduct a criminal investigation modelled after the United States Grand Jury proceedings.”