1.In the name of Jesus, I speak confusion into the ranks of all Mind Control communication s in this nation. Let every attempt to signal chaos and violence to the masses fail. Let the messages not even be received by their target. I call for spiritual
2.smoke screens to cover the eyes of MC victims so they cannot see their activation comms. I ask for guardian Angels of the most high God to sing the praises of God in the ears of all MC victims to block out and neutralize every sound code sent out. I decree that heavenly
3.arrest warrants be sent out for every human spirit operating to activate, and inforce codes in individuals. May the Angels of the True God bring those human spirits bf Jesus Christ to be dealt with by Him. I ask you Lord God Almighty to be a firey hedge of protection around our
4.homes,families, government, law enforcement and military. Let every attempt by Satan to steal, kill or destroy this nation and its people be reversed and sent back into his ranks. Lets his camp be struck with the very chaos and violence he tries to send against
5.us. This Nation belongs to Jesus Christ and we will have NO other gods. You must give up the souls in your ranks and clutches. Every soul that God Almighty ordained bf the foundation of the world to be His, you must release. I decree it in Jesus Name. We bind
6.Hell and Loose Heaven this day in this great nation. May she bless the Lord Jesus Christ. May she fulfill her righteous destiny and not falter from it again. In Jesus Name Amen

• • •

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17 Sep
1. We position ourselves in Jesus Christ and from the hiding place in Him, we join our faith and authority together as the warring Bride of Christ, in unity we come against all rituals being executed against our Capitol Washington DC, all 3 branches of our Government, our
2.President and his godly team members in the Name of Jesus. We confuse all pathways and cords and portals coordinating trade and power transfer between all women using occult sex majik to charge themselves with demonic power and the evil council of ruling elders who r the
3.recipients of that power. We confront the powers of darkness and declare that Your Angels r sent forth as ministering spirits to those who r inheriting salvation. We give them assignments w our prayers and declare that all sex magik used in efforts to lay seige against
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16 Sep
1.Without spending a couple of hours searching internet to find a context and other confirmations, I cannot tell u what this means other than its face message. It can be posted by parts of Kanye fighting programming
2.who want to honestly get the truth out. Or it can be controlled opposition. Meaning, the cabal knows large groups r waking up, so moles in the Church must keep up their facade. The mole regurgitates info that supports the side of truth. But he uses info thats not new but
3.already in the public domain. There is no way to tell unless the Holy Spirit reveals or the person makes a mistake that discloses the truth. We don't want to wrongly accuse anyone AND we don't want to be ignorant of Satans devises.
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12 Sep
1.Its very difficult for someone who is not experienced to tell. The symptoms are too ambiguous. Our families r broken which causes pain and dysfunction in our children. Mix that with a culture of tv, music, and media that undermines the family unit....making dads look like
2.idiots and moms like emotional cripples. Media trains us to make children the runners of the house hold etc etc etc. Then a child's "acting out" bc difficult to discriminate bet/ what is a result of cultural breakdown and what is formal MC programming.They counted on that!
3.Hiding in plain sight. The family breakdown began back in the 60s. The cabal finds a sore spot and monopolizes on it to destroy our culture. Women were mistreated and done wrong so the cabal took that authentic pain and used it to produce the result the wanted. They trained us
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11 Sep
1. Recently I did a brief Level 1 decode of Hellery's posts in front of the Women's Suffrage statue which also included a video clip of her in a yellow chair with Black widow Program cue (Hourglass) behind her and the black soapstone man and woman statues (sacrifice). The yellow
2. means the promise of retribution by the victim on their abusers. So the the Black Widow program will draw from the Yellow "Promise of getting even program" in survivors. Only the focus will be against the male gender as a whole and not their handlers.
Level 2 comms are now
3. emerging which shed more light on Hellery's codes. Let's look. Below is a recent post from K*nye's twitter. It appears that the BLM movement was a bust. Praise God!! You awesome prayer warriors of the Most High God and hard working digital soldiers rock! Let's do it again
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1 Sep
Read this paragraph from Svali's book and put it into the context of HRCs tweet and video w purple, white and gold. I saw the activation of this code in a client yesterday. So its getting out. I dont watch TV so I've not seen any Level 2 comms.
2.Older MC victims had silvery blue aka Tiffany blue as their Antichrist programming color. See in svali paragraph. Breakfast at Tiffanys programming seems to be being cued now in older victims is a cue. Note in svali paragraph, the color of this program was changed to yellow and
3.white later. I saw when I looked up B.at Tiffinys movie that Post movie release..Hepburn did a photo shoot with a ring that had a yellow diamond with white diamond ribbon. She publicly associated the new yellow and white diamond ring to the the movie
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28 Aug
1. How bout a brief decode. HRC is tier one for sending out codes. So one wud need to see what comms Level 2...the media, entertainment and Hollywood send out after this HRCpost. Level 2 comms will give context to this post. In the forefront HRC stands with her yellow, white, and
2.purple scarf. She wears it like a pope or clergy wud wear. The white represents some type of purity program. Gotta watch to see how that plays out in coming days.The purple is the main program running. Its the End of the World program. The white purity and yellow programs are
3.running under the big Purple EOW program. Yellow is Hollywood, its also food programming and also represents the promise of programmed victims getting to take vengeance against those they believe have harmed them. Remember programmers scramble things up inside victims so the
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