Its ridiculous that the Sunday Times would print this factually risible claim with nobody spotting it. There are several polls on this, from YouGov, Opinium, Number Cruncher Politics, Focaldata, ComResSavanta
Here is a June meno with the initial Opinium data
If Liddle could use Google, he could even have cherry picked some findings to support his own views

YouGov on footballers taking the knee and wearing the logo
I guess Liddle may also have made up the quote, as I doubt there can be many actual pollsters who do think there have been no polls on a topic that most pollsters have run polls on.
How embarrassing for a national newspaper to print such untrue nonsense.
Liddle has been spouting this nonsense since July without once checking whether it was true, and still hasn't found out it isn't in September
The poll findings are interesting. Two thirds of ethnic minorities see their concerns about racism well reflected in the protests. White British opinion is mixed, moderate/contingent support to fencesitting centre of gravity
You could have a rather more nuanced media debate if editors and producers were at least somewhat acquainted with these broad patterns of opinion.
I may as well submit a formal complaint. 'Accuracy'
If you just Google 'Black Lives Matter polls UK' you get a wide range of different pollsters and a range of media outlets finding different types of angles from those polls. It is extraordinary for neither Liddle himself nor the sub-editors to bother to check this at all
How did the Sunday Times, 26th July 2020, report on polling on Black Lives Matter if there has been no polling on Black Lives Matter, according to the Sunday Times today?!
Rod Liddle's mad conspiracy theory has a funny flaw. His made-up premise is BLM is v. unpopular so pollsters won't run a poll to show that. Presumably, another premise is the Daily Mail couldn't afford a poll to show this! (Nb, so many polls on the Proms) (+ on XR. + on BLM).
First time I have actually submitted an IPSO complaint.

• • •

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11 Sep
There is a common theme between the government's forthcoming approach to asylum (pick a fight with 'activist lawyers' over appeal rights) + its approach to the withdrawal agreement (pick a political/legal fight over sovereignty/international law - with lawyers, with peers + EU).
Both return to anti-elite framing of Leave in 2016. A similar approach to Human Rights Act, ECHR + specific cases (prisoners voting, security/terrorism, criminal justice, soldiers). Govt's chosen antagonists are lawyers. Keir Starmer having been a lawyer is another incentive.
Govt will often get the political fights it picks - because lawyers + legal commentators of course want to vocally defend core legal principles.

However, not all these issues necessarily have identical dynamics. Legal + other voices might also try to disrupt govt's framing
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23 Aug
- There is clear evidence this is generally unpopular.
- It has not been called for by anti-racism campaigners; (it is projected onto them by a small number of well-wishers)
- most ethnic minority Britons will probably see the row as a big distraction from anti-racism campaigns.
It was an earlier proposal from the Times Music critic Richard Morrison, who has always disliked the Last Night of the Proms, and who now sees Black Lives Matter as a chance to pursue his long-standing personal view of that
11% of the public overall think these songs should go. 7/10 don't. This highlights the potential for pointless and distracting cultural polarisation
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15 Aug
Ofqual published and has now deleted and withdrawn its statement about how appeals will work Image
The DfE had yesterday claimed to "debunk" what it called the "misleading" claim that the appeals process had not been set out, by saying it was on the way.

But *the appeals process hasn't been set out yet* Image
Further information "in due course" is such tone-deaf language

(The minister on Any Questions appeared to promise appeals can be completed by Sept 7th) Image
Read 8 tweets
14 Aug
I think A-level algorithm by design makes it impossible for any individual student to get A* grade if attend institution where predecessor students 2017-19 did not score A*. Being best student in subject for 4 years ruled out by design.Just get average grade of top 2017-19 pupils
Teachers get to say this student is the top performer in his class. But it is impossible for Ofqual's model to accept that he might be a stronger performer than the *average* of the 2017-19 top student in his subject in his college.
- If top grades were A* (2017), A (2018), A (2019), he gets an A.
- If top grades A* (2017), A* (2018), A (2019), he gets an A*
- If B, B, B, he gets a B

Ofqual marked ghosts of past students, not this student. Impossible for his own attainment to surpass the average ghost
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31 Jul
There was a lot of discussion a year ago of Claire Fox's past support for IRA terrorism (pre-Good Friday) and her defence of that historic support for political violence, while regarding it as belonging to a past period that is over
* Opposes political violence now & sees no justification for republican terrorism after 1998
* Never resiled from/regretted vocal support for IRA murders pre-ceasefire. Felt wrong to be asked to apologise for something she "sincerely believed for years"
Fox did condemn in 2019 all post-1998 dissident terrorism or violence. Image
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14 Jul
Who goes to university in Britain today? Higher education places, by ethnic group. (As share of 18 year olds from state school)?

(I wonder what % of national journalists would guess this right)

Asian 47%
Black 41%
Mixed 34%
White 29%…
Those stats don't include the privately educated. But wouldn't change much as ethnic mix of private education & state education in UK is now v.similar - about 1/3 state school and 1/3 private school pupils. Private schools may be a tiny bit more diverse…
Obviously, *within* each ethnic group there can be significant differences by social class, income, geography & other factors

Ethnic minority Britons are now a bit more likely to have uni degrees than white Britons (rare, comparatively), partly because of a younger demographic.
Read 18 tweets

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