A simple way to clear and balance your chakras is to imagine a lightbulb in each chakra position. Then, within your mind's eye, ask to be shown through the lightbulbs your current energy.
You might find that it doesn't light up at all (blocked). You might see some chakras light up very bright where energy can be seen pulsating from it or dimly lit itself. Some might even flicker, which can represent a cycling of being in your true self or having a few blocks.
As you see each lightbulb in your chakras light up, take a moment to analyze what this could mean to you based on the representation of each chakra. Realize where in your life you might still have purging to do and thoughts/beliefs to release.
Then, go through each chakra and lightbulb raising its vibration until each bulb is shining so bright, you can barely see the next one. At the end, each bulb should shine so brightly that your aura will be lit as well. Once done, go about your day. You might find new inspiration.

• • •

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24 Sep
Message from Hitler (known as dictator, leader of the Nazis, murderer and abomination): Many of you believe you know me for the role I play on Earth as Hitler, but do you truly know me at all? Within your hearts there is still anger, frustration, and hate towards me.
You do not agree with my ideals, my concepts, and my actions. I have never asked you to.

Yet you blind yourselves with these concepts of love and light while simultaneously remaining stuck in the same illusion of ego.
Within the concepts of creation and duality, all is fair play. How could you possibly know love if you do not know hate?

This hologram which you call Earth is created with a purpose of expansion, and expansion simply means remembrance and creation.
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24 Sep
Message from Lilith (known as demon and succubus): I am the darkness that lies in you. The direct mirror of your deepest & most rooted fears. It is your beliefs that define who I am in each expression, which is why when you've called for me I have shown myself as you've expected.
Why would I ever prove you wrong?

Through the chaos that engulfs your world you continue to speak of separation. Separation of energies, of beings, of all that is. Is not everything Source?
Through this separation, you continue your vices, the very addictions that brought about your destruction as a human species. And yet, you call yourselves empaths? Light workers? And some even ascended masters?
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12 Sep
Message from Jesus & Michael of Nebadon: The next two months are important in your integration of energies, but we have noticed that many of you are still battling with your system of beliefs. The confusion created by your mind is keeping you in the energies of fear and lack.
These energies are not benefiting you in your ascension as it makes integration of the new energies much more difficult. This is why some of you have had a very difficult time with ascension symptoms.
Your ascension symptoms are proof that the energies are not integrating smoothly and having a difficult time in removing the energies and beliefs that no longer serve you. In order for you to get past this, you must first change your mind, your beliefs.
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22 Jun
@Trish97872852 Yes. It happened before he was president. I was shown through a vision that he spent many years doing inner healing work. As a child, he was born into the world of the elite where he saw much more than he wanted. He participated in some, but always felt this inner push.
@Trish97872852 Something that he needed to do and anytime he shifted from that, he fell into depression. Thus was his path, his purpose here.

Through this inner healing, he was able to be shown his path. He wasn't ready for it. He wanted help. That's when the walk-in was offered to him.
@Trish97872852 Right before his concrete choice to become president. I say concrete because before this he kept shifting timelines. He wanted to follow his purpose to be president but then also didn't. Back and forth, back and forth.

When he made the final choice, he said he would but only if
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