Hello, friends. First of all, my heart and energy goes out to all of you who are affected by the catastrophic fires in Oregon and California, and other places. I hope everyone will continue to join me in sending healing energy out West.
I did not plan in giving a message today, but after two days of hate mail, death threats, and a lot of dark energy being thrown my way, I feel that a discussion would be useful to bring some clarity as to why I gave Friday's message.
Before I give more of an explanation, I am highly protected and not in danger. I have a brigade of angels who protect me, who actually think it is fun to play badminton with spheres of dark energy that some like to throw my direction, which gets batted back to whoever sent it.
I hope it is apparent that if I were only interested in amassing a lot of followers and blowing smoke at people, I would be giving different messages than I gave on Friday. The message did not come from my own opinion or bias or emotion.
When messages must be given that are meant to cause cognitive dissonance and effect change in thought, it is always the case that the one who gives the message is vilified.
I would like to tell you about Jesus, not in an effort to compare my work to the outstanding work he did, but to tell you how his messages were received during two of his lifetimes here on Earth. He had several lifetimes here before he was Jesus.
Before the soul known here as Jesus was incarnated in what is now Palestine, he was incarnated in the area that is now Western Europe, I believe Scotland. He taught a message in that lifetime of healing and peace. He was beheaded for his teachings.
After several lifetimes here on Earth, after coming from the Pleiades as an upper Fourth Density being, Jesus was ready to take on the mission he planned in Palestine and Jerusalem . His mother, Mary, was aware he was coming and told everyone he would be a "Messiah."
For those of you who have been studying the Christ Letters, wherein Jesus describes his own, very ordinary lifetime as Jesus, you know that he was a typical teenage boy and young man. His mother was devastated.
Jesus was my second cousin during that lifetime. We lived in different villages. Due to the fact that travel was more difficult back then, and no social media existed, I did not know Jesus personally. I only knew Jesus by what I heard about him from others.
Jesus was talked about by many people, because his mother had told everyone he would be the Messiah, and he clearly did not act like anybody's messiah as a teenager or younger man. My family used to gossip about his actions on a regular basis.
After Jesus went through his somewhat "crash awakening" during his 40 days in the desert, he emerged, completely changed by what he learned. He gave up his human ways of thinking, and emerged as a man who would forever change human history.
Jesus decided to take on the most powerful, corrupt voices in his country--the high clergy of Judaism. He did not say nice things about them. Instead, he went into their temples and threw over tables and chastised them for moneychanging in the name of Jehovah.
And we all know how that lifetime ended for Jesus. His own Jewish people turned on him, and had him crucified because he was upsetting their status quo.
I've told you about another lifetime I had when I was starved, tortured, and killed in one of the Auchschwitz concentration camps of the Third Reich. Many of you were there with me, as we suffered with those who suffered, to bring light to the darkness.
Another group who was there with us were German citizens who were not Jews--but they spoke up for their Jewish friends and neighbors. They spoke up against the corruption. For their good works, they were sent to the concentration camps with those for whom they advocated.
The reason I tell you about these past lives is to point out the similarities between what happened back then, and what is happening now. Although almost everyone instinctively feels like they have been misled and misused during their human lifetimes,...
...many have still not made the connection that it was the Service to Self people in organized religion, and our own governments, who had the power to mislead and misuse us in the past.
Hitler did not come to power overnight. The consciences or ordinary Germans was gradually whittled away, piece by piece, until their consciences were just gone and they turned away from what was happening in their country.
In order to mislead a whole society and take them a down a dark path, the Service to Self have to be in some sort of power position, such as a governmental or religious leader, who people will voluntarily follow.
The other tool the Service to Self have used very successfully on this planet is propaganda--which they use to discredit the very people we send to try to help humanity, and to discredit the teachings of unity consciousness.
Hitler did not just seize control of the government and take over Germany--he was elected by the Germans, who years earlier, would have been incensed by the evil he preached. Instead, they became numb to it, piece by piece, over time.
Sadly, humanity just keeps making the same mistakes, over and over again. I told you in an earlier thread how Atlantis was destroyed over tribalism taught by the Annunaki. This has happened during almost every century on this planet.
As I've said in the past, almost all of the souls who were somehow complicit in the destruction of Atlantis are now incarnated as Americans. The reason we are incarnated as Americans was because as a group, we forged a plan to resolve our karma.
The USA was meant to be the country that would lead the world to peace so that more souls could develop Service to Others polarity. The Guardian Alliance energetically fed the Founding Fathers of the USA the ideas of how to create a government that could be an example.
For those who have studied US History, or perhaps watched the musical, "Hamilton," you are aware of the "Federalist Papers" that were written by some of the Founding Fathers. They explored ideas the Guardian Alliance sent to their brains to form a new government.
The new government was meant to recognize the unequivocal principal: "Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely." Since most American colonists had fled the authoritarian fascists of Europe, they wanted to form a government that would work in Service to All, not just the despots.
The reason the US Constitution sets forth a three-part government, each having equal power as the other two, is to make it so no one or no group could control the whole government. It was actually meant to cause a slow-functioning, fairly inefficient government.
The reason this more inefficient (than authoritarian government) was formed was so that people would work out their problems on their own, and government wouldn't have to be involved in the day-to-day activities of its citizens.
The souls who were working out their karma from Atlantis hoped they could change the way humanity deals with its problems, and encourage individuals to contribute to their society, rather than being basically enslaved and put to work by the fascist regimes.
I was raised in a very patriotic American family, taught to respect the flag, the President, the military. I taught my kids the same thing. So, it was a huge shock to me when I had my crash awakening, and could finally see how the rest of the world views the USA.
I was completely shocked to learn that we are viewed as the most frightening, predatory country on the planet. Here all this time, I was taught it was the Arabs and Chinese the world was afraid of. I was blinded by my history lessons.
Sadly, at the present moment at least, where the USA goes, the world follows. We aren't teaching peace, we are teaching tumult. We are locked in on every border, because we can't even agree to work together to control a virus that is out of control in this country.
But there is a bigger problem than the virus barreling at us right now, as we speak. Thirty-nine million Americans, and others throughout the world, are hooked energetically into a movement that is making them believe they need to "rise up and fight."
I have known for over a year all of what I talked about on Friday. I couldn't discuss the real origin of Q until a human doxxed Jim Watkins first. I hoped I could talk with a lot of people here on Twitter about the advantages of Unity Consciousness and help people change.
I've said it on several occasions in the past--the Guardian Alliance (hereinafter, "GA") foresees a civil war starting in the US after the election that becomes World War III, killing billions throughout the world.
This has been long foreseen. This is the reason there are so many lightworkers in Canada and Mexico, anchoring light on either side of the USA, trying to stabilize the energy. This is why there are so many lightworkers in the USA, trying to stabilize the energy.
If you think I'm exaggerating on this, it's because the ANON movement has successfully taught so many that any news reporter that is not in the alternative media is lying and delivering fake news. People have no idea what is going on in their country.
As I've discussed before, the reason a "Free Press" is regarded as a quasi-Fourth Branch of Government is because having many sources of information insures that we get the whole picture on what is going on. They keep each other "in check."
News isn't fake just because it doesn't agree with whoever is currently in power. But the propaganda teaching doesn't just stop at undermining those who truly do their best to present honest facts to the public.
The Service to Self on the planet have done a very good job at teaching humanity that Unity Consciousness is a bad thing. They do this by calling it a name that has absolutely nothing to do with Unity Consciousness--"socialism."
As we as lightworkers have come from Unity Conscious civilizations throughout the world, we try to teach humanity the skills of living in Service to Others. We try to teach them to love and care for each other, to value every single soul, and to provide for those who need help.

• • •

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