When I met late Rev. Dr. S. O Abegunde of UI Baptist Church at his Bodija Estate resident that Saturday morning, he was washing his clothes by himself
It was 1999
I had written WAEC in 1998 and somehow failed English
I was supposed to register for the Examination in 1999 but my
mother couldn't raise the money
I remember crying for several weeks from January until March when the registration for WAEC was ongoing
My mother tried her very best
Life was very tough that year
It was as if the wind of life was determined to throw my family into the bottomless
I ran to relatives
One of my aunties who had some money showed me the three thousand Naira I needed and said "I can give you this money but i don't think it would be fair if I did so. Didn't your parent know you will be writing WAEC this year? Labour is not supposed to catch
a nine months long pregnant woman by surprise. If i give you the money i will be endorsing irresponsible behaviour, your parents need to know how to plan and cater to their children. Will i be the one to pay for your younger brother next year?"
I remember standing at her shop at
Bashorun Market and looking very stupid
I had thought relatives were supposed to treat each other with a certain level of compassion...
When i got home and reported what transpired to my mother, she said "When the heaven is shut against a man, even friends will mock rather than
help such"
My mother left the house later that day
We were squatting at an uncompleted building at Bodija Extension
My father was going through a difficult year abroad
Things were just crazy
My mother left home that same evening
It was a Thursday, when she got back she told me
I should go and see Rev. Dr. S. O. Abegunde first thing on Saturday morning
I had thought the good old man was going to sit me down and tell me about life
Pastors are very good at that
Helping you gain perspective when things are difficult
Encouraging you to keep up with hope and
As soon as I got to his gate, i peeped through the gap between the gate and the fence
That was when i saw him doing his own laundry
I knocked on the gate
He opened
I insisted I was going to wash the clothes
He told me there was no time
He gave me his card and some
He said i should find my way to Deaconess Ayoade's House immediately
He said he had spoken to her
He said i should report to her with my passport photograph and WAEC registration details
Just like that
I ran home (5 kilometers away) and got all that i needed
Then I ran and
jogged to Deaconess Ayoade's house
I met her at home
She collected the details and told me I have to go back to Baba Abegunde's house and thank him
She was a principal, WAEC registration for her school had closed when Rev. Abegunde spoke to her about my case.
When she made some
inquiries from other principals about late registration, she found out Iroko Community Grammar School was still registering students.
When she told Rev. Dr. S. O. Abegunde, he paid the exorbitant fees immediately
This was on Friday, a day after my mother went crying to him and by
Saturday morning I was dropping my passport photographs and other details
I danced back to Rev. Dr. Abegunde's house with joy
I met him just as he was about driving to church for a meeting
I prostrated with tears streaming down my face
He came down from his car and hugged me
He said "I know your family is going through a lot, I don't want you to be discouraged. I want you to be strong. Read your books and pass this exam! You must be a success.
I studied as if i would die
I passed that WAEC in flying colours
I always imagine the course my life would
have taken without his timely intervention
When i gained admission into the university and needed "Admission fee" of N25,000.00, Baba Abegunde (As i fondly called him) asked my mother to talk to the head of the men fellowship of the church
That was how my admission was settled!
I was taught love by Baba Abegunde's actions towards me, I was taught how to snatch good children from the jaws of wickedness circumstances that could bend their paths towards destruction
GSWMI will be starting an Academic scholarship scheme for Indigent students in 2021
This scheme will be named after the Late Rev. Dr. S. O Abegunde in appreciation of the role he played in my life as a Father and a mentor
I had made inquiries about Baba Abegunde in the last few weeks and I was told he had gone to be with the Lord in Chicago in 2018
May his soul
rest in peace
I will also mention Professor Okedara 9The first Vice-Chancellor of Bowen University and His wife Professor Mrs. Okedara for their love and kindness to me and my family in my formative years
The Christian community is the greatest gift to humanity all over the world
Only God knows how many destinies were rescued from destruction by the timely intervention of the church and believers (regardless of denomination)
I say boldly all over the world that I am a product of the church of the Lord Jesus Christ & I know thousands who will say the same

• • •

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12 Sep
While growing up in Ibadan
I attended several prayer meetings
Only God knew what i was looking for
Looking back now I realized I went to
those meetings mostly out of boredom
Churches are everywhere in Ibadan and
Special programmes were a dime a dozen
CAC Oke Imole at Agbowo,
CAC Power line (Baba Olowere's church)
Christ's Pillar Apostolic Church (I have forgotten the name of the pastor but God blessed him with three sets of twins after 7 years of waiting on the Lord for the fruit of the womb
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22 Aug
The sinner was once darkness but upon hearing the gospel & believing he got translated out of darkness into God’s marvelous light and also became light

He was once darkness dwelling in darkness and in Christ he became light dwelling in the light
His identity and position changed
Now in Christ, he might do some wrong things due to his level of growth and the out working of his new reality!
If he got filled with the Holy Spirit immediately and was nurtured by the right gospel, he will overcome the carnal man quickly and make only a few mistakes due to the
Flesh but if he got born again and was put in a religious gathering with the “performance” gospel, he will remain a Neppios (unskilled and immature) believer for a very long time.
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21 Aug
Good afternoon everyone

We are inviting you to join us today and tomorrow morning for 6 hours of fellowship with the Holy Spirit between 6pm and 12 midnight tonight and 6am and 12 noon tomorrow on Zoom. Our usual activities for today including bible reading and prayers on Zoom
at 9pm have been suspended to allow us join the programme.

I will strongly encourage you to join us during the prayers if you are sick or if you need a breakthrough in any area of your life. Even if you are not yet able to speak in tongues, you can listen and respond to the
prophecies, words of wisdom and words of knowledge on this platform. Please ensure you join and participate for as long as you can. Also invite your family and friends.

See you tonight at 6pm.

You are invited to a Zoom webinar.
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20 Aug
They met at the beach
She went with some friends to do some amateur modeling shoot
She wasn't a model, his friends were (Aspiring)
She just tagged along for the shoot out of boredom
The photographer was her boyfriend, he talked her into tagging along for the shoot so that he can
be serious
He was bidding for a calendar project
He needed to present his previous projects
He didn't have any
He was one of those guys who starts a project with enthusiasm but never completes it
He had wanted to be many things in the past only to change his mind at the last
minute or at the first hurdle
She wasn't sure she wanted to be with him for a lifetime
They were together as an excuse not to be alone
She knew this as surely as she knew her name
But while they were still together, she was determined to do everything to help him make a headway
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17 Aug
Pregnancy might be miscarried or aborted
A baby could be born deformed, diseased or even dead
A child, once born cannot be unborn
A believer, once born again cannot be unborn again
Just as a baby cannot go back into the mother's womb
A believer cannot unbelieve
or unconfess Christ
He or she could remain an infant, not growing in the things of the spirit and feeding his flesh and carnal nature like Tarzan or jungle Boy
The fact remains that all he needed to do was come to himself like the prodigal son & start living as led by the Spirit
I got born again at 13 and Got filled with the Holy Spirit at the same age but i was taught the "Make a mistake and go to hell" gospel
That human gospel crippled me
I became conscious of my mistakes & couldn't grow as i ought to
The people close to me will say "...And he calls
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8 Aug
One man sold stones that he claimed he brought from Jerusalem in a church I once attended! He sold it to business people claiming if they put it in the corner of their shop or office, they would become blessed mysteriously
I told him after the service that he is a thief and a
I was 19 years old and I wasn’t a born again Christian but I know the scriptures
He was in his forties and people addressed him as Pastor!
He said he will curse me
I said I will stone him
My mother and many other people had to plead with me to let it go
They said I was
Young and didn’t know what I was doing!
My mother’s friend, a widow, who was at the meeting with us bought this stone because her last son was living an aimless life and squanders whatever was invested on him
The woman invested in a fish pond business for him and wanted him to
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