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May 27 25 tweets 7 min read
When you have done 12 surgeries, all in a bid to get pregnant
When you have done four failed IVF's
When you have been told your eggs are no longer viable
When you have been told your fallopian tube had to be cut off because they had become cancerous and the cancer could spread all over the body
When medical experts had given up on you and counselled you to try surrogacy or adopt a baby
When you begin to hear tales of cryogenic pregnancies and so many other alternatives
When you see a handle on twitter making claims about the power of God and the glory
May 26 12 tweets 3 min read
We sincerely must teach ourselves about boundaries and communication on this app
I am not generalising but there are many people who simply do not understand the rules of engaging the opposite sex based on context and intention

So this lady reached out to me with an issue
She was stranded and needed help with her rent and feeding
I considered her case and saw that she really needed help
I paid her rent and sent her some money to keep body and soul together pending even she will get a job
I do this daily and I help people of every colour, creed, race
May 26 14 tweets 3 min read
Every time I start the process of sending my children to the USA for holidays with my folks, I will suddenly hear in the news that one deranged person went into a school and killed little children
I will chicken out of the whole idea
My siblings (save my only brother) all live in the USA and are keen to "adopt" my children in order to give them a shot at the American dream
I have 5 sisters, all American citizens
Three of them are married with children while the youngest ones are just about to complete their college education
My parents are also American
May 24 14 tweets 3 min read
Dealing with Insecurity and Mental Issues in a marriage or relationship is quite a big deal
A psychiatrist I chatted with said insecurity has no cure!

Just read your story on the husband/wife palava and in same shoe with the man. Thanks be to God I cried to him on my birthday and woke up singing the hymn "launch out". Wanted to ignore it but got into a discussion with the Holy Ghost on what it meant and He said I should look for the lyrics of the hymn and I did and was told to take a job outside where we live and to the glory of God I got one and
May 23 9 tweets 2 min read
Joseph as a Picture of Jesus
Joseph is one of the most remarkable portraits of Jesus, the Messiah, in all the Bible. In many ways, his life illustrated the future life and work of Jesus. Here are a few ways in which Joseph and Jesus are alike.
“There is scarcely any personal type in the Old Testament which is more clearly and fully a portrait of our Lord Jesus Christ than is the type of Joseph.”
1. Was a shepherd.
2. Loved by his father.
3. Sent unto his brethren.
4. Hated by his brothers.
5. Prophesied his coming glory.
6. Rejected by his brothers.
May 23 23 tweets 5 min read
So this minister of the gospel has had a very serious battle going on in his marriage for many years
His wife is very insecure and would often lapse into mood swings (even before they got married)
The mood swings would come like clockwork every three to four weeks
When she got in that mood, she would often lock herself in a room and sleep it off or get all cranky and pick issues over anything
She doesn't go berserk or psychotic, her mood just darkens and if triggered she could lash out in anger or start weeping for hours without cause
Her husband tried
May 22 25 tweets 5 min read
When a relationship fails and the subjects of the relationship part ways, they usually take stock
If the man realises that he had made a mistake and wanted the lady back, he would not hesitate to do anything to win her back
He would beg, buy gifts, write poems, talk to her folks and friends
He would spend a lot of money if need be
He would plead his case with determination until he gets her attention
Even if she had gotten into another relationship he would be undeterred
As long as he is convinced she is the one for him, nothing would matter
He would
May 21 21 tweets 5 min read
I have refrained from writing on this app for a few days because I couldn't shake off the image of the lady that was murdered in Sokoto and how justice was turned to comedy
100 lawyers showed up to defend her killers, the murderers were charged with "Disturbing the peace"
I cry! We have given too much allowance to the north over the years and it is time those allowances are renegotiated
Leadership shouldn't always be by numbers
1 million ants cannot be said to be greater than one elephant but if it was a democracy and there will be votes to be cast
May 17 18 tweets 4 min read
Many of us don't see beyond the natural when the issues regarding the affairs of nations
When we say God rules in the affairs of men and governments and all we see is suffering and injustice
We ask ourselves the question, where is God in this
Egypt was ruled by Pharoah
Pharaoh in turn was just the mouthpiece of the devil
We know for sure that the Prince of this World ruled over all the nations of the earth from the moment Adam ate the forbidden fruit
God wanted tonrescue mankind from the rulership of the devil but the issue had to be sorted delicately
May 14 20 tweets 5 min read
I wrote about a demonic spirit that rules every religion yesterday, I was deliberate about my choice of words and I insist that if this spirit is not dealt with, it will still lead its adherents to do more evil in the name of protecting it because it does not to be exposed
Many read my tweet and said all sorts
They didn't know they came to drink from a source with the depth of knowledge that even their fathers would queue to learn from
My mother was born a Muslim, her father until his death was the Osupa Adeen of Remo, Ogun State
Like most people from
May 13 4 tweets 1 min read
Some people here are saying Religious folks from the southern part of Nigeria don't kill in the name of religion, such an assertion is very false and will not stand the test of History
I can name three missionaries killed in a certain community in 2010, they were falsely accused of luring children to their mission outpost with noodles
(It was recorded in the Mission journal of that year)
I can remind us of many families disowning their children for daring to choose life instead of religion
I can name a prominent pastor whose family beat him up and left
May 13 15 tweets 3 min read
1999, I was in Iwo Osun state
I was staying with a friend with whom I had spent several years while we were in the boarding house together as secondary school mates
He had become like a brother
His father even gave me a Muslim name Akeem and a copy of the Holy Quran with the name I was born into a Christian home but I had not met the Lord at the time so all the religious whatever sounded the same to me
There is a God and people from different tribes, tongues and nations found a name for him and deviced a means of worshipping this God
That was my belief at
May 12 11 tweets 3 min read
The first church edifice I built was built totally by mistake
A brother reached out to me
He said God called him into ministry but the senior pastor of his church was giving him hell
He said he had been shown the door and was about to lose his faith
He wanted to know if I could help him in anyway
I was about to advice him to do this and that when the Holy Spirit said "Build him a church, he is a shepherd and he has a flock but he will need a place to teach the Word and do the work I have committed into his hand"
I didn't have the money to build a basket
May 11 4 tweets 1 min read
Saw something pathetic this morning on my visit to hospitals to pray
A young man was brought in dead
He committed suicide
He impregnated his wife's best friend who came into his matrimonial home at the invitation of the wife
He told his wife he didn't want her to bring the lady in but the wife protested and the protest almost led tona divorce
The wife said she cannot watch while her friend suffer from homelessness
Which was applaudable but she didn't consider the reason for her husband's reluctance to encourage such a cohabitation
According to the
May 10 25 tweets 6 min read
I saw a trending topic yesterday...

Here is my own experience of such

I wrote a story once titled the The drum and the drumstick
It was creative and very expressive
Many people loved it
It was a peotic expression of love and passion
I wrote it after reading through the songs of Solomon
This lady read it and came into my DM
She wrote her own version of it or should I call it a response
What she wrote was beautiful and we became friends
DM friends
I had never met her but she introduced herself and told me so much about her
Her mother was a banker
May 8 26 tweets 6 min read
He was a poor guy working in a very rich neighbourhood, he was fortunate to get the job and he treasured the job with all his heart
It was while on the job that he met her, a beautiful young lady who came to the office asking if they had a photocopier because she needed one urgently
She was willing to pay for the services but their office was a law firm and he was only a glorified messenger
His official title was Office Assistant/Facility manager, he got the job through somebody in the church he was attending and all he had at the time was his
May 7 7 tweets 2 min read
Don't ever believe any lady who says to you "I am independent and I don't need a man"
Bros, if you enter that spider's Web, only your mummy's prayer can extricate you without a baby or a marriage by force
All these feminist nonsense is a ruse, I saw something today in Magodo! This lady is a very popular feminist
She was attending a friend's wedding and she asked a male friend to come along
When the guy got close to magodo, he called her to know where she was
She said she was on CMD road and couldn't make it because of traffic
She asked him to come
May 7 24 tweets 5 min read
As parents we should give our children the best of everything but we should be mindful of letting them have their way all the time
The Human Spirit should be shown its boundaries otherwise it would assume it could do what even God cannot do, which is own the free will of others A lady told me something striking some days ago, she said "I always got whatever I wanted, my father would never allow me to suffer any form of lack. When I was in primary 4, my older sister got a pair of glasses to correct her short sightedness. I felt it made her look very
May 7 25 tweets 5 min read
We all make hard decisions, even those that rend our hearts to pieces and we should make those decisions if we understand the meaning of "life choices and consequences"
A pastor notices that his wife is very jealous by nature, this jealousy was not the mild temperate one that most women would claim to have to protect their homes and their marriages
This brand of jealousy is destructive and without any reasonable boundary
No pastor can build a church that will thrive with such a spirit at work in his home
The pastor's wife acknowledges that she is
May 6 17 tweets 4 min read
I was watching a popular Nigerian minister one day, he has the title of "Apostle", he was teaching at his "The School of the prophet" about prophecies and how to walk in the supernatural
The class was good, he knew what he was talking about and he has been known to be very Accurate and daring in prophecy
He taught about the importance of knowing the Word (logos) as a key to establishing the veracity of the Word (Rhema) that will come to such a person who desire to walk in the supernatural and speak prophetically
He talked about speaking in tongues
May 4 20 tweets 5 min read
I was earning 60,000 naira salary when it occurred to me that I needed to build a house
The money was so small that I usually don't have anything left by the second week after I got paid.
My wife was earning way more than I was earning, and we had a working formular regarding our finances
She handles the capital projects and I handled the daily expenditures
That way issues like rent, car repair, school fees for the children and her own M.Sc etc were taken care of by her
She helped me out with my own end of things on many occasions