Very proud to have worked with a global coalition of journalists and @rpotter_9 to bring a database managed by a Chinese intelligence and military contractor to the light of day. This database compiled information on 2.4 million individuals and 650k institutions 1/n
This database was stunning in its breadth and depth on who and how it compiled information on around the world. Politicians, academics, technology, family members, and organized crime. The database was technology sophisticated and accessed and used by multiple branches of the 2/n
Chinese state. The reality despite the CCP apologists assurances and those who try to say this isn't a threat is that China is investing enormous resources into gathering data on foreign individuals and institutions for the purpose of influence and intelligence operations 3/n
I have made additional statements here:…
For those interested in a slightly more technical description of the data. Please understand we have purposely been semi vague though one can still get a very clear understanding of the data…
The threat of China as an authoritarian techno surveillance state is real and happening now. Not just within China but around the world. Done

• • •

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20 Sep
There is actually a very interesting dynamic being set up. Follow me a second. According to the released terms of the deal, it seems like multiple parties (if the terms are believed) drove hard bargains. TikTok raises the valuation and maintains significant direct ownership 1/n
And does US IPO. That's great for them. Given the circumstances that's a good deal. US gets total access to source code, algorithms, data localization & security etc. That's what they wanted. Oracle and Walmart get into rapidly growing sector that seems to complement their 2/n
Underlying businesses of cloud, payments, and retail well. The VCs and princelings get a great short term exit strategy. All parties are getting a significant piece of what they wanted out of this deal. You can just tell I'm leading up to something can't you. 3/n
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17 Sep
One of the most common questions about the open source data I have received is: it is open source data what could they do with this information? I understand why this question is asked so let me lay out a couple of things launching from this thread about the United Front 1/n
First, understand that the database is already a curated list of influential individuals. They may be influential by their position (such as a prime minister) or by where they are positioned (unknown but working in an important tech lab). The database is already curated 2/n
Second, the database provides more than enough information to draw up a profile or human terrain of an industry, who surrounds the individual you need to get to, where a person is or will be, or who is likely to have access to intellectual property or a decision maker. 3/n
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16 Sep
I work hard to avoid RTing anything by this trash outlet and the good CCP propaganda soldiers of the Global Times but for numerous reasons in this case I will make an exception. First, I really should feel hurt that haven't called me names I can put on my Twitter profile. 1/n
Second, this article is really is really a beautiful article in a very twisted way. What I mean by that is the article is actually very serious in tone and language indicating they take the threat of what has been done very serious. As a reader, this signals that 2/n
You should take their words seriously rather than GT typical rhetoric. Next, their logic is very subtly perverse but acceptable to a casual reader. For instance, they say they collect only information that is public. (As a side note that is not true but leave that aside) 3/n
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27 Aug
So since someone asked let me explain. Why have I spent 9 years teaching in China and 2 in Vietnam? Couple reasons. First, man the world is awesome and this is like my version of being semi-responsible and getting to see the world. I always had wanderlust always will 1/n
Someday I am going to move back to the US and my primary regret will be only the countries that I have not been to or spent as much time as I would like. I still haven't been to Sri Lanka yet. I love South East Asia. Vietnam is awesome and totally different from China 2/n
So why have I spent 9 years in China and 2 now in Vietnam? I wanted to see the world. It's awesome. Second, I am a firm believer in American values of freedom. I believe America is arguably the best force for good in the world over the past 100-200 years and is best when it 3/n
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23 Aug
Great writers from Dostoevsky to HG Wells have described the challenge of writing great characters in a couple of ways. They must not be static or unchanging characters but people you believe will or are capable of changing and individuals pulled between poles or forces 1/n
I mention this because in a way Trump is an amazing character is the simplistic binary of love or hate on Trump is an injustice to the problem, the mechanics, and what we as observers are capable of. The reality is BOTH that he has said a lot of positive things about 2/n
Brutal autocrats from Saudia Arabia, Russia, and China just to name a few. The reality also however such that his policies largely carry out historical US policies or grudging cooperation with Saudi Arabia, increased pressure on Russia, and absolute reversal on cooperation 3/n
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19 Aug
One of the changes that nobody wants to talk about, especially the DC ally crowd, is that this battle (of many concurrent battles) is being won. Let me briefly explain in a short threat what the real dynamics are. 1/n
First, despite critiques always being about Trump the reality was that until recently many countries did not (and many still don't at the official decision level) want to see China as a threat. You could have had any President you wanted, it wasn't going to change their minds 2/n
Like Germany not having an army, you can have any President you want, if they don't agree with you on the issue, it doesn't matter how nice you are or how persuasive you are. Second, USG (note how I use USG and not Trump. Not just political appointees) spent lots of time 3/n
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