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Every few years a different nerd discovers the same thing about NFL quarterbacks: that they're much, much more blue eyed than the general population. And yet somehow this information never spreads to the public; it's like the men in black show up and arrest the noticers.
This guy for example, claims to have examined the eye colors of Super Bowl winning quarterbacks and discovered that 80% of them have blue eyes. thesportscol.com/2014/01/like-b…
Before I had read that letter, I went through a USA Today list of top 50 quarterbacks and estimated that about 60% of them were blue eyed. The average in the UK is no more than about 40% and I doubt US whites are any lighter. You can see estimated values for eye color here:
In 1974 Morgan Worthy wrote a book called “Eye Color: A Key to Human and Animal Behavior” that was prominent enough to have been reviewed in Newsweek. It’s a wide ranging book, but it arose from his original observation that quarterbacks in his day were also very light eyed.
Before I go into details, you really need to see this for yourself. “Blue” is a broad category; NFL quarterbacks have extremely blue eyes in a way that makes this association really easy to detect. Here to start off is the consensus greatest QB ever, Tom Brady.
Brady grew up watching Joe Montana, the old consensus greatest, as a child in Northern California. Despite being 100% Italian, Montana’s eyes are albino blue:
The greatest brown eyed QB ever is Peyton Manning, the best green eyed one Brett Favre. After these two you start to see a line of guys whose eye color could be spotted from a mile away. Here’s Drew Brees:
John Elway
Johnny Unitas
Dan Marino is in the running with Montana for title of bluest eyes ever:
After quarterbacks, I took a look at white golfers that had won the Masters. Of the 24 I could positively identify 70% were blue eyed. My hunch was based on the extremely fair Jack Nicklaus; using Gretzky as inspiration I looked at Hart Trophy winners: 57% were blue eyed.
If there was ever a time that this information would have become public knowledge it would have after Nicklaus’ Masters victory in 1986, when the four most accomplished white athletes in America were these guys:
But here comes the really disturbing part: before I found hard numbers elsewhere I decided to use Presidents as a neutral sample to compare against the QBs. But it turns out Presidents are also overwhelmingly blue eyed chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-19….
In 1988 Bob Greene estimated that 26/39 Presidents had been blue eyed. Since then every Prez except Obama has had fair eyes; in fact every white guy from Trump to Reagan has been blue eyed. This suggests that the blue eyed advantage is not so much athletic as mental.
This is a big subject, so I’ll cut it off now and tweet more later about the underlying mechanism: how some people think eye color is an indicator of behavioral inhibition and the ability to make fast decisions under pressure.

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In 2015 a paper was published which tried to model the major admixture events of the last 3,000 years in West Eurasians. Table S5 provides a list of all the computed events and guesses of their magnitude/timing: cell.com/current-biolog… I want to talk specifically about the Greeks
The Greek cluster is modeled as 65/35 mix of two populations most like today's Cypriot Greeks/Lithuanians and the estimated date of the mixture is 630 AD, which would conform with the arrival of Slavic tribes onto the mainland.
Here, non-Slavic Lithuanians serve as a better representation of Proto-Slavs than say, Poles because of their greater isolation (Balts are the most European Europeans) These numbers explain a bit: for example, why Greeks are less Middle Eastern than South Italians.
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The brachycephalic airway syndrome is so serious and common that you might wonder why pitbulls evolved that way in the first place. The most likely explanation is part of selecting for muscularity is increasing metabolic rate and one way to do so is to force the dog to pant.
This is one of those basic things that everyone around should know but somehow they don't: Slavs are more muscular than West Europeans. ifbb.com/wp-content/upl…
The muscularity is really obvious in East European faces and this helps to explain the great strength of their voices: East Europeans don't just look threatening, they sound threatening too.
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Westerners don't really talk race anymore, which means knowledge of some stereotypes are fading or dying. Moreso than their appearance, the really distinguishing thing about Slavs to me is their howling, sneering way of laughing
The exact form of the laugh varies from person to person and probably culture to culture but the common thing is the fast rate at which they draw breaths. Here: the deep voiced Russian variety that Hollwood loves in its villains:
I can do this as an impressison, but it's so unnatural to me that it's interesting that Russians slip into it so effortlessly
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Am building up to a big post on West vs East European character and one of the unusual contentions I'll make is that differences in personality are related to athletic differences: Slavs being more muscular, but like American blacks more likely to break down over long distances.
I recorded the nationalities of Europe's top 50 marathon and 1500m guys and they do show a West European bias, the Spanish doing especially well, which is probably relevant to their success in soccer. These figures show top runners per million in countries with 3+ names.
It has became very apparently recently that Norwegians, like white Marathon record Sondre Moen, have by far the strongest lungs in Europe. The top 4 VO2 max scores in history are Norwegian training4endurance.co.uk/physiology-of-…
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A bunch of dumb white millenials recently removed the statue of Norwegian-American Civil War hero Hans Heg in Madison, Wisconsin, which both pissed me off and gave me an excuse to illustrate how hypodominergic Scandinavians differ physically from their near neighbors.
It's surprising to me that this is not a well entrenched stereotype, but if you didn't know Scandinavian men are really bad at growing facial and body hair. This quality is especially noticeable in photos of Scandinavian Civil War units like the mostly Norwegian 15th Wisconsin:
The argument I’m making here is that because of selection against schizophrenia at high latitudes Scandinavians have become hypodopamigeric, which would imply that their bodies produce less growth hormone per pulse.
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People love to point out how 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers were Saudis, as it's a knock. But there are bazillions of dumb Arabs with a grudge against America and yet they could never in a million years dream up what Atta did.
Mohammed Atta, a representative of the Middle East's only majority lactose population, a descendant of some of the greatest conquerors in human history. marlin-prod.literatumonline.com/cms/attachment…
Arabs on the peninsula have a gigantic cultural influence on all other Muslims. There's an obvious explanation for this and that it's due to their oil wealth. But there something's else too, related to their beautiful pre-Muslim literary achievements.
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