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9 May
Goiter is caused by iodine defiency, traditionally most common in mountainous regions like the Alps. "In the village of Rude, near Zagreb, goiter was detected in 85% of children...The girls from this village were not considered pretty if they had »no neck«." The village angel: Image
In many mountainous places goiter is apparently common enough to be considered beautiful in girls. North Italian painters like the Venetian Andrea Mantegna had a habit of painting the Virgin with one: Image
From Hans Holbein: Image
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9 May
Manuel Eisner is an historian of homicide who had the idea to use rates of regicide to infer homicide rates among less important people before records became available ~`1200. The worst time to be a European king was the 7th century: citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/downlo… Image
King killing became cool again in the 11th century state building era when royal deaths in battle reached their peak as Harald Godwinson was shot in the eye/Harald Hardrada was killed at Stamford Bridge/his older brother King Olaf II died at Stiklestad. Image
The 11st century numbers are somewhat inflated by the Caliphate of Corboda who imported a very high East Mediterranean rate of king killing into Europe Image
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5 Apr
During tests of working memory the pupil dilates while storing information and slowly constricts back to normal as answers are delivered. Interestingly, it turns out that more intelligent people tend to have larger pupils even before the tests start: sci-hub.se/https://www.sc… Image
On a similar note, blink rate is also associated with mental effort and IQ, with more intelligent people displaying a reduced need to blink even at baseline. frontiersin.org/articles/10.33…
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21 Mar
This old post details the effects of omega-3 fatty acids on reducing aggression and improving skin quality. There's something I left out though: I think you can spot people with high omega-3 levels using cues from their personality, voice, and skin
The highest levels of omega-3 fatty acids are found in fish consuming populations like the Japanese and Norwegians. In these people you see a distinctive combination of ultra-low homicide rates and skin which seems to magically reflect light: Scandinavians don't much sunburn.
The Japanese must have the best looking skin the world, but I think this is a bit concealed by their darker coloring. Every now and again you’ll see a half white Japanese person with skin so reflective and amazing it interferes with the photo
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6 Mar
The founder of The Nation of Islam, Wallace Fard Muhammed, claimed himself to be half black and half white, born in Mecca. His followers claimed he was God Incarnate; most others see him as a white imposter. In truth, he was Pashtun by way of New Zealand.
The FBI investigated Fard in the 1950’s, 20 years after he mysteriously disappeared. They combed through files of criminals with similar names until they found a “Wallie Dodd Ford”, a small time opium dealer imprisoned at San Quentin in the 20’s. The fingerprints matched.
Further detective work by historians discovered this Fard's 1917 draft card in which his birthplace was given as Shinka, Afghanistan.
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19 Feb
The NYT doxxing Scott Alexander for no real reason was wrong, but most of the defenses of SSC that I've read recently disgust me about as much as the original article did because they're all playing dumb: Alexander was clearly sympathetic to the idea of Race-IQ differences.
The modern liberal worldview is large, but cannot survive the revelation that there are racial differences in IQ. Any respectable outlet that indirectly promotes this viewpoint is an existential threat and it is rational for liberals to seek these out and destroy them.
In other words, according to the modern American consensus all published writers adhere to, Metz's attack on a rising threat would be commendable (other than the doxxing). It's only distasteful if you are sympathetic to Race/IQ connections, as most of his defenders secretly are.
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16 Feb
What caused the big Baby Boom of 46-63? The explanations most often given are economic, but the fundamental cause seems to be contraceptive failure: married couples didn't actually want families as large as they were having:
As the excerpt indicates, the problem was accentuated by a decline in the average age of marriage in those NW Euro countries west of the Hajnal line that had previously delayed it:
Histories of homosexuality often emphasize the war as a major turning point, when guys realized they weren't the only one and were exposed to prostitutes in major cities. Straight guys seemed to have a similar awakening, although they talked about it less.
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1 Feb
Going to argue today that societies in which agriculture is performed collectively in and around nucleated villages act to domesticate human beings via the same biological pathway as in dogs and cats and is apparent in a similar shortening and broadening of their skulls
The second central point is that behavioral domestication is a result of an increased tolerance for stress and that people who were most thoroughly feudalized (most Slavs, Germans, French) have adapted by becoming harder, less fearful of people, and overall less eccentric.
The cephalic index measures the length of the skull divided by its width. Values of about 75 or less are considered dolicocephalic or long headed (like Ridley Scott’s Alien). More than 81 is brachycephalic or broad headed like a bulldog. Populations vary from means of 70-90.
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12 Jan
Everything I hear about Q reminds me of the 80's Satanic Panic ("There's secret tunnels under the preschool where kids are abused!", claims local schizophrenic). Under interrogation some 5 year olds claimed the Q adjacent Chuck Norris was a pedophile witch: Image
The 80's Panic is sort of interesting as an evolutionary transitional form: halfway between genuine medieval witch hunts and more modern, sophisticated theories about pedophiles.
There's something about deeply appealing about this idea that allows it to recur under different guises in different eras. An interesting question is how many of these panics originate with genuine schizophrenics like Judy Johnson en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McMartin_…
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14 Dec 20
Trump's 2016 primary campaign (not the general) had an ethnic angle that went largely untalked about. It revealed a cultural split in the American Midwest between the descendants of Germanic immigrants who hated his boastfulness and the descendants of Old Americans who loved it.
After the Iowa cacucus I fiddled around with a NCSS spreadsheet of Iowa counties and discovered that the % of county who identified as Dutch in the census was the best negative predictor of Trump’s vote count, more important even than the % of bachelor’s degrees.
There aren’t many Dutch people in America. Their highest concentration by far (57.7%) is in ultra-religious Sioux County Iowa which also gave Trump his lowest shared of the vote (10.9%, his average was 24.3%). Others have noticed the same thing: aei.org/op-eds/the-mos…
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9 Dec 20
The People of the British Isles Project developed a new technique to cluster genetically similar peoples, looking at the British with a racial microscope. What they discovered is that the English are some of the most homogenous/genetically boring people in Europe. Image
The project discovered 53 genetic clusters, five of them just in the Orkneys, and yet the great majority of Englishmen belong to the same big genetic blob. I don’t think there’s another European country of 50+ million people that shows such uniformity.
In the last millennium there have been major population movements from S England to the periphery that has eliminated some of the country’s genetic isolates. One of the best examples are the formerly Scandinavian people of the Wirral peninsula in NW England.
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6 Dec 20
Since the 1960’s British clinicians have noticed that black migrants to the country, whether from the Caribbean or Africa itself, have a much higher rate of schizophrenia than the general population. It turns out that Indian and Pakistani immigrants also have higher rates.
Now part of the story is why these groups are so particularly affected, but the general lesson is that immigration increases everyone’s risk of going crazy; in fact it’s the largest environmental risk of factor. If the wrong person does it, changing countries can be disastrous.
The relationship between schiz and migration was first noticed in Norwegian immigrants to Minnesota (my people) by Odegaard in 1932. He found that most of his schizos had been considered eccentric even back in Norway and concluded that selective migration was the explanation.
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28 Nov 20
In September 23andMe produced a study showing that subjects belonging to blood group O (the most common type in Europe) have a slightly reduced chance of developing covid: blog.23andme.com/23andme-resear…
This is not the first time a blood group has been found to affect infectious disease risk. Maybe the most well-known example is that O carriers have a doubled chance of developing cholera, against which AB is almost miraculously protective: academic.oup.com/aje/article-ab…
The historic epicenter of cholera is the Ganges River Delta in and around Bangladesh. As a result of selective pressure, people in the Delta have the world’s lowest frequency of blood group O (American Indians have the highest, in some cases 100%) ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/P…
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11 Nov 20
White Southerners have long lagged behind Northerners in aptitude tests and real world academic achievement. Part of the explanation of the historical gap can be attributed to the high Southern prevalence of hookworm infection, which both lowers IQ and increases absenteeism.
Hookworm is usually acquired when people walk around barefoot in wet soil. It is still common in places like Brazil where modern IQ testing has been used to give a sense of how mentally sluggish it makes schoolchildren: Image
When the connection was made between hookworm and various ailments in 1910 the John Rockefeller Society launched a thorough survey which discovered about 40 percent of Southerners to be infected. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/P…
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4 Oct 20
I might start repeating something like this as a mantra: the most important thing in the world no one knows is that children born after the onset of autism epidemic are mentally and (the focus of these tweets) physically fucked up.
Four years back a study was published that compared the grip strength of US millenials with those of a 1985 reference group and found a half standard deviation decline in grip strength during that period, equivalent to a 7 point drop in IQ. pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/26869476/
An earlier Australian study found virtually the same thing, which is that their young people are also becoming alarmingly limp wristed: link.springer.com/article/10.118…
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20 Sep 20
James Cameron did a Terminator 2 Judgment commentary with the movie's writer, who wasn't on set much. The scene comes where the bad robot flies a helicopter under an overpass. Cameron tells him how they did it and the writer goes "that was real!?"
The cameramen mutinied and refused to do the stunt, (probably thinking of how Vic Morrow and two Vietnamese kids were decapitated in a helicopter accident on the Twilight Zone Movie) and so manly man Cameron shot it himself.
T2 was the last, greatest triumph of the old school badass stuntmen before CGI rendered them unimportant. This stuff has to be seen to be believed: Peter Kent leapt onto a moving semi, shot it up, and the hung on for dear life while it turned:
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18 Sep 20
In 2008 while doing construction work at St. John's College Oxford, workers discovered 35 medieval skeletons in a mass grave. They all adult males, all the victim of stab wounds, many of them burned (which was unusual) and piled haphazardly of top of each other.
In 1002, Aethelred the Unready responded to yearly Viking raids on England by ordering the extermination of all Danes in England (they had many colonies). The Danes at Oxford huddled themselves into the local Catholic church seeking refuge but were burned out and killed.
Archaeologists made this connection as soon as the skeletons were found, which was controversial, because archaeology is not supposed to be fun like a detective story. Four of the skeletons were sequenced in the Viking genomics paper. 3/4s were all Scando, one man 1/4th British.
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13 Sep 20
Every few years a different nerd discovers the same thing about NFL quarterbacks: that they're much, much more blue eyed than the general population. And yet somehow this information never spreads to the public; it's like the men in black show up and arrest the noticers.
This guy for example, claims to have examined the eye colors of Super Bowl winning quarterbacks and discovered that 80% of them have blue eyes. thesportscol.com/2014/01/like-b…
Before I had read that letter, I went through a USA Today list of top 50 quarterbacks and estimated that about 60% of them were blue eyed. The average in the UK is no more than about 40% and I doubt US whites are any lighter. You can see estimated values for eye color here:
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10 Sep 20
The central difference in thinking between Boomers and the Twitter cave creatures that mock them is in their ease in thinking abstractly, about things they've never seen with their own eyes. This is the same psychological dimensions which separates autistics from normals.
Boomers look at a thing and see that thing. Millenials look at a person and see a reference, a connection with a movie, a race, an historical event. Their whole mental existence is nothing but "references".
Boomers have odd beliefs about places they've never been, but in their own private kingdoms they see and understand everything. Millenials applaud themselves for their genuinely superior understanding of climate change or Xinjiang while their neighborhoods collapse around them.
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7 Sep 20
A couple of years back footage of the unbelievably fast Indonesian footballer Terens Puhri went viral. Some of the footage is stupidly sped up, but you find unedited stuff here and he is still freakiskly quick.
By descent Puhri is a Papuan. He's not just remarkable in his raw speed, but in the sheer number of steps he takes per second which seems to have no comparison even in elite black athletes. The only other person I've seen who moves like that is Patty Mills
Mills' mother is aboriginal Australian, his father a Torres Islander (ultimately Papuan). As far I know the greatly superior speed of indigenous Australians/Papuans is not widely appreciated but they may be faster even than West Africans and in a totally novel fashion.
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6 Aug 20
In 2015 a paper was published which tried to model the major admixture events of the last 3,000 years in West Eurasians. Table S5 provides a list of all the computed events and guesses of their magnitude/timing: cell.com/current-biolog… I want to talk specifically about the Greeks
The Greek cluster is modeled as 65/35 mix of two populations most like today's Cypriot Greeks/Lithuanians and the estimated date of the mixture is 630 AD, which would conform with the arrival of Slavic tribes onto the mainland.
Here, non-Slavic Lithuanians serve as a better representation of Proto-Slavs than say, Poles because of their greater isolation (Balts are the most European Europeans) These numbers explain a bit: for example, why Greeks are less Middle Eastern than South Italians.
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