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13 Sep, 6 tweets, 4 min read
So @YouTube just took down a June 23 interview that Scott Atlas (@SWAtlasHoover) did with his employer, Stanford's @HooverInst, because it "contradicts the World Health Organization or local health authorities' medical information about COVID-19." hoover.org/research/docto…
Antitrust jurisprudence and regulation in the U.S. needs to be modernized on many fronts, especially to tackle the problem of multinational technology companies that attempt to impose a monopoly on information.
Fortunately, in this case, @HooverInst has published the transcript of the interview, so you can see for yourself what Scott Atlas had to say, and why @YouTube felt the need to censor it. hoover.org/research/docto…
Aside from the antitrust issues: Science is about constantly questioning established dogmas, and about having an open debate among people with different takes on the available evidence. To suppress that debate, as @YouTube did, is to oppose science.
Will @YouTube disclose the name of the person (or the person programming the algorithm) responsible? Is he/she/it more knowledgable, or less, about #COVID19 than @SWAtlasHoover? What specifically about Atlas' remarks did @YouTube find so dangerous for the public to consume?
Scott Atlas and I don't agree on everything—for example, our @FREOPP report on reopening schools is more nuanced than his position—but he has every right to his views, and contributes positively to the debate about lockdowns and reopening society. freopp.org/reopening-amer…

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24 Aug
THREAD: Big news today. For the first time, we have a confirmed report of SARS-CoV-2 reinfection by a patient in Hong Kong—his/her #COVID19 diagnoses were 4.5 months apart. This blows a big hole in the "let's stay locked down until there's a vaccine" position. Let me explain why.
We've been wondering how long immunity lasts after you've had #COVID19. Based on experience with common colds and other milder coronaviruses, we've expected somewhere around 6 months. This Hong Kong patient falls within that range. So why is it that immunity is so short?
A big reason for limited immunity is that coronaviruses mutate all the time, such that immunity to one version of SARS-CoV-2 doesn't necessarily confer immunity to another strain. We discussed this back in April in @FREOPP's paper on reopening the economy. freopp.org/a-new-strategy…
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7 Aug
New: my @WSJ Review cover story on the compelling case for reopening schools, especially for younger children. Children themselves are at extremely low risk of serious illness or death. So the question I answer is: can children pass #COVID19 to adults? wsj.com/articles/why-i…
To repeat: we *know* that the risk of children dying of #COVID19 is comparable to, or much lower than, dying of influenza/pneumonia. We detail those figures @FREOPP: freopp.org/estimating-the…
There are 45 million U.S. children in pre-K, kindergarten, elementary, or middle school. Only 28 children aged 1-15 have died of #COVID19. Not 28 million—28. freopp.org/reopening-amer…
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17 Jul
Hot off the @FREOPP presses: our major new paper on reopening America’s schools & colleges during #COVID19. Co-authored by @LanheeChen, @PrestonCooper93, @BobKocher, @DanLips, & me: freopp.org/reopening-amer…
The case for reopening schools is compelling. We know that for children, the risk of dying of #COVID19 is lower than that of dying of influenza in normal years. And we have a lot of European experience at this point that schools can be reopened without damaging public health.
That doesn't mean we go back to pre-pandemic normalcy. We'll have to protect teachers and staff from infecting each other, just as in any other workplace, and provide virtual and microschool opportunities to students who can't attend traditional schools. freopp.org/reopening-amer…
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26 Jun
If you want to understand what's going on with #COVID19 right now, the best place to look is Florida, because they do the best job of anyone in terms of data transparency. Note the different age distributions of cases, hospitalizations, & deaths in their regular report.
The full report is here: floridadisaster.org/globalassets/c…. The point is that not all hospitalizations are the same. If you're 85 and you've been hospitalized with #COVID19, the risk of death is 61%. If you're 35-44, the risk is 5%. If you're 25-34, 2%.
So, when you see reports about rising numbers of hospitalizations, it's critical to ask: what's the age distribution of the people being hospitalized? We talking about elderly or young people? Without that information, "hospitalizations" statistics are far less useful.
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23 Jun
THREAD: You've probably heard of that 2000 @WHO study ranking health care systems in 191 countries. In it, the U.S. placed 37th, behind Oman (8), Colombia (22), Saudi Arabia (26), Morocco (29), and Costa Rica (36). It's frequently cited as to why the U.S. should go single-payer.
Well, this week @FREOPP is premiering the World Index of Healthcare Innovation, our answer to the @WHO rankings. We rank 31 high-income countries, and not just on universal coverage, but also science & technology, patient choice, and health outcomes. freopp.org/wihi/home
The @FREOPP World Index of Healthcare Innovation is in fact the first comparison of national health care systems to explicitly take science & technology and patient choice into account in its rankings. It should go without saying that these are important. freopp.org/wihi2020-505b1…
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22 Jun
New @FREOPP: The share of U.S. #COVID19 deaths occurring in nursing homes & assisted living facilities has gone up to 43% in our latest scouring of state data. freopp.org/the-covid-19-n… That means that the share of June COVID deaths in long-term care facilities is even higher.
Remember that only 0.6% of Americans live in long-term care facilities, and yet they account for 43% of all #COVID19 deaths. In New Jersey, 11% of all nursing home & assisted living facility residents have died from COVID.
Here's how the map of LTC deaths as a share of LTC residents looked on June 1:
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