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#COVID19 is not "just like the flu". This was a gross miscommunication.
A thread.
A lot of the misunderstanding I'm seeing around this stems from the usage of "flu-like symptoms" to describe Covid-19 symptoms. A lot of illnesses, including numerous infectious diseases, drugs and even cancer, cause "flu-like symptoms". So, what exactly is "flu-like symptoms"?
Simply put, "flu-like symptoms", also known as influenza-like illness (ILI) refers to a set of common symptoms caused possibly by influenza or other illness. Symptoms include fever, chills, fatigue, body aches, dry cough and nausea. As you can see, the symptoms are not specific.
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1/ OK, time to make myself unpopular. Yes, in broad terms, #Russia considers itself at #politicalwar with the West, but so much of the overheated current coverage of a supposed use of #COVID19 in infowar is questionable + dangerous. A thread.
2/ Stop conflating Moscow + Beijing. #China is absolutely staging a coordinated disinformation campaign to minimise its responsibility for the pandemic. But the “China + Russia” formulation implying they are the same or coordinating just doesn’t work
3/ Yes, all kinds of toxic conspiracy theory in some of (state-ctrlld) Russian media. But that doesn’t mean it is Kremlin-mandated. These talking heads are paid controversialists who come up with all kinds of nonsense all the time on all subjects w/o any guidance
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1/n #Covid19 Tentative pour approcher le nombre de cas réels à la semaine 12 et enseignements qu'on peut tirer du dernier bulletin épi du 24/03 et de celui du réseau sentinelles…
2/n Il faut comprendre qu'il y a tout un dispositif initialement utilisé pour la surveillance de la grippe…
3/n On voit déjà que plus on remonte dans la pyramide plus on repère des cas à la fois plus graves et moins nombreux, selon le même principe que le concept d'iceberg où, si le système de surveillance est centré sur l'hôpital il ne repère que les cas les plus graves .
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CHINA KEEPS FINDING #COVID19 CASES, BUT FAILS TO OFFICIALLY REPORT THEM. A little known but documented fact is that China doesn’t count lab🧪 positive cases if no symptoms. (Verified by @lwcalex). So no surprise- Wuhan is still finding lots of cases...🧵…
2) Notably, “according to a member of ID prevention&control team in Wuhan, every day continues to have “several or more than a dozen asymptomatic infected individuals,” which are people who tested positive #Covid19, but do not feel ill and are excluded from published numbers.”
3) What does this mean? The Wuhan epidemic is not over year, despite China’s rosy official numbers. Anywhere in the world, a lab 🧪 positive case is counted as an official case. But China’s own guidelines excludes them. China cannot and should not exclude positive #COVID19 cases.
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North Carolina #COVID19

% of Cases age groups:
0-17 1%
18-24 13%
25-49 47%⚠️
50-64 24%
65+. 15%

25% are 25-49yrs old
75% are 65+

The number of coronavirus cases in North Carolina has passed 1,000 as of 1 p.m. Saturday
10:00 a.m.: An emergency public safety alert from Wake County was sent out by text message to some locals reading: #COVID19NC
3:00 p.m.: Carteret County confirms seventh case of COVID-19.

2:30 p.m.: Halifax County Health System reported the second case of COVID-19 in Halifax County. #COVID19NC
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1/ This is one of the most important #covid19 articles you will read

This is about advance care planning

About talking to your doctor- who you know/trust- before you're critically ill about what you want done if you are faced w/ the end of life…
2/ There has been so much discussion about ventilators, ICU bed capacity, ECMO, dialysis etc

We know that outcomes in the elderly w/ #covid19 in the ICU have been abysmal.

Many of these people will end up dying alone on ventilators, if they even get on one.
3/ But is this really what all of these people would even want?

And is the time to discuss this when someone is critically ill in the hospital surrounded by people they've never met?

Primary care doctors NEED to be reaching out to their high risk patients, NOW
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I told a 28 year old that he needs intubation. He was scared. Couldn’t breathe.

I told the wife of a 47 year old that he is dying over FaceTime.

I bronched a #COVID19 patient who mucous plugged. It saved his life. Risked mine.
I walked through the ED as the ambulances kept rolling in, bringing more patients with sats in the 60s.

I worked with an amazing team of residents, fellows, nurses and respiratory therapists.

I’m completely humbled by their heroic effort and teamwork.
I returned home on empty streets past shuttered store fronts.

In time to have dinner with my family for the first time this week.

Hoping that I won’t make them sick.

This is our new normal.

#NYC we will get through this.
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Mexicanos, ya están de lleno en crisis por #COVID19, la 4T tratará de, aparentemente, entrar lento a esa área difícil. Les adelanto que, en muy próximos días verán nuevamente una urgencia por hacerse de despensa a la población, por lo que podrían nuevamente ver anaqueles vacíos.
Entonces, les sugiero ir ahora y con calma al super a comprar lo necesario, de ser posible de noche (a esos super de 24hr), sin histeria, ni comprando toneladas de todo. Es prácticamente imposible que la comida se acabe. Y si se acaba, sólo habrá que esperar esperar un poco...
... a que pase la histeria, para volver al super.

Les recuerdo también que muy pronto llegará la FASE 3, porque seguro llegará, es el desarrollo normal del virus y muchos países en el mundo ya lo han experimentado. No lo vean como una posibilidad, sino como una realidad...
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CDC is denying a rumor that the agency is preparing to release new #COVID19 guidance recommending more widespread use of face masks among the general population.

The guidance on masks remains the same and there are no scheduled changes, per @CDCgov.
Not sure why the tweet that CDC has refuted is still up 10 hours later. It has been retweeted nearly 18,000 times. Any thoughts, @twitter/@TwitterSafety?
Twitter doesn’t think they need to add an option to report #coronavirus-related mis/disinformation. They are focused on amplifying authoritative sources — which is good, but anyone who studies mis/disinfo will tell you that it’s not nearly enough.…
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You might have heard about the new test that can detect #COVID19 in 5 min. And, you’ve almost definitely heard about the test that took days to run and that we don’t have enough of. Wondering what makes the difference? Read on.
Before we dive into how the tests work, it’s important to know a little bit about how the molecules are arranged in a virus. Coronavirus is made up of a spherical protein coat with all of those spikes attached to it.
If you’re curious, the “protein” is composed of the same building blocks that make up the protein in the foods that you eat, but the sequence in which those building blocks are put together and the shapes that they fold into makes all the difference.
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How convenient -

A generic SARS vaccine development at Fort Detrick published in February of 2019

Just in time to prop open that door and shut down inventory tracking by the CDC…
[3] Detrck's SARS vaccine paper provided by controversial Detrick Science Director Sina Bavari

Bavari works frequently with CDC immunization-director Nancy Messonnier (Rosenstein's sister)

Looks like Bavari has a history of blocking research papers to protect DTRA funding
[4] Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) provides hundreds of millions to fund US biowarfare labs in Ukraine and nation of Georgia

Bavari wants to protect the money?

Dr. Mark Messonnier, CDC economist, and yes Nancy Rosenstein Messonnier's hubby, can be found in those papers
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(1) Thread: Who am I? 🥝🇳🇿🇺🇸💃

Just updated my Twitter bio, again.

People are still placing party politics ahead of saving lives.

Saving my life. Saving your life.

There must be #NoPoliticsOnTheBoat at all.

#COVID19nz #StayHomeNZ #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe
(2) I say #NoPoliticsOnTheBoat because this Houston woman made a Facebook post in 2017 during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Around the same time I decided to identify as a Hurricane Watcher bc emergencies expose policy strengths & weaknesses & I am a policy wonk.
(3) If you're new to... me... then you'll need this info.

As a child, I wanted to be a policy analyst. It's my calling, my vocation. I achieved my goal & worked in Wellington, NZ for many years.

Unfortunately I had to "medically retire" just as my career was taking off.
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Well, @TheCurbsiders, it’s been over a week since I’ve posted here… but it seems like it’s been mere days. #COVID19 has not necessarily overwhelmed our hospital system, but has absorbed our lives.

Resources will be included in this "Tweetorial"
Our colleages at @SCCM has put out some excellent resources for treating #COVID19 patients. I've asked all our staff to review the modules at:…
Furthermore, @SCCM released some guidelines that can be helpful; however, as this information is ridiculously fast moving, these guidelines may be approaching obsolescence as time goes on.…
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#AHORA | Amalia Becerra asegura que en Nuevo León no hay contagios comunitarios, por lo que parece que las medidas de confinamiento están dando resultado
#AHORA | Amalia Becerra señala que en el momento que se dé un contacto con un paciente confirmado de #COVID19, los casos van a aumentar exponencialmente, porque hasta ahora todos los casos son importados
#AHORA | Amalia Becerra señala que a partir del quinto día, la carga viral disminuye significativamente, por lo que a partir de ese día se reconoce como recuperado, pero no se les da de alta hasta después de 14 días
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This graph has been making the rounds today on the effect of masks at reducing #SARSCoV2 #HCoV19 #COVID19 #coronavirus transmission. There's a lot more going on here than mask/no mask
First, there was so much mask-wearing in China that in early February there were mask shortages. China manufactures 20 billion masks a year, so those shortages affect places in the "masks" group too.…
Also China made mask-wearing mandatory in numerous provinces and cities in early February. China is not in the "no mask" category.…
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There has been much commentary by some excellent economists—@LindsayTedds, @JenniferRobson8 especially—about the need for income supports during #COVID19, and why governments have been rushing to provide same. What @AdrianaLaGrange has announced goes against this.

Obviously, compassion is a huge reason for these supports. People are under huge stress right now and should not have to face the prospect of financial ruin on top of that. Plus, how do you stay healthy and avoid #COVID19 if you are evicted from your home for nonpayment?

But economics is another huge reason. Our economy depends on money circulating. #COVID19 has put the brakes on huge sectors of the economy and is causing that money to stop moving. It’s like witnessing someone have a massive heart attack.

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Voy a aprovechar para dejar un hilo sobre este excelente cuadro que nos comparte @spitta1969. Es importantísimo que tomemos conciencia de lo que significa portar el virus de #COVID19.
Veamos algunas cosas que debemos tener todos en claro sobre la infección por #COVID19.
- 4 grupos de personas son identificables en relación a la respuesta que tiene cada grupo ante la infección viral.
- Los primeros dos son, afortunadamente, la mayoría (85% del total)
-El primer grupo (30% de los infectados), no desarrollan síntomas y a los 5 días ya desarrollan inmunidad. Pero por 14 días siguen con nivel viral suficiente para contagiar a otros.
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.GovRonDeSantis decided to violate the state's public meeting laws and chose to exclude the @MiamiHerald and @TB_Times from a media briefing at the Capitol. He was so determined to keep us out, he had an FDLE vehicle pick up TV reporter Mike Vasilinda to give him back door access
His media staff told another reporter, NSF's Jim Turner, that if he insisted that we be allowed in, Turner would be kept out. See video in the thread below.
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Eine Person aus meinem engen Freundeskreis wohnt in einem Haus mit vier WGs, die planen eine #CoronaParty zu feiern. Habe eine Stunde über #COVID19 diskutiert und dann aufgegeben. Hier ist der Versuch einer rhetorischen Analyse. 👇
Die Person steht der aktuellen Isolationapolitik sehr kritisch gegenüber. Nach längerer Überlegung bin ich zum Schluss gekommen, dass es kein richtiges Kernargument gegen die aktuellen Maßnahmen gibt, sondern nur eine Reihe von Überzeugungen, die das eigene Handeln legitimieren.
Da ist vornehmlich eine fatalistische Grundhaltung, nämlich die Überzeugung, dass es ohnehin schon zu spät ist. Ich habe nachgehakt und gefragt was das genau bedeutet. Die Antwort in etwa: "Viren gehörten zu unserem Leben. Das gehe seinen Gang. Werden wir noch häufiger erleben."
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J'avais dit que je coupais un peu Twitter mais ne pas relayer ce témoignage serait une faute pro.

Abus de pouvoir, intimidations et insultes racistes : voici l'histoire d H., en mission #Covid_19 pour Santé Publique France verbalisé abusivement jeudi soir à Aulnay.

Thread ⬇️
H. travaille pour Santé Publique France dans le 94. En mission #COVID19, il peut être appelé à n'importe quelle heure. Un laissez-passer lui a été délivré par employeur pour rejoindre le centre à n'importe quelle heure. Jeudi soir, H. est appelé en urgence dans la nuit. ⬇️
Au moment de quitter son domicile en voiture, une patrouille le klaxonne. Contrôle. "Rien ne te dérange ? Tu fous quoi dehors ?" lui lance un policier avant de lui demander son attestation.
H. lui présente donc son attestation et le laissez-passer de son employeur ⬇️
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Los actores, el escritor y el equipo detrás de la película "Contagio" reunieron algunos videos #COVID19. Enviaré algunos --- no dudes en difundirlos.
Matt Damon
Kate Winslet
Laurence Fishburne
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The actors, writer and crew behind the movie "Contagion" put together some #COVID19 vids. I'll send some out --- feel free to spread them around.
Matt Damon
Kate Winslet
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Here are the four parts of the @costareports and @PhilipRucker story that has Trump so angry this morning.

#1. Lindsey Graham told Trump and the Republican Party will "own" the #COVID19 deaths that follow a too-early economy restart.
#2. Governors are becoming increasingly uneasy about Trump's motives as he picks and chooses who he feels is deserving of federal resources.
#3. Business leaders and donors are calling him with pleas to get Americans back to work!

(@costareports, can you find out who these people are?)
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A French study: treating 80 hospitalized #COVID19 patients w/combo hydroxychloroquine + AZT. Two died. 15% req'ed O2 therapy.
- 83% had no PCR-detectable virus in nose/mouth by day 7;
- 65 patients discharged during study, mean hosp time = 4.6 days.
This is a clinical observation study. It would be easier to evaluate if comparative data on #COVID19 patients treated w/out AZT+chloroquine were provided. Instead, study relies on hospit/survival data from Wuhan & elsewhere to compare. Weakness.
But, overall looks promising.
3/ BUT the lead author is Raoult, who previously wrote of #COVID19 , "it is surprising to see that all the attn focused on a virus whose mortality appears to be of the same order of magnitude as that of common coronaviruses," meaning the common cold.
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