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#COVID19mx 09 de julio de 2020 [Hilo]
7,280 nuevos | 282,283 acumulados (+2.7%)
DEFUNCIONES confirmadas:
730 nuevas | 33,526 acumuladas (+2.2%)
Casos ESTIMADOS por método centinela:
Sin información * ImageImageImageImage
* La última vez que autoridades de salud informaron estimaciones del método centinela fue el 3-Mayo, pero con datos hasta la semana epidemiológica #15 que terminó el 11-Abril. Con información tan desactualizada ya no es pertinente estimar el número total de contagios.
Crecimiento % máximo diario para los siguientes 14 días (curva verde) que evitaría continúen aumentando los nuevos casos diarios: 2.58%, 2.51%, 2.45%, 2.39%, 2.34%, etc. Entre más cercana a algo horizontal, es mejor (comparar con días anteriores). Image
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1. @POTUS @realDonaldTrump remains convinced that if he just gets the economy going he can win. He can't see that the economy needs to be free from #Covid19, not overwhelmed by it. Trump thinks that to get people to work the kids all need to be at school. Rather than address the
2. science in a rational way, he simply issues a command that has no force of law and will create endless problems for the people trying to fix Trump's failure to provide PPE, testing, masks and rational social distancing guidelines. Trump is incapable of comprehending
3. that with the virus raging throughout the country will kill the economy. He doesn't care how many lives are destroyed by the virus. Deaths and suffering of children might give him a chance to win the election so he's going to risk their lives because it's good for Trump.
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Masks Don’t Work:
A review of science relevant to #COVID19 social policy
Denis G. Rancourt, PhD
Researcher, Ontario Civil Liberties Association (…
Use of Surgical Face Masks to Reduce the Incidence of the Common Cold Among Health Care Workers in Japan: A Randomized Controlled Trial Image
Face masks to prevent transmission of influenza virus: a systematic review… Image
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#EnVivo ¿Cómo pasar de la información a la acción? Una perspectiva de las juventudes frente a esta situación…
¡Ya iniciamos!
En la presentación, la Consejera @ws_gabriela señala que la #EmergenciaSanitaria por el #COVID19, nos llevó a una
nueva normalidad también en materia digital.

Por ello, se realizó una encuesta diferenciada para saber cómo se informaban y actuaban las juventudes. Image
Dicha encuesta busca conocer la perspectiva de las juventudes de la CDMX sobre el impacto de la #pandemia en sus actividades cotidianas, misma que contó con la participación de 1294 personas 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻 Image
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Deja vu. Abro hilo para explicar por qué lo que dice el secretario es un disparate y temerario.…
"Pero esa persona que se infecta y desarrolla inmunoglobulina o anticuerpo G, en teoría, debe ser el mismo esfuerzo o potencialmente mejor que una vacunación".

Como indique el 22 de mayo, también en respuesta a expresiones del Secretario a @Metro_PR, infectarse no es mejor que una vacunación, nunca lo será.
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#COVID19 Alert: For those of you who found the indirect Ferret study fascinating, don't miss the masked Hamsters.
(1) Inside the Masked Hamster Study:

How do you put a surgical mask on a hamster?

Very carefully.
(2) Experiment 1: Hamsters being "that guy".
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The debate about how to respond to the #COVID19 pandemic is often framed as a scientific, or a scientific/economic problem. I do not believe it really is. Instead, it is primarily a moral and ethical conundrum. The main reason is that there is no solution, only tradeoffs.
There are many uncertainties left about #COVID19, but I believe we should have enough evidence to implement scientifically-informed pandemic mitigation strategies at this stage. The problem, though, is whether we, as a society, can agree on what to maximise/minimise.
Any rational, scientifically driven, strategy would require addressing some uncomfortable, possibly unanswerable questions, such as: What is the relative value of a child's education, of the life an elderly person in a care home in Europe/the US, or of a child in Africa?
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Make your point clear.
Help me hear you.
Don’t be mean.



That’s what I used to say to my sons when they were still early in their language development. I still recall the frustration that would wash over their young faces mid-tantrum. Image
Now they’re older & frustration looks different. But those same words still hold true. And here lately? I’m also saying them to myself.


Today, I’m reflecting on what it means to use our words.

Especially as it relates to how we #dothework of antiracism.
Like many trying to #dothework, I read this book. I’ve found a lot of @DrIbram's ideas thought provoking. Like this:

“What if we measured the radicalism of speech by how radically it transforms open-minded people? By how the speech liberates the anti-racist power within?” Image
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1) Since this piece is generating a great deal of discussion in and about Sweden, I'll say something obvious: The intl press have an obsession with Sweden. From refugees to far-right to #COVID19, for a country of 10 million it gets huge attention, including on major Op-Ed pages. Image
2) It's clear that Sweden is held by intl media to a different standard than other nations. That's not a complaint. It's an observation. Multiple factors play into this. One is the mythical notion of an egalitarian Swedish social democracy that's very much trapped in the 1970s.
3) So, the international image of Sweden morphed into some weird amalgam of Björn Borg, IKEA, feminism, free daycare, Volvo and nature is seriously out of date...but let's not avoid the fact that this is an image leveraged and promoted by Sweden itself in nation-branding.
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#Airborne transmission: defined as the spread of an infectious agent caused by the dissemination of droplet nuclei (#aerosols) that remain infectious when suspended in air over long distances & time. What do we know about this route for #COVID19 #SARSCoV2? A #thread 🧵 Image
Experimental studies have generated #aerosols of infectious samples using high-powered jet nebulizers under controlled laboratory conditions. #SARSCoV2 #Covid_19 #IDtwitter Image
Some studies in #healthcare settings where symptomatic #COVID19 patients were cared for but where #aerosol generating procedures were not performed found #SARSCoV2 #RNA but the quantity of RNA detected was in extremely low numbers. #airborne #transmission Image
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NEW RISK LEVEL MAP: 12 counties have triggered enough indicators to be at Red Alert Level 3. Three of those counties are on the watch list, meaning they are close to reaching Level 4: Butler, Cuyahoga, Hamilton.

Franklin Co. dropped off the watch list. Huron now a Level 2.
WATCH LIST – HAMILTON COUNTY: Between 6-24 and 6-30, they had 1,124 cases reported, the largest number of #COVID19 weekly cases since the beginning of the pandemic. From 6-16 until 6-30, the average new cases per day doubled from 82 to 161.
From 6-16 and 6-30, visits for #COVID19 to the ER doubled from an average of 11 per day to 22. Between 6-16 and 7-2, the average outpatient visits more than tripled from 52 to 172 visits per day.
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WHO issued an updated scientific brief on #COVID19 transmission, which provides information on how, when and in which settings the virus spreads between people:
#COVID19 transmission occurs primarily through direct, indirect or close contact with infected people through their saliva and respiratory secretions, or through their respiratory droplets, which are expelled when they cough, sneeze, talk or sing.
Airborne #COVID19 transmission can occur in health care settings where specific medical procedures generate very small droplets - aerosols.
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#Ohio's #COVID19 data for July 9, 2020. It’s important to remember that these are lagging indicators. If the pattern we are seeing in other states continues, we can expect to see hospitalizations, ICU admissions, and deaths increase a few weeks after increases in cases. Image
Current Confirmed #COVID19 Patient Count in Ohio Hospitals. On June 26 there were 619 #COVID19 patients in hospitals around the state. Since then, we have increased to 905 as of today. Image
Testing and Positivity. We are seeing a “weekend effect” where the number of tests reported on Sat/Sun are generally lower than the numbers reported on weekdays. The positivity rate reported for July 7th was 6.4%, which is Ohio’s highest since 5/25. Image
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We know that #COVID19 prevention efforts and safety precautions will cause costs at schools to be more expensive than in years past. We want to help with these increasing costs.
I’ve spoken with leadership in the General Assembly, and we are requesting that the Controlling Board approve our initial request on Monday to allocate $200 million for higher education and $100 million for K-12 educational institutions.
This funding comes from federal CARES Act dollars and schools would be able to use it to meet their unique individual needs. We intend for this funding to be very flexible to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
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It's excellent news that @CACP_ACCP finally endorses decriminalization of simple drug possession. But since the "treat addiction as a health issue" chorus is getting really loud and obscuring the underlying problems (and intents) of today's drug laws, here's a thread/re-thread /1
Dr. @RebeccaSaah and I wrote a commentary on this last year and @AmJPrevMed published it in their first issue of 2020.

"Drug Decriminalization: a matter of what's just, not just a matter of health."
/2… Image
We should be thinking of drug laws in the context of #BlackLivesMatter and how poverty and homelessness have intersected with #COVID19.

And - while we're grateful that the CACP now endorses drug law reform - the issue also speaks to why #DefundThePolice is right. /3
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➡ @OhioHigherEd worked w/ colleges, universities, @OHdeptofhealth, and health experts to produce guidance for our campuses to reopen safely.
The guidance we are releasing today at includes minimum operating standards that should occur on all campuses, as well as best practices to further enhance those standards. Image
Each campus must develop policies and procedures for #COVID19 testing and isolation of symptomatic students, faculty, and staff members. Testing of symptomatic individuals should take priority over all other testing tactics.
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1. @WHO issued an update on how #Covid19 transmits. It says:
a) In some cases/places short-term aerosol transmission can't be ruled out, though droplet & fomite transmission could also explain these cases.
b) Most transmission occurs via droplets, from symptomatic people.
2. @WHO #Covid19 transmission brief update (continued):
c) most transmission seems to occur when people have symptoms or just before they develop symptoms.
d) it's not clear how often people who are truly asymptomatic — never have symptoms — transmit. Percentage thought to be low
3. @WHO #Covid19 transmission brief update (continued):
e) Fomites (virus on surfaces) are considered a likely mode of transmission, but no clear cases yet.
f) Not clear if transmission through blood is possible; risk seems low.
Document is here:…
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To properly control against multiple exposure pathways, it is critical that @WHO acknowledge the evolving continuum of sizes for "respiratory droplets" which extends from larger droplets which settle w/in 6 ft down to aerosols (<10 microns) which do not settle w/in 6 ft. (1/)
WHO needs to update their recommendations to address this distinction using a break that makes practical sense for protecting public health. Rather than an arbitrary size cut between "aerosols" and "droplets", the name should reflect the distinction in exposure pathway. (2/)
Aerosols are small enough to float in air and travel further than 6 ft and be inhaled (over short and long distances). Larger droplets on the other hand fall to the ground within 6 ft and expose people largely through contact/fomite transmission pathways. (3/)
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Koch Docs curator @thelisagraves is out with a report on Charles Koch's attempts to kill off the US Postal Service, since the 1970's. Published by @PubInterest @itstruenorth:…

Let's take a look at the findings.
@thelisagraves @PubInterest @itstruenorth Here's a gorgeous little timeline of how events unfolded.

A new and largely unknown Libertarian publication called Reason Magazine was starting to call for an end to the US Postal Service in the late 1960's.

Koch Industries CEO & Chairman Charles Koch liked the idea. Image
@thelisagraves @PubInterest @itstruenorth The USPS is one of few gov't agencies guaranteed in the US Constitution.

It's self-sufficient, there is *zero taxpayer support*

Our society & economy depend on it. USPS circulates 500 million mailings / day, to urban and rural areas alike.

Moar fax:….
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1/ Some interesting findings from CA #COVID19 data on race & age. Here's an time animation using a treemap chart
- Each row is an age range
- Each box is a race segment within that age range
- Size of the box is the number of cases
- Darkness of the box = deaths
(date up top)
2/ Latinos officially make up about 38% of the population of California but account for 50 to 60% of all cases. The bulk of the cases today are in the 18-34 age range. Take a look at the change from June to July.
- Cases double for that bracket! 17K to 33K but only 9 more deaths!
3/ As we've said before... unless #COVID19 figures out how to kill 20 and 30 year-olds this epidemic is gonna lose status pretty quickly. Just like in Florida... we know that WHO gets the virus is just as important as HOW MANY.
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THREAD: This is my response to the announcement from the @scotgov today of the need to change the fee status for future EU students as a result of the UK's departure from the European Union. 1/8
In many respects this is a sad day for Scotland – an unavoidable consequence of #Brexit, and one of the many ways in which the decision to leave the European Union will leave us diminished. Students from across Europe enhance our campuses and our country socially, culturally 2/8
and economically – and while the legal status of future EU students will soon change, the warm welcome and world-class education on offer in Scotland will not, and so I’m confident that many EU students will continue to choose to study here. 3/8
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Some of the Misattributed Deaths in Texas Discovered:

Monthly Houston Fire Department "Dead On Arrival (DOA)" Calls Rose 50 Deaths per Month in March, and were 75-100 Deaths per Month above average in April, May and June.…
(2) Some of the Misattributed Deaths in Texas Discovered:

Quick & Dirty Calcs:

Baseline 210/mo
Mar 250/mo, 40 Excess Deaths
Apr 288/mo, 78
May 281/mo, 71
Jun 296/mo, 86

275 Excess DOAs in Houston/Harris County alone.

Harris County: (411+275) = 686 Deaths (67% more)
(3) Through May 23rd, based on CDC Excess Natural Death counts, I estimated Texas had underreported #COVID19 Deaths by 82.9%.

The Houston DOA count raises Harris County's death toll by 67% all by itself.
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L’Europe veut mettre notre argent dans les énergies fossiles! Aujourd’hui nous votons sur les investissements dans les infrastructures énergétiques. Techno? Simple: va-t-on mettre notre argent ou pas dans la poche des pollueurs.#THREAD #climat #zerofossile
Fera-t-on bien le #GreenDeal pour protéger le #climat?! Selon deux rapports de Corporate Europe Observatory @corporateeurope , c’est mal parti : les fossiles ont encore toutes leurs entrées au royaume de la Commission européenne! Exemples.
Les principaux commissaires en charge du #EUGreenDeal #GreenDeal les ont rencontré 151 fois, soit 11 rencontres par semaine ! Et seulement 29 fois avec des représentants de l’intérêt général. Où est la #FossilFreePolitics ?!
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Is #COVID19 airborne? A contentious debate that flared up this week after 239 scientists (inc. 10 Cdns) signed a letter asking health bodies to recognize the potential. I wrote about the debate here and what you need to know, with a few points to follow:…
Many think "airborne" means the virus travels through the air, i.e. from a cough or sneeze. In the medical world, this form of spread is called droplet transmission. "Airborne" means viral particles are turned into very tiny aerosols that can stay suspended in air for hours.
Measles is a classic airborne illness and explains why it is so, so contagious. If someone with measles leaves a room, and an unvaccinated person enters two hours later, that person can get sick.
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