This article notably omits Peace Prize winner Y. Arafat. And while foreign policy doesn’t typically move American voters, it’s not just the nat-sec professionals who’ve noticed these developments. It’s also rank and file pro-Israel voters.
You don’t have to be a Trump fan to acknowledge that what’s happened in the Middle East over the last few weeks is “a BFD,” to quote a certain presidential nominee.
And @nytimes tut-tutting about Trump’s supporters not doing nuance deserves a side-eye, because his ardent detractors at NYT are clearly also not interested in nuance.

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9 Sep
I wrote about this last year, but it’s still bothering me — so many recent rom-coms are truly terrible.
There was one I watched not too long ago — I’ve pushed the title from my mind — where the heroine literally ended up with the wrong guy. Like, it was rom-com malpractice. I couldn’t believe anyone wrote or filmed it as such. Total travesty.
And last night I watched another where the male lead was great, but he was paired with a heroine who came across as so incredibly unlikeable in various ways, I wondered why we should believe this guy would fall for her.
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4 Sep
Wake me up when Biden criticizes *any* example of leftist antisemitism.
It’s not like Biden would have to look too hard. The examples of leftist antisemitism are pretty non-stop — on college campuses, among activists, and even among members of Congress.
But if Biden can never find a single, solitary person or organization to criticize among radical lefties, he’s proving that he will never call out antisemitism on his own political side.
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3 Sep
"It seems that American Jews don’t see anti-Semitism in America because they don’t want to, not because it isn’t real."
I'd qualify that and say "many" or "most," because it's certainly not true of all of us.…
"In fact, the frequency of attacks here is highly disproportionate, and rightfully alarming. Yet the reckoning taking place in Britain seems light years away from this side of the pond." This I agree with. Jews always top the FBI's list for religious hate crimes, and
the tiny community of British Jews did a remarkable job of coming together in the face of Corbynism. American Jews are still hugely divided.
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1 Sep
My review of @jackbuckby’s book on his journey to the far right and back is up in @thedispatch today. You’ll want to read it.
Here's the link --

I got interested in reading more about right wing extremism coming out of covering antisemitism, but given how much extremism has been in the news lately, this should be of interest to everyone.
Recent news has been like a real life ad for why you need to read Buckby’s book. Want to understand the backlash that will follow our anti-racist moment? How Antifa rioting helps the far right recruit? How people who were apolitical gravitate toward political extremes?
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20 Aug
Who are all of the silent people sitting socially distanced in the hall where Kamala is speaking? #DNC2020
Ooh, please don't do the Bill Clinton thumb shake.
So weird listening to a speech like this without any live response. This must be what it's like when pols practice their speeches in the bathroom mirror.
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18 Aug
Clyburn looks like he's delivering a SOTU response with no audience. If that's how every speech goes at both conventions, that'll be rough.
Is Eva Longoria now the in-house CNN anchor?
Janice Dean should've had the opportunity to rebut Cuomo's remarks.
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