Socialism, as it is applied in these corrupt regimes, is not a good thing. It also has nothing to do with Unity Consciousness, wherein everyone shares and all of the labor of every single person is valued.
It now seems to be the case that when we say, "We need to feed hungry kids," or, "We need to provide education to those who are capable of going to school, because they will pull society up with them as they learn," we are accused of being socialists.
It's important to go back to our past discussions about the nature of "Duality," which is the system human souls asked for, and got, for this planet. Duality is a system where the broadest range of choices are available to reach either polarity.
Duality is the reason the Annunaki, and the reptilians showed up on this planet--they were attracted to the Service to Self opportunities that existed because of Duality. And they taught humanity some really awful behaviors.
On the other hand, those who were resistant to becoming Service to Self have always had a plethora of opportunities to become Service to Others. Throughout our many lifetimes on this planet, we have each provided each other the opportunities to learn to be Service to Others.
Recognizing this, when we see a homeless person, or refugees at the border, running for their lives, or people in need of medical care they can't afford on their own, we are seeing the effects of Duality. Duality provides the maximum opportunities for SERVING OTHERS.
The Service to Self among us would like you to see those people who need your help, and assess them as being grifters who should be locked up, or allowed to die on the street because they lack health insurance or money for hospital care.
Moving towards Service to Others polarity requires that we extend the principles of Unity Consciousness to those in need of our Service to Others. It's just that simple. It also requires that we see everyone as the perfect fractal of the Creator which we all are.
Right now, 39 million people are being led down the path of Service to Self, which will eventually lead to their own futures that will not be joyful or glorious. The "storm" that is brewing is this war we need to avoid--a creation of the STS among us.
There is absolutely no problem in this world that cannot be resolved diplomatically. There is absolutely no reason to rise up and fight against those who do not share our same beliefs. There is no reason to kill another because their choices are not our choices.
Throughout Creation, the Service to Self are as valued and loved as souls as are the Service to Others. The big issue we have in dealing with Service to Self polarity is that it encourages STS souls to take the opportunities from those they seek to dominate.
Because souls are loved and valued no matter what their polarity, another Third Density cycle is already arranged for those who can't decide whom they will serve--themselves, or others. And, Fourth Density negative is already arranged for the STS.
Killing one's neighbors for opposing political beliefs is a really fast and easy way to develop Service to Self polarity. The Service to Self path is longer and more painful than the Service to Others path. STS souls will leave this planet as slaves on another planet.
The human part of me that remains loves my country. I am grateful for the opportunities I have had in my lifetime because I was an American, living in a peaceful country. My human heart breaks at the thought my nine little grandkids won't have the same opportunities.
I never thought I would live to see the day when Americans would be planning on taking up arms against fellow Americans. That was always something that happened in those other countries I heard about on the news.
I truly don't like being the bearer of bad news that I had to give you on Friday. Someone has to do it, though, and I agreed to do the job. Cognitive Dissonance is painful. Learning something we disagree with hurts our brains.
This Ascension Transition period will soon be over. Humanity will move on to their next opportunities--whether that is another Third Density cycle, or Fourth Density positive on the New Earth, or Fourth Density negative in the Orion Belt.
I could use my platform to blow sweet nothings at you and tell you things that are only pleasant. That would be letting all those down who are caught in something they think is good, that is only going to lead to something that will take 30-50 million years to resolve.
Instead, I choose to present you with the choice you can make now--to serve those who need your help, to develop your own Service to Others polarity. Life in Unity Consciousness will be worth every effort you have to make to serve those in need.
Again, it is solely your own choice to make, and your choice will be honored. I urge you to remove yourself from the corrupt social, political and religious control systems that are teaching Service to Self polarity. Anything not teaching Unity Consciousness is misleading you.
The very last plan that the GA came up with for this planet was to allow the powerful governments to be controlled by the STS. It was hoped you would see their actions and behaviors, and reject them, and polarize to Service to Others.
It is those very STS souls who are teaching STS polarity that will be the slave masters in Fourth Density negative. They have self-interest in converting souls to their way of thinking. I love all of you, and do not want to see you go through that.
If STS is the choice you want to make, I will stand with you as you go through the karma associated with the choice. You are always loved and valued as a soul, not matter who you choose to serve.

• • •

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