(1st Samuel 18, 25)
I became a superstar overnight- I never saw it coming.
I had entered the National Singing Competition, but I never thought I’d win in my wildest dreams!
There were better and more experienced singers in the country, but I won...
Maybe the judges loved me because at 15, I was the youngest.
Or maybe it was the song I entered that swayed them in my favor- the entire country loved the boy I composed it for:
My Country just won a war, thanks to one young fine boy who took out their champion:
Boy, he was FINE!
He was like the Brad Pitt of our time.
All the girls of my age were crushing on him. We all had his posters on our bedroom walls, his pictures as our phone wallpapers.
Any girl our age that was not crushing on David must have a problem.
Or planned to be a nun.
As I sang the song, “Saul has killed his thousands, but David his ten thousands”, I imagined people liked it, but I never knew they liked it this much.
So I rose from being the young girl who sang at her friend’s birthday parties to the one who sang at National Events!
I went round the country to sing, my face was splashed on magazines and the social media.
I was invited for interviews on TV, met with several media personalities and influencers.
I wanted to meet David!
But I knew his life had also taken a dramatic turn after he killed Goliath.
The King has recruited him into his army and he was busy.
He wasn’t on social media, so I could not send him a message.
For a 17 year old, he was discreet and shunned publicity, especially after killing that giant.
Our lives were like 2 parallel lines that could never meet:
He the young soldier working for the king, me the young musician just starting her career- though it was the song I composed for him that shot me into limelight.

As I grew older and developed my career, I started getting more than a few glances from guys...
By the time I clocked 21, I was getting marriage proposals!
I really wanted to develop my career, but my family was more interested in me getting married and “settling down”, as they say.

“I want to carry my grandchildren”, my mother would say.
“Don’t let this singing stop you from having a family of your own, Abigail!”

A few months later, I met Nabal, one of the most eligible bachelors in the Country.
He was a rich young man who loved flaunting his wealth.
We met at a party I was invited to sing...
He came after me with everything in his arsenal!
He proposed.
I accepted.

My friends were excited!
My mother was over the moon!
The blogs were in overdrive!
Social media went into a meltdown!
Nabal & Abigail- we were like the Banky W and Adesuwa of our time!
The Royal Couple...
I was caught up in the euphoria that followed, I did not really take time to know Nabal.
I was young and naïve.
We got married in a year.
It was the wedding of the century!
But deep down in my heart, I was troubled.
I did not feel that zing thing inside, but I went with the flow.
My family was happy.
My friends were happy.
I was popular when I sang that song a few years ago.
I became twice as popular when I married Nabal.
But by my 25th birthday, I was frustrated!
I realized I married a fool.
I married a man who had nothing to offer but money.
Indeed, you don’t judge a book by its cover. Nabal had money, nothing else.
He had serious self-esteem issues, he practically killed my career.
He wanted to be the ONLY star in the sky.
He married me as a challenge.
I was just a trophy on the mantelpiece, a medal around his neck.
In business, he was ruthless.
He took out all his competitors.
I practically married a monster!

A few weeks later, one of my husband’s operatives came in. “I need to speak to you urgently, ma’am!”
What happened?
I was a bit apprehensive!
I asked him to sit and talk.
My heart was beating rapidly- is it Nabal?
Is he dead?
I was shocked at my own thoughts!
“Ma’am, do you David- that guy that killed Goliath years ago?
(Are you kidding me- do I know David?)
The one on the run from King Saul? Well, we were with him and his men in the open plains.
They protected us against cattle rustlers.
They were a wall around us and the entire flock.
They didn’t ask for anything, they just helped us wade off all aggression against us.
David sent 3 guys to see Boss:
They asked him to please give them anything for the help they rendered.
But he spoke rudely to them and sent them away!
You know your husband is very daft…”
I was shocked!
Did this guy just tell me my husband IS daft? In that moment, it dawned on me that Nabal commanded no respect even among his own workers!

I dismissed him and quickly got to work.
I knew David had fallen out with the King.
I felt a bit responsible for that- it was my song that seemed to cause the fallout.
And to think this same David is so close by!

He had been off the media for a few years, I had no idea what he looked like now.
I quickly arranged food, loaded the truck and drove off to meet him.
I got to his camp as it was described to me and offloaded the stuff I brought.

As I offloaded the food in my jeans, t-shirt and boots, David stood there looking at me queerly.
I’m a woman- I KNEW that look!
David was still as handsome as he was 10 years ago when he came into national consciousness.
He was more matured, taller and had a very strong aura around him.
This man standing before me was destined for greatness.
I just KNEW it!
I pleaded with him to forgive and forget my husband’s rudeness.

It is said that there is a King and a Fool in every man, the one you speak to is the one that will respond.
I spoke to the King in him and he simmered.

I think I made an impression on him- he asked for my number!
I gladly gave it to him. “Please, I hope you will keep in touch, sir”, I heard myself say.
I wondered if he knew I wrote that song?

I got back home.
Nabal returned from work and threw a party.
I was not even aware he planned to throw a party that day!
Showed how far we were independent of each other, how un-involved we were with each other’s lives.

Next morning, I told him what transpired between David and I.
Nabal had a heart attack!
10 days later, he died.
I did not even know whether I should be happy or sad...
I was shocked at my own reaction to my husband’s death.
I started making burial arrangements immediately.
A few days later, my phone rang: it was David!

“Sorry for your loss, ma’am," he said.
"How are you doing?
When is the burial?
Please if you need any help, call me, ok?
I really would love to see you again!”

I was practically blushing!
“Please, call me Abigail. Are you busy right now? I’d love to see you again too!”

We got married a few months later.
After 10 years, the man I had always crushed on became my husband.

God is good!


• • •

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18 Sep
Psalm 50:5

My intercom rang.
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When you hear WINNERS CHAPEL, what/who comes to your mind?
When you hear MFM, what/who comes to mind?
When you hear RCCG, what/who comes mind?
When you hear DEEPER LIFE, what/who comes to mind?
When you hear TREM, what/who comes to mind?
I don’t think so…
What comes to mind is the Strong Men of these Churches, not Jesus.
We have succeeded in diverting attention from Him to these men.
We encourage people to give testimonies like, “I used to have migraine, but when our Daddy prayed for me, it disappeared! Hallelujah!”
Or: “I used to be epileptic, but when I came in contact with Papa, I go healed! Praise the Lord!”
We inadvertently amplify the man or the ministry, giving the impression there’s something “special” or “different” here, compared to others.
Superiority Complex.
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6 Sep
"Babe, I don't think this is fair. I don't make demands like other girls. The only thing I ask you to do for me won't cost you anything, but you have been refusing for the past 6 months. If you were in my shoes, I'm sure you won't like it. It's not fair, I don't like it!"
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But Funke WAS a Church girl and she wanted him to go to church with her...
Tayo didn't want to go to Church because he didn't want to be judged.
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4 Sep
(Daniel 5:1-28)

The Hand appeared suddenly.
The hall went quiet.
The King’s goblet fell off his hand, spilling his drink on his royal robes.
The queen fainted.
The National Security Adviser pissed in his pants.
The Service Chiefs tried to look brave…
The Hand moved to the wall and wrote:
“MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN” and disappeared as mysteriously as it appeared.

Suddenly, a loud scream rented the air.
Pandemonium everywhere...!
People rushed to the door to escape, trampling over each other, high heels piercing into the flesh of the fallen.
All the bottles of Jack Daniels, Bailey’s, Hennessy, Dom Perignon and Moet and Chandon crashed on the floor, spilling exotic and expensive drinks everywhere...
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