To note: No, there's not actually going to be a food shortage in the US. The only shortages that occurred weren't actual shortages; stores stock their shelves based on typical buying patterns. Panics lead to radically higher purchasing rates

Nowhere did production actually cease
Our food production, which is the most robust system of food production in the world keep in mind because it feeds much of the world FOR FREE and STILL turns a profit, chugged along just fine.

The problem is that interstate commerce got fucked up due to Dem govs and lockdowns.
With interstate commerce getting fucked up, the next most drastic problem became international shipping, which went tits up.

The US will not have a food shortage, but the Dem-Media apparatus will try to scare you into thinking there will be. The NYT is already trying.
Guaranteed: The Dems will, as a last minute October surprise, attempt to jury rig a famine panic and blame Trump for it.

That's going to be their last desperate play. It's the dumbest most suicidal move they could make, but its what they're going to try.
DO NOT let these motherfuckers scare you. DO NOT let these motherfuckers scare your neighbors.

Point in fact, the US will be the one place a food shortage COULDN'T happen, because WE WEREN'T ABLE TO SHIP OUT OUR EXCESS FUCKING FOOD WE GIVE THE REST OF THE WORLD FOR FREE.
Just food for thought.


• • •

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24 Sep
“Gee, Fudge, you were renowned for your taste in bourbon and your nigh-prescient horse race gambling skills, why did you leave Kentucky?”

Because, Mr Strahmann, the minute Beshear was elected by an off season surge of Louisville voters, I knew fuckery was afoot.



I remain the ONLY motherfucker, I repeat, the ONLY motherfucker, that talks about how hundreds of thousands of votes magically turned up in 2019 IN Louisville ONLY voting on the governor race.

Secretary of State and the AG of KY were both dems then. Beshear was the AG.
KY off-year elections don’t have a high turnout historically. The surge of Louisville voters brought the vote to 2016 levels. No one thought this was odd, apparently. No one questioned why these hundreds of thousands of votes only voted in the governor race. Except me.
Read 5 tweets
24 Sep
1) You know what, this deserves a proper thread. Because I do make a pretty wild claim, and it deserves scrutiny, so its put up or shut the fuck up time.

I’ll take a snapshot, 2014, so we have Scalia and the Wonder Twins on the court for the 5-4 balance.
2) I count 13 cases that directly involved the Federal Government (typically an agency like the DoJ or the EPA or what have you), I'm sorry, I don't feel up to seeing which cases the government filed briefs in for one side or the other, so I'm sticking to when they were party.
3) To note, Ginsburg sided with the majority opinion in all of these but one, Michigan v EPA. Note, this is just the majority opinion of the court, not which side they ruled on. I'm not going to spoil the fun by giving the answer away right at the start.
Read 29 tweets
22 Sep
1) Lemme riff about Mittens for a quick moment here.

The baseline, the key point, the tl;dr is, I really, REALLY don’t give a fuck about Mitt Romney. He’s a vote on a Senate floor and he’s not on the Judiciary committee. So long as he’s a yes to end cloture and confirm, fine.
2) This dude has had more scorn and vitriol heaped onto him from both sides of the aisle than nearly any other Senator.

Graham catches a lot of flak too. And Rubio. And Collins and Murkowski. When they break ranks on a topic, the new right is REAL quick to jump on them.
3) Why, exactly, are we so quick to attack them?

No, really. Why? They don’t listen to us, clearly, they aren’t accountable to us in any meaningful way, but people get so worked up in a frenzy to attack that its almost unreal.
Read 9 tweets
21 Sep
1) Alright, bet. Let’s talk rationally.

Do you know what killed Hillary?


She didn’t get turnout in key electoral states Trump targeted because she limited her campaign appearances and skipped the Rust Belt.
2) Seriously.

Mook’s models showed it was going to be a low turnout election, and the campaign thought that while they’d win electorally Hillary wouldn’t get a popular vote plurality so they threw GOTV efforts into New York and California.

The key turnout locations? A SHITSHOW.
3) So, Hillary’s campaign KNEW it would have turnout problems.

Hillary’s campaign had a GOTV effort, a larger ground game than Trump, and markedly higher enthusiasm than Biden does right now.

Biden’s campaign DOESNT have a gotv effort anywhere, ZERO ground game, low enthusiasm
Read 9 tweets
21 Sep
Some of you with my RED HOT WAY THE FUCK OUT THERE TAKE on Ginsburg are confusing a few things about my core assumptions. Allow me to clarify.
My assumptions are as follows:

Ginsburg was smart.

Ginsburg was not someone into symbology, symbolism, etc.

Ginsburg was a cranky bitch.

Preserving the judicial legacy and precedent she left behind took priority.

Nobody controlled the Notorious RBG.
I have studied Ginsburg A LOT. I like to think I have a very good read on her. Her writing had a very grounded tone and a heavh gravitas to it that mad it clear she was smarter than me. The Wonder Twins’ writing doesn’t have that effect. Nor do RBG’s recent clerks (Fucking hacks)
Read 9 tweets
21 Sep
1) Alright, its been long enough. 48 hours since the passing of the Notorious RBG.

Time for the lava hot take all you motherfuckers were waiting on.

Also, you bitch about the swearing, I block you, after quote tweeting and mocking you. Lotta new folks seeing me. I hate you all.
2) My first thought is: why the fuck am I seeing hits on Amy Barrett’s judicial record NOW? Fucking SERIOUSLY? Like, they may be right, I don’t fucking now, I just get drunk and read scotus decisions and study legalese as a hobby. But NOW? Where the fuck were these hits last year
3) Quite frankly, the GOP Senate and Trump have stated they’re going ALL IN on putting through an appointment, and they’ve been picking their potential judges years ahead of time ready for this, because deep down, WE ALL FUCKING KNEW Ginsburg was going to croak next.
Read 39 tweets

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