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29 Jun 20
1) People have already elaborated repeatedly on why the won't replace Biden.

Obviously that won't work. It hasn't worked the first hundred times people have explained it. So fuck that. I'm not explaining why I don't think they'll replace Biden.

I'll explain why they WANT Biden.
2) Why would they want a bumbling, stumbling, brain damage kid sniffer as their candidate? Who the fuck in their right mind thought that was a good idea?

That's what you're asking. I know that's what you're asking. That's what I've asked myself multiple times while musing on it.
3) And here's what I stumbled upon, the very simple conclusion that is inevitably reached.

The Democrats already have their leader. The Democrats don't need an actual President, they just need a warm butt to sit in the oval office and sign the unconstitutional executive orders.
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28 Jun 20
1) I can already guess what happened.

There have been foreign mercenaries in Afghanistan for awhile. Our troops used to have to record shit like what shoes dead combatants had on to identify what regions mercs were operating in.
2) We’re probably talking about an ‘assessment’, someone pulling a couple clues together and spitting out a hypothesis.

Having not seen the assessment, I’m assuming they determined that mercenaries were being paid on a ‘per kill’ basis, to guarantee good faith efforts by mercs
3) ‘Good faith’ meaning they weren’t just collecting paychecks getting drunk and fucking goats, they actually had to shoot at our soldiers.

It’s not unheard of; there are mercenary contracts in Eve Online that work the same way with records of kills acting as verification
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27 Jun 20
1) Continuing my late night thread.

Where I left off, I covered how the local socialist politicians would clear law enforcement off the streets, let the antifa goons riot, and then let the Nazis beat them back.

It was a proto-algerian strategy.
2) Let chaos reign as people who have and later attempted to take over cities and entire provinces tear up the streets, make the Weimar Republic look weak, then let the Nazis composed of the free company soldiers the socialists worked with before clean it up.
3) So, let me do some deep, deep thonking here.
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27 Jun 20
1) Late night musings here.

The Weimar Republic in Germany. It’s fall. Who it fell to.

The order of occurences in which it fell.

You know, that kind of thing.
2) The first thing to note; the applicability of ‘far left’ and ‘far right’ was ONLY done by ‘scholars’ such as the fraudsters of the Frankfurt School well after World War 2. The labels only make sense if you assume that there were cleanly drawn lines between disparate groups.
3) Throw out that assumption.

What you had were two umbrellas of groups.

The first were those who were trying to preserve Germany and the Weimar Republic, which was the equivalent of trying to fix a dam with duct tape.
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26 Jun 20
No, you know what, fuck you. If I decide I'm not going somewhere, I'm not fucking going. I haven't lost shit, plot or otherwise. I don't know who the fuck Bongino thinks he is, and I don't fucking care what he owns or doesn't own.
Bongino at no point has ever provoked me into thinking. At no point have I ever heard anything he says and gone, 'huh, let me contemplate this a bit more.'

I pursue thought. I pursue ideas. I pursue contemplation. Until Parler presents something like that, I'm not interested.
A hiveminded swarm of people going to a social media site because it's trending on Twitter? All that tells me is that I'll see a bunch of people hiveminding it up somewhere else.

I HATE, I viscerally HATE, being presented with the same dull dumb ideas constantly.
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25 Jun 20
"We’ve long held that anyone who becomes a news story, willingly or unwillingly, gives us license to examine and publish the details of their life. The death of Brooks caused us to question the ethical limits of that license." But not the conservatives that journos regularly hit.
Their defense of not covering his abuse of his children: 'it wasn't real child abuse.'

I'm not kidding.

"Brooks was accused of grabbing Miller’s wrist (battery), pulling her into another room (false imprisonment) and doing so in front of her 7-year-old son (child cruelty)."
Go fuck yourself @ajc you fucking hacks. You don't have journalistic integrity. You rigged your own rules to give yourselves a false moral high ground, and then the minute they weren't convenient for you, you threw them out with full knowledge of the damage you would cause.
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24 Jun 20

Ok, I'mma try to transcribe those notes into something legible, gimme a hot second.
2) NOTE: This is my best attempt. DO NOT TAKE THIS AS OFFICIAL IN ANY WAY. JFC his handwriting is godawful.

'Asst-D-ATG (?): Flynn calls. Other countries.'

'D-ATG (?): lean forward is useless' (???)

3) @JackPosobiec GET IN HERE FUCKER

Continuing on:

P: "These are unusual times" (Obama was officially involved in this. It gets worse)

VP: "I've been on intel committee for ten years and I never" (OFFICIALLY BIDEN WTF. He was never intel committee. Closest was foreign affairs)
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22 Jun 20
@LarrySchweikart Will having that much success at the national level manage to translate into success at the other level? I know you said you were a bit pessimistic about the Senate, and the 'throwaway Biden' hypothesis does mean more downballot. Are we still looking at a Dem congress/Trump pres?
@LarrySchweikart More dem cash downballot*
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21 Jun 20
Regarding the death in Wokeadishu: no shit the EMTs didn’t go in.

Here’s how it works:

EMTs ONLY enter an area when the police have it fully under control. Period. This is nationwide policy

This is due to liability laws decades of lawsuits have forced upon emergency responders
When police are absolutely certain there’s no threat to the EMTs, they allow them in. There have been instances of the police refusing for precious minutes to allow EMTs into an area because they weren’t certain whether there were, say, multiple shooters in a mass shooting.
People don’t understand that panic distorts recent memories. One motherfucker shoots up a place, but if someone panics and says there were multiple shooters, everyone inside is fucked because the police have to search every square inch for a phantom shooter, JUST IN CASE.
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18 Jun 20
1) The left right now is a zombie horde. @COsweda is doing a thread which brings up a great point; shooting them no longer works. Guns just rev them up further. They are beyond the point of rationality and self preservation.

They are the barbarian hordes at the gates.
2) You cannot meet their violence with more violence. It just won’t work. Deterrence is hardly a factor anymore. Police officers are no longer able to coerce people into proper behavior or cause submission with the threat of force.

These people have gone insane and no longer GAF
3) This is their strength and their weakness.

You see, this right now is a game of the small groups.

It is only a tiny minority causing the damage right now.

It is only a small minority egging them on

They are targeting a smaller minority with threats of violence as blackmail
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18 Jun 20
1) This brings to mind the hilarity of what happens when a group of nitwits demands an entire system and structure be thrown out, only to replace it bit by bit with the same damn thing.
2) Just.... usually worse, jury rigged, and ultimately ineffective, causing them to want the original bits back in the first place.

Get rid of police, and you get a warlord who's even more brutal, thuggish, and criminal.

Keep out ambulances, and you get street medics.
2) Where I saw this before came from the early hey-day of bitcoin.

Bitcoin, where a bunch of people said 'fuck all these financial institutions, we don't need any of that!'
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12 Jun 20
1) I'll tell you why. The local government is encouraging, even HELPING, them. Every Democrat up to the state level is doing everything they can to help them.

NOTE: I'm not talking about the police. The police chief herself is admitting they are hamstrung to respond.
2) Remember the ICE protests in Seattle?

That was a dry run for the antifa goons.

The mayor blocked the police from responding, and the ANTIFA goons set up a literal urban fortress to besiege ICE.

That's right. Antifastan? This is a rerun.…
3) An interesting note about the Democrat's/antifa's play right now.

They WANT to provoke a federal response. The first siege of the ICE location in Seattle was an experiment in how far they could go, how long they could keep it up for.
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10 Jun 20
1) Thread time.

The ANTIFA commies did it! They took the first step every communist uprising does in their rise to create a utopia!

Taking over someone else’s buildings after the hard construction work is done.
2) @COsweda did a wonderful thread earlier comparing the Seattle Autonomous Zone, or Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (lol chaz), to the Paris Commune that lasted 2 months and 10 days.

2) I would like to make one more comparison.

The Bavarian Soviet Republic.

Ever hear about it? No?

Well then you're in for a treat.

Rewind back to Germany, 1918.

World War 1 is over, the soldiers are unemployed, the economy is in utter fucking shambles, hyperinflation, etc.
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5 Jun 20
1) Why is Trump still on Twitter? Why does Trump not push back harder and flex some executive muscle against Twitter? Why hasn't he moved on to a different, less abusive platform? Why is Trump still here, and by extension, why are the rest of us still here?
2) I would like to present two aspects of strategy that explains this phenomena.

First, the principle, 'Make sure they see you sharpen your sword before you fall on it.'

Ok, seems a bit extreme, right? But think about what its saying. Think about it more metaphorically.
3) What if, by enduring suffering, by enduring unfair treatment, you actually benefit from a net gain in your position?

'Make sure they see you' is the key there. If you're going to suffer persecution, make sure EVERYONE IS AWARE of the persecution, make sure its very visible.
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4 Jun 20
(fixing a factual error my bad)

Keith Ellison is personally stepping into the George Floyd case and upping the charge to 2nd degree murder. Meanwhile, an autopsy revealed he was high on meth and fentanyl, and the left is burying the lead.…
"The 20-page report also indicates that Floyd had fentanyl and methamphetamine in his system at the time of his death"

Ie, just like Mr Montes-Bradley was discussing Sunday on the @Quodverum_ live discussion, a very likely case of drug-induced excited delirium.
"Excited delirium is characterized by agitation, aggression, acute distress and sudden death... It is typically associated with the use of drugs... and, most notably, sometimes with death of the affected person in the custody of law enforcement."…
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3 Jun 20
Regarding the Rosenstein hearing:

This isn't going to resolve anything. Questions most likely won't be answered.

Seriously, you think the SENATE is going to figure anything out? The SENATE? The Senate can't figure out how the fuck a small business payroll works!
No, what's going to happen is we'll see a bunch of vague non-answers, and the competing ideologies will cherry pick everything and declare vindication for their particular stance.

Fuck it.

The sooner we accept that no one's getting what they want, the sooner we can move on.
"Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit upon his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats."

Menken, 1919.

A writer who's work remain as relevant today as it did a century ago.
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2 Jun 20
Those obviously aren't Biden's hands. No way would any sane person let him that close to a child.

Also, 2 pairs of white hands? Racist. Get with the times, stop being stuck in the 1800's you bigots.
Seriously, I could make a lefty profile with all the waves and shit and by election time I'd be one of the biggest lefty profiles on Twitter, lefty social media morons are fucking easy as fuck to not only emulate, but to fool in mass.
I won't because I'm reasonably certain when I did the big reveal to laugh and wave my e-peen at them I would be targeted by leftist terrorists, sorry I meant Antifa, wait nevermind they're the same thing.
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2 Jun 20
1) This seems silly, but in reality, it is outright nefarious.

Like, we have already seen the results of this kind of policy, where law enforcement being threatened is so hamstrung they have to shoot people in the legs.

It's called Israel.
2) Israel, yep, a nation that is so completely hogtied by the global left that has an obsession with making sure they don't exist and have to live with knives to their throats were forced to implement this exact kind of policy.

3) In Israel, when a terrorist (typically Palestinian) uses a knife to go on a stabbing spree, police officers are not allowed to stop them immediately. Instead, they have to confront and demand the attacker stop. Then, and only then, can they shoot, and even then just the legs.
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1 Jun 20
Did you just call me a Q-troll like a dumb bitch? I'm the guy that yells for people to stop mainlining Q Anon into their taint, you idiot. And motherfucker, have you seen the small black owned businesses getting fucking torched by ANTIFA goons? Get the fuck out.
Here's why I'm calling ANTIFA white supremacists.

1) They're mostly white. Seriously, look at the arrest mugshots. They're 99% white, 1% maybe hispanic?

2) They target inner cities for their violence almost exclusively. You don't see them burning down suburbs, do you?
3) Their entire modus operandi when it comes to race-based protests revolves around the idea that black people are utterly incapable of resolving this issue themselves, and so they join the protests with the intention of causing havoc and chaos.
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31 May 20
Antifa are white supremacists, plain and simple.

It’s actually a totally logical assertion. Antifa is overwhelmingly white and target minority owned businesses and neighborhoods. You don’t see them attacking businesses in suburbs or rural areas which are predominately white.
That they’re working with BLM is not a knock against this assertion either. The strategy is that they join otherwise normal protests in solidarity, and then start causing damage and fires specifically to cause larger riots with minorities taking the brunt of the blame/blowback
And from a more cynical standpoint, we NEED to start labeling Antifa as white supremacists; the media uses white supremacists as an allegory for Trump supporters. If we reveal it TRULY applies to the Dems golden child Antifa, then they have to drop that label quickly.
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29 May 20

Does anyone know what tea specifically the Boston Tea Party targeted? Do you know WHY the Boston Tea Party actually happened?
The target of the Boston Tea Party was the British East India Company's tea being imported from China.

The reason they were targeted was that they were being exempted from the stamp taxes that had been placed on the cheaper tea that was being imported from the Caribbean.
So, in short, working hand in hand with British authorities, Chinese goods being imported were being given an unfair trade advantage in the American colonies.

As such, the ships targeted by the Boston Tea Party were intrinsically linked to authoritarian government enforcers.

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