I've received a lot of hate mail and DMs yesterday from people who saw me on MSNBC

Asked about Donald Trump's racial philosophy, I said: "Donald Trump sounds like a white man." I am not above admitting when I've said some stupid shit (and lord knows I have) but...

A thread:
First of all, let's be clear: The Republican Party is a WHITE PARTY. No Democratic President has won a majority of the white vote in 50 years. White people are 62% of the population but 81% of the GOP.

Maybe the Democratic Party has figured out a special technique that hypnotizes dumb poor black people. Everyone knows we don't wanna work because we want gov't "handouts."

But no one seems to be able to answer 1 question:

Why doesn't it work on poor, uneducated whites?
In fact, the MORE EDUCATION or the MORE MONEY a white person gets, the more likely they are to vote for the Democratic party
As you can see, Trump's talking points aren't REPUBLICAN talking points as much as they are talking points that reflect the political position of WHITE PEOPLE.

For instance, TRUMP doesn't think we pay too much attention to race. REPUBLICANS don't think that. WHITE PEOPLE DO.
When Trump dismissed the reality of white privilege to Bob Woodward, he didn't sound presidential.

He just sounds WHITE.

And if you have a problem with that, don't @ me. Holla at the 2 biggest and most respected pollsters in the known universe.
He dismissed systemic racism, despite the overwhelming amount of research and data proving disparities in every financial, educational and criminal justice institution in America.

But I know why white people don't agree with what I said:

They don't talk to each other about privilege or race
They don't see their whiteness as part of their identity (which is why they spout that reductive BS about "not seeing color" as if that is something to aspire to.)
But here's what I was talking about:

We don't know the America that Trump and white people are speaking of.

I can't count how often people tell me they grew up or live in a "diverse" neighborhood. But after I challenge them to look at the actual data, they are always shocked.
See, because America is still segregated, MOST WHITE PEOPLE people live in places where they are OVERREPRESENTED — EVEN IN THE MOST DIVERSE CITIES IN AMERICA
And when they do talk about race, it's with OTHER WHITE people.
Now, there are some people who think it's not fair to say "white people" when I'm talking about SOME white people. But I was referring to MOST white people. A statistically proven fact.

I didn't have time to list all the names, so I called them "white people"
The only reason it's racist to ask black people about black on black crime is bc 95% of us aren't criminals. If the MAJORITY of black people were, it would be fair.

See the difference?

I don't think wypipo are SPECIFICALLY talking about me when they discuss the "black vote."
If I were stampeded by a herd of elephants, and someone asked me what happened, I wouldn't list the elephants' names. I'd just say "elephants did it."

When someone mentions black unemployment, I don't scream: "I have a job!"
At my job, I use words. People actually pay me to use them. I like to think I'm decent at doing it.

Which is why, if I EVER mean "all white people," I would say it.

• • •

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19 Sep
First of all, anyone who says I didn't vote in 2016 (or any state, or local election since I turned 18) is a whole liar.

My job has never been to advocate for a political party or group. Let me be clear, I am a partisan. I am beholden to 1 constituency:

Black people.
The narrative that black voters didn't vote for Hillary because they didn't care or don't understand how the Supreme Court works is intellectually dishonest and reductive.

The Democratic Party's reluctance to stand up for black people is DIRECTLY TIED to their assumption that
Black voters are going to vote for Dems even if they do nothing to help us. EVEN IF they do harm to us.

While you may think that I am one of these entitled "blue checkmark" MFs, I ain't shit but a dirt poor nigga from SC who grew up in what muhfuckas called "the hood."
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Whenever we talk about reparations owed for the free labor of enslaved people, someone will inevitably argue how few white people owned slaves.

But it's Labor Day, so let me show you how everyone in America profited from slavery.

A thread:
First, we have to remember that the first Americans came here to escape religious persecution, which explains why this country is founded on liberty and freedom.


That's just something we tell kids when they're young enough to believe stupid shit.

It was about money.
The Jamestown settlers were actually owners and employees of a joint-stock company called the Virginia Company of London.

What was their purpose?

Well, aside from money, they wanted to civilize the "infidels and savages"

Their get-rich-quick scheme worked because of slavery
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5 Sep
People should stop saying how many people police kill each year. Or, if you want to throw out a number, preface it with “at least” because, the truth is, no one knows.

What’s crazier is how many AREN’T counted

(A thread)

Take Breonna Taylor, for instance.
The incident report lists her injuries as “none” and...
Actually, that’s it. If it didn’t happen in a city like Louisville, that’s all we know. One of the most understood stories is how often police lie on police reports and MOST media outlets will relay these reports as fact
What does this have to do with statistics?

Well, almost all the stats you hear about police killings come from media reports, which come directly from police reports, which always contain lies.

For instance , Dijon Kizzee reportedly “dropped a bundle that contained a gun”
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1/? Most people don’t know the dude Monica and Brandy argued over eventually broke up with both of them

Shortly after the breakup, she hired a young woman named Mary as his personal assistant but they had an affair.

She was his lover and his seckerturr...

She did not cry, tho
Mary broke up with him when he kept calling her to pick him up because he always got lost. Even GPSs wouldn’t help.

It turned out that he was secretly chasing waterfalls, refusing to stick to the rivers and the lakes he was used to.
After she kicked him to the curb, he found another woman who thought he was a cardiologist.

She unfortunately discovered the truth too late when, during a medical emergency, he revealed that he couldn’t unbreak her hear, and she could never breathe again
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30 Aug
A thread:

I was up late last night strategizing and came up with a new approach.

It is complex and it will take some coordination but here is
4-part plan for how local law enforcement agencies can stop these so “riots” before they even start:
1. Stop
2. Killing
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30 Aug
IMO, the next front in the movement for black lives is how they’re gonna sacrifice a bunch of black boys for the sake of entertainment.

Schools in the South have delayed their opens or moved to distance learning to protect their students, except in one area:

I love reading local small-town newspapers and I was shocked to find out that high school football has ALREADY STARTED!

In many of these states and towns, they have SHUT DOWN the school district because of coronavirus concerns but are letting them play football.
Take Alabama for instance. Alabama is a conservative state that wants to ‘open up its economy’ so of course they opened their schools right?


It’s too dangerous. Here are are the new cases in Alabama. Notice the resurgence in the last 2 weeks.
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