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14 Sep
I've received a lot of hate mail and DMs yesterday from people who saw me on MSNBC

Asked about Donald Trump's racial philosophy, I said: "Donald Trump sounds like a white man." I am not above admitting when I've said some stupid shit (and lord knows I have) but...

A thread:
First of all, let's be clear: The Republican Party is a WHITE PARTY. No Democratic President has won a majority of the white vote in 50 years. White people are 62% of the population but 81% of the GOP.

Maybe the Democratic Party has figured out a special technique that hypnotizes dumb poor black people. Everyone knows we don't wanna work because we want gov't "handouts."

But no one seems to be able to answer 1 question:

Why doesn't it work on poor, uneducated whites?
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7 Sep
Whenever we talk about reparations owed for the free labor of enslaved people, someone will inevitably argue how few white people owned slaves.

But it's Labor Day, so let me show you how everyone in America profited from slavery.

A thread:
First, we have to remember that the first Americans came here to escape religious persecution, which explains why this country is founded on liberty and freedom.


That's just something we tell kids when they're young enough to believe stupid shit.

It was about money.
The Jamestown settlers were actually owners and employees of a joint-stock company called the Virginia Company of London.

What was their purpose?

Well, aside from money, they wanted to civilize the "infidels and savages"

Their get-rich-quick scheme worked because of slavery
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5 Sep
People should stop saying how many people police kill each year. Or, if you want to throw out a number, preface it with “at least” because, the truth is, no one knows.

What’s crazier is how many AREN’T counted

(A thread)

Take Breonna Taylor, for instance.
The incident report lists her injuries as “none” and...
Actually, that’s it. If it didn’t happen in a city like Louisville, that’s all we know. One of the most understood stories is how often police lie on police reports and MOST media outlets will relay these reports as fact
What does this have to do with statistics?

Well, almost all the stats you hear about police killings come from media reports, which come directly from police reports, which always contain lies.

For instance , Dijon Kizzee reportedly “dropped a bundle that contained a gun”
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1 Sep
1/? Most people don’t know the dude Monica and Brandy argued over eventually broke up with both of them

Shortly after the breakup, she hired a young woman named Mary as his personal assistant but they had an affair.

She was his lover and his seckerturr...

She did not cry, tho
Mary broke up with him when he kept calling her to pick him up because he always got lost. Even GPSs wouldn’t help.

It turned out that he was secretly chasing waterfalls, refusing to stick to the rivers and the lakes he was used to.
After she kicked him to the curb, he found another woman who thought he was a cardiologist.

She unfortunately discovered the truth too late when, during a medical emergency, he revealed that he couldn’t unbreak her hear, and she could never breathe again
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30 Aug
A thread:

I was up late last night strategizing and came up with a new approach.

It is complex and it will take some coordination but here is
4-part plan for how local law enforcement agencies can stop these so “riots” before they even start:
1. Stop
2. Killing
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30 Aug
IMO, the next front in the movement for black lives is how they’re gonna sacrifice a bunch of black boys for the sake of entertainment.

Schools in the South have delayed their opens or moved to distance learning to protect their students, except in one area:

I love reading local small-town newspapers and I was shocked to find out that high school football has ALREADY STARTED!

In many of these states and towns, they have SHUT DOWN the school district because of coronavirus concerns but are letting them play football.
Take Alabama for instance. Alabama is a conservative state that wants to ‘open up its economy’ so of course they opened their schools right?


It’s too dangerous. Here are are the new cases in Alabama. Notice the resurgence in the last 2 weeks.
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26 Aug
If we are going to follow Kimberly Guilfoyle's logic that Puerto Rico isn't part of the United States, then she should also acknowledge another fact that she probably doesn't know:

The first person to settle in America was black.

Who was it?

You tell me.

A thread:
The candidates come down to three choices.

The first one was this fine-ass black dude who might have been enslaved or he might have been an African prince —Historians disagree.

All we know is that he left Kongol, went to Portugal & ended up Spain, converting to Catholicism
This makes sense because Catholic church services are very short and this dude was very young. When he converted to Catholicism, he changed his name to Juan Garrido, which translates to "Johnny Handsome" because...of course.

When Juan was 15 years old, Ponce De Leon asked him:
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24 Aug
You do not EVER have to sharing video of a cop lynching a black man.

Here’s why.

A thread:
If you want to show police brutality, you can go back to 1638, when the first police force in America, the Boston Watch, started.

Why was it created?

Well, let one of the cops tell you;
But of course, the police didn’t do that after 1783, when Massachusetts outlawed slavery, right?

Let’s ask the Society for Propagating the Gospel among the Indians and Others in North America.
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23 Aug
Everyone believes Trump is using the USPS to sway the 2020 election.

I don’t.

I think this is about the 2016 election.

Everything you're about to read has been publicly reported. I'm finna show you something.

A thread:
First let me say this: This ain't no conspiracy theory.


Since the 2016 election, I’ve sought out the top experts in the country on voter suppression and election tampering. Some wouldn’t go on the record but a partial list of those who did are:
Again, those are only people who went ON THE RECORD

They all came to 3 conclusions.

1. Our current election systems can be hacked

2. The only way to ensure a secure vote is hand-marked paper ballots.

I know that’s only 2 things (I’ll get to the third)
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11 Aug
Had to take a break from my social media hiatus to share some great news!.
Also, there’s some news on the medical front:
Also, if you check Wikipedia you might learn this:
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31 Jul
Wanna see how disregarding facts and believing Trump and the GOP's BS can kill you?

A thread:

First of all, I can barely watch any cable news channel talk about the coronavirus because they keep giving us whole numbers, which means absolutely nothing.
9 of the 10 states with the worst COVID-19 outbreaks PER CAPITA are run by Republican Governors.

At #10 is Idaho, run by Republican Brad Little.

Over the past month, Iowa's infection rate has skyrocketed but Brad wears a cowboy hat s he doesn't give a fuck about masks.
#9 is South Carolina's governor Henry McMaster.

SC's confirmed cases has risen by 2,000% since March, but to be fair, Henry McMaster is stupid.

Seriously, he said masks give people a "false sense of security," so he said he hasn't issued a mask mandate
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28 Jul
In every white savior movie there’s always a kid named Jimmy. Jimmy lives in a poor, underresourced school that doesn’t have a STEM program and has three books in the library, so he joins a gang

Sometimes, in the movie, Jimmy is a slave. Jimmy is kind, smart and idealistic.
All Jimmy the Slave wants is to be free. But whenever Jimmy’s cruel slavemaster catches Jimmy daydreaming, he whips Jimmy to within inches of his life.

But Jimmy keeps fighting because Jimmy has the one thing you can’t kill:

Or sometimes Jimmy is a woman. Jimmy the Woman’s boyfriend is very abusive but Jimmy has two kids and they need a father.

Then, one night, Jimmy the Woman gets in a fight with her boyfriend and kills him.

Now Jimmy is awaiting trial for murder.
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23 Jul
Let me show you why this white-centric hyperbolic fear is mired in white supremacy.

First of all, the notion that being more inclusive renders black people as “other” fails to recognize that academic institutions teach whiteness as the default (and therefore, “correct”) culture.
What else does Mark Twain’s writings represent besides white people’s version of Ebonics? He is considered a master of AMERICAN literature but he was really ghetto as fuck.

He was a great storyteller whose literary faults made him “accessible to the common man”... white people
Or look at Walt Whitman, who dropped out of school at 11 years old.

His poetry was without form and lacked classical style. Yet, he is considered one of the greatest American poets... And he is, partly because he wasn’t criticized for having a lack of classical training.
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18 Jul
Never forget that 55 years ago, Conservatives left the Democratic Party and became Republicans after cops attacked an unarmed protester who conservatives said was a marxist agitator who hated America & instigated violence.

That protester’s name was John Lewis
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18 Jul
Terry Crews isn't wrong... I'm also against black supremacy.

But there's a great reason I would NEVER tweet about the dangers of black supremacy:

Because it will never happen. You know who's stop it?

Black people.

A thread:
On September 9, 1739, an enslaved Kongol warrior named Jemmy, along with 22 other warriors that he recruited, started kicking white people's asses in South Carolina.

They had guns, hatchets and machetes and other enslaved people joined in and burned 2 dozen plantations.
Yes, these motherfuckers were FURIOUS about being enslaved. So what was their plan? Were they going to kill all the white people and take over?

Nope. They only killed slaveowners and people who got in their way. They weren't even trying to take over. They were headed to Florida
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12 Jul
I'm so tired of the "big government" argument.

For years, I have been working on an economic theory on why people hate "big gov't"—especially in the South.

Here's the answer:

"Small government" allows white people to steal black people's wealth.


A thread
Now, first, you have to understand that most "big government" haters don't know shit about history.
For instance, if you've ever said anything about racism and politics on social media, I'm sure an airheaded, Republican, Fox News-watcher explained to you that the "Democrats are the party of KKK " and the Republicans "ended slavery and passed Civil Rights and voting rights."
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10 Jul
Everyone is using this bird site to shine a light on work stolen from black creators but if you want to hear something crazy, here's a story that I've known about for years but paid no attention to.

A (non-history) thread:
My best friend had two brothers, the youngest, Kelvin, was much younger than us. He was young and had too much energy, so they tried their best to ignore him but he was always around.

But, because he was always around, I'd have long conversations with Kelvin.
I would also play video games with him because his brothers were very competitive and hated losing. And Kevin would literally study the code of the games, find all the quirks and use it to his advantage. And he was unapologetic about it, too.
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9 Jul
On July 9, a few years ago, a speech about fighting oppression got out of control. The protest organizer wanted it to be nonviolent but protesters started destroying property and attacking law enforcement officers.

A (relatively short) thread:
The march was supposed to be against injustice and inequality. But unlike previous protests, this protest crowd was mixed with white people, black people and even a few indigenous people.

They had a whole list of complaints.
First of all, they complained that the government was anti-immigration.

They wanted criminal justice reform.

They were tired of being overpoliced.

Their voting rights were being suppressed.

They wanted reparations.

The shooting of an unarmed black man had started a riot
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5 Jul
This narrative that black people who want an accurate reflection of history are "angry and resentful" leaves us with one logical takeaway:

White people don't want to know history because they can't handle the truth.

A thread.
First, let's be clear: The Founders were racists.

They weren't "products of their time." They KNEW slavery was wrong. They KNEW it was inhumane.

Gouverneur Morris, who literally wrote the Preamble said this during the Constitutional debates
James Madison, who wrote the Constitution, "thought it wrong to admit in the Constitution the idea that there could be property in men."

Even Lincoln was a white supremacist. That's not my opinion. He said it himself when asked about freeing slaves:
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26 Jun
This might be the most controversial thing I ever tweeted but it’s time America faces the truth about a group of beloved historical figures, so here goes:

Blanche, Dorothy, Rose $ Sophia—The Golden Girls—were actually members of an organized crime syndicate.

A thread:
Y’all probably think they were innocent widowers because that’s what they WANT you to think. Nah, these women were gangsters.

The Golden Girls debuted in 1985, right at the beginning of the crack cocaine epidemic.

They moved there to “push that weight”
The muscle of the organization was provided by Rose, (or as we called her, “Ruthless” Rose Nyland. Rose acted innocent & sweet but she wasn’t as dumb as she pretended

She claimed her husband died but anyone with 2 eyes can see she killed her husband for the insurance money.
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18 Jun
There's something very misleading about this graphic that is very important to black lives and shows the importance of black media and journalists.

Most of the reports you read about police killings come from major outlets.

Most of the stuff you read about police killings is a lie.

There are people at some of those outlets like @WesleyLowery, who has a thing called the Pulitzer prize for reporting on Ferguson but...
For the most part, unless there is a big uproar, here's how almost every police shooting is reported:

"Officer X encountered Thug Y. Thug Y pointed a gun at Officer X and Officer X died."

Most major news organizations take pride in reporting without bias.
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