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17 Sep
People really just say shit without actually knowing WTF they’re talking about.

Bill “I’m-not-a-white-supremacist-but-you-gotta-admit-that-white-people-are-supreme” Maher even said singing it was like “segregation”

Is it, though?

A thread.
We won’t start by talking about how the National Anthem was written by Francis Scott Key—a slave owner who started the American Colonization Society to get FREE black Americans achieve a goal white people often email me about -

Go back to Africa ImageImage
We don’t even have to talk about the fact that the Star Spangled Banner is racist itself…

I’m assuming you can read…
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16 Sep
The 16th Street Bombing was 58 years ago.

But just like MOST things, most of us really know the real story:

A thread
The first thing a lot of people think is that this surprise attack "shook the city" and the world.

Not really.

While it was a despicable act, for people in Birmingham, it wasn't that much of a surprise. White supremacist terrorists did this ALL the time in Birmingham.
There's even a part of the city called Dynamite Hill because, during the Civil Rights Era,* more than 50 homes in the city were bombed by white supremacists.

Sixteenth Street Baptist Church isn't in Dynamite Hill.

*Also, when I talk about the Civil Rights Era...
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29 Aug
This is a good point.

When anti-vaxxers cite their freedoms, constitutional rights, and–the whitest thing of all–the Founding Fathers to rail against vaccine mandates, do they know what they're talking about?

What if I told you this happens EXACTLY every 100 years?

A thread.
In 1706, the members of a Boston church gave the pastor Cotton Mather a gift bag with a very special present--an enslaved Black man named Onesimus.

( That's how they collected tithes and offerings, but times were very different back then)

But Mather couldn't STAND Onesimus
Some of it was because Onesimus laughed his ass off when Mather tried to convince him that God was white. Mather said Onesimus was "wicked" because he was too smart. Plus, Onesimus tried to tell Mather something that was unbelievable.

In Africa, they had cured smallpox. Image
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21 Aug
When will we address the attacks on our most prominent Black families that the entertainment industry has allowed to happen for half a century?

It’s time to expose the truth.

A thread.
I know some people will call this a conspiracy theory but I’ve been tracking this for 40 years and the public needs to know about it. If nothing else, we need to protect ourselves.

It began with the murder of Elizabeth Sanford in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles
Some people say that the killer was targeting Fred, but its clear it was a coordinated attack. I don’t know who did it, but I bet the police were involved. Why do you think Hoppy and Smitty were always snooping around? And everyone knows Rollo was an undercover agent
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17 Aug
Remember when we were the Taliban?

A thread
Remember when we wanted to spread Christianity to ppl who "live in Darkness and miserable Ignorance of the true Knowledge and Worship of God, and may in time bring the Infidels and Savages, living in those parts, to human Civility, and to a settled and quiet Government"?
Oh, wait... That was the First Charter of the Virginia Company of London who built...*checks notes*...Jamestown
About 75-80% of the Black people who fought in the US jihad we called the American Revolution fought AGAINST the USA

At least England had the decency to evacuate them.
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8 Aug
Chip Roy is the worst kind of lying hypocrite.

A thread (real quick)

When Chip Roy enrolled in @UVA in 1990, he had to provide his immunization record before he could step foot on campus. He did the same at @UTexasLaw. Was that a mandate or a passport? But wait… There’s more.
In 2011, Chip Roy was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. Thankfully, he survived with the help of chemo and a drug called Brentuximab, which had been GRANTED ACCELERATED APPROVAL at the time.
Sound familiar?

And here’s the thing about vaccine passports and mandates:
In 1922, the Supreme Court declared that schools could require “vaccine certificates” after a woman named Rosalyn Zucht challenged a state law.

Roy knows this, not just because he went to law school. But Rosalyn Zucht was literally from the district represented by Chip Roy.
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4 Aug
Some people say this tweet from @realcandaceo is xenophobic and racist.

See, Candance Owens doesn't actually know things. She's a lot more dumb than she is racist. So here are some facts:

1. MOST unauthorized immigrants don't cross the border. A not-dumb person would know this.
2. In the last 10 yrs, more unauthorized immigrants left the US than entered illegally. That's why the unauthorized immigrant population has declined

Also, more than 100 people have entered my home. They also left. Only a dumb person would wonder why my house isn't crowded.
3. Opening borders wouldn't help Democrats

Even if Candace Owens was smart enough to know how math works, she would still be too dumb to know that immigration policy is determined on the federal level. Only citizens to vote in federal elections.
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2 Aug
The Allegory of The Third-Floor Piano

A thread:
Years ago, a poor blacksmith was working for a wealthy slave trader when he heard an enslaved woman playing a beautiful song on a piano.

The blacksmith had never heard anything like it in his life. He had to hear the song again. He began working to build his wealth
Once he got rich, the formerly poor blacksmith went to the wealthy slave trader to purchase the enslaved woman but the slave trader refused.

“That’s how I get all my customers!” Said the wealthy man. “I hire her out to teach ppl how to play, but she isn’t for sale.”
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31 Jul
5,000 yrs from now, archaeologists discover an immaculately preserved American dwelling circa 1950-2000 but can’t figure out who lived there.

Suddenly, the Black archaeologist finds one item and confidently declares

“A Black family lived here.”

Post a pic of what she found.
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25 Jul
The Lincoln Project is about to get a lot of donations but Here’s the thing about this thread by Steve Schmidt, why democracy is in danger, and why people love Donald Trump:

A thread.
First of all, we can’t act like this country has never been this divided before. Before the Civil War, it was worse than that. There was a whole intra-state civil war over whether or not Kansas would allow slavery. The
Pro-slavery Democrats burned down an entire KS town and stole a cannon. A pro slavery Democrat beat Charles Sumner damn near to death ON THE FLOOR OF CONGRESS. They had to throw out entire elections.

Then there was the CIVIL WAR civil war. You know, the big one
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20 Jul
It finally happened. One of my worst fears came true today but with faith and courage, I managed to overcome this nightmare scenario.

I was working from home, minding my business when my dog came to let me know he needed to go outside. I’m letting him out in the backyard when I get a message on slack that I’m supposed to be in a meeting, so I leave the back door cracked so he can come back in
Halfway through the meeting, I hear tapping. I figure it’s Omar. He’s 165 lbs & can open the door with his face, but he’s so dumb (or polite) that EVEN WHEN THE DOOR IS OPEN, he won’t come in unless I explicitly let him in (or maybe he’s a vampire)

I go upstairs to let him in
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13 Jul
This tweet is hilarious

No one has EVER said they wanted to eat, shop and live around white people. In fact, the TRUE origin of legalized segregation has to do with something that NO ONE (aside from @sullydish) wants to talk about truthfully:

Fear of a Black penis.

A thread.
See, for years, white people have believed, for some reason, that Black men find white women irresistible. No one knows where it came from. But it is a thing that a LOT of white people believe.

It's has shaped American history in ways we don't talk about.
I know it sounds lewd, but let's see:

When white people first came and stole the land, they said the people & children "which shall happen to be born within...any of the Limits and Precincts of the said several Colonies and Plantations.. "
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9 Jul
Some outlets say Zaila Avante-Garde is the first Black woman to win the Scripps National Spelling Bee, but she’s the 1st AFRICAN AMERICAN

Jody-Anne Maxwell from Jamaica won in 1998

Others say she’s won the NATIONAL SPELLING BEE, which is an interesting story…

A thread
The National Spelling Bee that we watch started in 1925. But it was the SECOND one.

The first National Spelling Bee one was held in 1908 but something crazy happened.
Now, to understand how big this was, you gotta remember, there was no NBA, NFL, baseball was all-white and Netflix had very little content so people used to get together and do boring shit like make blankets or husk corn.
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4 Jul
On this day, 102 years ago, an event kicked off one of the worst periods of white backlash in history.

It started because of a 4th of a July parade.

A thread
Every year, the town of Bisbee, AZ held a big 4th of July parade. And, as usual, the racist police officers were the stars.

White folks in Bisbee LOVED the police
Mostly because it gave them jobs. See, Bisbee had gold, silver & copper mines along with turquoise deposits. Ofin the early 1900s Mexican workers began coming to Bisbee to work in the copper mines because something happening across the US made copper really popular:

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3 Jul
Why I think we need to outlaw the Fourth of July and the CRT (Caucasian Revolution Tale)

A Thread
First of all, I have never studied this so-called document but i know it’s divisive.

Do we want our children “declaring their independence” when they can’t work out their differences?

Plus it teaches that we are “endowed by our creator” with certain unalienable rights.
Is this what we want our children to believe? That, instead of working hard for their rights, they have to wait for an endowment from a a creator who governs all?

This sounds like a government handout to me.
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29 Jun
Wait… what did Whoopi say?

Saying something crazy like Biden or Establishment Democrats ended apartheid would be easily to dismantle.

A thread:
One of the reasons we don’t know what’s going on now is because we don’t understand history. Some Folks seriously think that Trump is the most racist president ever.

Sheeeit. Ronald Reagan would like a word with you outside.
Ronald Reagan dog whistles were just as loud as Trump’s.

Remember, after living under Reagan for 4 years, in 1984 he got the smallest percentage of the Black vote in history. White voters loved him, though.
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25 Jun
A cool thing just happened with one of my favorite stories about Black History.

It began when a Black community went up against LITERALLY one of the most powerful corporations in America

A thread:
My hometown, Hartsville, SC didn’t fully integrate its schools until the 90s. But in 1982, they closed the black high school/middle school.

It was named for a local pastor and preacher.
After the school closed down, this huge property was just sitting there. No one could afford the upkeep.

Meanwhile a family-owned business was looking for a place to try out it’s new plan to revolutionize small-town shopping with a thing they called the “superstore”
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24 Jun
Ohhh @DanCrenshawTX likes to get "facts straight" about voting rights.

So let's do it.

A thread.
First of all, Dan Crenshaw represents Texas' second district, part of which includes Harris County, some places over there & some other parts

It's hard to explain because Crenshaw's district can only be accurately described as: "the white people near Houston"

Look at this:
See, the 2010 census showedTexas gained 4 million new people. But Texas had to figure out how to keep their districts majority-white, so the GOP gerrymandered the electoral map so bad, a federal court said:

"Come on y'all. You be racist but I can't let you be THAT racist!"
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11 Jun
This is damn near impossible. It's like asking: "Can you briefly explain how the universe works?"

However, there are some things people should know.

A thread.
First of all, you should know that critical theory, as a tool for examining social structures, has been around for more than a century.

Broadly put, no social structure is perfect, and all social structures must be examined
And we know that when you examine or "critique" something, especially a society, the critique is NEVER objective. It is always colored by the perspective of the observer. I know this sounds like something someone says when the edible kicked in, but here's an example.
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2 Jun
Well actually, medical Jim Crow BEEN here.

And I know white folks are gonna point to poverty and "socioeconomic status" but I'mma just post some facts:

A thread
Census tracts with predominantly black populations are more than 2x as likely to lose hospitals, clinics and pharmacies.

And it's not just "poverty."

When they controlled for income, mortality rate & ppl over 65, the disparities were even HIGHER.…
Again, it's not poverty. Another study found:

"25.6% of Blacks live in zip codes with few or no primary care physicians, compared to 9.6% of Asian and 13.2 % of Whites. The disparity disappeared for Hispanics after controlling for socioeconomic factors."…
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30 May
On the 100th Anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre, let's acknowledge that what happened in Greenwood was not a spontaneous eruption of hatred.

That's the narrative that America likes to portray but what happened on May 31, 1921, is an example of systemic racism.

A thread
First of all, we have a false notion that Tulsa was an oasis of exceptional Black people. It wasn't even the MOST POPULAR "Black Wall Street."

Look up the Hayti neighborhood in Durham. Look up Boley, Oklahoma. Look up Richmond's Black Wall Street.…
And this is not to dismiss Tulsa. I'm just saying that we shouldn't feed into the narrative that Black ownership and success is extraordinary.

Every time Black people are left to their own devices, excellence emerges.
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