A fake debate is on in Tamil Nadu based on 3 suicides due to NEET. Truth is, the number of suicides due to choice has been declining since the advent of NEET. Suicide due to exams in Tamil Nadu in 2015 322. 215 in 2019 (NCRB Reports 2015 & 2019 on accidental deaths & suicides)
A student, who failed the NEET exam in Delhi, fell from the 8th floor and committed suicide. It did not become a political issue. google.co.in/amp/s/archive.…
Suicide because to exam & results is a common problem. Maharashtra is 1st . Tamil Nadu 2nd. It is unfortunate that the campaign & debate are going on as if suicide in TN stared only because of NEET. NEET kills only a few. Other exams kill hundreds. Why not ban all exams
The number of suicides due to love failure is 656. (2019 NCRB data) 3 times as much as the exam. Love is 3 times more guilty than NEET Exam? What to do to Valentine’s Day which promotes love. Politicians will not comment on this.
The number of suicidee due to alcohol/drugs in Tamil Nadu has increased from 242 in 2012. 522 in 2014. 722 in 2016. 1042 in 2019. 4 times in 7 years. It would be good if politicians commented on this as well. They will not.
Leave the politicians. Why TV channels, magazines and intellectuals, which hyped the three NEET related suicides are hiding these facts. As politicians do politics by NEET suicides they do business by it. Truth must come out beyond all lies. This is the situation today

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14 Sep
தமிழகத்தில் நீட் காரணமாக 3 தற்கொலைகள் நடந்ததை வைத்து பொய் விவாதம் நடக்கிறது. உண்மையில் நீட் வந்தபிறகு தேர்வு காரணமாக நடக்கும் தற்கொலைகள் குறைந்து இருக்கின்றன. தமிழகத்தில் 2015 இல் தேர்வு காரணமாக தற்கொலை 322. 2019 இல் 215 (NCRB Reports 2015 & 2019 on accidental deaths & suicides)
பரீட்சை, அதன் முடிவு காரணமாக தற்கொலை பொதுவான பிரச்சினை. அதில் மகாராஷ்டிரா முதல் இடம். தமிழகம் இரண்டாவது. எனவே நீட் காரணமாகத்தான் தற்கொலை தற்கொலை துவங்கி இருப்பது போல பிரச்சாரமும் விவாதமும் நடப்பது துரதிர்ஷ்டம். பரிட்சைகளால் தற்கொலை நடக்கிறது என்றால் பரிட்சையே வேண்டாமா?
டெல்லியில் நீட் தேர்வில் தோல்வி அடைந்த மணவன் 8 வது மாடியில் இருந்து விழுந்து தற்கொலை செய்து கொண்டான். அது அரசியல் பிரச்சினை ஆகவில்லை. google.co.in/amp/s/archive.…
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9 Sep
This intellectual terrorism against judiciary by left & liberals has been part of secular India. They do it commanding respect. Contra the SC particularly one judge hounded Modi from 2010. Was personally involved in preparing his defence. Not a single word escaped against SC
In the Sorahbuddin encounter case the SC was in possession of the CBI confidential report which had revealed the sorahbuddin operation was joint operation by Rajasthan & Gujarat (BJP) Andhra (congress) and IB was coordinating it. But this was not made available to the accused.
I exposed the CBI perfidy in NI Express
1.Interrogating the media
2.Fixing Shah, by fabrication
3.CBI betrays court bails out Congress expressbuzz.com/opinion/column
4.CBI betrayed, court to save Congress.
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1 Sep
Surprised at how media is reporting on Q2 GDP. “Worst crash” “Economy in ICU” Fact is nation stopped working. So no production, no income, no spend. Only if nation works but doesn’t earn it is fall. It hasn’t worked at all. It is like cut in pay for not working. Illiterate media
World data of cut in GDP: US -33%,
UK -21%,
Singapore -42.9%,
Japan -27.8%,
France -14%
Canada 38.7%
Singapore 42.9% It is not as if cut is only in India. It is a global crises which has no relation to economics
Some people compare china’s 6% cut and ask why India’s cut is 4 times. China had lock down only in Wuhan and some cities in Hubei involving only 68 million people 5% of china’s population. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/COVID-19_…. Still it had a 6% cut. Entire India was locked down for 2 months
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3 Aug
@svembu A philosophy of life that links Artha & Kama with dharma with ultimate belief in Moksha is the answer to worship of animal spirit in economics which need to be moderated, not promoted. We have escaped this because of combine of community family &religion of all kinds
The global focus of the last 70 years on money without relations is the cause of the current malady gifted by the West to the Rest. A UN advisory in 1951 told the underdeveloped nations to give up their philosophy and culture if they wanted to develop. That was put our curriculum
Karl Marx wrote in 1853 changeless Indian socio economic model is centred on villages. people worship cows & monkeys, semi barbaric. Though distressed at British destroying India’s socio economc order he said it was pleasurable destruction as it will prepare India for revolution
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17 Jul
National Herald Scam II brewing. Tamil Nadu congress committee trust has properties worth 20k crores. Annual income crs. Kanishk Singh Rahul Gandhi's right hand has taken over the trust documents and accounts. What are trustees like GK Vasan and Jayanthi Natarajan doing
None of the trustees seem to be aware of the accounts. The trust was built by Ramnath Goenka and Kamaraj after the famous 1958 Avadi congress yielded huge money with which properties were bought. The state congress has become like National Herald. Has only properties. Not party
So it is an untenanted asset being taken over by usurpers. We are investigating.
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19 May
*ARNAB VS SONIA Sena govt battle:
Supreme Court ruled, “All FIRs and complaints arising out of same broadcast made by the petitioner. Complaints in identical terms. The language content and sequencing of complaints is identical and “Multiple complaints will have stifling effect”
SC further observed, “India's freedom of press stays as long as journalists can speak truth to power”. The Apex Court clearly stated, “Journalistic freedom centripetal to press freedom”
SC added ‘Article 32 of the Constitution protects fundamental right of citizens. Petitioner is a media journalist and journalists have a fundamental right to speak truth to power.’
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