Question: Where is East?
Answer: Oh! Just look at the Sun !

Now, Imagine, You Landed at Sun,
Then where is East?

Let's Explore 'दिक्' आयाम (heard दिग्विजय)
& Truth of Space-Time #Thread
Have you Noted from Earth, Moon, Sun, Heavenly Bodies to SubAtomic Particles, everything moves in predesignated paths for predesignated time.

This motion is NOT Arbitrary

Absolute Direction is a Must (दिक्)
A Secret of प्रकृति, without which
Nature Cannot Sustain
First understand काल -It is the relative Time Experience. When an object is created it is programmed with predestined TIME
Property of Time is कृतांत . It Begins and Ends an Action.
Refer Chart Below:
As per Vedic Cosmology the Universe has already been there in cycles of Manifestation & Unmanifestations .

Our local universe lives for 100 Yrs of Brahma and then a New Universe Manifests (311Trillion Years).

Kalpa is Time for our Solar System Only.
When Universe is already there, there is Nothing like SPACE creation in West parallance
There is Only
Absolute Direction + Time Experience
दिक् + काल
Direction guides the predestined movements of atomic particles to Cosmic bodies
This sustains an order in Universe !
SPACE-TIME is Wrong, it's दिक्-काल
Word -दिग्विजय- Conqueror in all Directions comes from दिक्

Without a Governing दिक् ruled by the supreme

Planets to subAtomic particles will Loose their sense of direction
There are 10 Directions in Vaastu Shaastra.
SPACE-TIME is Wrong, it's दिक्-काल
Word -दिग्विजय- Conqueror in all Directions comes from दिक्
Without a Governing दिक् ruled by the supreme
Planets to subAtomic particles will Loose their sense of direction
There are 10 Directions in Vaastu Shaastra.
These 10Directions give rise to Vaastu Shaastra
-These 10 Directions Cover the Entire Universe
-दिक् is very important in Ayurveda for growing Herbs, for Construction as Each Direction is ruled by supreme force
-दिक् आयाम is ruled by Shree Vishnu, hence he is called Sustainer
You can Read in Depth interesting Aspects here
P.S. of above #Thread

Guardians of 10 Directions = दिग्पाल
1.उर्ध्व - ब्रह्मा
2.ईशान - शिव व ईश
3.पूर्व - इंद्र
4.आग्नेय - अग्नि
5.दक्षिण - यम
6.नैऋत्य - नऋति
7.पश्चिम - वरुण
8.वायव्य - मारुत
9.उत्तर - कुबेर
10.अधो - अनंत

For Absolute Direction - Explore ध्रुव तारा, NEP, NCP
P.S. - Read this👇🏻

• • •

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20 Sep
The Enigmatic White Light !

Explained Scientifically ! #Thread Begins
2/2 The Energy Levels Increase from Red to Violet
-From Least Frequency to Highest
-From Least Shakti to Highest.
-From Mooladhaar Chakra to Sahasraar Sahasraar.


3/3 After Analyzing above
we are Now Ready to Dive Till End this Thread.

Just one humble instruction. Go till End.
You will be a Changed Person

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19 Sep
Was it Really Nehru ji behind all this?
Be Ready for the Unexpected !
Often we see such Arguements, which leave many of us without Answer. #Thread Begins
1/n ~It is Not Pandit Nehru BUT visionaries Dr. Shyama Prasad ,Ramaswami Muralidhar, Amrit Kaur, Mahraj of Mysore,WalchanHirachand ,NR Sarkar Behind: IITs, AIIMs, HAL, IISc, CSIR, BARC, TIFR etc.

Giving you PROOF, No one Can REFUTE
Shocking but TRUE !
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17 Sep
Let's Love BABUR,
But First ! Let's Read बाबर-नामा

I will show you small Trailer,
Movie you can Imagine
First Let's Know a Bit about Great BABUR
Born in present day: UZBEKISTAN

His MOTHER from Lineage of
Father from Lineage of Noblest Soul
Tughlugh ' TIMUR '
Check the Details below.

BABUR Ruled India only 4 YEARS
But I feel Like 400 Years
His Full Name was


-GHAZI- Means Islam!c Soldier Who Fights Against the
Inf!dels to Establish The Great Rule
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13 Sep
Why SUNDAY is Sunday & MONDAY a Monday #Thread
1/n Sunset to Sunrise is Hindu DayNight
DayNight=Ahoratra-अहो-रात्र (अहो-Day, रात्र-Night)
Vedic Solar Day is Divided into 24 hours as Earth Rotates ~24hrs on Axis
Each hour is Called 'Hora' from aHORAtra
Sounds Familiar with Hour ??
But there is another thing Called Muhurat
जल्दी करिए मुहूर्त , निकला जा रहा है :)
Muhurat=48 Minutes
-30 Muhurats in a Day
-So, 30x48min = 24 Hours
Yes Yes this 24 hours is also Indian Concept.
Muhurat => the Ease/Difficulty Level a particular Task can be Accomplished.
96min before Sunrise Starts BrahmMuhurat
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8 Sep

This Shloka in अनुष्टुप छंद,
~As a Praise for श्री कृष्ण
~Codifies 'pi' π upto of 32 Dec.Places

गोपीभाग्यमधुव्रात शृङ्गिशोदधिसंधिग |
खलजीवितखाताव गलहालारसंधर ||

Let’s see How, Why, What of it #Thread

Modern Value of 'pi' π :
Shloka Value of 'pi' π
3 1415926536897932384626433832792

Secret Behind:
~KaTaPaYadi coding in AncientMaths due to Shruti
~Numbers in 2 ways: भूतसंख्या or कटपयादि code

The Shloka is in अनुष्टुप छंद ,Let's decode:
Surprising Accuracy, used by ऋषि?

~By using 15 Places of decimal of 'pi' π
Earth's Circumference can b Calculated
as Accurate as 1 Molecule Variation

~By using 32Places of decimal of 'pi' π
Universe's Circumference can b Calculated
as Accurate as 1 Molecule Variation
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6 Sep
SECRETS OF श्राप & आशीर्वाद ?
SCIENTIFIC PROOF behind Curse & Boons?
~Why Death Happens
~अगले 7 दिन में मृत्यु
~May you Live Long
~10 हाथी हा बल

It might turn out a Life Changing Experience.
#HinduismIsSCIENCE !

#Thread Begins
Recall your IMP. OBSERVATIONS in Act of a Curse श्राप ?

'-Both parties generally near each other समक्ष
-The Cursing person holds Water in Palm & Speaks the Curse
-Water is thrown towards the Cursed
-The Cursing person is a Learned one & his Energy is Consumed in process
So first we will learn with Scientific Proof:
~The Science of Water
~Science of Hand Palm
~Science of Human Body DNA
~Science of Aura, Chakra & Pineal Gland
It will help you understand the deep Secrets.
Read 29 tweets

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