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18 Oct
Your View Will Change Forever
#Thread Begins
मेरा एक काम (kaam) है, करेगा ?
Shouldnt Mean
I've a Work, will you do it?
Should Mean:
I've a Desire, will You Fulfil it?

Kaam Dev काम देव is the force that activates desires in human conscious, to ACT. S3X is one of the Desires
Kaam Dev is GOD for Desires, Not S3X God. 1/n
Let's Now Dive into
-Does Kama mean S3X in our culture?
-Who Was Great Vastyanan Muni, Fakely Presented in Utsav Movie
-What do Nastik&Astik Mean?
-What are the SIX दर्शन of Sanatan Dharma?
-What is Purusharth? 2/n
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20 Sep
The Enigmatic White Light !

Explained Scientifically ! #Thread Begins
2/2 The Energy Levels Increase from Red to Violet
-From Least Frequency to Highest
-From Least Shakti to Highest.
-From Mooladhaar Chakra to Sahasraar Sahasraar.


3/3 After Analyzing above
we are Now Ready to Dive Till End this Thread.

Just one humble instruction. Go till End.
You will be a Changed Person

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19 Sep
Was it Really Nehru ji behind all this?
Be Ready for the Unexpected !
Often we see such Arguements, which leave many of us without Answer. #Thread Begins
1/n ~It is Not Pandit Nehru BUT visionaries Dr. Shyama Prasad ,Ramaswami Muralidhar, Amrit Kaur, Mahraj of Mysore,WalchanHirachand ,NR Sarkar Behind: IITs, AIIMs, HAL, IISc, CSIR, BARC, TIFR etc.

Giving you PROOF, No one Can REFUTE
Shocking but TRUE !
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17 Sep
Let's Love BABUR,
But First ! Let's Read बाबर-नामा

I will show you small Trailer,
Movie you can Imagine
First Let's Know a Bit about Great BABUR
Born in present day: UZBEKISTAN

His MOTHER from Lineage of
Father from Lineage of Noblest Soul
Tughlugh ' TIMUR '
Check the Details below.

BABUR Ruled India only 4 YEARS
But I feel Like 400 Years
His Full Name was


-GHAZI- Means Islam!c Soldier Who Fights Against the
Inf!dels to Establish The Great Rule
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14 Sep
Question: Where is East?
Answer: Oh! Just look at the Sun !

Now, Imagine, You Landed at Sun,
Then where is East?

Let's Explore 'दिक्' आयाम (heard दिग्विजय)
& Truth of Space-Time #Thread
Have you Noted from Earth, Moon, Sun, Heavenly Bodies to SubAtomic Particles, everything moves in predesignated paths for predesignated time.

This motion is NOT Arbitrary

Absolute Direction is a Must (दिक्)
A Secret of प्रकृति, without which
Nature Cannot Sustain
First understand काल -It is the relative Time Experience. When an object is created it is programmed with predestined TIME
Property of Time is कृतांत . It Begins and Ends an Action.
Refer Chart Below:
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13 Sep
Why SUNDAY is Sunday & MONDAY a Monday #Thread
1/n Sunset to Sunrise is Hindu DayNight
DayNight=Ahoratra-अहो-रात्र (अहो-Day, रात्र-Night)
Vedic Solar Day is Divided into 24 hours as Earth Rotates ~24hrs on Axis
Each hour is Called 'Hora' from aHORAtra
Sounds Familiar with Hour ??
But there is another thing Called Muhurat
जल्दी करिए मुहूर्त , निकला जा रहा है :)
Muhurat=48 Minutes
-30 Muhurats in a Day
-So, 30x48min = 24 Hours
Yes Yes this 24 hours is also Indian Concept.
Muhurat => the Ease/Difficulty Level a particular Task can be Accomplished.
96min before Sunrise Starts BrahmMuhurat
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8 Sep

This Shloka in अनुष्टुप छंद,
~As a Praise for श्री कृष्ण
~Codifies 'pi' π upto of 32 Dec.Places

गोपीभाग्यमधुव्रात शृङ्गिशोदधिसंधिग |
खलजीवितखाताव गलहालारसंधर ||

Let’s see How, Why, What of it #Thread

Modern Value of 'pi' π :
Shloka Value of 'pi' π
3 1415926536897932384626433832792

Secret Behind:
~KaTaPaYadi coding in AncientMaths due to Shruti
~Numbers in 2 ways: भूतसंख्या or कटपयादि code

The Shloka is in अनुष्टुप छंद ,Let's decode:
Surprising Accuracy, used by ऋषि?

~By using 15 Places of decimal of 'pi' π
Earth's Circumference can b Calculated
as Accurate as 1 Molecule Variation

~By using 32Places of decimal of 'pi' π
Universe's Circumference can b Calculated
as Accurate as 1 Molecule Variation
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6 Sep
SECRETS OF श्राप & आशीर्वाद ?
SCIENTIFIC PROOF behind Curse & Boons?
~Why Death Happens
~अगले 7 दिन में मृत्यु
~May you Live Long
~10 हाथी हा बल

It might turn out a Life Changing Experience.
#HinduismIsSCIENCE !

#Thread Begins
Recall your IMP. OBSERVATIONS in Act of a Curse श्राप ?

'-Both parties generally near each other समक्ष
-The Cursing person holds Water in Palm & Speaks the Curse
-Water is thrown towards the Cursed
-The Cursing person is a Learned one & his Energy is Consumed in process
So first we will learn with Scientific Proof:
~The Science of Water
~Science of Hand Palm
~Science of Human Body DNA
~Science of Aura, Chakra & Pineal Gland
It will help you understand the deep Secrets.
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29 Aug
Ancient Unknown Secrets :
> Bow, Arrow & Chord

Over 1500 Years Ago
-Trigonometric Tables of Sine/Cosine.
-were made by Genius ऋषि Aryabhata
-using Concept of Bow,Arrow &Chord

(Zoom the Pic to Feel it)

#Thread will take you to a Fascinating Journey how it reached West.
2/n But Before We go to the Fascinating Journey Let's Read this Imp. Article from Saudi Aramco Portal of Govt of SAUDI ARABIA.
3/n But Let's Just Pause, and See this, it will make the Content More Relevant
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28 Aug
Do We Know?

In CONSTITUTION there is NOT a Single Word Mentioning:

'Muslim' OR 'Muslims as Minorities'

Muslim brothers were classified as Minority by Congress Govt. based on an Act dt May1992

#Thread Begins. #KYइतिहास
2/4 Surprisingly Constitution doesn't define Minority
~Secular Congress in May1992 brought 'National Comm for Minorities Act' bt No mention of Musl!m Brothers yet.
~Hurriedly, based on Act, it issued Notification in 1993 & Included Musl!ms &Others, bt Left Jains🤦‍♂️
Bt Notification didn't 'Translate to Benefits' as more focus on Dalit politics + rise of BJP

'Muslim Brothers have 1st rights on resources'-is linked to Sachhar Committee by Secular Congress in 2005, wherein Benefits Must be passed on to this poor community to Uplift them
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21 Aug
Next time a Gora accuses u of Caste System, Show them backyard of their SURNAMES Linkage to Occupation

-Walker= Walkd on Raw cloth 2thicken

#Thread begins
British Unable to understand Varna System, Divided us in Castes thru CENSUS.

Backus = Baker
Barber = a Barber
Barker= leather tanner
Bell = has Job of Bell Ringer
Best = Animal Keeper(Beasts)
Bird= who Hunted Birds
Bishop= someone in family as Bishop
Butler = Wine Steward
Carter = operating cart for transportation
Chandler= Candle Seller.
Chaplin = a Servant
Chase = Hunter
Dexter= Dyer
Duke = Royal Nobelman
Earl = Warrior
Faulkner =Falcon Keeper
Fischer = Fisherman
Fletcher =attached feather to arrow
Foster =scissor maker
Fuller =cloth worker
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9 Aug
#सरल_संस्कृत :
~वर्णमाला is designed to originate from कंठ till Exhaling from the Lips
~Even without Speaking you can feel the वर्णमाला
~You can write ""shout out"", animalvoice, sore-throat
~Samskrit वर्णमाला is Richer than Hindi

Let's Learn Directly From Panini's अष्टाध्यायी Image
2/n To decipher the numbers mentioned in the Shloka underlined by blue lines, Matrix in below thread will help you.
~Do you realise now why knowing Counting of Samskrit is important.
There are 63 वर्ण in Samskrit Varna Maala as against 52 in Hindi
21 -स्वर
25 -स्पर्श
8- यादि
Today we will cover Just स्वर which are Total 21 in Samskrit Vs 11 in Hindi Varnmaala Vs ONLY 5 in English
~The same is mentioned in Below Sutra by Panini. Image
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26 Jul
#SWASTIKA is a Brahmi Script SCIENTIFIC Representation of swirling OM ॐ with Creative Power.

~Swastika Can be Right or Left Faced.
~Right Faced Swastika =>Swirling Motion in पंचमहाभूत by Shakti(Force) in time (Shiva) leading to CREATION OF MATTER. But Left Faced... 1/5
...Left Faced Swastika is Less Common , as it represents the AntiMatter Creation thru AntiClockwise Motion
~From Atom to MilkyWay (मंदाकिनी) -motion
~Journal of Mathematics & Theoretical Physics also confirms the anti clockwise Motion of Anti Matter. @subhash_kak
~Germans adopted everything Aryan, Language to Symbols to get an Identity in competition with British& French
-Hitler used Right faced Swastika as it resembled two Hooked S (Socialism)
~More in Germany know Samskrit with Millions of Manuscripts , than In India
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19 Jul
MANGALSUTRA- is it regressive ?

~Well, we have been Told so by Left Liberals and movie #VeeraDiWedding.

~What do you have to say. Pour in Your View/Questions/Doubts?

#RealFeminism: Day1
With us Eminent LadiesPanel
@RituRathaur @jytkoul @ratihegde
@SaksshiInExile @purnimakoul
This #Thread will try to explore the Vedic, Scientific & Social importance of Mangalsutra:
~MangalSutra & Shankaracharya
~Mangalsutra & YogicChakra
~Mangalsutra & a Husband's Promise
~Mangalsutra &VedicStudies+Yagya

@RituRathaur @jytkoul @ratihegde
@SaksshiInExile @purnimakoul
~MangalSutra earliest Mentions is in Verse69 of सौंदर्यलहरी by adiShankaraCharya (Verse 1-41 by Shiva Himself & 42-100 by adi ShankarCharya)
~The 3 threads represent TrikaShakti of Shaivism Para, Apara & Para-Apara:
~Husband&Wife considered replica Shiva-Shakti in Hinduism
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18 Jul
Can u Please do a small Task?
Can u pls find out what is:-
~Project JOSHUA

If you are a Proud Hindu, The answer will Churn u inside-out. The picture below isn't a coincidence , but part of above Projects with theme:
@HinduITCell @Rajput_Ramesh @narendramodi @LegalLro 2/n
Mission Statement of Project JOSHUA is "Bringing Definition to the UNFINISHED TASK" of Gospel in every mind i.e. 100% Conversion

Their Monitoring is Exemplary, Nothing Less than Shocking

Check yourself.

@noconversion @Sanjay_Dixit @RituRathaur
3/n Billions of Dollars get pumped in
Media, Tribal areas, Employments, Bureaucracy, Politics ..U name it, it is there.

They use a Window of Target 10/40 for Asian/African People, who are resistant due to strong local values but may not be financially well off.
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1 Jul
This Thread Exposes some of the Critical questions, You will be Shocked to know

1. Daughter of exPM Manmohanji Works where?
2. How is Congress Related Delhi Riots?
3. Who is George Soros - Enemy No 1

Read till End. 1/5
-Ms. Amrita Singh is the Daughter of Former PM Honbl Dr. Manmohan Singh.
-She is Director, Open Society Foundation
-George Soros is an American Billionaire, who founded and has Funded 38Billion Dollars to Open Society Organisation
2.85Lakh Crore!!

But What is Wrong about it?
George Soros's Foundation, Supports Radical ,Anti Jewish, Pro Palestine Elements
Critical of Trump, Supporter of Democrats
24.01.20, he pledges 1BillionUSD =Rs 7500 Crore to Fight "Fascist Modi" thru Liberal Media&NGOs

-Trump Visit was 24.Feb.20,
-Delhi Riots were 23.Feb.20
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30 Jun
Like an A.C., Body has to maintain 37℃
Feet are Imp Heat Radiators of the Body

But we Copy West:
1. Choke Feet(Radiator) with Socks
2. Then Put Shoes over Socks
3. Sweat&Exhaust Full day
4. Take off Stinky Socks in Night

Imagine doing this to an AC radiator 1/4
TEMP Regulator-Hypothalamus
-Hypothalamus also Calibrates Body Shape thru Pituitary Gland/TSH.
-Covering Feet impacts Hypothalamus & causes Excessive Heats up, Sweating & Dehydration & leads to मोटापा/Thyroid issues.
3/4 -Disturbing Hypothalamus disturbs वाक,पित्त,कफ balance & causes Diseases
-It suits the West, because of Cold they need to Cover feet & prevent Body Heat loss
-But does it Make sense to Wear socks and Shoes in Hot/Humid Indian Climate
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14 Jun
1947 Partition is not Only 2MillionDe@ths, but Colossal Destruction of Dharma
Lost Places of Pakistan:
-Prahladpuri: Place of Lord Narasimh Avatar
-Shaktipeeths: Where the Brain&Righthand of MaaShakti fell
-Learning Centers: SharadaPeeth/Taxila
-Yaksha Sarovar
2/n Along with the m@ssacare we Lost Unaccounted Precious History.
Pl Check the Graph and Understand the Origins of Famous Places you hear Often. The illustration Uncovers the Root Original Names of:
Neelum Valley
3/n Now We will Cover One by One, What we Lost in these Places. But Before that, Pause for a Moment and see the MahaShivratri Celebrations in Karachi, Pakistan.
Naman to those Millions who Lost their Life, Property and History Just to save Dharma

#Thread TOP 10 Lost History:
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9 Jun
1. How &When did Humans Originate?
1. What happens on 31Dec, dt We All celebrate NewYear?
2.Why Scientifically we Call Earth "Mother"
3.Who Came First Egg or Chicken
4. How Old is the Universe
5.CosmicTime Scales ScientificallyExplained
#Thread #KYD
2/n Let us absorb below Points First:
1. Celestial Config is NOT Unique, Repeats in 25920Yr (360Deg*72Yrs/Deg)
2. We are Not a 5000 Yr Old Civilization, We are Infinitely Old , Time is Cyclical
3. Ignoring Concepts of MahaYuga, Kalpa etc=Giving up Smd. Bhagvat Gita & Veda
3/n There are Two Things Scientists haven't Figured Out.
-How Old Human Race is
-How Actually Species Came into being.
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3 Jun
#MythBuster- #KYD Series

Fascinating Truth of KAMASUTRA &it's Present Version
-Does Kama mean S3X in our culture?
-Who Was Great Vastyanan Muni, Fakely Presented in Utsav Movie
-What do Nastik&Astik Mean?
-What are the SIX दर्शन of Sanatan Dharma?
-What is Purusharth?

2/n Stand Up! Comedy is Not Funny-Mostly Vulgar, Left-Centric, Anti-Hindu
*4 Consistencies in StandUps:-
-West is Cool, Hindu is Regressive & Fool.
-Kamasutra is compared with Porn
-S3X is Cool for Left, Perversion for Right
So Friend Time to Know our Dharma in #KYD Series
3/n Before IT Revolution, Most People in the West, Knew India as a Land of Snake Charmers & KamaSutra (Perceived as a S3x Manual)
Because this was, what was Shown to them Mostly
The Below Thread Will Unravel Many Essentials , We All Indians Must Know and Feel Proud of. Let's Go!
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27 May
#SantanSecrets thru Science&Logic- #KYD

-Truth of SHIVA LINGAM, Wrongly compared to Phallus (Male Organ)
-Secret Design &Unknown Truths of Shival Lingam !
-What is Time, Space & Higher Dimensions
-Secrets of Einstien's E=MC2
-Why Should I pour MILK on ShivaLingam?
Ling लिंग /Lingam Means a Symbol&Implier to visualize the person/object it is pointing to.
It Doesn't Mean an ORGAN
-Apple is Lingam for Steve Jobs
-Specs are Lingam for Mahatma Gandhi
-Stethoscope is Lingam for Doctor
-LionCapital is Lingam for the Republic of India
-स्त्रीलिंग-Feminine(Not FEMALE)
Names with 1,3,5 Syllables&Ending in LongVowel-कविता,अर्चना r Feminine
-पुलिंग-Masculine (Not MALE)
Names with 2,4,6 Syllables&Ending in ShortVowel-रवि, राम r Masculine
-These Names can be of -Activity,Human, Object
-NOTHING to do with Organ
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