A thing about the people who will IMMEDIATELY just flat-out make-up scenarios to explain why it was good the police beat or shot someone don't actually believe it. What they believe is that it's good and cool to hurt people both in general and in specific groups.
Police are living their racist, violent, antisocial dreams and they're happy that it's happening in the same way that some people are happy to watch rapacious billionaires exploit and despoil.
In the same way that some people sympathize with the rich because they need to believe that can be them one day -- in the same way they see themselves as "temporarily embarrassed millionaires" -- some people think they are murderers who simply lack the opportunity to murder.
The people who fantasize about shooting or beating their exes (or their currents), the people who want to teach "those people" (for whatever value thereof) a lesson with a sack of doorknobs... they will be first in line to protect the police's right to commit violence.
You know the meme about how weird nerds will line up to defend Elon Musk from the tamest joke or mildest criticism? There are a lot of racist violence fans who are that way for police.
A journalist gets slammed to the ground for being a journalist?

"She should have thought of that before some jerk cut me off in traffic. That will teach her to have the cute barista not give me her phone number."

It's the stymied violent impulses of the cowardly and aggrieved.

• • •

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19 Sep
Reason I decided to have some wine yesterday after having done a frankly alarming amount of work sober the past few months is that I'm hitting a mental block on finishing up the combat system for Dragons, and So On... that is mostly getting over D&D and similar games baggage.
Today I'm instead re-reading how a bunch of other games that are not necessarily what I want to play and yet also very not D&D handle such things, to convince my lizard brain that yes it's allowed for us to do things differently.
Fate Core is probably the closest to what I am going for, and I'm finding its existence reassuring in a way that wine and whiskey failed.
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19 Sep
Yes, let's please not do this, Christians. If it doesn't seem like a big deal to you, please sit with that feeling rather than turning it into an argument.
I love Amazing Grace. It's one of my favorite Christian songs, but it is a Christian song, about a very Christian concept of salvation and really particularly about Christian conversion.
It's not a small thing to realize that something that gives you hope and joy and courage in the face of adversity sounds like a threat to people whose faith and culture aren't backed by cultural hegemony and empire.
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I regret some of the typos I made last night.
Also my decision to eyeball gauge how much Fireball I added to the wine.
Cinnamon and fruit are complementary flavors!

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19 Sep
Hey, isn't it weird how when Democrats appoint to SCOTUS they're expected by Republicans and media to respect "the balance of the court" but when a Republican has a chance to do so there is nobody saying one word about that?
Before they settled on "LOL, nope, we're just not going to let a Democratic president appoint anybody. Not this one, not the next one.", that was part of the argument in the Senate: that Scalia's seat was a Republican seat and Dems shouldn't expect to remake the court with it.
The Republican Party can just invent unwritten rules and gentlemen's agreements and longstanding principles out of whole cloth and people go along with it.
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18 Sep
I have only two moods: why do I care so much, and why do you care so much. Everything else is a cunning illusion.
I don't actually exist. Screenshot of the video game Legend of Zelda showing a mobli
I'm not a real person, I just pay one on Twitter.
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Ready to face the world.

(Which has been faced in the time since this picture was taken.) Selfie of Alexandra Erin, a pink haired trans woman, in a co
Today @moofable said I look like myself again. I'd just kind of been cycling through semi-clean clothes, haphazard outfits that got put through the wash only after I'd worn them outside. Last weekend I started getting on top of my laundry. Today I started putting together outfits
So, before I got my new glasses a few months back, I had noticed that my prescription sunglasses, which I had sprung for an oleophobic (smudge/fingerprin resistant) coating for, didn't fog nearly as much as my other glasses did.

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