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Sep 29 9 tweets 3 min read
Authors on Twitter, at the point where you feel like you have been blabbing about a book to the point of obnoxiousness:

90% of your followers still don't know you write books. Go to

Hit the sign in with Twitter button and then the authorize Twitter button.

Replace the text between { and } with "origin": ["Did you know I have a book? https://putyourlinkhere","Check out my cool book. https://putyourlinkhere"]
Sep 29 6 tweets 2 min read
The guy who tried to hatemonger about Lizzo's historic performance by saying "the point is to show that nothing you care about matters" was almost right, in a way.

It's true that nothing his audience cares about matters.

But it wasn't the point.

It wasn't about them, at all. It doesn't matter what they think constitutes "real music" or what kind of person they think can be a "real musician".

It doesn't matter what they picture when they hear "a classically trained flautist".

It doesn't matter how much they revere dead slavers.
Sep 28 4 tweets 2 min read
I've been tweeting a lot this morning because my computer is mostly Busy Doing Things (hard drive stuff). If you're getting something out of it, please consider tipping towards my end-of-month bills like insurance. Also, Patreon is a great way to support me in a predictable and ongoing way that increases my personal security/stability so I can create and think and write and tweet more freely.
Sep 28 22 tweets 4 min read
A really important thing to understand about the dynamics in conspiracy-theory circles and cults is that when an influential leader puts out this kind of idea, it doesn't make the followers go, "Wait, what?" and rethink what they've already swallowed.

Think about an axe blade. The phrase "the thin end of the wedge" is used a lot as a rhetorical device. Possibly the best way to understand what it means is to picture a blade, like on an axe.

A blade is just a wedge with a *very* thin edge.
Sep 28 25 tweets 5 min read
The thing we champion for kids is access to options, like the ability to safely try out names and pronouns at school, or well-made binders with instructions for use and safety, or puberty blockers.

I want a world where kids (and adults) have space to figure out who they are. My ideal world as a trans person is far more gender critical than the "gender critical" movement. I'd love a world where gender is seen as porous, flexible, fluid, optional, and individual rather than rigid, concrete, binary, universal, and absolute.
Sep 28 14 tweets 3 min read
Also on a closely related subject of things that the two recent sidequest hosts for @dimension20show have brought to the table that I want to do more with, if we get back to in-person D&D: feelies.

(This is an old school gaming term for tangible props.) When @ThatBronzeGirl introduced epistles to her table for her Dracula-themed campaign "Coffin Run", it was in the form of actual fancy formal, wax-sealed letters from The Master himself, which were an in-character prize the PCs were predisposed to be invested in earning.
Sep 28 12 tweets 3 min read
Mulling a high fantasy game in a D&D-ish milieu where you have to change the world in the age after the fall of a continent-straddling empire by writing letters and sending messengers and diplomatic envoys.

Call it "I Cast Magic Epistle At The Darkness". I feel like I'm talking a lot about epistolary roleplaying but I really like the idea of opening a space in group tabletop roleplaying for a player to take a turn to narrate, uninterrupted, for their character.

Sep 28 18 tweets 4 min read
This is D&D at its finest. This season of Dimension 20 is my new gold standard for illustrating how much the social compact at the table matters to creating a particular play experience.
Sep 28 18 tweets 4 min read
The function of stories like this, from white journalists for white audiences, is to reassure ourselves that we're really not racist even if we enjoy a sensible chuckle over the thought of seasoned, skilled, top professionals being written off as "the help" because of their race. Expanding on this snickering Rolling Stone article and the thoughts yesterday about why Trump re-announcing that he wanted to kill drug dealers landed with a dull thud...

I really think we need to reconcile how much we use people like Trump as Surrogate Racism Clowns.
Sep 26 24 tweets 5 min read
The thing about this is, the "inflation" that affects working class people is in the form of high prices for essential goods and services.

The classic familiar form of "inflation" that we're supposed to fear is: there's too much money, driving demand more than supply can match. And the actual nightmare scenario that is used to drive the fear of this is hyperinflation, where the value of money is being driven down and the state tries to keep up by adding more money to the supply, driving it down further.
Sep 26 6 tweets 1 min read
Good morning, Twitter. What are we blaming Beau Brummell for today? Inventing a time machine so I can go back and show him a printout of the results with "Sic transit gloria mundi." scribbled on it in crayon.
Sep 25 4 tweets 1 min read
I remember when that article went around about how much Trump cheats at golf and the response from his fans and even some commentators posing at neutrality was, "Why would he need to cheat when he's famously good at golf?" Of course, that's the same thing so many of his fans say about his business dealings: "Why would he need to stiff contractors when he's rich? Why would he need to launder foreign money when he does so many big business deals? Why rip off charities when they're already loaded?"
Sep 25 5 tweets 1 min read
A lot of the scenes between Albert Finney and Billy Crudup in Big Fish are actually about the communication style/language barrier of an oral storyteller and a prose storyteller. Like when old Edward Bloom tells Will he shouldn't open with a question because people will want to answer him, he should say "The thing about icebergs is..."
Sep 24 8 tweets 2 min read
Science fiction is when a story and its audience benefits from it being discoverable by people looking for a story filed under the label of science fiction.

Fantasy is the same thing but filed under fantasy. Commonalities among works filed under those labels will accumulate over time and shift over time, but the function of the genre labels is to help audiences find stories.

They are not boundaries.

They are not rules.

They are not tests.
Sep 22 4 tweets 2 min read
Okay! I've been puttering around with this for a couple of weeks and playing it (and constantly tweaking it based on my play) for most of this week.

Live now on my Patreon, unlocked and free to view the post and download the attachment, is a playable draft of Ghosts With Goals. This is a two-page RPG (sandwiched between a cover sheet and a FAQ) inspired by the format created and innovated by @deathbybadger, adapting ideas for an abortive yet instructive attempt at making this game late last year.…
Sep 22 4 tweets 1 min read
Sitcom that does a "flash back to ye olden times" episode with a different generation of the family that are the ancestors they're all conveniently named after played by the regular cast ("strong family resemblance"), but they aren't matched to namesakes. And one of the characters is immediately lost (in character as the modern-day character "playing" a differently-named ancestor) and the others keep breaking character to help them along but then everybody gets more and more confused as the episode goes on.
Sep 21 22 tweets 5 min read
I'm on an interesting personal journey with Oliver's work (which is by and large concerned with interesting personal journeys).

Until very recently, I primarily appreciated them as works of art. I read them when they came out but they didn't interest me much as games. Which, you know, probably like any number of grown-up lonely children who were really excited by the idea of TTRPGs, there are a lot of games I've collected without playing, and I still read and appreciate them.
Sep 20 8 tweets 2 min read
Imagine the bonkers version of "declassification" that exist in Trump World, where the classified status of a document doesn't have to be recorded in paperwork or noted anywhere, it's just how a guy who used to be president feels about it at the moment. I've had Trump fans on here tell me that it doesn't matter "what the paper pushers think" or "what got stamped or filed somewhere" because "the president's authority to declassify is absolute" which means "if he decides it's not classified, it isn't classified".
Sep 20 6 tweets 1 min read
So, here's a thing: I got 9 different fundraising texts from Republicans over the weekend that were all pushing the same campaign link.

Each from a different phone number.

Each with the "text STOP to unsubscribe" boilerplate, which I did. I've been irritated by this but, meh. It wasn't a big deal.

But then today I get a text from yet another number that says, "We texted you 9 times and you still haven't donated."

And it's like, oh... so this is all one thing? That I've unsubscribed from 9 times?
Sep 19 5 tweets 2 min read
So at the point where police are capturing young women and leaving them restrained in the path of a train in the manner of a moustache-twirling villain in a melodrama, are we prepared to admit that they're not "the good guys"? Officer-involved-train-collision.
Sep 18 6 tweets 2 min read
This is true and is one of multiple unacknowledged states of emergency we're currently in that have implications for both national security in the existential sense for the republic and in the sense of things that threaten the safety of people. The thing is that for the executive branch to acknowledge that DHS is in a state of partisan-aligned open revolt against the president would raise the immediate "OH SHIT, THIS IS REAL BAD!" level very high, very quickly... but the alternative is worse.