Put #socialdilemma on your must-watch list. Most sane folks already know much of what is going on with SM, but that movie is a neat summary of everything that has gone wrong with SM. Technology has evolved faster than human consciousness and it has made beasts of billions.
Psychologically,the phenomenon is a no-brainer for anyone who understands the basic mechanism of learning & conditioning. How reward mechanisms arnd vanity & the need to say something,anything, work. How othering works. How habituation & the need for larger dose 4 next high works
"For the first 50 years, Silicon Valley used to make products that consumers could use. Now the biggest companies there sell their users."

"If you are not paying for the product, then YOU are the product".

How many of these are you active on?
Whatsapp groups [>4]
For me, it is Twitter mainly. I don't have FB/Insta/Snap/Reddit/Pin/Red. WA is under control.Occasional foray into LinkedIn about twice a month.

Gotta cut twitter time too. It hit me that i am being hypocritical - perhaps less than many, yet still pretty active on twitter.
"Your attention is the product being sold to advertisers".

Attention,i believe, is a form of respect,even love. Are we squandering it away on meaningless pursuits? How profoundly lonely r ppl addicted to excessive screen time?

Tying this up w/ the tales I hear from clients too.
I just gotta read this one.
If someone has already, please share what you found to be highlights from this book.
This fits in here. Because at the heart of what lies in the tweets above is Manipulation of the Mind.
"Human beings evolved to gossip, preen, manipulate, and ostracize. We are easily lured into this new gladiatorial circus....Citizens are now more connected to one another, on platforms that have been designed to make outrage contagious."
Good read.

• • •

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17 Aug
I can understand Congress handles making #AAP to be #BJP's B Team.These are ideologically brainwashed folks - and have no idea how the #JP movement as well as #IAC was a covert #RSS operation. #Kejriwal realised it the day he was rebuked by that dhongi baba for speaking agnst BJP
Old tweets on this matter. Since this issue often comes up.
Do not distort history. Just because AAP has tonked both BJP and Congress on its head, they are always looking to make AAP into each other's B Team.
Facts are different.
Read 6 tweets
14 Aug
The concept of Contempt of Court is nothing other than contempt of individual inalienable human rights. Those rights precede legal institutions, governments and religion.

If at all anyone needs to be held in contempt, it would be the Courts and the Court officers specifically.
My right to free speech was neither granted to me by the government or its arms nor can it be taken away by them. Unless citizens understand that basic principle, they will keep getting jerked around by distortions of fundamental principles by those who exist only to CONTROL you.
Free speech includes the right to offend, insult, deny, disengage. The only limitations to free speech are if it directly causes harm to another's life, property or liberty.

Anything beyond that is mere entitlement on part of the offended party to suppress free speech.
Read 6 tweets
5 Apr
A small thread on stress and immunity. And how the former causes more damage than we care to acknowledge. Let us start with the simplest axis - the Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal axis. Will try and keep things simple.
So, there is a stressor. Physical or psychosocial. A few things happen straight away – the hypothalamus releases Corticoid Release Hormone [CRH] into the Pituitary, the Sympathetic Nervous system [autonomic – SNS] fires up, Parasympathetic NS [autonomic - PNS] down-regulates
..the Pituitary releases ACTH into the adrenal gland which in turn starts flooding the circulatory system with glucocorticoids. Biology 101 that most of us know.
Read 20 tweets
26 Feb
I want you to close your eyes for a moment & imagine a bunch of 20 animals who pass for humans entering your home,destroying it,ransacking it,including stuff that is sacred & personal to you.Just imagine your sheer helplessness and anger.

We need to understand what trauma is.
And mind you, no one harmed anyone, not a finger was layed on anyone, no one burnt the place down - just that vandalism that i mentioned in last tweet, will traumatize you for months. Just that. You will feel torn inside, watching personal/sacred space being violated.
Even this low grade violation [relatively] that involved no physical violence or violation, will haunt you for months. It will mess your mind, your emotions, your very soul. And the healing will take a long time.

Now imagine the plight of those who suffer worse in reality.
Read 6 tweets
17 Jan
Signs of #Depression [not just the temporary blues]:
1. Anhedonia : inability to feel pleasure
2. Grief,Guilt, incessant rumination loop
3. Psychomotor retardation [rare case,PS agitation]
4. Self-injury
5. Disrupted sleep/appetite
6. Social withdrawl
7. Chronic procrastination
Very often the manic phases of #Bipolar are mistaken to be evidence of recovery fm unipolar depression - that is the other thing to watch out for.

The manic [especially hyper] phases are not necessarily about constructive "energy" - quite often what we see is high risk behavior
Irrespective of whether it is Unipolar or Bipolar,this disorder is biopsychosocial. Biology [even at a genetic level], neurochemistry,thoughts,experience,environment all interact to produce a certain state.

It is as much a brain/body/environment issue, as it is a mind issue.
Read 39 tweets

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