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Girişiminiz için kısa vadede potansiyel XX MRR'lık satış hattı nasıl oluşturursunuz?

Son 1 yılda satışlarımızı %600 büyütmede kullandığım yöntemler 👇👇 🎯🎯
P1- Prospecting ⚡️
-Ideal müşteri profilinizi belirleyin.
-Potansiyel hedef marka listesi oluşturun.
(Markanın dijitalde dataları olması önemli. Çalışan sayısı, websitesi, email bilgileri vs. )
-Markanın domain uzantısını öğrendikten sonra, hunter gibi çeşitli toollar kullanarak
elde ettiğiniz kişi, şirket ve iletişim datalarını crminize aktarın(#hubspot, #pipedrive vb.)
-Öncesinde mail doğrulamak için verification toolları kullanmanızda fayda var, ayrıca kişiyi Linkedin'den aratın ve hala aynı şirkette olup olmadığını veya titleını check edin.
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#LinkedIn is the Botox of #socialmedia. It's all fake. My timeline's filled with corporate propaganda and reposts. I feel like I'm in a library and someone will tell me to keep it down if I post what I'm really thinking.
"Proud to be joining Google!" No, you're proud of that paycheck and you want your old company who wouldn't spring for a raise to feel it.

"No promotion, huh? Not good enough for a raise? Funny, GOOGLE thought I was!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!" Full send.
"It was a tough decision to leave my old company." No, you loved every second of writing your resignation and sending it to your idiot boss. The video I want to see is of you writing up that resignation email with a long slow-motion shot of your face when you hit send.
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Job Posting

I need an excellent, competent and patient executive assistant. Working primarily from home but living close enough to London to come in for meetings. Must be an excellent and precise writer.

Andrew Wordsworth (c. 2016)

#Danchenko #LinkedIn…
Hope Igor got the job. 🤞
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Today's Topic: Build the right profile
Have you heard the words “first impression matters!”? This is true almost everywhere, especially when you are an aspiring graduate student. Therefore, building the right profile before presenting them is very important.
Below are critical profiles you might need

1. Test Scores’ profile.
Though I am an advocate of #GREwaivers, I cannot underemphasize the importance of test scores. For instance, as an aspiring #engineering or #mathematical sciences graduate student, getting a GRE score
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👉 Indexation Google, du nouveau !

Je viens de faire un test sur [90 URLs] avec un freelance chez @fiverr.

C'est littéralement le freelance qui a les meilleures notes et le plus de commandes pour le #référencement et l'indexation des backlinks via Fiverr.

[Thread #SEO] 👇 1/10
Thread #SEO 2/10

Avant de passer commande, je lui ai demandé s'il avait besoin de mes accès Search Console :
certaines URLs sont des Backlinks de Guest posts de qualité ; certaines sont des posts sur les RS, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium…

Voici ce qu'il m'a répondu… 👇
Thread #SEO 3/10

« Pas besoin de Search Console, mais les choses ont beaucoup changées récemment chez #Google, donc je ne garantis plus AUCUNE indexation »


Bien sûr, je paye les 12$ pour voir s'il cache un carré d'AS ♦️♣️ (ou pas…😅) 👇
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El #coaching es muy dañino, y sumamente tóxico.
Abro mini #hilo...
Si el #neoliberalismo "algo" no "enseñó" tras tres décadas de privatizaciones salvajes, crecimiento desproporcionado, sobrendeudamiento y desigualdad es que nunca se deseó ciudadanos responsables y solidarios; solo se quiso "clientes" y "cortoplacistas".
Está subcultura de la competitividad y el beneficio que da la "utilidad después de impuestos" se trasladó al individuo; y lo convirtió en un autómata que se exige, se mide, se compara y se maximiza. Y que tiene el imperativo categórico de "innovarse" a como de lugar.
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Valentine’s Day’2k22 - A Thread for her 💕
I’m not WhatsApp but your secrets are end to end encrypted with me
I’m not Facebook but I’m free for you and will always be
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#Tips on how to up your #LinkedIn game
People on LinkedIn are there to expand their professional network. LinkedIn is not a dating app. Please keep your conversations only to a professional level 1/
When sending messages to a new contact, get to the point in your first message. Don't send a message like "Hi" and wait before actually saying what you want to say. I get about 200 "hi" messages per week! 2/
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My LinkedIn is booming finally! Recruiters are sliding in my DM’s with sweet whispers!😂 High salaries and fully remote positions! I’m so excited! My profile is driving the results I’ve been looking for with my accounting transition!

🗣Go update your LinkedIn profile now!
Hey guys…helpful #LinkedIn tips! The platform works for you when you work IT.

✔️Relevant content only on your profile!
✔️Engaging header/title that outlines what you do.
✔️Capturing summary of your accomplishments and your subject matter areas.

✔️Updated skills section using as many of the 50 spaces as you can.
✔️Updated job titles.
✔️Endorsements and Recommendations are always great to have as well!
✔️Network with a purpose. Engage recruiters with short, sweet, & effective messages with an updated resume attached.

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Lo piden? Lo tienen! 🧵👉 Hilo sobre #cómo encontrar un #mentor o #asesor para mejorar en tu profesión? (y cómo relacionarte en el intento). El 60% de las personas ignoran este paso, que es uno de los más importantes. Seas Junior o Senior, vamos...
☝️ First things first: Por qué es importante tener uno o varios mentores? Por lo general en carreras como programación o diseño ux somos muy autodidactas. Pero entonces, cómo obtenemos nuevos puntos de vista? cómo salimos del estancamiento? cómo damos los siguientes pasos?
Gracias a tener personas que nos asesoran podemos entender los siguientes pasos a seguir en detalle, sin perder la vista del panorama en general de la carrera y de nuestra identidad como profesionales.
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30 Top #LinkedIn Tips

✅ 30 Top Tips to keep your LinkedIn #Profile visible, legible and credible. These tips are gleaned from over 15 years of LinkedIn experience by ‘The World’s first Digital Biographer’.

Thread (1/32) #LinkedInTips #PersonalBranding
30 Top #LinkedIn Tips
✅ 1/30: Your About Section —
The pivotal part of your profile is the 'About' section or summary. It also needs to be there to help you be found in search results.
30 Top #LinkedIn Tips
✅ 2/30: Own your own name —
Personalise your LinkedIn URL. Edit your LinkedIn URL so that your name is yours. Get rid of those random numbers. Helps your visibility in search, and looks professional.
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I've been dutifully submitting documents to the Public Student Loan Forgiveness Program #PSLF office since I began my career in #publicservice as an audiologist for #VA in 2009. My first🧵...
As an A+++ personality, I read ALL the instructions. I consolidated my loans and my payments as instructed. I submitted my Certification of Employment paperwork every year beginning 2010
Back then, there was no tracking system, so I made one. I was counting my payments, ticking off progress to #120. In 2012, I was told, for the first time, that I had not read the fine print carefully enough
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There are many tips to offer, but here are ten for you to focus on as you enter the new year.

1) Don't use bots or 3rd-party services to automate commenting or connecting.

2) Focus on adding value to others more than posting your own content.

3) Personalize your invitations and acceptances of invitations.
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#Wirecard hat in der Bilanz 2018 offenbar Scheingeschäfte in Asien durch neue Scheingeschäfte ersetzt. Trotz zahlreicher Ungereimtheiten bekam der damalige DAX-Konzern von #EY ein uneingeschränktes Testat - bemerkenswert! Warum? Ein #Thread zur Recherche mit @JosefStreule👇
Am 24.4.2019 trifft sich der Wirecard-Aufsichtsrat. #EY erstellt dafür eine Präsentation. Darin steht: Bei mehreren Tochterfirmen in Asien seien Scheinumsätze in Höhe von 10 Mio. € entdeckt worden. Die müssen raus aus der Bilanz. 11 Mio. € kommen dafür rein.👇
"Einbuchung von bislang nicht erfassten Umsatzerlösen", steht in der Präsentation. Unsere Recherchen zeigen: Auch diese nachträglich verbuchten Umsätze gibt es nicht. #Wirecard stellt diesen Vorgang danach im Geschäftsbericht als eine Art Buchungsfehler dar.👇
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¿Aún no sabes por qué aprender #Python?
Hoy te traemos 8 razones para convertirte en especialista del lenguaje de programación más requerido en el mercado ⚡🧵
1️⃣ Es el lenguaje ideal para comenzar a programar.

Es de código abierto y no debe ser compilado. Con la motivación correcta, podrás dominar esta herramienta a corto plazo. Pronto te encontrarás desarrollando tus primeras aplicaciones sin problema 💪
2️⃣ Tiene una sintaxis accesible.

La legibilidad y claridad del código permite a personas con un nivel de 'alfabetización' básico en lenguajes de programación, escribir instrucciones o realizar procesos específicos de forma sencilla.
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What technologies should every #OSINT professional know? Python? Basic Linux terminal skills? Maltego?

Lots of things...

But I think it's definitely worth actively using advanced search operators at ALL STAGES of work.

7 types of advanced search operators. Thread🧵
Let's start with productivity issues.

Type 1

Search operators for mailbox
(#Gmail, #Outlook, #Yahoo, #Yandex)

for quick filtering emails by date, recipient name, attachment type and size, filename and other parameters.

(All links to the docs are at the end of the thread)
Type 2

Search operators for cloud storages

Help quickly navigate through files and sort them by owner name, type, creation date, words in title etc.
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#Linkedin | Claverie Jean-Michel
Emeritus PU-PH (Research Professor of Medicine) at Aix-Marseille University

« Le variant Delta fait des ravages chez les jeunes : INTOX ! »…
La prochaine fois que vous verrez/entendrez un urgentiste, un ministre ou un chroniqueur télé vous asséner que les choses ont beaucoup changé avec le variant Delta, qu'il est plus agressif chez les jeunes, blabla... donc qu'il faut absolument les vacciner, montrez lui ceci :

1 - les moins de 40 ans représentent environ 45% de la population, mais seulement 9.6% des hospitalisés.

2 - Jusqu'à 70 ans, les classes d'ages ont des effectifs approximativement égaux. Voir le détail ici :…
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nach ein paar Wochen mal wieder ins "Boomer VZ" (@Elektro_Robin ) #Facebook geschaut. Puh.

das Niveau wird immer widerlicher dort, Ich bin seit Jahren shitstorm erprobt und schreib (zum Ärger meiner Frau) auch schon mal um 1:30 Uhr ne Antwort, wenn mich was piekst hier.
2/3 ich hab auch 2, 3 Edeltrolls auf #LinkedIn... Aber was in Facebook abgeht, hat mit Diskussion wirklich GAR nichts mehr zu tun. Nur noch Leute, die andere von ihrer Schlauheit, ihrem Witz oder am besten gleich ihren Ansichten überzeugen wollen. ..

3/4 kein Interesse an der jew. Gegenposition, kein Interesse, was zu lernen, und ständig unter die Gürtellinie, besonders gern die älteren Herren.

Ich verstehe nicht, wie seriöse Medien dort ihre Artikel posten können. Genausogut kann man die Zweite Relativitätstheorie ..
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About 76% of LinkedIn members said the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” feature is one of the most helpful tools on LinkedIn (paying members get much more value from this feature). If you are a job seeker, knowing which employers or recruiters have been visiting your profile can guide
you to follow up with those individuals. You might say something like, “I noticed you viewed my profile. I am very interested in x and would like to have a conversation with you this week or next. Might we set up time to meet?”

Unfortunately, information on your viewers is
extremely limited without a LinkedIn Premium membership. But you can get some details. For example, try clicking on “Weekly search appearances” from your profile page. #linkedinTIPS

Have you wanted to know what search terms other members, potential clients, recruiters or
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1/ So 3 days ago I wrote a thread & exposed how big of a phony biostatistician Ryan @imgrund is. I showed that he was hiding ~18 yrs of teaching experience on #LinkedIn to make himself look like a professional biostatistician #cdnpoli #onpoli #Ontario @globalnews @CBCNews #Canada
2/ 3 days later, take a look at @imgrund’s LinkedIn profile. This pseudo-statistician not only re-added his teaching experience, but also *for the first time* has listed his PHAC experience, which he says was 9+ years @globalnews @CBCNews @TorontoStar #Ontario #cdnpoli #onpoli
3/ So now the question is: was @imgrund working 2 public sector jobs? A research analyst for @GovCanHealth (2000-2009) & teacher for @YRDSB (2003-present)? Can @GovCanHealth plz confirm his employment or is he lying? @globalnews @CBCNews #Ontario #cdnpoli #onpoli #Canada
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🧵CONSEGUIR ENTREVISTAS POTENCIANDO TU LINKEDIN 🧵Gracias a esto conseguí trabajo remoto y 4 entrevistas en una semana! 🙌Aquí les va el hilo:
#Linkedin es una plataforma llena de profesionales y empresas que tiene presencia en todo el mundo. 🌍Hay 660 millones de usuarios a nivel global!
Hay 30 millones de empresas (sabes la cantidad de trabajo que implica esto?). Hay 20 millones de vacantes ACTIVAS.
❗️Es importante que sepas que TU PERFIL TE REPRESENTA COMO PROFESIONAL, por lo tanto cuanto más prolijo y coherente sea, mejor. Y con esto me refiero a: foto de perfil profesional,
portada, archivos subidos, tu presentación y TU CV.
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Am grateful my #endometriosis and #fibroids only affects me severely one day a cycle and is not severe every cycle. Still that one day can make me unable to get out of bed or sit up without passing out. Severity worsens with stress.

Today I feel have my life back. Thank God.
Mind you, my definition of severe is “I pass out from pain.” I don’t know if it is really a good thing I self suppress so well that I don’t even feel or react to pain until it threatens my ability to stay conscious. I don’t glamorize “grit” that is a lack of self compassion
It is an accommodation to the pathology in the world we live that was apparent with the events this week. 6 Asian women killed but the compassion was for the killer who “had a bad day” by authorities while the women were mislabeled as sex workers to validate their deaths.
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10 ways to optimize your #LinkedIn Profile to increase recruiter inquiries & awareness of opportunities! A thread. #publichealth #chilombocareers
1️⃣create a custom URL that is just your name or first initial and last name. Remove the numbers!… #chilombocareers
2️⃣ Write a detailed “About” section that is the combination of your elevator pitch and key skills and accomplishments. Include what you’re looking for in your next position. Keywords here are searchable when recruiters are looking for applicants. Do not be shy! #chilombocareers
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De los más de 815.000 venezolanos universitarios registrados en @LinkedIn, el 45% se ha ido del país a:

🇪🇸 58.000
🇺🇸 58.000
🇨🇱 55.000
🇨🇴 36.000
🇦🇷 36.000

Con datos de #LinkedIn Febrero 2021…
Los 370.000 #migrantes venezolanos universitarios registrados en @LinkedIn pertenecen a las siguientes universidades:

#UCV 49.200
#USB 30.500
#UCAB 29.500
#LUZ 22.500
#UC 22.000
#URBE 20.000
#USM 19.300
#ULA 19.300
#UNIMET 16.500
#UDO 16.400…
Universidades con más egresados en el exterior (🔴) que en 🇻🇪 (🔵)

@campUSB 🔴 30.000 🔵 17.000
@infoURBE 🔴 20.000 🔵 17.000
@Unimet 🔴 16.000 🔵 12.000…
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